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Mr. Conventional Wisdom sniffs at Jim Harbaugh.

Why, yes, now that you ask.  And it’s everything you’d expect.

I don’t know what I like best, the macho posturing that starts with the header and keeps on going, or the lame attempt to claim that Harbaugh is the real hypocrite here.  Actually, the winner comes when he combines both:

… If there is no rule prohibiting what Harbaugh wants to do, then I don’t blame him for trying to take advantage of it. Just man up about why you’re doing it. You’re not doing it because your players want to practice in nice weather during their spring break. It’s about recruiting.

Yeah, grow a pair, bitch.  You’re gonna need ’em when Sankey’s boys come for you: “Translation: The SEC is not going to start this fight. But it will be more than willing to finish it.”  Whew, that’s some rough stuff, that is.

In any event, it ought to keep Tony in good standing with the SEC office.


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Buck Belue, master of the obvious

Here’s the header for an AJ-C piece (you definitely do not need to click on the link) – “Former UGA great says Jacob Eason needs to earn the QB job“.

With keen insight like that, I can only hope there’s a support staff spot they can open up to take full advantage of Buck’s wisdom.  I mean, who knew?

I think we’ve officially hit the offseason, folks.


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So simple, a pundit can do it.

I have to give Dan Wetzel credit.  He’s managed to weave the stuff about Randle El and the raft of early departures to the NFL together into a piece and arrive at my Uncle Nate conclusion as a solution.

I think I need a raise.

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Staples on the Georgia job, part two

It seems like an eternity ago, although it was only last August, that I posted something in response to Andy Staples arguing that Georgia is the best football coaching job in America. Give him credit; this sounds prescient five months later:

• As far as taking the next step, there are a lot of factors. But let’s be honest. If some things break differently in the 2012 SEC title game, Georgia has a national title under Mark Richt and we’re probably not having this conversation. But the fact is Georgia has been the best team in the East on paper for most of the years since Tim Tebow left Florida and has two East titles and no SEC titles to show for it. Given its advantages and the current state of the SEC East, Georgia should be in the national title hunt most years.

• Mark Richt is on a very short list of coaches I’d want my kid to play for. He is secure in who he is and how he wants to run the program. He clearly cares about his players, and the program he created to help transition to life after football is a prime example. He hasn’t compromised what he considers his mission for the sake of winning. That’s great from a human standpoint and tough from a professional one, because he gets paid a healthy salary to win titles. I know no school president or athletic director will ever say it out loud, but coaches almost always get fired because of their win-loss record—not because they didn’t mold enough men.

So here we are in January, with Kirby Smart manning the helm.  And maybe that explains why Staples is far more bullish on Georgia’s chances in 2016 than any other national pundit appears to be right now.

Here’s a rundown of some projections already:

–Georgia is No. 8 in Sports Illustrated’s “very early top 10.” Andy Staples writes that Smart “walks into a program stocked with talent; after nine years at Bama he should know how to unleash it.”

–’s Stewart Mandel made his “extremely early stab” at a top 25. He placed the Bulldogs at No. 19. “The Dawgs’ season largely hinges on how quickly incoming freshman QB Jacob Eason is ready to take the reins of coordinator Jim Chaney’s offense.”

–’s “way-too-early top 25” by Mark Schlabach slots Georgia at No. 23. “Georgia’s schedule isn’t especially taxing with only four true road games, including an early trip to Ole Miss.”

–USA Today didn’t put Georgia in Paul Myerburg’s top 25. He does have Richt’s Miami team though at No. 21. “It helps to have a quarterback, Brad Kaaya, who rivals Deshaun Watson for the title of the ACC’s best.”

–Dennis Dodd of has Georgia No. 22 in his “way-too-early” power rankings, saying that “there are worse ways to go into your first season as a coach. Kirby Smart gets tailback Nick Chubb back. That alone could make the Dawgs a contender in the SEC East.”

I don’t know if Staples is right, but at least I’ll acknowledge his intellectual consistency.


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That’s why he’s the best in the business, folks.

Don’t miss Tony Barnhart’s HOT TAKE on Georgia’s 2016 season.

They don’t call him Mr. Conventional Wisdom for nothing, you know.


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Thursday morning buffet

Bowls making you hungry?  Okay.

  • ESPN is reporting that Scott Cochran will be getting more than $600,000 a year to stay at Alabama.  $600K for a strength coach.  Jesus.
  • Speaking of salaries, you’ll be pleased to know that Charlie Weis comes off the Notre Dame payroll tomorrow.
  • This probably isn’t good.
  • I don’t know if you watched the Holiday Bowl last night, but some kid who had two career sacks coming into the game managed three – on three straight plays.  Wowser!
  • ESPN wants to dominate New Year’s Eve, much as the N.F.L. takes over Thanksgiving Day and the N.B.A. deploys five games in its bid to wrest control of Christmas from Santa Claus.”
  • Nobody at The Miami Beach Edition cares, ESPN.
  • Why they love bowl season:  Jake Ganus confesses to eating 13 lobster tails at the bowl game dinner.
  • I didn’t realize that Ivan Maisel wrote for the AJ-C.  It’s something to consider how much talent came and went at that paper.


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Today, in answering one’s own stupid question.

ESPN’s Greg Ostendorf wants to know something.  “Why is nobody talking about Tennessee?”

Several paragraphs later comes this:

Five straight wins to finish the season. The only SEC team who has a better winning streak is the conference champion, Alabama.

Now granted, not one of those five wins came against a team that was bowl eligible.

November’s been a joke of a month on Tennessee’s schedule since the dawn of time, it feels like.  So pardon the rest of the world if we’re not ready to jump the Vols into the top ten right now.

(Before some of you start, we’ll talk about next preseason when it gets here.)


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