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“I think a lot of people think of him as this buffoon figure.”

And, so, friends, it’s come to this:  Mitch Mustain is asked to explain Lane Kiffin.


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Hell hath no fury like Mitch Mustain’s mom.

So, I mentioned that Houston Nutt and Gus Malzahn buried the hatchet.  Beck Campbell, whose earlier claim to fame was having a direct hand in short circuiting her son’s once promising football career, would like to take a hatchet of her own and bury it… in Nutt and Malzahn.

“Mitchell was caught in the middle of Gus and Houston. Even if he had been the biggest snot of a kid, and he wasn’t, he didn’t deserve to be treated like that. It all boiled down to the animosity Nutt harbored toward Gus because he was forced to put Gus on staff,” she says. “Mitchell got the brunt of it because he was in a position to be manipulated. They set him up to fail.”

Campbell said she expects Nutt to paint a rosy picture because, “He is a bad man, a bad person.”

She says the feelings of betrayal run deeper with Malzahn because he was a trusted family friend. Malzahn has had opportunities to divulge his side of the story but has stayed tight-lipped. “He told me he was going to take care of Mitchell and not let him get hurt. I trusted [Malzahn],” she says. “It would be like if I took someone’s kids to the beach, and they got sucked in a riptide, and I just walked away, didn’t call the paramedics or anything. Just left.”

Yeah, he “just left”, but asked Mustain to transfer with him and offered him a spot as a grad assistant on his Auburn staff.

I’m just sorry she didn’t follow through on the lawsuit she thought about bringing against Nutt and Broyles.  You know Pork Rind Jimmy would have been on that mother.


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Mitch Mustain likes to shoot things.

Damn, this is just too bizarre for words.

I’d blame it on a college football-related head injury, except he didn’t play enough for that to be a factor.


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Mama tried.

You know, it’s funny how every one of Mitch Mustain’s college coaches seemed to have their minds made up on another kid at quarterback.  And if anyone wavered on that front, well, somebody had Mitch’s back:

“Mitch came in after our last game wanting a release,” Nutt said. “I told him no. I believed if Mitch was patient, he could have regained his confidence.”

According to Nutt, after the meeting, he received a call from Beck Campbell, Mustain’s mother.

“Beck called me …and demanded I let Mitch transfer,” Nutt said. “There wasn’t much left I could do.”

And now Mustain wants to join the Marines.  Good luck with that, sport.


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One less criminal mastermind to worry about

No doubt you’ll be relieved to hear that Mitch Mustain will avoid misdemeanor charges if he keeps his nose clean for the next year.


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Adventures in marketing

About Mitch Mustain’s arrest yesterday – apart from the incredible timing (he was preparing for the NFL draft) of it, what really separates it on the stupidity scale is that he was advertising his services on craigslist.  Epically dumb.


UPDATE: The story gets even better.  Mustain won’t be charged with a felony because it turns out what he was selling was fake.


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