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“Yea that’s a lie get your facts right.”

My, the AJ-C headline writer for this piece sure took the mellow route.

I can just imagine the story that would be written if a former Georgia player called out the school for lying as he walked out the door.


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Bo Bounds knows Georgia football, or at least he’s sure he does.

I guess this comes with trying to be the best provocative sports radio talk you can be, but this Bounds fella followed up his slam-bang performance on Finebaum (which evidently generated some pushback from the Georgia side) by inviting Dave Bartoo on his show (click the link here) to do some more Richt slapping.

Now I think Bartoo does an excellent job with his analysis and if somebody wants to argue that Richt has underachieved, especially in his last five seasons, don’t expect me to argue.

But I’m afraid Bounds’ enthusiasm for making his point got the better of Dave there.  A large part of the discussion centers around Georgia’s recruiting, and I can’t figure out if they’re jumping Richt’s case for not doing better on the recruiting trail (Bounds cites that terrific analysis David Ching did about how many SEC and P5 recruits come from Georgia) or if it’s a matter of Richt having not done better with what he’s had.  I can buy the latter, but make up your minds, guys.

But the best part of all is the wonder Bounds claims to have about Georgia’s loss to Georgia Tech last year.  Now, again, there’s no question that Richt’s call to squib kick was boneheaded and he was properly rewarded for it.  But hilarity ensues over Bounds marveling at Georgia ever losing to the Jackets, getting Bartoo to estimate Georgia should win about 90% of the time… and simply failing to acknowledge Richt’s 12-2 record against Georgia Tech.

Like I said, there’s legitimate stuff to knock Richt about.  But when you’re trying that hard, you kind of defeat your own purpose.

Better luck with the next guest, Bo.


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Lovin’ the Laner

I know this is one of those seemingly endless things ESPN does to fill bandwidth during a long offseason, but, damn, Alex Scarborough, do you really have to write a tongue bath like this?

Lane Kiffin magic: He loses a Heisman Trophy finalist at receiver, a two-year starter at running back and a record-breaking QB, but does anyone doubt that Lane Kiffin will make it work? He still has a veteran center in Ryan Kelly, a mammoth running back in Derrick Henry, and a promising group of receivers, headlined by ArDarius Stewart and Robert Foster. With O.J. Howard at tight end and Mr. Everything Kenyan Drake back at running back/receiver, Kiffin will have plenty of weapons to play with. And when it comes to who starts at quarterback, just trust that it will work out, whether it’s Jake Coker, David Cornwell or another candidate. If Kiffin could turn former scout team QB/wide receiver Blake Sims into a record-setter then he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

One could argue it was Amari Cooper, not Junior, who turned Blake Sims into a record-setter, but setting that aside, when did Kiffin’s offensive magic become a no-brainer?  It sure wasn’t there in his waning days at Southern Cal, which managed to coincide with a dwindling talent base due to the NCAA sanctions.  And even directing an Alabama offense that wasn’t talent starved, it’s not as if the Tide generated a performance on that side of the ball commensurate with all those vaunted recruiting classes:  sixteenth in scoring offense and eighteenth in total offense are certainly well above-average, but how many of the offenses that finished more prolifically than did Junior’s outdo Alabama in talent?

Last season, Amari Cooper wasn’t promising.  He was the best wideout in college football and he’s gone.  Coker, who couldn’t beat out Sims for the starting QB job last year despite being anointed as a Heisman finalist by much of the media in the preseason, is neck and neck in a fight for the starting job again, so what does that say about who will direct Kiffin’s attack?

It’s not like I’m counting on Alabama’s offense disappearing this season.  There’s way too much talent there for that to happen.  But pardon me if I wait to see how Albert Einstein… er, Lane Kiffin does directing traffic in 2015.  If ‘Bama kicks ass, then maybe we can start talking about giving the Laner the benefit of the doubt.


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Cool to the touch

Dennis Dodd throws in the towel and reduces Mark Richt’s hot seat rating to from 1.5 to 1 (on a scale of 5).

Amusingly to everyone not named Mark Bradley, Dodd judges the genius’ seat to be warmer than Richt’s.


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In related news, the sun rose in the east this morning.

Mark Bradley wants you to know he has doubts about Mark Richt and Georgia.


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Committed to committing

If you’re looking for the perfect story evidencing the lack of self-awareness in the media over what the recruiting process has morphed into today, this is it.

I mean, how hard is it to grok that the reason so many kids go through all the machinations of “heavy lean, soft commit, silent commit and solid to school X” is because you’ve given them the outlet to do so?

Thus endeth my bitch of the day.


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The AJ-C goes all in with its Georgia coverage.

Some of you may have seen the news that Seth Emerson has up and gone to the AJ-C.  He’s not replacing anyone there; instead the paper has made the move to double down with its coverage on the Georgia beat.

I know I differ from some of you in that I have an appreciation for the beat writers.  I’m a fan of Seth’s.  (I can’t help but be amused, though, by the thought of what some click-happy editor is going to do with the headers to some of his articles.  Or the comments he’ll be getting there.  But I digress.)

In any event, take it for what it’s worth, in one sense:  it’s a compliment to our interest in Georgia sports.  Seth wouldn’t be there if we weren’t already.  And from a purely selfish sense, the more material I have to work with, the better I can blog.  I’ll take it.


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