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“When it takes three months to answer FOIA requests, often the story will no longer be relevant.”

For those of you questioning what sort of information comes out of Open Records requests from the media, you might want to review Seth Emerson’s chat from yesterday.

… Most of the time the FOIAs result in things like coaches’ contracts and salaries, non-conference scheduling news, NCAA secondary violations, etc. But there have been several other good stories that probably only saw the light of day via FOIA. There are too many to list, but one that jumps to mind is a few years ago when Chip discovered that Mark Richt had been paying some staff members out of his own pocket, because of Damon Evans’ perceived unwillingness to do so.

Maybe that doesn’t matter to you.  Or maybe you think it’s a distraction that holds the athletic department back from achieving greatness.  As a blogger trying to assess why the program succeeds or fails, I find that stuff of interest.

Read the whole thing.  Seth probably spent more time discussing the topic than he wanted, but it sounds to me like there are Georgia fans trying to figure out why the change in the law matters.  If you haven’t thought about it, maybe you should, too.


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When you’ve lost Mr. Conventional Wisdom…

I thought I was done posting about the Open Records law change, but then Tony Barnhart (“Are you $%^&* kidding me?”  No, really!) pulled me back in.


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Click bait is alive and well at the AJ-C.

I’m saving you the trouble of reading something this morning.

Kirby Smart’s best UGA blueprint may be following Jim Harbaugh’s lead” isn’t about showing that you have the biggest Johnson on Twitter.  It’s about being better on offense than Georgia was in 2015.

Awesome.  I bet that’s never even crossed Kirby’s mind.

Oh, and you’re welcome.


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Georgia football, where there’s always a meme waiting to emerge

Welcome to the wonderful world of punditry, Coach Smart.

You’d think that many questions would mean patience would be required of fans. You’d think it would be met with more tempered expectations. But you’d be wrong. This is Georgia, which fired Mark Richt for being good, but not good enough, remember? Though no one is saying Smart is on the hot seat from Day 1, there is a clear sense that a full-on rebuilding project isn’t on the menu. In a mediocre SEC East, it’s a win-now mentality in Athens.

It’s nice that he’s got at least a one-day honeymoon.  I’d keep an eye on that G-Day QBR, though.


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“I understand right from wrong.”

Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s interview with Booch is every bit the hard-hitting exercise in journalism you’d expect.  If I get the gist of Barnhart’s keen insight correctly, Jones and Tennessee have a couple of things working in their favor:  Booch’s dad was a police chief (“I have grown up in a law-enforcement culture,” Jones said.) and Notre Dame is facing a Title IX investigation, too.

Despite that, Mr. CW ponders the shocking possibility that UT might have to settle.

But even a successful fight could take years and several million dollars in legal fees. Given the nuances and the cut-throat nature of recruiting, could Tennessee football survive such a protracted legal battle in the court of public opinion? And will that same court of public opinion pronounce Tennessee guilty if it settles?

Will no one step up to comfort the Urnge if there’s no admission of liability?  As long as the man has a forum in which to express himself, I suspect he’ll be around with a box of Kleenex.


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If it makes you feel good, okay.

Shorter Tom Barton, the editorial page editor of the Savannah Morning News: Georgia fans should totally disapprove of Donald Trump for something he didn’t do.


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Mr. Conventional Wisdom, company man

Tony Barnhart has some advice for Jim Harbaugh, and it’s exactly what you’d expect to hear.

Harbaugh is pushing the envelope of the recruiting rules and he knows it. He is well within his rights to do it. But it remains that he’s doing it at a time when every other college football player is on break. Those who point that out, like the above-mentioned adults, are portrayed by Harbaugh as “whiners” or “comical.”

Let’s put aside the fact that it is inappropriate for a coach at any school to call out the commissioner of another conference. I know Harbaugh enjoys the WWE; he appeared at Monday night’s WWE event. But, coach, this ain’t the WWE.

If you want to change the rules and make spring break part of the recruiting calendar, then by all means jump in and make your case.

The incoherence in a mere three paragraphs is spectacular to behold.  On the one hand Harbaugh is accused of “pushing the envelope” of the existing rules – something Nick Saban’s made a career out of, by the way – but on the other, Barnhart advises Harbaugh that he needs to make a case for changing the rules.  Er, Tony, it’s your guy, the SEC Commissioner with the purely noble motives, who wants to change the rules.

Speaking of Sankey, are we to presume (as a matter of fact!) that while it’s inappropriate for a coach to call out a conference commissioner, that it’s okay for the SEC commissioner to lecture a coach from another conference about how said coach manages his players’ time?  Or should we simply skip the commentary and presume that, just like death and taxes, Barnhart having the SEC’s back is one of life’s givens?  Yeah, me, too.


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