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Woof, woof, woof! We’re number one!

On Bruce Feldman’s list of top five underachieving college football programs, that is.  (It’s his response to Mandel’s list from the other day.)

To be fair, his criticism extends well beyond the Richt era.  (Amusingly, Mandel disagrees with him, mainly because of the program’s performance under Richt.  Even better, he’s still whining about our criticism over his stupid “kings” rankings.)

Definitely worth a listen.


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“Richt is just fine.”

Barrett Sallee swims against the tide.

If Richt can do what he always does—lead his team into mid-November with realistic chances at the division title and dance around the 10-win mark—that constitutes a successful season, just like last year was after Georgia topped Louisville in the Belk Bowl.

Agree?  Disagree?


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Movin’ on up in Montana

Stewart Mandel gets a fastball tossed down the middle in today’s Mailbag – How ’bout your Top 5 underachieving schools of all time? – and doesn’t turn on Georgia.


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You just think you’re smart.

You’ve gotta love semi-profound observations like this:

Replacing a two-year starting quarterback? Not a problem. Recall that Gus Malzahn had done that every year as a college coach until last season. Plus, most SEC coaches thought Jeremy Johnson would have (or should have) overtaken Nick Marshall last fall. Johnson’s ability as a passer has the league’s DCs buzzing this summer, that’s for sure.

So Malzahn is an offensive genius who wasn’t sharp enough to play his best option at the most important position on offense last season?  Roger that.


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It’s a meme, boys!

Andy Staples, in a piece about what every D1 program’s brand is and should be, writes this:


The brand: The Bulldogs wear red and black with silver britches. They run a pro-style offense, usually led by a deep stable of backs. They have used a 3-4 defense since 2010. They have better players than almost every other program. Despite this, they routinely underachieve.

What it should be: Some of the nation’s best players wear silver britches and compete for a playoff berth at least every other year.

It used to be the media would say it indirectly, with hot seat talk.  But when you get down to it, that’s more about pointing a finger at the fan base.  It seems like now they’ve begun to eliminate the middleman.

I’m starting to think Richt is going to get some rather pointed questions at SEC Media Days this month.


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“Yea that’s a lie get your facts right.”

My, the AJ-C headline writer for this piece sure took the mellow route.

I can just imagine the story that would be written if a former Georgia player called out the school for lying as he walked out the door.


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Bo Bounds knows Georgia football, or at least he’s sure he does.

I guess this comes with trying to be the best provocative sports radio talk you can be, but this Bounds fella followed up his slam-bang performance on Finebaum (which evidently generated some pushback from the Georgia side) by inviting Dave Bartoo on his show (click the link here) to do some more Richt slapping.

Now I think Bartoo does an excellent job with his analysis and if somebody wants to argue that Richt has underachieved, especially in his last five seasons, don’t expect me to argue.

But I’m afraid Bounds’ enthusiasm for making his point got the better of Dave there.  A large part of the discussion centers around Georgia’s recruiting, and I can’t figure out if they’re jumping Richt’s case for not doing better on the recruiting trail (Bounds cites that terrific analysis David Ching did about how many SEC and P5 recruits come from Georgia) or if it’s a matter of Richt having not done better with what he’s had.  I can buy the latter, but make up your minds, guys.

But the best part of all is the wonder Bounds claims to have about Georgia’s loss to Georgia Tech last year.  Now, again, there’s no question that Richt’s call to squib kick was boneheaded and he was properly rewarded for it.  But hilarity ensues over Bounds marveling at Georgia ever losing to the Jackets, getting Bartoo to estimate Georgia should win about 90% of the time… and simply failing to acknowledge Richt’s 12-2 record against Georgia Tech.

Like I said, there’s legitimate stuff to knock Richt about.  But when you’re trying that hard, you kind of defeat your own purpose.

Better luck with the next guest, Bo.


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