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There’s at least one person who takes Greg McGarity at his word.

Bill Shanks takes a look at what’s gone on with the Georgia football program over the last two months and concludes that Mark Richt’s contract extension (and the raises for the assistants and the move to build the IPF) resulted from winning the Belk Bowl.


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“I don’t think I’ve seen the quarterback play (in the SEC) this bad in a long time.”

Matt Hayes is flummoxed about many things.  Evidently one of those is understanding the cyclical nature of college football.  Two seasons ago, the SEC was flooded with talented quarterbacks.  Poor ol’ Matt can’t figure out what happened last year.

Welcome to the story of SEC regression: the league doesn’t have it where it matters most. In this era of college football where elite quarterbacks win championships, the 14-team monster conference has one quarterback of significance.

It’s not like they sign long-term contracts, dude.  And even you seem to have glommed on to the existence of a source to replenish talent called recruiting.  It’ll cycle around.

Of course, when it does, all the great running backs now in the conference will probably have moved on to the NFL.  I guess that’ll give you the next inspiration for a column.


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Chill on the savior talk.

If somebody had told you on January 26, 2014, that one year later, Nick Chubb would be getting a ton of Heisman talk and Jacob Coker not so much, you’d have laughed, right?

Just another reason it’s usually smart to take the media’s breathlessness with a grain of salt.


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Getting a case of media whiplash

Nothing like a consistent point of view…

Athlon, January 21:  Georgia will be overrated!

Athlon, January 23:  Everyone is chasing Georgia and Alabama!

Either something dramatic happened in Athens this week nobody told me about, or Athlon needs a better editor.



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You just keep on using me, ’til you use me up.

I know you guys don’t like it when I link to a Mark Bradley piece, but, really, you ought to read this one, as Bradley has outdone himself.  From the header to the last punctuation mark, he’s reached the pinnacle of the Mt. Everest of trolling and planted his flag.

Georgia’s AD has committed his share of unforced PR errors recently, but agreeing to be interviewed by Bradley probably ranks as the dumbest of all.

I swear, if the day ever comes when McGarity does fire Richt, you know Bradley’s going to write a column urging Georgia to hire the genius.


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Monday morning buffet



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“How can you not root for a guy like that?”

I’m not a fan of the Tennessee Volunteers, but I’d definitely sympathize if any of them told Matt Hayes to take this column and stick it straight up his ass.


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