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Today’s man bites dog story

James Franklin tells Herb “There are 110 pussies playing free safety. I’m not worried about safeties.” Hand to dial back the smack talk with a rival coach.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Another day, another buffet.


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Another football wish for today

If the Pitt head coaching spot is indeed open, I’d love to see the school hire Junior as its next head coach and have him bring Ed Orgeron along for the ride, if only so we could watch James Franklin’s head explode as he has to deal with the both of them on the recruiting trail.


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He lied.

James Franklin is the master of “fine for thee, but not for me”, but he may have topped himself today.

Former Vanderbilt University head football coach James Franklin lied to his team about seeing video from the night of an alleged rape that occurred in an on-campus dorm room in June 2013, testimony revealed Wednesday.

Appearing via Skype, Franklin told the courtroom he has not seen any videos but admitted that during a team meeting held shortly after the alleged rape, he told players he had seen a video because he didn’t want to “water down” his message.

Buuuttt… you can guess what’s coming, right?

After the meeting, Franklin said “the young gentlemen” involved came into his office to “plead their case.” He said specifics weren’t discussed, but he advised his players to tell their parents and to be honest because “you’re going to be dealing with this the rest of your life.”

“All I said to them was I can’t talk to you about the case, you better take this very seriously, you should tell you parents, and you better be honest because you’re going to be dealing with consequences to this for the rest of your life. And that was it,” he said.  [Emphasis added.]

Basically, unless he’s under oath, you probably ought to be careful taking anything that comes out of his mouth at face value.


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In defense (gulp) of James Franklin

Lord knows I’m no great fan of James Franklin’s behavior and there’s no question that Vanderbilt looks like crap so far this season, but I think John Pennington goes a little too far with this piece.  Sure, Franklin made good use of Bobby Johnson’s recruits, most of whom are long gone now, but it’s worth pointing out that Franklin did a better job of recruiting at Vandy than Johnson did.  Not only that, but Franklin redshirted almost the entire 2013 class.  It’s hard to see how that’s leaving somebody holding the bag.

Pennington is right that it’s too early to judge Mason.  But I’m not really sure how it’s any different for judging the talent that Mason’s been left to work with.


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Meteor coaching rivalry

Randy Edsall vs. James Franklin:  oh, it’s on, bitches.



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Friday morning buffet

You should eat.


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