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If that’s how you feel, don’t watch.

With all the legitimate stuff out there to bitch about, it never ceases to amaze me to see some people complain that college football produces too many games for us to watch in December.



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The genius abides.

Mark Bradley’s got his mojo back.


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They got your request right here.

This is frickin’ hilarious.

In response to my post about the athletic department taking the maximum time it could under the new open records law to release the contract details of the 2020 game with East Tennessee State…

The memorandum shows that East Tennessee’s athletics director signed the memo in May – UGA athletics director Greg McGarity’s signature is undated – but the memo was not released until Friday. It was in response to a request for scheduling contracts made by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on July 18. UGA is using the full 90 days the state legislature gave it to respond to athletics-related requests, starting in July.

… Marc Weiszer pointed out to me that he wrote about the same details back in June, before the law went into effect.

Which means that the school had already shown it could gather and release the information within a shorter and more relevant time frame, but chose not to do so again, simply because it could.  Message sent, I’d say.  I don’t know if that’ll win any championships, but Butts-Mehre showed the Georgia Way has still got game.


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One thing you have to say about Kevin Scarbinsky’s troll game — he’s definitely a quick twitch guy.

Auburn interviewed Smart before it hired Malzahn – a fact not lost on Auburn fans – and it won’t take many losses in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry before some fans wonder if their school made the wrong choice. Some already are wondering.

Alabama’s not going away as long as Saban stays, and Georgia’s only going to get better under Smart so Auburn has a real challenge on its hands.

What are the Tigers going to do about it?

No doubt Jay Jacobs is on the mother.


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The genius lays down the law.

Georgia Tech’s leading rusher violates team rules for the second time this season and is suspended for two games.

Which, of course, means he’ll be back for the Georgia game.

Is it even worth pondering the hue and cry we’d be hearing in certain quarters in response to… um… such convenient timing had the player in question worn red and black?


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Mr. Conventional Wisdom on the Cocktail Party

Welp, if you’re looking for unique insight, podnah, you’ve come to the wrong place.

“We know there’s a fine line between winning and losing,” Barnhart said. “Georgia is 4-3. Well, if a ‘Hail Mary’ gets knocked down against Tennessee and Georgia can convert fourth-and-1 against Vanderbilt, they’re probably sitting at 6-1 going to Jacksonville and everybody’s happy. Well, everybody’s not happy.

“Georgia’s 4-3 and they’ve looked ugly doing it. They’ve had moments where they can’t run the ball and so they’ve got to get back on track, and they’re going to try and do it against a really good Florida defense.”

Barnhart emphasized how important this part of the season is for Smart and Georgia to rejuvenate the team and the program.

“Kirby knows they need to play better than they’ve played,” Barnhart said. “Georgia’s season, guys, every year is pretty much defined by Florida, Auburn and Georgia Tech. Georgia has hit that span now.”

Thanks for sharing!


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CSI Jeff Schultz

Easily my favorite part of this Jeff Schultz cri de coeur — and, man, does he sound bitterly disappointed — over Georgia’s decision not to suspend Natrez Patrick and Roquan Smith for, um… not violating Georgia’s drug policy is this one-liner:

Neither failed a drug test (according to Georgia).

Jeez, talk about disillusionment.  If you can’t trust Greg McGarity any more, whom can you trust?

Amazing leap of logic to reconcile “Welcome to the new world” with Jonathan Ledbetter’s six-game suspension.  I know, I know, forget it, he’s on a roll.


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