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Today, in hot takes

Barton Simmons opines that Mike Gundy, in turning down the Tennessee job to stay at Oklahoma State, didn’t do himself any coaching favors.  Arguing that Gundy would have an easier path to the CFP out of Tennessee, he reasons,

But for Gundy and other coaches around the country, the path to the playoffs shouldn’t deter them from an SEC jump. In fact, the path looks significantly tougher to get out of his own conference — the Big 12. The way the Big 12 schedules are constructed, Oklahoma State plays nine conference games, as opposed to the SEC’s eight. The SEC typically replaces that ninth game with an FCS-level team in what is effectively a bye week. The Big 12 schedules are all backloaded heavily with some of the conference’s most important games. If you’re fortunate enough to make it to the Big 12 Championship Game, you’re guaranteed to be facing a rematch, similar to what we’re seeing this year with Oklahoma being asked to beat TCU for the second time in a month in order to reach the playoff.

Additionally, the Big 12 has emerged as a much more balanced conference than the SEC. Aside from Kansas, every team in the conference is competitive and well-coached. If you exclude games involving Kansas, 75 percent of conference games in the Big 12 were within two scores. Contrast that with the SEC that has seen regular blowouts throughout the conference and currently has playoff contenders feasting on everyone from Vanderbilt to Tennessee to Arkansas. There’s certainly an up-cycle in store for some of those programs but right now, the weekly grind is more taxing in the Big 12 than the SEC.

The Big 12 is currently the only conference to be left out of two of the three College Football Playoffs. If TCU beats Oklahoma this weekend, it’s probably going to be three of the four. Meanwhile, Georgia has only played two competitive conference games all year and is one win away from the playoff…

Aside from the simple fact that three of the top teams in the SEC are in the CFP hunt and that Tennessee plays two of those three every season (and would be facing the third if it were in the SECCG), the job Gundy was considering is Tennessee.  You can’t feast on yourself, genius.



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Even Mark Bradley…

If you’re a Tech fan, it’s a pretty sad omen when Bradley doesn’t have his heart in trolling Georgia about this year’s game.


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“Just turn off ESPN,” Reed said, “you’ll be fine.”

If you’re curious as to how the national media looks at Georgia now that the selection committee has bestowed its number one ranking on the program, here’s the latest from the New York Times.

On the first Saturday of November in 1980, undefeated Georgia took on South Carolina at home. It was the Bulldogs’ first nationally televised game that season, and it introduced viewers across the country to the powerful freshman running back Herschel Walker, who ran for 219 yards in his team’s victory.

A lot has changed since then — thanks to CBS, NBC, ESPN and the SEC Network, every one of Georgia’s games this season has been available everywhere — but around here, mid-autumn still means facing the Gamecocks, a marked ability to run the ball and the eternal springing of hope. In 1980, that hope was rewarded with a national championship, Georgia’s only one in the past half-century.

As Georgia took care of South Carolina again on Saturday, 24-10, the Bulldogs (9-0) are once again setting their sights on a national title run…

For whatever reason, in the postseason era — going back to the first Bowl Championship Series title game after the 1998 season — Georgia, the flagship team of one of the top states for recruiting, has been consistently great but never the best. Under Mark Richt from 2001 to 2015, for instance, Georgia finished ranked 11 times, and in the top 10 five times. But it never made the national postseason during a span in which SEC teams won nine titles.

So perhaps Smart’s myopic mind-set is, well, smart. Georgia has not yet done the things for which they hang your picture and speak of you a half-century hence.

That’s a pretty fair framing.  Keep winning and the picture will continue to be filled in.


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Monday morning buffet

I’m already thinking about my Friday morning breakfast at T-Ray’s… er, focus, Blutarsky.

  • Need to get your mind right for Florida?  Here’s one suggestion(h/t Three Year Letterman)
  • Jerry Palm explores the possibility of two teams from the same conference getting into the CFP.
  • Georgia’s five-year cycle.
  • One thing I appreciate about Bill Connelly is that he never stops thinking of new ways to look at stats.  Here’s a piece about the question “At what point does play-calling begin to shift?”
  • “One of the weird things about figuring out how to judge teams throughout a season is that being too dominant can sometimes work against a team.”  Some people would call that Dawgrading.  Just sayin’.
  • Jake Fromm now has a burger named for him.
  • Will Dell McGee be a candidate for the open Georgia Southern job?


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If a tree falls in Montana…

Stewart Mandel labels Alabama and Georgia the two best teams in the country at present.


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Nick Saban is indignant.

And you know what that means — alert the media.

“I’m trying to get our players to listen to me instead of listening to you guys,” Saban said. “All that stuff you write about how good we are. All that stuff they hear on ESPN. It’s like poison.

“It’s like taking poison.

“Like rat poison.”

Let’s hear Herbstreit respond to that.


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Tom Luginbill’s analysis is about as deep as a kiddie pool.

Tom Luginbill’s hot take, ladies and gentlemen:

One national college football analyst doesn’t believe Nick Fitzgerald and Mississippi State are done with their upsets any time soon. ESPN’s Tom Luginbill expects Mississippi State to continue winning this week at Georgia and said so during his appearance with Frank Frangie on ‘The Frangie Show’ on 1010XL Jax Sports Radio.

The biggest reason: Mississippi State quarterback Fitzgerald. Luginbill believes the elusive Fitzgerald, who dominated in last week’s 37-7 victory against LSU, is likely to cause Georgia’s defense fits in the battle of the Bulldogs.

“If you’re Georgia, the biggest thing you’re concerned about is now you’re going to have to contend with a quarterback in Nick Fitzgerald that’s not a thrower and not just a runner,” Luginbill said. “He’s a dynamic play-maker. He can do it all. He’s the focal point of their offense, so that’s a lot to prepare for.”

That’s a kind of challenge that Georgia hasn’t yet encountered in its meetings with Appalachian State, Samford or even Notre Dame.

“This is going to be the first test against an opponent that brings some real challenges to the Georgia defense,” Luginbill said.

First test, eh?

Dare I bother to point out that right at the moment Notre Dame is ranked 23rd nationally in total offense and Mississippi State is 24th?  Or that Brandon Wimbush has accounted for more total yards than Nick Fitzgerald?

I don’t mind the lazy, uninformed commentary.  It’s people like Luginbill getting paid to furnish it that drives me up the wall.


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