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Name that caption, I need some wheels edition

Behold former Clemson Tiger (now Atlanta Falcon) Vic Beasley’s remade Camaro:


Ow, my retinas!  An orange and purple color scheme doesn’t look any better on four wheels than it does on a football jersey.

On the bright side (see what I did there?), he’ll never have trouble finding his car in a crowded mall parking lot.

Have at it.



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Name that caption is out of control today.

I don’t even know where to go with this.

I’m not sure that’s McElwain, for starters.  Considering the source, though, I’m not sure how much difference that makes, either.


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Name that caption, #NewProfilePic time

Does Davin Bellamy have something in his eye, or is he just glad to see us?


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Name that caption, “mountain of a man” edition

I don’t know if Ben Cleveland is an SEC-caliber offensive lineman yet, but he damn sure looks the part already.


Josh Jones/AJC

That is one big dude.


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Name that caption, last hurrah edition

Kirby Smart “addresses” the Rocker dismissal by not addressing it (“With Rocker, that a personnel issue which I’ve chosen to keep in-house…”), but at least it gives us the chance to view one last Rocker picture to remember him by.


There are a host of directions you can take with that shot. Have at it in the comments.


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Name that caption, he’s big edition

Sam Pittman appears to gaze with a look that registers somewhere between wonder and disbelief at eighteen-year old, 6-foot 8-inch, 400 (!) pound Daniel Faalele.


Good Lord.


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Name that caption, smiling sumbitches edition

Given this comment

When asked how he felt about what took place at UGA this season, Rocker called it “a mutiny.” Head coach Mark Richt was fired at the end of a 9-3 season, and only two of his nine assistants were retained by new head coach Kirby Smart.

Rocker was one of them and outside linebackers coach Kevin Sherrer was the other.

“When you play a game like this and you have — I’ll call it — a bit of a mutiny; well, it IS mutiny — it’s important that you bring the kids together, and I thought it was important we did that,” Rocker said in a concourse beneath EverBank Field. “Those kids, we kept them together, and that’s what B-Mac (Bryan McClendon) did a great job with. Everybody focused and everybody stayed the course.”

Rocker declined to expound on exactly what he meant by a mutiny. But linebackers coach Mike Ekeler and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer are among the coaches who left and forewent their bowl bonuses had they stayed with the team.

Defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, an alleged source of friction for both of them supposedly and others, has since left to succeed Smart at Alabama.

… that must have been kind of an awkward moment.  Which might explain the expression on Sherrer’s face.


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