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Guess I wasn’t paying attention.

This is one of those “hmmm, don’t know how I missed that” stats.

Still makes Moorhead’s first season at MSU a little hard to explain, unless you really want to chalk it up to having a round peg in a square hole at quarterback.  If that’s the case, then his offense has a chance to step up this season behind a transfer from Penn State, I would think.


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James Franklin was, is and will always be James Franklin.

Nobody does post-game celebrations like James Franklin does them.

If nothing else, you have to admire the man’s consistency.  He’s still a dick.


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Today, in false equivalence

WTF, James Franklin?

You know, between Corch, Harbaugh and Franklin, the Big Ten East has the greatest concentration of douchebag head coaches in college football today.


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Urban Meyer’s got a new BFF.

Shades of “And it will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer and in the mind of our football team. … So we’ll handle it. And it’s going to be a big deal.”

Perhaps the juiciest storyline of Big Ten Media Days on Tuesday was some heat between Penn State and fellow East Division rivals Ohio State, Michigan State and Michigan that emerged after a reporter asked both Mark Dantonio and Urban Meyer about supposed negative recruiting allegations Nittany Lions coach James Franklin had made last month in the Reading Eagle.

Meyer’s answer: “Absolutely not. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of that. That’s a pretty strong allegation. I will address that with coach Franklin.”

Oh, I just bet he will.

Friendly advice to Coach Franklin:  you’d best be keeping an eye on Ohio State’s second half timeouts in your game this year.

Also, you might want to warn your AD to STFU about the same.


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The domestication of James Franklin

He’s come a long way from the hot wives theory of hiring assistant coaches.

… Franklin said he’s even more encouraged by watching his new hires buy homes and move their families to the area — something that Shoop and Hand didn’t do as quickly or at all.

“You have Coach Morehead, you have Coach Banks and Coach Limegrover have all bought houses here and their families have all come,” Franklin said. “With the first staff, we had some guys who their families didn’t move ever and we had some guys that their families didn’t move until after the school year finished up. That was a year. I think it’s dramatic when you can bring players to your home and your family is there. They get to know you on a different level.”

Although you kinda wonder how comfortable Mrs. Shoop and Mrs. Hand were in the presence of their husbands’ boss… er, former boss.


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James Franklin is deflated.

Hey, if my team gave up ten sacks in route to Penn State’s first loss to Temple in almost three quarters of a century, I’d be asking the refs to check football pressure, too.


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Negative recruiting’s next frontier

James Franklin’s already laid down the marker about cost of attendance.

“There’s going to be much more awareness of it and people are going to be using it,” Penn State coach James Franklin recently told USA Today. “The (schools) that are above other (schools) in terms of the amount of aid they’re going to be able to give, they’re going to be throwing that number around. For anybody to think this won’t be a factor in the process next year is being really naïve.”

One man’s naiveté is another’s concern that there’s going to be all sorts of misinformation out there on the recruiting trail.

Each school’s financial aid office determines estimated expenses outside of tuition, room and board each year. Those numbers can vary based on several factors including cost of living in the area in question. And the legislation will allow each school to compensate athletes based on its particular formula, rather than impose a hard number for everyone to follow.

That’s a concern for those who worry that the coaches with bigger COA numbers will use them on the recruiting trail – and that recruiting considerations might inflate COA numbers. And Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis was concerned Wednesday when he caught wind of speculative numbers that are starting to circulate.

“They aren’t accurate,” he said.

That doesn’t mean seekers of truth like Franklin won’t use what they’ve got now, does it?  And what Franklin’s got is some favorable media speculation.

In a story on cost of attendance, David Jones of the Harrisburg Patriot-News included a ranking of 2014-15 allowances for miscellaneous expenses by Big Ten universities, put together by Jones wrote in the story that these aren’t necessarily projections of the athletic scholarship COA stipends that go into effect next year, but Internet panic often doesn’t have time for the details.

The rankings show Penn State at the top of the Big Ten with $4,788 in stipend allowance, and MSU at the bottom with $1,872. Michigan ranks 12th in the list at $2,054. Northwestern ($2,326) and Minnesota ($2,194) are located in or near big cities yet added together don’t reach Penn State’s number.

The Champaign (Ill.) News-Gazette recently listed projections for 2015-16 Big Ten stipends and listed Penn State first for in-state full scholarship athletes ($5,748 a year), U-M 10th ($2.452) and MSU 13th ($2,132). For out-of-state athletes, Penn State had the same number, with MSU ranking 10th ($2,870) and U-M 11th ($2,452).

The reality is, MSU doesn’t know yet what it will give its scholarship athletes for a COA stipend in the 2015-16 school year.

There will be more credible information, of course, as schools will have to disclose the actual stipend amounts they’ll pay.  And that’s when the fun will really begin.

Holllis and his colleagues don’t determine cost of attendance. The universities do. But he said he’s aware of the potential for inequality and for this to be another budgetary “escalating factor.”

“We’re gonna work within the rules of the game,” Hollis said, “but we’re gonna position ourselves so we can provide our student-athletes with reasonable, comparable and competitive resources.”

Reasonable?  Good luck with that.  When it comes to spending, if there’s one thing big time college football doesn’t do well, it’s reasonable.


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Today’s man bites dog story

James Franklin tells Herb “There are 110 pussies playing free safety. I’m not worried about safeties.” Hand to dial back the smack talk with a rival coach.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Another day, another buffet.


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Another football wish for today

If the Pitt head coaching spot is indeed open, I’d love to see the school hire Junior as its next head coach and have him bring Ed Orgeron along for the ride, if only so we could watch James Franklin’s head explode as he has to deal with the both of them on the recruiting trail.


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