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Sometimes, a man’s gotta snark.




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Today, in journalism

This is what you get when you combine a click-bait media strategy with a lack of editorial restraint:

Only fitting to come from the same place known for “FIRST!” in its reader comment threads.


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Of all the hot takes in the world…

… that is the one I would have expected from DawgNation.


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Check out the big brain on Kanell.

Man, it’s almost painful watching the light bulb go on here.

Dude, it was about the money from the moment the idea of a CFP was hatched.  You really thought this was about some grand search for truth and greatness?

I got news for you, Danny.  It won’t be any different when they turn up the dial to eight.


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Montana respect

Someone asked Stewart Mandel in today’s Mailbag ($$) why all the CFP love for Georgia.  Here, in part, is his response:

Georgia is No. 4 because it’s beaten a 9-2 Florida team, an 8-2 Notre Dame team and a 7-3 Auburn team, all of them currently ranked in the Top 16. It also shut out three likely bowl-bound teams (Arkansas State, Kentucky and Missouri); and crushed another (Tennessee) 43-14. There simply aren’t four other teams out there with better résumés, and there certainly won’t be if the Dawgs beat 7-3 Texas A&M this week and potentially 12-0 LSU in the SEC title game. Georgia is not without its warts; it currently ranks 80th nationally in passing yards per game (220.3). But the Dawgs boast the nation’s No. 2 scoring defense (10.5), No. 6 rushing defense (2.7 YPC), No. 7 pass efficiency defense (107.9) and No. 12 rushing offense (5.4 YPC).

All of which tells me a lot more about their aptitude as a football game than the final score of that South Carolina game.

Manball may not be pretty at times, but you can’t say it hasn’t been effective.


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It’s not easy always being right.

One thing you gotta love about college football — where else can the media grumble about players sitting out meaningless bowl games to protect their pro futures and turn right around and give Saban grief for not taking Tua out in the second quarter of a conference game?


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Mike Bianchi is a national treasure.

The weekend hasn’t even ended yet and this hot take already hasn’t aged well.


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