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Pity the poor journalist.

I could have taken the complaining at this symposium a lot more seriously if Michael Wilbon hadn’t played the “people sit in their mother’s basements and write this crap” card.

Damn, that shit was lame a decade ago.  Although I should probably give him credit for not bringing up shaving and showering.


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Once burned, twice shy.

Jeff Schultz wants Greg McGarity to open up to him, just like he did with Mark Bradley last year.  Unfortunately for Schultz, McGarity doesn’t want to play.

Overreaction narrative: “Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity hasn’t said anything publicly about Mark Richt’s future. That must mean something!”

Reality check: I don’t know. I sent an email to Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity Monday morning, asking two questions: 1) Can you at this point guarantee that Mark will be back as head coach next season? 2) If you choose not to answer: Do you understand that it leaves open speculation that you’re considering making a change, or have already decided to make a change, and does that matter to you?

McGarity responded as he has to all recent inquiries on this subject. He wrote back, “Jeff, as I have said throughout the season, all of our efforts are focused on the next game, which is the Tech game this Saturday.”

[Emphasis added.]

So if the AJ-C keeps speculating about Richt’s future, Greg, that’s on you.  Nicely played, Mr. Schultz.


UPDATE:  Shorter Mark Bradley:  Just sayin’.

Man, did Richt forget to renew his AJ-C subscription, or something?


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Has the SEC media declared war on SEC coaches?

From the boys at

The Tigers take on Idaho Saturday as a 32-point favorite, needing a win to gain bowl-eligibility. Should things go South for Auburn against the Vandals, Gus Malzahn might be headed out the door after the season.

“Let’s say they lose to Idaho, and then they go out the next week and get blown off the field in the Iron Bowl, a 42-0 type of game, there’s going to be people calling for Gus Malzahn’s head,” Stephenson said. “Now will the people that matter make that decision, I’m not sure. The last time they went through this, you could tell that team quit.”

When did this become the Year of Make Shit Up Out Of Thin Air?  Is everyone in the media that bored?


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Recruiters gonna recruit. The AJ-C’s gonna AJ-C.

Jeff Schultz – in a piece appropriately titled “Overreaction Monday” – gets a little huffy about Mark Richt traveling to see a prized recruit.

Now, it’s possible Richt merely wanted to ease concerns with the family and the player amid speculation the coach might be fired. Or maybe he just wanted to attempt to change the narrative from, “What a disappointing season,” to, “We’re going to be awesome next season.” But let me offer this third possibility: Richt is sending a message to athletic director Greg McGarity and president Jere Morehead that goes something like this: “See this recruit? He likes me. And if you want me gone, you’re going to have to fire me, because I’m not resigning.” You could say it’s an attempted power play.

Will it work? My guess is: No. McGarity and Morehead will still make their decision regardless of this, which is not to say which way they’re leaning because I honestly don’t know. The decision could be based on Richt’s recent resume and/or what big-money boosters think as much as the potential of the future, which offers no guarantee. And if Richt believes that a picture with next year’s hot recruit is going to appease the masses, he’s mistaken.

Meanwhile, his colleague Steve Hummer detects more of the hand of Evil Richt in play with the trip.

But Mark Richt’s cross-country trip to brunch with an 18-year-old last weekend was a stroke of uncut genius. His surprise visit to Washington state’s Jacob Eason was masterful in execution and message. I’d almost credit the Bulldogs coach with having a little Machiavelli in him, if he wasn’t such a square-cut fellow.

That’s all great, but could I bother to point out another possibility?  Remember the frothing that took place after this Great Moment In Social Media?

So it didn’t go unnoticed that Eason is now following Florida offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier on Twitter. Also among his most recent follows is California head coach Sonny Dykes.

It could be a significant wrinkle as the heat is turned on Georgia coach Mark Richt after a 27-3 loss Saturday against Florida, the team’s third in the last four games.

The Lake Stevens, Wash. product, who committed to Georgia in July, 2014, was reached by about his social media connection to Nussmeier.

“I don’t really want to have a comment on that,” he said. “You know, he reached out to me, so I followed him, so he could communicate. So that’s about all I want to say about that.”

You think Richt’s feeling a little heat on the recruiting trail these days?  You think it might be somewhat prudent to check up on Eason once in while?  And, while he’s at it, maybe send a message to potential poachers that he’s still defending his turf?  Occam’s Razor, bitch.

Some of this shit would be funny if it weren’t such a sad stretch.  Perhaps Schultz ought to devote his next Overreaction post to an argument that Richt and his staff should stop recruiting altogether until it’s clear they’re back next season.  Can’t have any perception that McGarity’s being pressured, you know, because that would be bad for the program. At least not by Richt.  Pressure from the media is another story.

Gosh, now that I think about it, maybe Richt ought to forfeit the rest of the season while he’s at it.  That would sure make Greg’s job a lot easier.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Been a while since I’ve stocked up the breakfast bar.

  • Does anyone believe Larry Scott when he says, “Very, very low on the totem pole is what’s best to get a team in the playoff.”?
  • Herbie runs his mouth again, apologizes..
  • James Carville says it’s time for a fan bill of rights.  Not gonna happen.
  • Continuing problems with the Neyland Stadium turf?  I’m shocked, shocked to hear that.
  • SEC Network’s Dari Nowkhah on the media’s preseason love for Auburn:  “But we believed the hype about Jeremy Johnson. We believed the hype about Will Muschamp.”  Well, whose fault is that?
  • Miami goes with a search committee and a search firm in its hunt for a new coach.  Nice belt and suspenders approach there.  At least the AD will have plenty of people to blame if the hire flops.
  • Further evidence that the people running college sports have no clue how to manage a dollar:  University of South Carolina president Harris Pastides said the school’s decision to pay Steve Spurrier for the remainder of his current contract year even though Spurrier resigned mid-season was made at least partially out of concern that it would end up having to pay him an even greater amount of money.
  • Gosh, you’d think winning a national title and playing for another one this decade would make Auburn fans less grumpy than this.


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Great moments in excuse making

You probably didn’t know this, but it turns out that one of the reasons Auburn’s season has been disappointing is because its defensive coordinator is green.

No, really.

As to the “overrated” part of the question, I’d say they had far too many questions — new quarterback, new center, lost top two running backs from last season, plus breaking in a first-year defensive coordinator in Muschamp — at the beginning of this season for it to be fair to expect them to win the SEC and contend for a playoff spot… [Emphasis added.]

Boom went bust, but it’s understandable because he never coached defense in the SEC before.  Got it.


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When you need some go-to stupidity…

Shorter Verbatim Matt Hayes“As much as it pains me to admit this perfectly imperfect sport must move closer to the look and feel of the cold, antiseptic NFL, it’s the only way to save it from itself.”

In other words, we have to destroy college football to save it.

There are times when I wonder if we deserve being able to enjoy things.


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