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When you’ve got that hammer, everything looks like a nail.

At some point in time I fully expect Dan Wetzel to opine that an expanded college football playoff is the key to curing cancer.


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“Georgia’s makeover looks more like a decline.”

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Jeff Schultz is enjoying himself.

Nothing says thoughtful analysis like drawing ultimate conclusions seven games into a career.


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Losing, the chicken soup for the Bulldog soul

Shorter AJ-C think piece:  the best way Kirby Smart could endear himself to the Georgia fan base would be for his team to lose three or four more games this season.


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Overreacting pundit accuses fans of overreacting. Film at 11.

Georgia and Georgia Tech are both 3-0.  If you’re Jeff Schultz, that can only mean one thing:  Dawg fans have begun making too much of a big deal about their team.

It’s building in Athens because, well, it always builds in Athens after a win. Jacob Eason makes a big throw to win an SEC game on the road and suddenly the overwhelming thought among Georgia fans is, “If he can do that at Missouri, he can do it at Ole Miss. And he can do it against Tennessee. And Florida! And New England!”

The door is open on North Ave but there’s a little more caution among that fan base because, well, duh. But Georgia Tech is 3-0 and the offense was impressive against Vanderbilt, and even though Vanderbilt isn’t nearly Clemson, even if half of the Clemson players had their arms and legs duct-taped together, the Paul Johnson-Dabo Swinney history tilts in Tech’s favor and there’s just enough there to make you think, “Hmmm.”

This week won’t define the season for either Georgia or Georgia Tech. But it will tell us a lot about the potential of each program this season in their respective conference races.

And, yes, it’s debatable which program is sitting in a better position today (as Bulldogs fans read that sentence and spontaneously combust).

Anything’s debatable, Jeff… well, maybe not the quality of Tech’s recruiting.  But I digress.

The man should really spend some time reading the comments section here at GTP.


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This week, in moronic punditry

Mark Bradley being Mark Bradley aside, anyone who uses last Saturday’s squeaker against Nicholls to justify questioning Georgia’s talent level doesn’t know nearly as much about college football as he’d like to make us believe he does.


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We may be witnessing the dawn of a new era.

See if you can catch the almost breathtaking admission in Bruce Feldman’s latest Heisman rankings.

He was fantastic in his return, burning UNC for 222 rushing yards and capping it with a 55-yard TD run in the fourth quarter as he carried the Dawgs to a comeback win over a good team. Every time Chubb has been able to play a full game in his college career, he’s come up huge. You can’t say that about any other RB in college football.

See it?  No?  Okay, try again.

Georgia gets a win and the opponent isn’t Dawgraded.  What’s the world coming to, I ask you?


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If you’re Mark Bradley, it’s not too early to start setting up Kirby Smart.

You gotta love this Trump-esque conclusion about Georgia’s 2016 expectations:

Back to Georgia: Even with a new coach, this cannot be seen as a classic Rebuilding Season. There’s too much talent on hand, and the schedule is too inviting. Maybe that’s why Kirby Smart seems wrapped extra tight — if he doesn’t break double figures in Year 1, it will be viewed in some circles (Las Vegas included) as a disappointment.

Mind you, Bradley’s not saying he’d be disappointed (although he’s picking Georgia to win 10 games in the regular season), just that “some circles” would be disappointed.

Maybe one day Bradley will concede that Smart’s almost as good a head coach as the genius… er, sorry… meant to say he’ll note in some circles that’s the perception.


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