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The knee, she jerks.

I get the hot take, click bait sense of purpose here…

… but can somebody explain the analogy to me?  ‘Cause I’m really not getting it.


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Narrative, distilled

Mike Farrell:

3. UGA squanders the most talent in college football.

Farrell’s take: FACT. I asked this question on Twitter and the overwhelming response was Georgia. While I don’t think this is a runaway for the Bulldogs, I do have to agree. UGA hasn’t won a national title since 1980 despite a massive in-state recruiting advantage and stellar recruiting classes under many coaches. Maybe Kirby Smart will break through and win it all, and he has had success in the SEC East, but a national title is expected with so much talent. The same was true for UGA under Mark Richt and others. USC, Texas, Miami and others were also common answers, but clearly they have won it all much more recently than Georgia.

He heard it on the Internet, so it must be true.


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Pointing the finger

Mike Farrell knows whom to blame for the natty or bust standard he imposes on Georgia this season:

Smart did this to himself with his recruiting ability and roster talent at Georgia…

Face it, Kirby — you screwed up.  You trusted yourself.


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Barrett Sallee sees a gap.

A real shame, this is.

Best bet — Georgia (+250): Chill out, Bama fans. This isn’t a slight against your program. But this Georgia squad is in the perfect spot to waltz through the SEC East, into the SEC Championship Game and out of Mercedes-Benz Stadium as conference champions. Coach Kirby Smart has one of the top quarterbacks in the conference in JT Daniels, one of the best running back rooms in the country, a highly-talented offensive line and a defense that has become a force in college football. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to pick the Bulldogs to win their first title since 2017. But getting them at +250 is an extremely low-risk, high-reward investment.

Worst wager — Florida (+1200): The defending SEC East champs are picked to be Georgia’s biggest threat, but a bet on the Gators will be more of a long shot than a responsible investment. Florida has to break in new quarterback Emory Jones, it has an average offensive line and rushing attack, and its defense — at last check — is still coordinated by the much-maligned Todd Grantham. What’s more, Dan Mullen’s crew gets Alabama as its rotating SEC West opponent and has to go to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to take on LSU in its permanent cross-division rivalry game. The Gators are much closer to being third in the East this season than they are to being first.

What can you say?

Dave Chappelle Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


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Danny Kanell: appreciating the grind

I can’t say I admire Kanell, but I have to admit, when it comes to dogging the SEC, the man is relentless.

That’s a fucking comment about college baseball.  I guess the mere thought of Alabama triggers a Pavlovian response from the guy.

By the way, it appears Kanell is honing in on a program we know and love.

It’s nice to know he cares, anyway.


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Et tu, Stew?

Dang!  Mandel plays the 1980 card ($$).

Is this Georgia’s year? — Alec A.

Given it hasn’t been Georgia’s year for four decades…

That Montana crowd’s getting rougher.


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Get your hindsight in early.

Athlon asks a question — “Who will be the SEC’s top quarterback in 2021?”  One answer:

The best quarterback in the SEC is a signal-caller who has only thrown 22 passes in college: Alabama’s Bryce Young. No, he doesn’t have the track record (yet), but he’s also the No. 2 overall recruit from the Class of 2020 and the sixth-best QB recruit of all-time, per 247Sports. It may take him a few games to get up to speed, but as we’ve seen the last few years with Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones, Alabama is built to create star quarterbacks. And they’ve never had a quarterback recruit like Young before. Even with the departure of two first-round receivers and a first-round running back, tight end, and offensive tackle, Young will have plenty of talent surrounding him to help put up a Heisman campaign.

So, after reading that, I’ve got a question:  in a few years, will people be criticizing Nick Saban for not benching Jones to start Young instead?

I keed, I keed… I think.


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A measure of respect

Athlon has posted its 2021 All-SEC preseason teams (four in all).  Here’s how it breaks down by school:

There are quibbles — quite a few, as a matter of fact — I could make with some of their individual projections, but as a overall assessment of talent, it’s fair to say there are two teams and then there’s the rest of the SEC.


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It’s not nice to keep the media waiting.

The wise heads at CBSSports have gazed upon the visage of Kirby Smart, and found him lacking.

Kirby Smart: We’re starting to see our voters reach the point where Kirby needs to show them more. He advanced to the College Football Playoff National Championship in his second season with the Bulldogs and has recruited at an elite level. But the program has stalled a bit in recent seasons and failed to win the SEC East in 2020. It enters the 2021 season as a title contender once again, but you can only be a title contender for so long without winning one before patience wears thin…

Yeah, shmuck. What have you done for us lately?

Ahead of Smart on that list are the likes of Brian Kelly and Lincoln Riley, who share two things in common:  neither has won a national title and both have lost to Kirby Smart.  For some reason, they apparently don’t need to show them more.


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About beating Saban’s ass…

Kind of a puzzling rationale to this piece about the next SEC coach who can beat Nick Saban.  The premise is that, other than Auburn, the only teams to beat Alabama in the past five seasons featured top quarterbacks.

Okay, fine.  Malzahn’s gone, TAMU and Florida are breaking in new starting quarterbacks, LSU is rolling the dice with a new offensive coordinator who’s trying to figure out whom to start at QB and Ole Miss doesn’t have enough defense to make Matt Corral relevant in the discussion.

For better or worse, you’d think that would leave Georgia as the last team standing.  Wrong, bacon breath.

But Smart has struggled to develop quarterbacks, a useful ingredient to beating Saban.

Under Smart, who is 0-3 against Saban, Georgia has resembled an old-school version of Saban’s Alabama teams.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.  I’m a member of the school that says I’ll believe an SEC coach can beat Saban when I see him actually beat Saban.  But is it too much to ask to keep up with the here and now?


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