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If we could only see what Mike Griffith sees…

Now this is some Grade A horseshit from Mike Griffith:

If you listen closely to Georgia football coach Kirby Smart — very closely — hints and information on ongoing or upcoming themes are most always there.

Like any successful businessman or leader, Smart has the ability to recognize and stay ahead of trends.

That could explain why the Bulldogs are on board with a recent SEC schedule adjustment.

What kind of trend are we talking about here, Mike?

Smart said earlier this month that Georgia and other elite programs figure to be younger teams moving forward because of more liberal transfer rules and players enrolling and leaving school earlier.

It’s a fact that younger, more inexperienced players need repetitions and experience to grow, so playing key football games in November plays to the Bulldogs’ advantage.

Georgia was at its best in 2018 in November, with several young players evolving into key roles and the team getting into sync.

Indeed, because of the way Smart has recruited, Georgia has more competitive depth than most any team in the nation, giving UGA another advantage in November games.

Georgia’s first goal every season is to win the SEC East Division. So, playing fellow East Division member Tennessee in November — rather than October  — plays to the Bulldogs’ advantage.

That sounds brilliant, until you reflect on the rest of the schedule.

The Bulldogs’ 2020 schedule features a game at Alabama, and some were concerned that Georgia could wind up playing the Tide and Tigers on back-to-back weeks with the flip.

But a quick look at contracted non-conference games for Alabama and Georgia reveals the date is all but locked in for Sept. 19.

I guess those reps for young players are going to be wasted playing Alabama anyway, so might as well get Saban out of the way as soon as possible.

Oh, and it’s true that Georgia won’t play Auburn and Alabama back-to-back.  The Dawgs will have an entire week in between for them.  That changes everything.

And no AJ-C slobberfest would be complete without a little McGarity suck up.

Bulldogs athletic director Greg McGarity, who works in concert with Smart on scheduling, said Monday he understands the passion of his fan base.

“My message is to wait until the schedule is released in its entirety,” McGarity said. “And then, I believe, people will see the whole picture and be able judge for themselves.”

Patience, grasshoppers.  In time, Greg’s true genius will be made apparent to all.

And they say hard hitting journalism is dead.



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Dawgs on top

If you liked what Brett McMurphy had to say about Zach Smith/Corch, you’re gonna love his CFP prediction.


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TFW you have no more f***s to give

Anthony Dasher voices a strange complaint about the Lanning promotion.

Yes, Bulldog fans should be thrilled that Smart is their head coach. Having said that, the public confirmation of Dan Lanning’spromotion to defensive coordinator deserves comment. It’s one of the oddest deals I’ve seen in 32 years of covering collegiate athletics.

For those unaware, the word from on high didn’t come in the form of a press release or a formal announcement by the University. No, it’s the result of an open records request, one made by UGASports and other media outlets that regularly cover Georgia’s athletic program.

I’m still scratching my head, trying to figure out why Smart allowed it to be handled this way.

When Georgia announced the promotion of James Coley, the hirings of tight end coach Todd Hartley and defensive back coach Charlton Warren, and even offensive analyst Shawn Watson, the school released the news in a professionally written email to beat writers, complete with a quote from Smart extolling the virtues of the program’s latest hire.

That wasn’t the case with Lanning.

It wasn’t until Georgia’s open records office replied to requests late Friday afternoon, listing Georgia’s assistants and their titles and salaries, that anyone outside the program could say what Lanning’s title was.

Was this a wise decision by Smart?

There’s no doubt a good portion of the Bulldog Nation who don’t give a flying flip how it affects the media and their ability to do their job. “It’s Smart’s team and he can do what he wants; you (media) don’t have a right to know.” I get it.

That’s actually not my gripe. It’s the false narrative that was unnecessarily created that Georgia had to settle for Lanning when that was not the case.

But while everyone tries to figures out Smart’s motives were—he’s been unavailable for comment since the Sugar Bowl—those reasons, whatever they are, seem curious at best.

The fact the media had to find out on its own via an FOI request has been a running joke for opposing fans.

Now, Coach Smart doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but it’s a shame that this incorrect narrative on Lanning’s hire has been allowed to percolate among Bulldog rivals: they could claim use Smart really didn’t “get his man,” and use it as recruiting propaganda.

Okay, Kirby doesn’t care, most of us don’t care and I’ll bet the coaching staff doesn’t either.  But what opposing fans say is supposed to matter?  Shit, if that’s all it took, we would have put Georgia Tech football out of business years ago.

I will be curious to hear if Dasher brings this up at Smart’s next presser, even if I’m pretty sure of the response if he does.


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TFW you know your troll game stinks

Connor Riley has outdone himself today with… drum roll, please… this header of dreck:

Kirby Smart and Georgia football need to take back Waffle House from Geoff Collins and Georgia Tech

And, no, you don’t need to read the story.  I’m guessing his editor hasn’t, either.


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Today, in concern trolling

Connor Riley wants to know what the fuck is wrong with you people.

Why is Fields seen as a villain to some, while many are outright rooting for Eason? Why can’t everyone wish the best for both Eason and Fields?

He left out the great middle, which belongs to those of us who don’t care one way or the other about either, since they’re no longer in Athens.  The rest of you, though, evidently should be ashamed of yourselves.

Maybe part of it is because Fields committed to Georgia when it had already become clear that Jake Fromm had usurped the job from Eason, and Kirby Smart had no intentions of giving the job back to Eason. Maybe part of it is because Eason sat out a season, while Fields sought immediate playing time, like he did at Georgia. There’s probably even the fact that Fields went to play at Ohio State, a much more hated program than Washington.

Many will also likely point to the timing of Fields’ initial transfer announcement. News of Fields entering the transfer portal came out the Monday before the Early Signing Period. Georgia’s season hadn’t finished yet, as the Bulldogs still had to play in the Sugar Bowl.

Reports of Eason transferring to Washington came out the day after Georgia’s season ended last year. There wasn’t a transfer portal for him to put his name him into though. Had Georgia played in the College Football Playoff in 2018, Fields almost certainly follows a similar timeline. The same could be said for Eason had Georgia not made the College Football Playoff in the 2017 season.

Fields was certainly a more divisive player among the fan base while at Georgia. Eason and Fields were both better recruits than Fromm. But the calls to play Fields were louder than they ever were for Eason during the 2017 season. Fields was much more athletic and clearly had every bit of arm strength that Eason had. But with the exception of the LSU game, Fromm was an even better player in 2018 than he was in 2017.

Gosh, why can’t we all just get along and see everyone as winners in the game of life?

Hey, at least I’ll give him credit for not playing the racism card there.  Maybe he’s saving that for another click-bait day.


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Those gaps aren’t going to close themselves.

I have to say the people running Saturday Down South have done a fine job developing a reputation for top notch satirical work.  Clever satire is hard to pull off, but here’s an excellent example of the genre.

I mean, how snarky is it to bury the lede in a piece entitled “How Florida closed the gap on Georgia and Alabama with a strong Signing Day finish”?

For the first time since the inception of recruiting rankings, Florida’s football roster will lack a 5-star recruit in the 2019 season.

Still, the Gators penned 17 blue-chip recruits (4- or 5-stars), a number only exceeded nationally by Alabama (25), Georgia (22) and Penn State (18).

Closing the gap by losing ground with elite prospect signings is sarcasm I can only dream of pulling off.

Oh, wait… you mean he was serious about that?  I guess his bio should have tipped me off:

Neil Blackmon covers Florida football for An attorney and two-time graduate of the University of Florida…

Don’t quit your day job, Neil.


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Today, in next level trolling

Really, this is almost masterful.

People are sick and tied of the New England Patriots. They win too much, their head coach is insufferable and they’re universally hated. New England fatigue is very real, as demonstrated by this week’s Super Bowl being the lowest rated since 2009.

Georgia should aspire to have that level hate and envy from opposing fan bases, mostly because it means that the Bulldogs will have won multiple titles. Alabama has that level of fatigue. Clemson is getting there as well.

But Georgia might be closer to that fatigue from a national level while also skipping the part where it wins multiple titles.

A number of college football fans — whether they want to admit it or not — rolled their eyes at Georgia football when its players chimed in during the College Football Playoff semifinals. Those same fans no doubt got a lot of enjoyment when Georgia didn’t show up in the Sugar Bowl against Texas. The final polls saw Georgia finished tied with Florida at No. 7 in the AP Poll and at No. 8 in the Coaches Poll.

And it looks like on some level, the shine has already worn off for Georgia. ESPN’s Tom Luginbill wrote an article predicting which five non College Football Playoff teams from 2018 could close the gap and possibly derail Alabama and Clemson. Recruiting played a big part in Luginbill’s selection of teams. And Georgia somehow did not make the list.

Tom Luginbill.  Oy.


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