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Tuesday morning buffet



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Danielson on Georgia

A gloomy answer in response to a Tony Barnhart question:

GN: Can either Georgia or Florida challenge Tennessee in the East?

Danielson: As for the rest of the teams in that division, I just don’t see it. Georgia has problems at running back. Greyson Lambert isn’t the guy to move that team forward. They are weak at linebacker, weak at wide receiver.

Weak at linebacker?  Shit, I thought that was one of the team’s bright spots.


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The genius, defiant

Lovely Paul Johnson takedown by the AJ-C‘s Steve Hummer here.

“Really?” Johnson leapt. “We’re 5-4 against Clemson and 3-2 against Florida State. What distance is that?”

The questioner regrouped: “As far as postseason success. . .”

“We won the Orange Bowl last year (concluding the 2014 season),” Johnson said preemptively. “They’ve been in the national championship game and they’ll be preseason ranked, but perception is reality, I guess.”

(An asterisk here: Johnson is really 4-4 vs. Clemson, a 2009 ACC Championship Game victory over the Tigers having been vacated due to NCAA sanctions).

A much older scribe, hiding his incredulity successfully, I think, eventually asked Johnson if in his eyes he really thought Tech was on par with the likes of a team just coming off an appearance in the College Football Playoff Championship game (Clemson) and another (FSU) just a couple of years removed from winning the thing?

“Probably not right now. Naturally that’s the perception with the year we had last year (finishing 3-9),” he said. Johnson could point to as recently as 2014 when they all did finish the season pretty much on par – FSU ranked fifth, Tech ranked eighth and Clemson ranked 15th.

But, of course, there are deeper differences. A quick comparison between the three programs under their current coaches, just in case there is any residual confusion:

Tech under Johnson: eight seasons, .576 in ACC, .581 overall, three times ranked at season’s end, once in top 10.

Clemson under Dabo Swinney: seven-plus seasons, .766 in ACC, .735 overall, two-time ACC champion, six times ranked at season’s end, twice in the top 10.

FSU under Jimbo Fisher: six seasons, .827 in ACC, .829 overall, three-time ACC champion, six times ranked at season’s end, three times in the top 10.

No, Tech is not the equal of those two. And water is wet and the sun is hot.

But at least Paul Johnson is edgy.  Then again, if him being edgy were all it took for Tech to be successful, they wouldn’t have finished 3-9 last season.


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Thursday morning buffet

Fire up the chafing dishes!


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The media speaketh.

Keep in mind their track record is Georgia in Jacksonville awful — something like five correct calls on the conference champ in 24 years.


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“And he can’t say, Well you’ve gotta ask Nick about that…”

Kirby’s on the clock this morning at SEC Media Days.  It sounds like the Alabama media’s anticipating his appearance more than anyone.


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There goes the Eason for Heisman talk.

Tom Luginbill states the obvious like it’s not obvious.

“If you go back and actually watch Georgia’s spring game and you watch all the plays in which Jacob Eason was blitzed, where he was confused and you watch the result of the play, there’s a lot of cause for concern,” Luginbill told The Out of Bounds Show on ESPN 105.9. “What we saw with the highlights, whether it was the SEC Network or on SportsCenter, was a handful of plays where everything was base (defense), it was tailor-made cover-2, cover-3, no pressure, know where to go with the ball, nothing changes post-snap and you look like a superhero.”

Kinda like you’d expect from any talented early-enrollee freshman quarterback playing in his fifteenth college scrimmage, no?

I can see why they pay Luginbill the big bucks.


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