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Tuesday morning buffet

Have at it, guys.

  • Scarbinsky mocks Nick Saban’s concern about football becoming a “continuous game”.
  • Arthur Lynch be preppin’ for the NFL.  It’s always interesting when players find new motivation (read:  $$) to take better care of their bodies than they did in college.
  • Dan Jenkins has a memoir coming out today.  That should be a semi-great read.
  • Ed Aschoff says Jeff Driskel, who’s important enough to the Florida program that Boom pushed back the spring practice schedule to accommodate his recovery, “has every reason to be bitter”.  Hmm.
  • CFN‘s “unsolicited advice” to Georgia for spring practice is to work on turnover margin.  Dang, I bet Mark Richt wishes he’d have thought of that.
  • Miami joins the ranks of programs hiring high-profile high school coaches in an advisory position.
  • Weiszer notes a comment made by a 2015 Georgia commit:  “They’re switching to a 4-3 defense and I think that will give me an opportunity to come in and play as a true defensive end…”  Jeremy Pruitt, all things to all men.


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Monday morning buffet

Jump right in and get your week started.


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How do I know Georgia recruiting has failed?

Why, the AJ-C says so.

Remember that vaunted Lowndes-to-FSU pipeline that sort of died out when Josh Harvey-Clemons put on an UGA baseball camp?

That pipeline is flowing again after Lowndes High School linebacker Brian Bell committed to FSU over Clemson and UGA, although he didn’t have an offer yet from the Bulldogs.  [Emphasis added.]

There is so much epic troll packed into those two short sentences that all I can do is tip my cap in the presence of a master at work.


UPDATE:  In the interest of fairness, I want to mention that Carvell e-mailed me to let me know that “committed to FSU over Clemson and UGA” were Bell’s words, not his.


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Q. E. D.

Shorter Matt Hayes:  For Nick Saban, the 10-second substitution proposal is strictly a matter of player safety, because… well, Nick Saban.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Grab that plate and fill it up.


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Thursday morning buffet

If you’re facing the same weather conditions I am, it’s not like you’ve got anything better to do right now than to slip into the buffet line.

  • Sorry, Missouri, but you just got the KC Joyner kiss of death.
  • Stewart Mandel throws in the towel on oversigning.
  • Clowney says he might have stayed in Columbia for his senior year if he were paid enough to support his family.  Now he tells ‘em.
  • The NCAA’s Division I Board of Directors hopes to have a new management structure in place by August.
  • Here’s a coach who’s on his eighth job in eight years.
  • It turns out that among all the Vols who were arrested at that wild party last weekend, a man who identified himself as an assistant strength coach for Tennessee’s football team was handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car when he tried to intervene.
  • “An online survey by a group of Canadian researchers suggests that Internet trolls are more likely than others to show signs of sadism, psychopathy and “Machiavellianism”: a disregard for morality and tendency to manipulate or exploit others.”
  • The NLRB held its first hearing yesterday on the Northwestern players’ move to be certified as a union.


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Another Mark of genius

Shorter, yet utterly predictable, Mark Bradley:  Even if Georgia Tech isn’t very good at them, Mark Richt sure could learn about special teams coaching from Paul Johnson’s example.


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Thursday morning buffet

Post-signing day tidbits:

  • I’m guessing this is another story about momma not being happy with her son’s college choice.  This stuff is more sad than funny for the kid.
  • Give Derek Mason some credit for salvaging Vanderbilt’s class after James Franklin stripped it bare.  The Commodores finished with 22 signees, including 17 prospects ranked three stars or higher by ESPN.
  • Matt Hinton reminds us why recruiting matters.
  • A Jeff Schultz column about Georgia Tech recruiting partly entitled “Just the facts (no spin)” winds up sounding otherwise.  As for the two possibilities suggested in his piece, let me add a third:  the Jackets don’t play a lot of good opponents.
  • Boy, how things have changed in Texas.  Charlie Strong takes a swipe at TAMU:  “We don’t need gadgets. We’re not going to be a gadget program.”
  • Hakuna Matata, Eastern Michigan.
  • A little South Carolina crowing “You certainly shouldn’t let your friendly neighborhood Dawgs fan tell you that Mark Richt let Carolina win these battles.”
  • And Mike Bobo on in-state recruiting:  “The way Atlanta is now, it’s not like you’re recruiting south Georgia. A lot of people in Atlanta didn’t grow up there, where in south Georgia, those people are from Georgia and they have roots. It’s a constant battle, but that’s part of it. We’re still the state school, and I believe you can get everything any young man wants here.”


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Tuesday morning buffet

Get your fill before signing news takes over.


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Kids never had it so good!

I know that Ron Morris and Steve Spurrier rather famously don’t get along.  So maybe Spurrier’s unabashed support for paying players is the genesis for one of the dumber things I’ve read recently.

Ron Morris thinks that “COLLEGE athletes should not be paid. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.”… because Pell Grants.

There also is this little secret that many head coaches choose to ignore when they talk about how college athletes live in virtual poverty while they compete: Those athletes who qualify on a need basis receive a federal supplement every semester.

It is called Pell Grant money. Qualified athletes receive up to $5,645 per year, money that is deposited in their bank account by the federal government. The money can be spent any way an athlete chooses. Some send a bulk of the money home for family needs. Others use it to make monthly car payments. Still others use it for spending money.

The money helps athletes from impoverished backgrounds live the life of an average student without hardship.

Now here’s the thing.  As Morris notes, Pell Grants are handed out strictly on a need basis.  So it’s not that every scholarship athlete qualifies for one, or even for the full amount.  As Morris also notes, the average Pell Grant payment to a Clemson student-athlete has been less than $2500 per year.

Let’s take a minute and do a little back of the envelope math here.  College football officially runs for about a five month period, during which student-athletes take part in twenty hours a week of athletic activity.  Call it 22 weeks – at 20 hours a week that’s 440 hours.  2500 bucks for 440 hours works out to $5.68 per hour.  That ain’t even minimum wage, Ron.  (And before anyone goes on about tuition, room and board, I’ll make a deal with you.  You don’t talk about that, and I won’t talk about the rest of the year’s “voluntary workouts”.)

There’s a picture of everyone’s poster boy for gettin’ paid accompanying Morris’ piece.  Perhaps it’s worth remembering that Manziel’s agreement to sit at a table with a bunch of boosters netted $20,000… for the school.  That’s the part of this that Morris doesn’t get, or perhaps more accurately, refuses to get.  Why should a bunch of punks make bank anyway?  Not because Steve Spurrier says so.


UPDATE:  John Infante has more thoughts on Morris’ column.


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