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Monday morning buffet

Man, it’s already the first of June.


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Thursday morning buffet

Another day to indulge, campers.

  • I’m always amused when Will Muschamp talks about offense.
  • You will be shocked, shocked to learn that the SEC has come out against an early signing proposal for football.
  • Nick Saban clarifies his comment about bowl games.  Naturally, media misunderstanding is involved.
  • There will be no SEC-enforced cap on COA“We are constrained by the law,” SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said.
  • Here’s another hungry football player story.
  • Auburn’s not in on claiming more national championships.  Per Jay Jacobs, “Those players on those teams, like me in 1983, it doesn’t matter if you hang a banner or not. I know what we did.”  So why even explore the possibility in the first place?
  • If you’re looking for some well-crafted Gator snark, this should do.
  • Matt Hinton has an excellent piece here on the art of building an offensive line.


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“Even in the NFL, they have a salary cap.”

Nick Saban’s had enough of this COA bullshit.

“We need to have the same rules in the big five in all leagues,” Saban said. “If we’re going to compete for the championship, and everybody is going to play in the playoff system, then we need to get our rules in alignment so that we are all on a level playing field.

“These things need to be global, otherwise we are going to become a farm system for all of the other leagues.”

“Even in the NFL, they have a salary cap,” Saban said. “When we don’t have a cap that makes it equal for everybody, it really goes against everything we’ve tried to do in the NCAA that we’ve tried to do for parity.”

Oh, mah heaven, Miz Scarlett!  Ah do believe Ah’m feeling a bit lightheaded!

So what do you think Saban wants now – another antitrust lawsuit over price fixing, or a players’ union so college football can legally bargain for a salary cap?  ‘Cause it’s one or the other.


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Thursday morning buffet

The chafing dishes are steaming.


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Delany: it’s not the practice, it’s the label that’s the problem.

Well, as long as you still call them students, I guess.


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Today in bovine excrement, part two

Hey, the “we’re not workin’ with no stinkin’ union” feeling is turning into a party.  Come on down, Notre Dame!

“Notre Dame’s just not prepared to participate in any model where the athlete isn’t a student first and foremost — that’s the hallmark for us,” Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick told USA TODAY Sports after a Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics meeting here during which he appeared as a panelist. “If the entire model were to move toward athletes as employees, we’d head in a different direction. Our president has been clear about that. I’m not articulating a unique position.”

Lines are drawn, NLRB.  Do you really want to be the folks who killed Notre Dame’s football program?

This is silly on a number of levels.  First, Swarbrick doesn’t even bother to explain how a unionized student-athlete can’t still be a student first and foremost.  (Maybe he’ll have to start referring to them as athlete-students.)  For example, one of the major complaints lobbed in the direction of schools is how programs routinely violate the NCAA’s 20-hour rule.  Wouldn’t forcing that rule to be honored in real time be a step in the direction of first and foremost?

Second, this isn’t the first time Notre Dame has wrapped itself in the holy cloak of academics-first.  For decades, it famously clung to a policy of not letting its football team go to bowl games because, in the words of a 1969 Sports Illustrated article,

The continuation of the policy probably results from a misguided notion that participation in a bowl game would make Notre Dame look like a football factory. Football, of course, has done a great deal for Notre Dame—far more than anything else. Nor is there much wrong with this, except that there happen to be those within the bright glare of the Golden Dome who do not like to admit it.

I guess they stopped worrying about that perception a while ago.

The real irony here is that there may come a time in the near future, if Jeffrey Kessler and his ilk have their way in court, when Notre Dame and its peers are going to need a union partner to enter into a collective bargaining agreement.  Unless they can get Washington to grant an antitrust exemption – remember, you’re not doing it for the schools, you’re doing it for the kids, Congress – it’ll either be that, or an Ivy League packed with academic refugees.


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Call us from the Ivy League when you get there.

Sounds like somebody wants to take his football and go home.

Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face – Northwestern received more than $27 million from the Big Ten in fiscal 2014.

Is it worth pointing out nobody stopped Henry Bienen from taking the school out of big time athletics when he was running the joint if he was so concerned about having to deal with Satan… er, a players’ union one day?


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