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“There is a tragedy here, but no villain.”

As Bud Elliott points out, that’s part of the process.

Greg McElroy is praising Da’Shawn Hand, the No. 1 player from the class of 2014, who was a third stringer in Alabama’a amazing front seven that contained 22 four- and five-star prospects — more than Michigan State’s entire roster. Bielema makes the off-hand comment that his staff lets players know that if they choose Alabama, they will be a third stringer because everyone on the roster is just as talented as they are.

And yet kids still do it. At some positions, Alabama actually does a good job of getting many players in. For instance, despite being in nickel for almost the entire game, 13 Crimson Tide defensive linemen and linebackers played double-digit snaps, though none were freshmen…

I’m reminded of an old Steve Spurrier quote from 20 years ago that I can’t seem to find. The gist was him wondering aloud how Bobby Bowden convinced the No. 1, 2, and 3 players at one position to sign in the same class.

Amazing facilities that look like they belong in Dubai are nice, but once a roster fills up, the results had better follow or the recruiting will fall off. That means wins, and it means NFL dollars. Prospects are more willing to come and sit the bench for a year or two if they are convinced a school will develop them and put them in the league. At Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Florida State and a few other pro factories, that’s been the case this decade. Schools have to convince recruits their development is so good that the chance they make the NFL at one of the powers is considerably better than at a non-power in order to overcome the lack of playing time.

The downside is what happens when the dream dies for some of those recruits. That’s not Saban’s fault.  It’s simply the collateral damage of a system that tries to marry wins and losses to some amorphous goal of academic support.


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“When your football career ends you lose your identity, you don’t know who you are.”

With Mark Richt off to Miami, I hope the Paul Oliver Network doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.


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Wednesday morning buffet

A little buffet is good for the soul.

  • It’s been quite a finish at Ole Miss for the Nkemdiches.
  • The Missouri football team boycott really hasn’t sat well with the state legislature.
  • Forbes ranks college football’s most valuable teams in 2015.  Georgia is sixth on the list.
  • What is Georgia’s motivation in the bowl game?
  • Honestly, this should be mandatory.
  • You had to figure with the release of the new Star Wars movie, somebody would talk to Chris Conley about it.
  • Dabo Swinney thinks it’s wrong to pay his players, but evidently doesn’t have a problem with a $55 million complex that will offer sand volleyball courts, laser tag, movie theater, bowling lanes, barber shop and other perks exclusively to them.  Amateurism these days sure is funny.


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Jimmy Sexton is ready when you are.

Steve Spurrier didn’t need an agent when he was coaching at South Carolina.  But now?

CAA has signed former college football coach Steve Spurrier for representation in all areas. Spurrier, who resigned last week as the coach of the Univ. of South Carolina, will be represented by a team of agents, including powerful coaching agent Jimmy Sexton and powerful broadcasting agent Nick Khan.

It takes a village to raise a football commentator.  Or at least his contract.


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“Chaplain Tim removes his red Georgia Bulldogs cap and offers the blessing.”

Helluva story here on Tim Worley getting his life back together.


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Thursday morning buffet

Ready and steaming…

  • Here’s a look at the post-spring SEC quarterback situation.
  • Georgia’s incoming freshman Trent Thompson “becomes the team’s second biggest defensive lineman the minute he steps on campus.”  Yeah, he’s got a good chance of playing this season.
  • If you can’t get a second chance at Second Chance U, where can you?
  • Florida’s Dante Fowler, Jr., on Todd Gurley: “What gets me about him is how fast he is. He’s a big guy so you would think that he’s slow, but he’s even faster in person than what he looks like on TV. We had a mean defense. We had Sharrif Floyd, Dominique Easley, Matt Elam—three first-round draft picks—and we had a top-five defense in the country. To see what he was doing to us, as a freshman, I was like, man, this guy is going to be something else.” 
  • The New York Times has a great piece on what’s happened to the members of the NFL’s first round draft class of 1990.  It’s sad to see Ben Smith’s story.
  • Nick Saban explains what up-tempo offenses have done to Alabama’s secondary, and how he’s working to fix that.  (It’s been downhill since Jeremy Pruitt left.)
  • Ben Jones talks about his favorite memory at Georgia, Jacob Eason, Mark Richt and more here.
  • It’s insidious, but I fear I’m coming to like Jim McElwain.  Bastard.


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May the Force be with him.

Here’s an enjoyable Rolling Stone interview with Chris Conley, which focuses, not surprisingly, given the source, as much on his directing career as his football one.

In any event, every time Conley opens his mouth, you can’t help but be impressed with his thoughtfulness.  That certainly covers his immediate future.

Conley’s projected spot in the draft is wide ranging, anywhere from the end of the second round to the fifth round, the way ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. sees it.

“You hear tons of things,” Conley said, “and I wouldn’t disagree with (Kiper) on that range. It is a big range, but at the same time you understand more about the process, more about the league. It’s not something we worry about that much. I guess it’s something that more fans worry about. You look at the league and how many fifth rounder go on to be Pro Bowlers, how many first rounders have been busts. It’s really not about that at a certain point.”

We root for the Conleys in college football because they’re such good people.  In Chris’ case, you have the feeling he’ll be a success inside the NFL or outside, because that’s how he’s built.


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Keep your chin up, kid.

University of Alabama Chancellor Robert Witt says that even though mistakes were made, embattled UAB President Ray Watts still has his undying support.

“There is no doubt that our governing structure and the synergies of UA, UAB and UAH are a point of tremendous pride for Alabama and a model for the nation.  It is extremely unfortunate that a vocal few would choose to disagree.”

And after reading the complete PR memo that laid out the plans to shut down UAB’s football program, I can see why Witt has his back.  After all, if college is about preparing students to deal with the real world, how much more of an education could UAB’s student-athletes get than this touching send off?

Make History, Show Your Heart: This will be a difficult transition, but it will demonstrate your ability to deal with hard times and show heart, work ethic, loyalty, and dedication. These are traits to be proud of and this is a story you will be able to share and benefit from in every job interview for the rest of your life. Take this opportunity to prove your ability to deal with a difficult situation and to help others through the same — something employers look for.

Yeah, making sure that somebody you interview for a job hire has the experience of suffering through a layoff in the form of a D-1 college football program being closed is the kind of thing 21st-century employers are seeking out in droves.  Especially in Alabama.

A model for the nation, indeed.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Including a real food related item today…


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Sunday morning buffet

A tidbit here, a tidbit there…

  • Something to keep an eye on with this season’s Kentucky football team:  “From that highly touted 2014 signing class, ranked No. 17 in the nation, UK was able to redshirt 16 players…”  That includes redshirting every offensive linemen the current staff has signed.
  • Bill Connelly ponders what the future of football analytics will bring.
  • Marc Weiszer Fletcher Page  has a nice piece on this year’s Paul Oliver Network gathering.
  • Les Miles thinks Matt Womack signing with Alabama is enough of a punishment for his program.
  • So Andy Schwarz is being hired to produce the new report evaluating the report that led to the shutdown of the UAB football program?  That’s beyond interesting, both for what he’ll have to say about UAB’s decision as well as shining a light on college athletic departments’ bookkeeping practices.
  • Here’s another roundup of questions as SEC spring practices get underway.
  • She may be a little girl, but she manages to hit on the essence of being a Georgia Tech fan in one sentence.
  • Speaking of Tech, the computer hacker has been sentenced, but “The district attorney said he believes Pickren entered a guilty plea, meaning failure to complete the program would bring the student back to court for further sentencing.”  So you’re saying there’s a chance?


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