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Nailed it.

College football pundits discussing LSU’s offense after Joe Brady’s departure:  Steve Ensminger sux!  The Tigers won’t be able to produce any points now that college football’s greatest offensive mind has left for the NFL!

Steve Ensminger:  hold my beer, dipshits.


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Mark Richt has lost control of SEC defenses.

Herbstreit unloads.

“And then I think it’s less buy in, honestly. I mean, when I watch some of these guys tackle — or, I should say, not tackle — it’s like the (Dallas) Cowboys, that dude (safety) Xavier Woods, who said, ‘What, do you expect us to be 100 percent all the time?’ And it’s like, ‘What are you talking about? We’re in the NFL.’ And if you watch the Cowboys, it’s not scheme all the time. It’s just they’re not buying in. They just don’t look like it’s 11 guys that want to run to the ball and hold up their end of the bargain. And when I watched some of these SEC defenses, I just look at guys like (LSU sophomore cornerback Derek) Stingley right now — who’s a great talent — he has zero interest in tackling, zero interest for being accountable in that regard. And if your best players are doing that, that’s going to filter down.

“So I think it’s a combination of COVID, quarantine, style of practicing, not really buying in, not really caring as much as a group — because when you watch Clemson, you see buy in, you see what it’s supposed to be. I don’t even care who’s on the field. I don’t even care about the results. You just see guys flying to the football, taking pride in being there for each other, having each other’s back, hitting people, being sound with the gaps and then playing man to man and guys helping each other up. And I don’t know, man — the way I grew up, that’s how the defenses played football. And when I watch what’s going on, yeah, it’s great offense. Tough to defend. But these defenses, I can’t even imagine what it’s like watching film for them, because it’s embarrassing.”

Stingley played half the Mizzou game injured, so there may be more going on there than just attitude, but, damn.


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“But I think it’s clear that something isn’t right in Athens.”

Man, talk about your screaming hot takes

When a five-star offensive lineman, who would’ve been a key player for Georgia, decides he’d be willing to not play to get away from the program, it’s a major red flag.

And if the Butch Jones era at Tennessee taught me anything, it’s that red flags shouldn’t be ignored (remember all the players that left UT when Jones was the head coach).

Smart is obviously a better X’s and O’s coach than Jones. I don’t think there’s any debate there. But the off-the-field stuff? They might not be so different in that area.

Georgia fans might want to pay attention to the program Smart is running, because it could be a charade similar to what Jones had in place on Rocky Top for five seasons.

That’s some five-star bullshit right there.  You have been warned.


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Barrett Sallee’s cognitive dissonance

Man, you could get a serious case of whiplash trying to keep up with this:

Main course: Florida for real, Georgia in trouble

It’s one game, so it’s a little early to make snap judgements on teams.

You don’t say.  Or maybe you do say.  Hell, I can’t keep up.


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Mike Bianchi takes a victory lap.

Might as well turn in, Georgia fans.  It’s all over.

After Florida’s record-breaking 51-35 season-opening victory over Ole Miss Saturday, this should be the Gators’ new fight song.

Move it on over, Georgia.

Every dog has his day, but your day is done.

That’s a take that wouldn’t be out of place on a Gators message board.  I had no idea a sixteen-point win over a team that will be lucky to win more than three games this season was so titanic.


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“Georgia is going to get smoked by Auburn next week.”

Proclaims the guy who said that Jamie Newman opted out of the season because of D’Wan Mathis’ rapid progress.


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Is Danny Kanell America’s dumbest cfb pundit?

Or is he simply the one most willing to put his stupidity on display?

The Air Raid was introduced to the SEC over twenty years ago (by Mumme and Leach!) and Texas A&M ran it under Kevin Sumlin.  Other than that, as takes go, it’s perfect.


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Bill Connelly’s most important player in college football

You may be familiar with him.

Screenshot_2020-09-25 The 25 most important players in the College Football Playoff chase

1. QB JT Daniels or D’Wan Mathis, Georgia: Daniels was No. 8 on this list last year, when it looked like he was getting tasked with saving Clay Helton’s job at USC. He got hurt in the first game, however, and lost his job to sudden star Kedon Slovis. Now at Georgia, Daniels could be the guy to push the Dawgs out of last year’s “all-world defense, terribly limited offense” imbalance. But first he has to be cleared for competition.

His ongoing recovery from injury has opened the door for Mathis, who spent 2019 on the sideline after having a cyst removed from his brain. Mathis has apparently impressed head coach Kirby Smart and new offensive coordinator Todd Monken.

It doesn’t really matter who ends up starting here; it only matters that whoever it is thrives. Georgia will start 2020 with the most proven defense in college football, and while the offense could use another top skill-corps player, it still has a couple of proven linemen in receiver George Pickens, running backs Zamir White and James Cook and a new batch of blue-chippers. With great quarterback play, the Dawgs go from SEC East co-favorites to, potentially, national title co-favorites. Sounds like the QB of choice is the most important player in the country to me.

No pressure, kid.


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Not the hot QB take I was expecting

Barrett Sallee says D’Wan Mathis grabbed the starting quarterback job a couple of weeks ago, and not by default.  In fact…

… he believes Mathis is the reason Jamie Newman left.  Interesting.  Love to know where he got that from.


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SEC media preseason prediction

Wow, they actually went there.

I honestly didn’t think they would.  (But check out the votes to win the conference.)

Kirbs has to be grateful for the bulletin board material.  He’s gonna wear that disrespect thing out.




UPDATE #2:  The preseason All-SEC teams are listed here.  Interestingly, Georgia has nine players on the three teams and Florida has six.  Damn, that Mullen guy must be really good.


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