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If you’re Mark Bradley, it’s not too early to start setting up Kirby Smart.

You gotta love this Trump-esque conclusion about Georgia’s 2016 expectations:

Back to Georgia: Even with a new coach, this cannot be seen as a classic Rebuilding Season. There’s too much talent on hand, and the schedule is too inviting. Maybe that’s why Kirby Smart seems wrapped extra tight — if he doesn’t break double figures in Year 1, it will be viewed in some circles (Las Vegas included) as a disappointment.

Mind you, Bradley’s not saying he’d be disappointed (although he’s picking Georgia to win 10 games in the regular season), just that “some circles” would be disappointed.

Maybe one day Bradley will concede that Smart’s almost as good a head coach as the genius… er, sorry… meant to say he’ll note in some circles that’s the perception.


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Moving to Montana

Stewart Mandel forecasts a lukewarm debut for Kirby Smart.

New coach Kirby Smart will likely be relying on a true freshman QB (Jacob Eason), not an ideal scenario in the SEC.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think that’ll go over too well.


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Mr. Conventional Wisdom shares some advice.

Most of today’s column, inspired by the Maurice Smith transfer situation, is fairly inoffensive and even, by Barnhart’s standards at least, challenging, as far as Greg Sankey goes.

But then he has to go and end it with this:

Here’s one final point: It is not good for the SEC to have a narrative out there that two of its coaches – Nick Saban and Kirby Smart – are having some kind of turf war of mentor vs. pupil. I know the talk-radio fans find it highly entertaining. But it is bad for the SEC.

Mike Slive had to intercede in 2009 between Urban Meyer and Lane Kiffin when those two boys were getting a little too frisky in public. I would suggest that Sankey put in a call to Saban and Smart with the simplest of messages: “This ends now.”

What, pray tell, is “this”, exactly?  Neither coach has called the other out in public by name, or questioned the other’s transfer practices.  (To a large extent, that’s because with regard to non-graduate transfers, they’re both the same.)

The edgiest things have gotten between the two is that Smart has come out for allowing graduates to transfer freely, but even there, he’s avoided direct criticism of Saban about the Black transfer from Alabama or the Pappanastos transfer to Alabama, both of which are easy targets.  If that’s as bad as it gets, then perhaps Mr. CV should offer a brief smack down of Bert for  publicly backing Saban’s approach.

To compare what’s gone on in this case with the sniping we saw between Corch and Junior is, frankly, a bit insulting to both Saban and Smart, about whom the worst anyone can say is that when it comes to each other, they’re competitive.  In my book, that’s a long way from outright contempt.

Then again, you can’t be conventional if you can’t wallow in a little “both sides do it” when you think it’s needed.  I’m sure the parties involved will give Barnhart’s advice the attention it deserves.


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Who could have figured?

I’m sorry to pick on poor ol’ Dean Legge, who’s just trying to earn a living, but really, I don’t need an insider’s account to know that Georgia’s biggest concern going into the season is this:

In talking with a slew of folks over the weekend, the No. 1 problem heading into the 2016 season is depth. More than anything else, quarterback play included, depth is the top concern of those most in the know.

“If you look at all of the starters you can really be a pretty good team,” said one insider. “Honestly, and I might be biased, but I think No. 16 is about right to start the season. But I’m telling you right now, we are on the precipice of being in serious danger of losing a few games if someone gets hurt. The offensive line isn’t super deep; obviously you don’t yet know your starting quarterback; the running backs – don’t get me started. That could be a real mess. We just are not deep enough anywhere. Maybe at linebacker.”

That’s just the sentiments of one insider. In my calls around to folks this weekend to check on their thoughts on the Saturday practice, that was repeatedly stated – UGA’s depth is a real concern.

This is not exactly a dark secret to anyone who can read a depth chart or recall the story of Georgia’s recent recruiting classes.  Although I think I’ll go out on a limb here and say there isn’t a depth problem at tight end.  Consider that insight on the house.


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A program’s gotta know its limitations.

It must have killed Mark Bradley to type this.

As AD, Bobinski went through several publicists — Wayne Hogan was pushed aside after one year, Dean Buchan after two — but it was uncertain whether subsequent hires ever yielded whatever it was Bobinski wanted. Because what Bobinski wanted wasn’t exactly clear. He spoke grandly of his vision for Tech athletics, but he said pretty much what every AD — save Dave Braine — had said: That the Jackets were striving only for the best.

In the cold light of hindsight, the unloved Braine stands revealed as a teller of truths. He famously averred that, at least for Tech football, inherent impediments existed that would keep the Jackets from achieving lasting greatness. More than a decade later, his evaluation has been revealed as truth. Tech has had some superb seasons, followed immediately by seasons rather less superb.

Say what?  I thought the Jackets were on the fast track to greatness after the Great Win of 2008.  Derailments can be a bitch, man.

Then again, I guess you could say Bradley is arguing that Paul Johnson hasn’t failed Georgia Tech.  Tech has failed the genius.


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Go ahead and turn in your season tickets.

It’s all over in the East, folks.


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Pete Fiutak, I like the cut of your jib.

His projection of Georgia Tech’s season has the Jackets blazing out to a 4-0 start, including an upset of Clemson… and then finishing the rest of the regular season 3-5, topped by a loss to Georgia.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario that would be more crushing to the folks on StingTalk. But at least they could talk about starting a new bowl game appearance streak.


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