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Sunday morning buffet

Eh, why not.



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PAWWWWWL thinks we’re all reasonable people.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Johnny Football’s gotten a lot of media attention this offseason whether he’s wanted it or not.  You win the Heisman in an unprecedented fashion and getting Tebow-ized by ESPN and its ilk comes with the territory.  Manziel’s obviously having a tough time coping with his newfound celebrity status – he’s a 20-year old who’s not fully mature, so it’s not exactly surprising.  Life under a media microscope ain’t easy, especially when you don’t yet have the money to insulate yourself from the public (assuming you want to do so, of course).

Then, again, he is headed towards a major pay day soon, so it’s not as if I’m crying in my beer over Manziel.  Still, we may have hit the moment when the finger wagging has jumped the shark.

ESPN radio personality Paul Finebaum says Johnny Manziel is becoming less likeable every day…

Finebaum said, “When you say what he did the other day.  When you say, ‘Walk in my shoes’ and you’re the Heisman Trophy winner and you have the world in front of you, that’s unacceptable.  We’re reasonable people here.  You can look past a lot of silly things, but I’m having a hard time looking past that.”

Boy, you’d think the kid poisoned a couple of trees, or something.

The interesting thing to watch with Manziel this season is how he copes with this critical attention to everything he says.  Can he block that out when he’s on the field?  If not, the Finebaums of the world are going to have a field day.


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