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The disillusionment of Stewart Mandel

You know, a few weeks ago, suddenly realizing that my old Twitter intro about the Coaches Poll was anachronistic, I updated it with this sentiment:

Sometimes it feels like college football is that girlfriend you were crazy about who dumped you for some rich dude nobody really liked.

Events of the past week or so haven’t improved my mood.

It appears I’m not alone in feeling like that, as evidenced by Mandel’s open letter to college football.  I won’t say he’s as far along in his pessimism as I am – I don’t know how anyone can characterize conference realignment as a harmless development that “didn’t make tailgating on a fall Saturday or watching 14 straight hours of football any less enjoyable” – but there’s much of what he says that resonates with me, including this beauty:

And you know what’s really maddening about college athletics leaders? That some are more willing to forgive a football player for striking a woman than they would if that same player wanted to transfer to another school.

Some second chances are better than others, as long as it’s a coach making the decision.


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Straight outta Mean Girls

This is supposed to be a serious question?

So here’s the question: Is Smart okay going to a camp with a guy (Harbaugh) who just took a shot at his old boss (Nick Saban)?

“I gotta do what I’ve gotta do,” Smart said.

Next thing you know, they’ll be asking who Kirby’s taking to the prom.


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If Ole Miss ain’t cheatin’, it ain’t tryin’.

From the Oxford Citizen (h/t):

… Hot flash to the NCAA, the fans don’t care or understand your laws. What the fans that pack Vaught-Hemingway Stadium want to see on a Saturday afternoon is a good game. And preferably a win.

You think people who pay $1,600 for four season tickets care if a player’s family got an extra $800 at the airport or not? You think the vast majority of those same ticket holders care if Laremy Tunsil or CJ Hampton are driving around with a loaner Nissan Titan or Dodge Challenger? Most people would say “It’s not my car. It’s not my issue. I just want to see a win over Alabama for the first time in my life.”

Hot flash to the Oxford Citizen, Ole Miss is a member of the NCAA.  The NCAA is the schools’ creation.  When you’re bitching at the NCAA, you’re bitching at Ole Miss.  Which, of course, is kind of detail the fans that pack Vaught-Hemingway Stadium don’t really want to think about.


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Viva La Revolucion!

Man, what’s come over Stewart Mandel?

He’s gone from upholding the feudal order to blatant capitalism.  (Fortunately, Georgia is in his new world order.  So much for a Montana Project follow up.)

It’s like watching the Middle Ages come to an end.


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The quintessential Tony Barnhart suggestion

Really, it doesn’t get much more Mr. Conventional Wisdom than this.

My only question – and, no, I’m not going to read the linked article – is why bother with naming four others?


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Barrett Sallee rewrites Georgia football history.

Look, I know how it goes sometimes.  You’re blogging, you get this clever idea about a topic – in this case, mixing the lemons of Georgia’s current indecision over whom to start at quarterback into the lemonade of turning that into some sort of multi-quarterback system, whatever the hell that might be – and the next thing you know, you’re churning out something like this:

The last time Georgia used a two-quarterback system prior to last year—when Lambert and Ramsey rotated early before Lambert took over full time—was in 2006, when Matthew Stafford was a true freshman in the Classic City.

In that season, Joe Tereshinski opened the season vs. Western Kentucky as the starter, with Stafford and Joe Cox rotating in throughout the first half of the season before Stafford took over as the full-time starter on Oct. 21 vs. Mississippi State…

I know that’s ten years ago, I’m old and my brain doesn’t function as smoothly as it used to, but I sure don’t remember that being a season when Mark Richt trotted out some sort of organized blueprint of how to use his three quarterbacks.  It was more like a scramble to buy time in transitioning from DJ Shockley to the incoming stud Matthew Stafford.  Let’s relive the actual moments of the first half of that 2006 season for a moment, shall we?

  • Georgia 48 Western Kentucky 12.  Tereshinski started, Cox came in during the second quarter when the game was 24-0 and Stafford played mop up in the fourth.  What a coach would normally do in any blowout of a cupcake opponent, in other words.
  • Georgia 18 South Carolina 0.  Tereshinski hurt his ankle on the first series of the game and Stafford – not Cox – played the rest of the way in his stead.
  • Georgia 34 UAB 0.  JTIII missed the game because of his ankle and Stafford started in his place.  Joe Cox did not appear.
  • Georgia 14 Colorado 13.  With Tereshinski still MIA, Stafford started, wet the bed and was yanked.  Joe Cox, in one of his career highlights, entered the game in the latter part of the third quarter and rallied the Dawgs to a last minute win.
  • Georgia 14 Ole Miss 9.  Again, no Tereshinski.  Cox, rewarded for his heroics against Colorado, started and was ineffective.  He was replaced by Stafford, who was also ineffective.
  • Tennessee 51 Georgia 33.  The UT game marked Tereshinski’s return, which was anything but triumphant.
  • Vanderbilt 24 Georgia 22.  Tereshinski started; Stafford finished.  No Ginger Ninja.
  • Georgia 27 Mississippi State 24.  Tereshinski was benched and Stafford was named the starter for this game.  That turned out to be the case for the rest of the season and Cox would not start another game until Stafford left.

Is that a system?  If by “system” you mean randomly throwing shit up against a wall until something sticks, you may be on to something, but the reality there is that Richt was forced to work on the fly because of an injury to Tereshinski and inconsistent play from the backups.  He went to Stafford full time when it became apparent that it was time to look to getting the true freshman plenty of reps in order to prepare for the 2007 season.  So, yes, while there was some rotating, there wasn’t any rhyme or reason to it and it wasn’t part of some purposeful plan of Richt’s.

I only mention this because if Kirby Smart perceives what happened that season as some sort of useful template in the way Sallee does, 2016 is gonna be a longer year in Athens than we’re hoping for.  But 2017 will be awesome, right?


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Mr. Conventional Wisdom is all thumbs.

Tony Barnhart’s doling out all sorts of wisdom for people today.  In the case of Bo Davis, here’s his career advice:  Tell the truth or you’re done.

Conventional, true, but solid.  Firm, even.  No backing off there whatsoever… wait, what?

Davis may have gotten fired anyway, but the rule of thumb to both coaches and players is that if you lie, you’re pretty much done.

So if you lie, you’re “pretty much” done.  Okay, maybe that’s not as strong as where he started, but bottom line, under no circumstances should you ever dissemble, because, whatever your situation, lying only makes it worse.  Always much worse… er, um, what’s that you say, Tony?

Another rule of thumb is that if the school knows you committed a violation, they have no choice: They have to throw you overboard in hopes of saving the ship.

How many opposable digits does the man have to make rules on, anyway?  I’m at three, which strikes me as a little weird.

Well then, to sum up, you may be done if you lie about a recruiting violation, but you’re done for sure if they know you screwed up, which means you should lie if you’re not completely certain they know you crossed the line because you might be just pretty much done instead of done for sure, except if they already know, then it doesn’t matter if you lie because…

Ah, screw this.  My head hurts.


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