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Meteor coaching rivalry

Randy Edsall vs. James Franklin:  oh, it’s on, bitches.



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Friday morning buffet

You should eat.


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“… that they cared about her because she assisted them with recruiting.”

I could be wrong about this, but I’m guessing the last thing Penn State needs right now is an assertion that its head football coach had contact with an alleged victim of a rape carried out by members of his football team.

Of course, we have no idea because “Vanderbilt and Penn State did not immediately respond to requests for comment.”  But it sure don’t look good from here.

Either Penn State conducted the mother of all background checks before it hired Franklin – because the rape case was already out there in the public eye – and feels it has nothing to worry about here, or it just crossed its fingers and hired the guy.  If it’s the latter, the school had better hope it’s not jumping off the cliff with its new coach.


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It never hurts to ask.

No, he’s not breaking any rules, but, man, it’s something else watching James Franklin cannibalize the once proud Vanderbilt recruiting class.  The best part of it is the utter shamelessness with which he’s gone about his business.

The better fit for most of the former Commodores commitments apparently has been Franklin himself, with six jumping from Vanderbilt’s commitment list to that of Penn State. Tight end Chance Sorrell of Ohio and defensive end Lloyd Tubman of Kentucky told that they received calls from Franklin just hours after he took over the Nittany Lions.

Those calls contained scholarship offers.

“He didn’t push me or anything,” Tubman told “I told him that I was with him 100 percent. He was a major reason I committed to Vanderbilt.”

Again, all’s fair and all that.  It’s the punchline that kills it for me.

Tubman added that after he committed to the Nittany Lions, Franklin asked him to shut down his recruitment.


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Who’s got time to open a checking account?

Penn State paid for James Franklin’s farewell ad to Vandy fans in The Tennessean.


UPDATE:  This is the way to do a farewell.  Best of luck to you and your family, Coach O.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Believe it or not, there are other happenings in the world of college football beyond the Pruitt hire.


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James Franklin can’t help it if the grass is greener.

I gather from this that James Franklin intends to recruit a 2014 class at Penn State devoid of honor and integrity.

Or, he could simply be full of shit.  Yeah, I suppose that’s possible.


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