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There goes the Eason for Heisman talk.

Tom Luginbill states the obvious like it’s not obvious.

“If you go back and actually watch Georgia’s spring game and you watch all the plays in which Jacob Eason was blitzed, where he was confused and you watch the result of the play, there’s a lot of cause for concern,” Luginbill told The Out of Bounds Show on ESPN 105.9. “What we saw with the highlights, whether it was the SEC Network or on SportsCenter, was a handful of plays where everything was base (defense), it was tailor-made cover-2, cover-3, no pressure, know where to go with the ball, nothing changes post-snap and you look like a superhero.”

Kinda like you’d expect from any talented early-enrollee freshman quarterback playing in his fifteenth college scrimmage, no?

I can see why they pay Luginbill the big bucks.


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More mid-June madness

Like I said, it’s that time of year when most everyone writing about college football has little else to do but speculate.  Which brings me to Pete Fiutak’s (Way Too Early) week one predictions.  His call for Georgia is either stunning or demented, depending on your point of view.

Georgia vs. North Carolina

4:30 PM ESPN Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA

When last we saw North Carolina, it was getting steamrolled over by Baylor’s running game in an epic collapse. That was last season. This season, it’ll start out by getting stuffed cold by a frenetic Georgia defense that’ll do everything right in Kirby Smart’s debut. The spotlight will be on freshman quarterback Jacob Eason, but it’ll be the Dawg running game that carries the load on the way to an ugly blowout.

Line: Georgia -3.5
June Prediction: Georgia 40, North Carolina 13

I think it’s safe to say that were that to happen, Dawgnation would go nuts.  Pure, unadulterated nuts.  It would be a result reminiscent of this unexpected outcome, a year ahead of schedule.

Sure, it would be as much fun blogging about the over the top reactions to a 27-point blowout as it would the win itself, but I’m not betting the ranch on it.  I wouldn’t even bet the dilapidated outhouse on it.  If Georgia manages to cover, I’ll be thrilled.  Hell, who am I kidding here?  If Georgia wins by a point on a contested play, I’ll take it.  But thanks for the thrill, Pete.


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If you’re gonna be snarky, at least bring the good stuff.

Mike Bianchi, still showing the love for Corch:

Now that the Florida Gators have named their football field after Steve Spurrier, what are they going to name after Urban Meyer – the UF player interrogation room down at the Alachua County Jail?

The correct answer is Seat 37F.


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Dawgrading, AJ-C style

How bad was last season for Georgia?  Bad enough that this AJ-C writer, in a column about how many wins it takes for a program to keep its fan base happy, decides not to give Georgia credit for all of its 2015 wins.


Last year: 9 wins | Five-year high: 12 wins | Five-year low: 8 wins

  • Somersaults: 9 wins
  • We’ll take it: 7 wins
  • Burn it down: 5 wins or fewer

The Bulldogs are confident they can contend in the SEC East, even with some uncertainty under center. New coach Kirby Smart gets somewhat of a grace year, but the man he just replaced never failed to qualify for a bowl game, and Georgia has recorded at least eight wins in every season since 2011. Pressure’s on.

Well, if you’re gonna fudge the numbers like that, no shit pressure’s on.

Maybe Mark Bradley convinced him not to count the Tech win.


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The disillusionment of Stewart Mandel

You know, a few weeks ago, suddenly realizing that my old Twitter intro about the Coaches Poll was anachronistic, I updated it with this sentiment:

Sometimes it feels like college football is that girlfriend you were crazy about who dumped you for some rich dude nobody really liked.

Events of the past week or so haven’t improved my mood.

It appears I’m not alone in feeling like that, as evidenced by Mandel’s open letter to college football.  I won’t say he’s as far along in his pessimism as I am – I don’t know how anyone can characterize conference realignment as a harmless development that “didn’t make tailgating on a fall Saturday or watching 14 straight hours of football any less enjoyable” – but there’s much of what he says that resonates with me, including this beauty:

And you know what’s really maddening about college athletics leaders? That some are more willing to forgive a football player for striking a woman than they would if that same player wanted to transfer to another school.

Some second chances are better than others, as long as it’s a coach making the decision.


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Straight outta Mean Girls

This is supposed to be a serious question?

So here’s the question: Is Smart okay going to a camp with a guy (Harbaugh) who just took a shot at his old boss (Nick Saban)?

“I gotta do what I’ve gotta do,” Smart said.

Next thing you know, they’ll be asking who Kirby’s taking to the prom.


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If Ole Miss ain’t cheatin’, it ain’t tryin’.

From the Oxford Citizen (h/t):

… Hot flash to the NCAA, the fans don’t care or understand your laws. What the fans that pack Vaught-Hemingway Stadium want to see on a Saturday afternoon is a good game. And preferably a win.

You think people who pay $1,600 for four season tickets care if a player’s family got an extra $800 at the airport or not? You think the vast majority of those same ticket holders care if Laremy Tunsil or CJ Hampton are driving around with a loaner Nissan Titan or Dodge Challenger? Most people would say “It’s not my car. It’s not my issue. I just want to see a win over Alabama for the first time in my life.”

Hot flash to the Oxford Citizen, Ole Miss is a member of the NCAA.  The NCAA is the schools’ creation.  When you’re bitching at the NCAA, you’re bitching at Ole Miss.  Which, of course, is kind of detail the fans that pack Vaught-Hemingway Stadium don’t really want to think about.


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