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Not goin’ anywhere

At least not any time soon.

What’s the over/under on the number of wins Kirbs gets over his mentor in the next eight seasons?


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“Everybody is basically just suggesting, ‘I’m not going to recruit high school players anymore…'”

When I see another piece putting forth the proposition that college football coaches are facing a perfect storm when it comes to roster management, why does an image of Nick Saban doing his best Jack Nicholson impression immediately come to mind?

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If the day ever comes when Saban retires from coaching, were I an AD, I’d make a call to find out if he’d be interested in doing some consulting work for my football program.  Perfect storm, my ass.


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About beating Saban’s ass…

Kind of a puzzling rationale to this piece about the next SEC coach who can beat Nick Saban.  The premise is that, other than Auburn, the only teams to beat Alabama in the past five seasons featured top quarterbacks.

Okay, fine.  Malzahn’s gone, TAMU and Florida are breaking in new starting quarterbacks, LSU is rolling the dice with a new offensive coordinator who’s trying to figure out whom to start at QB and Ole Miss doesn’t have enough defense to make Matt Corral relevant in the discussion.

For better or worse, you’d think that would leave Georgia as the last team standing.  Wrong, bacon breath.

But Smart has struggled to develop quarterbacks, a useful ingredient to beating Saban.

Under Smart, who is 0-3 against Saban, Georgia has resembled an old-school version of Saban’s Alabama teams.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.  I’m a member of the school that says I’ll believe an SEC coach can beat Saban when I see him actually beat Saban.  But is it too much to ask to keep up with the here and now?


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Chip off the old block

Just a reminder that anger management isn’t the same thing as roster management.

There’s a perverse part of me that wants to see Boom on the Georgia sideline losing it.  Like I said, it’s a perverse part of me.


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Portaling like a master

Eat your heart out, college football.


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Quick! To the bulletin board, lads!

So, Jimbo Fisher tells fans TAMU’s gonna beat Saban’s ass.

It’s obvious from the lighthearted tone there, and Jimbo’s relationship with Saban that he’s having a little fun.  But that doesn’t stop the knicker-wadding in certain quarters from happening.

At least there’s some emotion going on there.  Contrast that with how a robot takes a shot.


I guarantee you after the excitement wears off, Jalen Camp is gonna be wondering what he’s getting into with Corch.


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Nick Saban, savage

This is the sound of a man who’s had several staff members gaming out the new transfer rules for a while now.

In other words, roster management on steroids.

Remember that Bum Phillips quote about the Bear — “Bryant can take his’n and beat your’n, and then he can turn around and take your’n and beat his’n.”?  Saban’s just updated that to say he’ll take his’n and take your’n.


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If you can’t beat him, give up.

You cannot defeat the Sabanator.  You can’t even control him.

The NCAA is considering a change to the “Nick Saban rule,” which prohibits coaches from leaving campus to travel during the spring evaluation period in recruiting. First reported through sources by Bryan Fischer of Athlon Sports, talks on altering the rule will continue at the Division I Council next week.

College football’s record-setting 13-month recruiting dead period ends on June 1, the first moment coaches are once again allowed to meet with recruits and evaluate talent in-person. The so-called “Saban rule” was passed in 2008, which at time, barred head coaches from speaking with recruits on the road but did allow for meetings with coaches and teachers who could share pertinent info on prospects.

… There were complaints around college football that Saban was arranging “coincidental” interactions with recruits, leading to the rule. However, since the rule was enacted, Saban has won six national championships and Alabama has been the nation’s most dominant recruiting entity.

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.  But Nick’s got more interns and analysts than the NCAA does.


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There are RPO plays, and then there are RPO plays.

Nick Saban expounds:

“To me, it’s easier to defend the RPO when a team runs a zone play than it is when they run – what I call a ‘hat’ play – which is a lead play, or power or counter.”

“Because now, the linebackers are taught to step up and jump over, or jump over because somebody pulled. But now, you pull the ball and throw an RPO and now you’ve really displaced ’em.”

“That’s the way we do it. I think you’ve got to change it up, and disguise it, it’s even the way we play our Fire Zone coverage. Then we’ve got a chance to stop the RPOs.”

Last season’s stats back that up.  (But check out who was better defending RPOs.)


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Nick Saban practices his sense of humor.

He kids, he kids… I think.

“I want to be clear here. All these offensive coaches on here, I wish I could look at you when I say this to you: you guys are all part of the Taliban, man. Aight? You’re a part of Al Qaeda,” he said with a wry smile. “You have changed our game and made it so hard to play defense for all of us poor defensive guys. I can’t sit in church without shaking my leg because I’m worried about what you guys are going to do next. I do respect you, but I still think you’re part of the Taliban.”

Yeah, that seems a bit awkward.  I wonder if he conveyed that directly to Junior and Sarkisian.  Oh, what am I thinking?  Of course he did.


UPDATE:  Speaking of Junior and Sarkisian…


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