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Owning the transfer portal

The Laner’s been in the belly of the beast, so it should come as no surprise that he has this sort of take on Nick Saban’s roster management skills.

“Now they go to cherry-pick players for any holes they may have like an Ohio State receiver [Jameson Williams] or a Tennessee linebacker [Henry To’o To’o],” Kiffin said. “So now, it’s like not only do they get the best draft picks but they get to go into free agency and take players, so it really is going to set up one of the most talented teams ever, which is what we’re getting ready to play.”

Hell, the man himself warned everybody.

Saban, who has been a skeptic of transfer deregulation, warned that the adoption of the one-time transfer rule would further separate the haves from the have nots.

“I think what’s gonna happen, as you’ve seen happen in a lot of leagues, the good players go to a good team and the bad players leave good teams because they’re not playing,” Saban said earlier this year. “Is that gonna make the rich get richer? I don’t know. You can decide that.”

As I’ve said previously, if the latest NCAA proposal allowing teams to fill roster openings created by players opting to use the transfer portal becomes a reality, lather, rinse, repeat.  It’s not so much a case of the rich getting richer as it is the ruthless roster managers being given an even freer hand with which to operate.  And I say that as someone who favors players being able to transfer without restriction.


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“Deez nutz are a process.”

I just…

I don’t know what gets me more — that someone could compose, in all due seriousness, a sentence like “Lane Kiffin adds some valuable insight on Saban’s “deez nutz” jokes” or that of course Junior could provide valuable insight.  What a time to be alive, eh?


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What is BASH?  This is BASH.

As Saban goes for his seventh national and eighth SEC title at Alabama, it is worth asking: Which other SEC teams have felt the Tide’s wrath most acutely since the head man took over? And which have managed to get by with the least Bama-related damage? If you asked five SEC fans, you might get five different answers to each question, and all five would sound reasonable enough. So, let’s try to quantify Bama’s effect on each team with a new metric created just for that purpose: Beaten At Saban’s Hands, or BASH. The lower the BASH score, the lower a school’s fortunes have sunk while living in Saban’s world.

BASH has two components: win/loss records and average recruiting ranking. The first is a team’s net record against Saban: wins minus losses. A win or loss in the SEC Championship Game is worth an additional 3 points in either direction, while a result in a BCS or College Football Playoff game is worth an extra 5. (As it happens, the latter are all losses for Bama’s SEC opponents. Go figure.) If a team is 0-14 against Saban with all regular-season losses, it loses 14 points in this area of BASH. The second element is the difference between a school’s average recruiting ranking in the SEC from 2002 to 2006, the five years before Saban’s arrival, and 2007 to 2021. So, if a team averaged the SEC’s No. 2 signing class from ’02 to ’06 and dropped to No. 6 from ’07 to ’21, it loses 4 BASH points.

Thanks, Gators.

Seriously, this is the statistical rebuttal to all the “if not now, when” crap thrown Georgia’s way.  Over the past decade, the difference between this program and the ones who make the BCS/CFP is that Georgia plays Alabama before they do.  That doesn’t mean Georgia has a hump to get over; clearly it does.  But it’s also clear that Saban has had an oversized impact on Georgia’s playoff record (or, more accurately, it’s lack of one).

By the way, on a totally unrelated point, does anyone seriously think Bryan Harsin is going to match Malzahn’s track record against Saban?  Money well spent, Aubie.


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Already in mid-season form

Nick Saban and the media, a classic love story…


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“This is not a democracy.”

Damn, 268 words to say the kid’s a lazy, entitled sumbitch who hasn’t earned it yet.

I guess there’s some shit Nick Saban does have time for.


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Nick Saban doesn’t have time for SEC teams to play cupcakes.

I thought these were a couple of revealing Q&As with the Alabama head coach.

Oklahoma and Texas recently accepted invitations to join the SEC no later than the 2025 season. How would you like to see the league structured once the Longhorns and Sooners are members?

When you look at our league expanding, you’re going to play more good teams in our league. You’re going to have to lose more games. How does that affect people getting in the playoff? If we’re going to play 10 games in the SEC, which I would not be opposed to [because] I’ve always wanted to play more SEC games, you could play two divisions and you could play three teams from the other side. So every two and a half years, you’re going to play everybody. If they’re going to stay at eight or even nine, they should do the pods [of four teams], so you’re only going to have three fixed opponents and you would be playing five or six teams from the other regions or pods. You would play everybody in three years.

If SEC teams are playing nine or 10 SEC games and the playoff is expanded, that means there will be less opportunities for Group of 5 and FCS programs to schedule guaranteed games, which supplement a large portion of their athletic budgets. Does that concern you?

I’m not even opposed to giving them money so they can have programs. But nobody wants to come to watch some of these games, and the players are getting to the point where they don’t want to play in these games, just like players don’t want to play in bowl games. How many players opt out of bowl games? How many players did Florida have that didn’t play in a bowl game last year? None of that is good for college football, and I don’t think it’s good for the kids, either.

The revenue sharing part, they’re not going to be able to have programs if we don’t play these schools. If they didn’t get $1.6 million for coming to play these games, they probably couldn’t sustain their program. Again, you’re just going to keep minimizing opportunities for players to play. I’m not really wanting to play those schools, but they need to get some money. We still have to do some kind of revenue sharing with them or they’re not going to have programs. Nobody is going to want to do that, but then you’re going to have a bunch of kids that don’t get an opportunity to go to college or get scholarships and have an opportunity to play. I don’t think everybody looks at the whole picture. They say, “OK, you’re making all of this money in football,” but they don’t look at where all the money is going.

A ten-game conference schedule with three cross-division games?  Man, I would be so down for that in a 16-team league, it ain’t funny.  It’ll happen over Greg Sankey’s dead body, though.

I also think it’s funny that Saban believes the players don’t care much for cupcake games, either.  I wonder if the third-stringers who get to play in those agree with him.


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TFW you **really** don’t have time for that shit

I’d really love to be a fly on the wall when Nike meets with Alabama to inquire about spiffing up jerseys.


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His trusty sidekick

Here, the Coke bottle demonstrates that it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that counts.


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Had you going there for a second.

This is pretty good.


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Once upon a time in the West

Barrett Sallee posted his own list of SEC coach rankings, which I don’t really care about, but in doing so, he made one comment in his analysis of Jimbo Fisher I find somewhat curious.

His fourth season will bring tremendous expectations considering the wide open SEC West…

Umm… when did that happen?

Okay, with all the departures, do I expect Alabama to be the soul crushing behemoth it was in 2020?  Maybe not, but it’s got plenty of room to maneuver.  Last year, it outscored the rest of the West to the tune of 305 – 105.  That’s a spread of more than 33 points per game.  The closest game the Tide played was a 15-point win over Ole Miss.

For the West to be wide open, that’s a lot of sliding back to the pack Sallee’s counting on.  Does that sound like any Nick Saban team you’ve seen?


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