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Great moments in preseason Heisman punditry

ESPN’s Alabama preview refers to Jake Coker as “a journeyman backup”.


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Wednesday morning buffet

The chow line is open.


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You know who looks really dumb right now?

Every pundit who put Jacob Coker on a preseason Heisman watch list – in 2014.  Meanwhile, in the real world…

I almost wish Saban had said that just to troll the media.  Who knows, maybe he did.


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Ed Aschoff drinks deeply from the red and black Kool-Aid.

After reading this, I don’t want anybody accusing me of being overly optimistic about Georgia’s chances this season.  Ed Aschoff has set the benchmark:

  • “Yes, you heard it here first: The SEC will win the national championship in January 2016. Who it will be, well, that’s not for me to say right now because it’s May and I reserve the right to make you all sweat. My favorites are Auburn and Georgia; we’ll just leave it at that.”
  • Missouri won’t win three straight SEC Eastern Division titles: Now, Tigers fans, I know you have a hate-hate sentiment toward me, but I honestly just see a few more concerning holes on this team. There is no Shane Ray or Markus Golden waiting in the wings at defensive end. The receivers are athletic, but very unproven, and there’s been too much movement and uncertainty at left tackle. I think Maty Mauk will be better, but I think Georgia takes care of business this year, unlike last season.”
  • Dominick Sanders will lead the SEC in interceptions…”
  • Nick Chubb will win the Heisman Trophy: He made eight starts last season. He rushed for more than 100 yards in all of those starts. He finished the season second in the SEC with 1,547 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns. He averaged 7.1 yards per carry. He’s the best running back in the country and will be even better as the Bulldogs’ full-time starter.”

As a topper, he predicts ‘Bama won’t win ten games this season, in part because it faces a tough road game in Athens.

I’m not going there.  Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t take it.  But, yeah, I’m not going there.


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Nick Chubb may be on the cover

… of the Sporting News Yearbook, but his team only checks in at number eighteen.

It’s too easy to say Georgia will do what it does best:  run the football and play defense.  Because at some point – even with the supremely talented Nick Chubb and backup Sony Michel – the Dawgs must get production from the passing game.  The position hurt Georgia in big games last season, and will again unless Brice Ramsey can be trusted to make more than just safe throws.

Hmm.  Georgia finished eighth in scoring last season, so I’m not exactly sure how far to go with that “hurt” observation.  (That’s better than twelve of the teams TSN ranks ahead of Georgia for 2015.)

I guess we should’ve blamed Mason more last year.


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There is no offseason for trolling, part one.

Hey, AJ-C headline writers need their reps, too.


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Crime stoppers

Fair is fair, so I gotta admit this is the kind of media smarminess I’ve been waiting to see.


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