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Too much Clausen is never enough.

Tell me you don’t get a chuckle out of this…

Maybe they can put Jimmy in charge of the team’s transportation.



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The Emu’s fashion sense

Honestly, the only thing surprising about this was to discover that Jimmy Clausen is still occupying space on a NFL roster.


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Reaping what ye sow.

Gee, I wonder how this could have happened.

… As he prepared for this week’s NFL draft, (Jimmy) Clausen faced far more criticism about his attitude and perceived arrogance than he did his ability to lead an NFL team.

By most accounts, Clausen is the second-ranked quarterback behind Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and most likely a first-round pick. But the perception that he is too cocky has dogged Clausen and raised doubt within league circles about whether he can become a franchise-type quarterback.

Well, there’s this.

On the day he announced he was going to play quarterback at Notre Dame, Jimmy Clausen marked the occasion by arriving at the College Football Hall of Fame in a Hummer limo. Then he crowed about winning multiple national championships.

A stunt like that never goes over well in the court of public opinion, and Clausen still is paying the price.

Poor Master James.

He’s proving himself to be a master of understatement, though:  “I struggled my first year…” Yeah, “struggled”, that’s a good description.

Hopefully, he and Charlie Weis can hook up again one day.  I’m just sorry that college football has entered its post-Clausen era.


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Tuesday morning buffet

The sun will rise, Georgia is only a seven point underdog against Tech (huh?) and breakfast is served.


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Saturday morning buffet

Something to snack on while you’re putting on your game face…


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Tuesday morning buffet

Lots of goodies to pick from today:

  • You wonder how long David Hale has been sitting on this pun.  Nicely played, sir. [UPDATE: Hale isn’t taking credit for the headline.]
  • “I am the athletic director, I can go in.” That’s the kind of year it’s been at Michigan.
  • Notre Dame hasn’t won a national championship in two decades.  It hasn’t won a BCS game – ever.  Yet only now is Stewart Mandel coming to grips with the reality that the program is no longer special.  Don’t they get cable in Montana?
  • Then again, maybe no coach is up for the task in South Bend.
  • Jeebus, haven’t we milked every drop imaginable from this story (h/t Team Speed Kills)?  Give it a rest already.
  • Michael Elkon explains why the gap between Georgia Tech and Georgia this year isn’t as big as you think.
  • “Breaking down the SEC race”?  Seriously?
  • Casey Clausen’s failure to become an NFL draft pick scarred little Jimmy for life.  I bet he was haunted by that during the limousine ride to his announcement to attend Notre Dame.
  • Kentrell Lockett on Coach O and the Peter Principle:  “Great guy, but he just wasn’t that head coach. He was a great D-line coach but he wasn’t that head coach.” That should make for a fun post-game howdy.
  • In conference play, Vanderbilt scores a touchdown once every 128 plays.  Wow.


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Wednesday morning buffet

The WLOCP draws nigh, but the buffet line is still open.

  • Wow, the Wiz goes all in on the SEC refs situation.
  • He also throws in the towel on Gene Chizik.  I’m not ready to toss dirt on Chizik’s grave quite yet, but I can’t help but wonder if Jay Jacobs has had his V8 moment (“Wow, I could’ve had a Brian Kelly!”).
  • Florida punter Chas Henry has yet to allow a single punt return yard this season.  I don’t think Logan Gray is due for a breakout game returning punts on Saturday, then.
  • Jimmy Clausen a phony?  Who’da thunk it?
  • Another compelling playoff editorial:  the BCS sucks and Orrin Hatch is right, but let the guys who’ve made all the decisions the writer disagrees with keep making them.  Why even bother writing that?
  • To no one’s great surprise, Brandon Spikes is expected to play Saturday.
  • And shame on you, Ivan Maisel, for writing a blurb about how hard it is to figure out who the candidates are for the Biletnikoff Award without mentioning A.J. Green.


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Hi! Let’s play another round of “Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics”.

Here we go…

Want to add a reason to re-examine the football future? Of course you do. Start here:

Check out these numbers, from Quarterback A and Quarterback B.

Quarterback A: 406 of 685 (59.3 percent), 4,426 Yds, 32 TDs, 23 INTs
Quarterback B: 329 of 604 (54.5 percent), 4,272 Yds, 26 TDs, 23 INTs

Quarterback A — with the more impressive totals — is Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame.

Quarterback B?

I don’t know about you, but I saw this one coming a mile away.

The No. 1 pick in April’s NFL Draft, Georgia’s Matthew Stafford.

And it’s a fair comparison, because

… Clausen’s development is as real as Stafford’s when you consider surrounding talent compared to strength of schedule…

Uh hunh.  All that surrounding talent.  Georgia placed a whopping two players on the 2007 first team All-SEC football team, Moreno and Velasco.  That talent gap must come as a complete shock to Tom Lemming.

Now Sprow may be on to something when he mentions strength of schedule.  Young Master James faced exactly one top twenty team last season.  His passer rating in that contest?  A magnificent 47.48.

Throw in the fact that Georgia won twice as many games in Stafford’s first two years as did Notre Dame in Clausen’s, which means Jimmy was likely forced into a lot more passing situations than was Staff, and you’re not left with a whole lot to gleam from those stats.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about this.  Clausen, under the tutelage of the man with the Super Bowl rings, could be poised to surpass all of Stafford’s accomplishments as a junior (given Notre Dame’s schedule, that’s not as preposterous as it sounds) and then go on to sign the most lucrative rookie contract in the history of the NFL.  After all, the numbers don’t lie, right?


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Thursday morning buffet

More coffee, hon?

  • Coaches say the darnedest things, take one. Steve Spurrier, upon leaving Florida for the NFL, had this to say:  “There are no Vanderbilts in the NFL.” Considering his Gamecocks have lost two straight to Vandy, I guess there are no Vanderbilts in the SEC East, either.
  • Coaches say the darnedest things, take two. One other noteworthy item about the above-linked piece – I believe it marks the first printed use of the phrase “Even Lane Kiffin” since Junior’s taken the helm in Knoxville.  Something tells me it won’t be the last.
  • Coaches say the darnedest things, take three. Great, great catch over at Team Speed Kills regarding Urban Meyer’s conversion on the subject of an early signing period – “I was against the early signing period before I was for it. Old Meyer: Early signing is a terrible idea. New Urban Meyer (who’s hauling in early commitments): Early signing is a marvelous idea.”
  • Mack Brown’s still in a snit about the coaches’ poll.  At GTP, we have a suggestion for you, Coach.  Instead of quitting, start pushing for approval voting.  And stop blaming the coaches’ poll for what happened to your team last year.  That was the fault of the Big XII Conference, not the polls.
  • Normally, I don’t link to Bleacher Report because 95% of what appears there is little more than message board-type dreck that isn’t worthy of comment, but, brother, when you have the cojones to compare the BCS/playoff fight to the civil rights struggle, that’s the kind of stupidity that’s gonna get a shout-out from me every time.
  • And here’s another the-NFL-doesn’t-like-spread-option-quarterbacks story.  This one’s spiced with some defensive comments from Rich Rod – essentially blame the players, not the system – balanced against some real world observations from one of his former players, Shaun King.
  • Famous last words from Jimmy Clausen“Coach Weis will not get fired because of me.” Damn, wouldn’t that be some heavy karma.
  • Yeah, this is going somewhere:  Faculty group aims for greater voice in NCAA decisions. Probably about as far as this exercise in cynicism: BCS considering parts of Mountain West proposal.


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I thought I should share this with everyone.  It’s from my stats page at a few minutes before 7 PM today.

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
get the picture 27 More stats
get blutarsky 9 More stats
no brag just fact 5 More stats
blutarsky wordpress 4 More stats
ole miss girls 3 More stats
what does “taking names” mean ? 2 More stats
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out of the mouths of 2 More stats
jimmy clausen nude photos 2 More stats
tim tebow 2

“Jimmy Clausen Nude Photos”? Seriously?

I am one grossed out human being right now.  And a little puzzled – what on this site draws up as a hit to a search request like that?

On the plus side, at least nobody’s looking for naked pics of his coach here.


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