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The land of second chances

In case you’ve forgotten the somewhat checkered history of the newest member of Nick Saban’s coaching staff, here’s a helpful summary.

The coaching doesn’t matter that much either if you can recruit.


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Kiss the ring.

Man, you know the toughest part of interviewing for the AD job at ‘Bama is that first meeting with Nick Saban.

(I’m pretty sure I keed, I keed there.  Pretty sure.)


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It was the best of dynasties. It was the worst of dynasties.

Analyze Alabama’s status after narrowly losing the national title game at your peril.  In the meantime, consider this:

On top of that, there is a huge climb for any SEC team to remotely challenge Bama right now. No team in the conference had less than four losses and no team other than Bama won 10 games. Bama can take a step back and still be two steps ahead of anyone in the conference. They are doing a pretty good impression of Florida State in the 1990s, with the rest of the SEC playing the part of the ACC minnows.

Within the conference, the question isn’t whether Alabama has slid a bit lately.  It’s whether it’s slid less than any other SEC school lately.  For the moment, it’s pretty obvious what the answer to that question is.


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“He just believed in his process.”

If you think Kirby Smart overextended himself during games by involving himself in every aspect of game management, you need to read this New York Times story about Nick Saban during games.  It explains a lot.

Saban himself would most likely attribute most of his success to his teams’ talent, which is annually among the best in the country. But even Saban credits his in-game decisions to pregame preparations. He has a small army of talented assistant coaches at his disposal — in addition to the nine allowed under N.C.A.A. rules, Alabama employs a special assistant, nine staff members in operations or personnel and at least eight “analysts.” The group included for much of the year five men (not including Saban) who have led a top-tier college football team of their own.

Which is to say: Saban delegates, but only to a strictly defined degree.

“Coach Saban is very hands-on in every part of our program,” the Tide’s first-year defensive coordinator, Jeremy Pruitt, told reporters recently, “from the weight room to the nutrition to all the way down to, you know, what we’re going to wear to this press conference.”

Sound familiar?

The difference, of course, is that Saban isn’t the guy who’s surrounded himself with a new cast of coaches.  Nor is he the guy who’s in his first year as a head coach at a school with an athletic administration whose management motto hasn’t exactly been “all in”.

If you’re Kirby Smart, that’s what on the job training gets you sometimes.


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USA Today has Alabama on its mind.

I’ve never been the kind of person who cared about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin, so can somebody explain to me why I should care about this one way or the other, or what I could possibly do for this to matter to me?

Nothing lasts forever, peeps.  Not even the Sabanator.


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Today, in Nick Saban doesn’t have time for…

… that shit… er, Lane Kiffin.

Saban wouldn’t elaborate on further questioning about the situation. Kiffin said on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” that the “press box would be ideal” when asked whether he would be on the sideline for the game against Clemson. Saban, however, dismissed that notion.

“That’s really not even possible from a legal standpoint for him to do those things,” Saban said. “So that’s not something we’re interested in pursuing.”

“Legal standpoint”?

Shouldn’t give people ideas, Coach.  What are the odds that some Alabama fanatic is out there right now scrambling to get a motion filed asking a court to issue an injunction against Junior attending the national title game?

Personally, I think the Laner would make an excellent addition to ESPN’s pre-game show.


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That’s our Laner.

Shorter version:  Nick Saban doesn’t have time for that shit.

As far as Junior goes, he’s compiling one helluva resume.

I really hope to Gawd they cross paths on the recruiting trail.  Soon.


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