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Mark Bradley keeps his eyes on the prize.

I should have known the real lesson from the Jonathan Taylor fiasco isn’t that Nick Saban made a terrible mistake in judgment.

It’s that we Georgia fans are making a terrible mistake in judgment indulging in a warm, comforting sense of schadenfreude.

Consider yourselves chastised.


UPDATE:  Speaking of schadenfreude, you gotta love this header.

Forgive me, Mark.


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Education first!, for the win

If there’s somebody who tosses out dumb stuff about college football more consistently than Matt Hayes… well, I probably need to know who it is, so I can have a new source to mock.

Hayes riffs off the notion that schools are considering reinstating freshman ineligibility, which he notes isn’t happening, to make the point that what schools are going to do is hold student-athletes accountable in ways going forward that they never have before.  Because, you know, gettin’ paid and all.

… Think about that: universities were upset because they were “paying” scholarship money, yet players weren’t playing in their freshmen seasons — so universities weren’t seeing a return on their investment.

But freshman ineligibility isn’t the point. The obvious question is, what’s next?

Where do universities set the bar, and how far do the tentacles reach? In other words, what exactly are the “multiple ideas” and how do they connect with the stated “education first” mantra?

It most certainly is education first if universities decide student athletes must maintain a 2.5 grade point average to be athletically eligible.

It most certainly is education first if universities decide student athletes must take 12 credit hours a semester (roughly four classes) — and (key point) must pass all 12 hours to be eligible the following semester (hello, One and Done).

It most certainly is education first if universities decide student athletes are immediately suspended from all team activities — including games, offseason workouts, access to weight room and training tables, etc. — for one full semester if these academic requirements are not met.

It most certainly is education first if universities decide once players are kicked off a team for behavior issues, they can’t play at another university for one full year — so they can adjust to academic life at their new institution.

BWAHAHAHA!!!  Stop it, you’re killin’ me.

You see, schools didn’t actually care about academics when the players, er, student-athletes, were mere amateurs.  But now that there’s real money involved, they’re gonna get all serious about it.  Because that will help them better realize a “return on their investment”.  Uh hunh.  I can’t wait to hear Mark Emmert sell that one in court.  Or to Nick Saban.


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Take back the offense!

Barrett Sallee is firmly convinced that the only way Mark Richt can undo the damage that will be caused by his unfortunate decision to hire Brian Schottenheimer (he gives it a “D+” grade; no other SEC coordinator hire is scored lower than a “C+”) would be to take back the reins as offensive coordinator.

No, really.

Former coordinator Mike Bobo earned the trust of head coach Mark Richt to become Georgia’s play-caller late in the 2006 season. If Richt doesn’t take it back, Georgia’s offense will take a step back under Schottenheiemer.

No word from Sallee on what else Richt can have Schottenheimer do for that $950,000/year he’s drawing down.  Suggestions?


UPDATE:  As reactions go, this seems a tad overwrought.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Jump right in, folks.


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Even on signing day, troll gotta troll.

Mark Bradley uses the day to remind us of TENSION in Athens.

Greg McGarity has to be asking himself a certain musical question about why he did that Q & A with Bradley in the first place.

Seemed like a good idea at the time, eh, Greg?


UPDATE:  Meanwhile from this afternoon, this is what peace in our time sounds like.


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There’s at least one person who takes Greg McGarity at his word.

Bill Shanks takes a look at what’s gone on with the Georgia football program over the last two months and concludes that Mark Richt’s contract extension (and the raises for the assistants and the move to build the IPF) resulted from winning the Belk Bowl.


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“I don’t think I’ve seen the quarterback play (in the SEC) this bad in a long time.”

Matt Hayes is flummoxed about many things.  Evidently one of those is understanding the cyclical nature of college football.  Two seasons ago, the SEC was flooded with talented quarterbacks.  Poor ol’ Matt can’t figure out what happened last year.

Welcome to the story of SEC regression: the league doesn’t have it where it matters most. In this era of college football where elite quarterbacks win championships, the 14-team monster conference has one quarterback of significance.

It’s not like they sign long-term contracts, dude.  And even you seem to have glommed on to the existence of a source to replenish talent called recruiting.  It’ll cycle around.

Of course, when it does, all the great running backs now in the conference will probably have moved on to the NFL.  I guess that’ll give you the next inspiration for a column.


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