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There will probably be an entire segment of Finebaum devoted to this.

Presented without comment.



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Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya…

PAWWWLLL!!! has a little shit-stirring he’d like to share with everyone.

Finebaum was a recent guest on the Cellini & Dimino show on 680 The Fan and explained why the two SEC coaches won’t likely be exchanging Christmas cards anytime soon.

“Remember, Kirby Smart spent all those years under Nick Saban. He knows what it is like to be an assistant. Even though he was his top assistant, Saban does not treat his assistants well, in fact, he treats them shabbily,” Finebaum said on the show. “And I think Kirby left there and there was a lot of fingerpointing toward Kirby, as you guys have heard.

“Even though they won the championship (in 2016), Alabama gave up nearly 40 points to Clemson. They pointed towards Kirby and what really created the friction that exists to this day is that Alabama officials and coaches blame Kirby Smart for ripping off the inner sanctum recruiting room — which is in Saban’s office. If you go to the secondary office where they keep all the prospects, what I mean by that, Kirby went to recruits and said, ‘Hey listen. We want you, you are No. 1 on our list but I know for a fact Alabama has you third or fourth or fifth.’ And that cost Alabama some key recruits and they have not forgiven Kirby Smart yet in Tuscaloosa.”

Yeah, Alabama’s recruiting has really suffered since Smart decamped for Athens.  Jesus, these people whine.  What’s gonna happen should the pupil finally beat the master?


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Lessons from the master

Dan Mullen’s wisdom about recruiting notwithstanding, it appears that Kirby Smart learned his approach at the right school.

It was no surprise to see Alabama atop the 2019 recruiting class rankings, since Nick Saban has held the No. 1 class in six of his 12 seasons with the Crimson Tide. Saban has had a class ranked outside the top five only once and has been within the top three 11 times.

What was more interesting, and maybe more telling of why Saban has topped every program year in and year out, were the number of his former assistants turned head coaches who were also dominating the recruiting class rankings.

Saban and his former assistants manning their own programs held five of the top-11 ranked recruiting classes in 2019. Kirby Smart and Georgia were just behind Saban at No. 2 in the rankings, Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M were No. 3, Mario Cristobal and Oregon were sixth and Jeremy Pruitt and Tennessee held on to No. 11.

Of the prospects ranked in the ESPN 300, 72 signed with Saban or his former assistants at those five programs.

Eh, probably just a coincidence.  Justin Fields, something something something, Mullen said.


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“He’s going back to the well.”

Alabama had a helluva 2018 season, running the table until being blasted in the national title game.  Since then, Saban’s had significant staff turnover, with seven new assistant coaches on board.

Greg McElroy thinks that’s fine.

“I think in most years I would be concerned, but in this year in a lot of ways it might be addition by subtraction,” McElroy told Sporting News. “Not to discredit the previous coaching staff, but when you have so many new voices there can be some mixed messaging within the coaching staff.

“When you’re new to the staff and you don’t know how the program is run that can lead to some miscommunication,” he said. “That’s kind of what transpired this year, and that showed at the end.”

Alabama won fourteen straight games, including the SECCG and the CFP semifinal game, but somehow there was miscommunication that was a problem.  But now, that’s fixed, according to McElroy.

“He’s going back to the familiar coaches that know him, that know his system. All these guys are veteran coaches. He’s going to go back to something he’s familiar with.”

But I thought Saban was the plug and play head coach, that the Process was so well organized any assistant coach could be slotted into place without a hiccup.  Not to mention that both of his coordinators last season were products of the program, not brand new guys flown in last year.

So, did Saban screw up last season, or is McElroy just BSing here?


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Five-star assistants

Saban names seven new assistant coaches, none of whom are Booch.  Can the man take a hint?


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Don’t bury Nick, ’cause he’s not dead yet.

Let’s see how that “Stick a fork in Nick Saban, he’s done” narrative did yesterday.

Oh, right. Bama finished with the No. 1 class, getting back to a perch it occupied seven years in a row before slipping slightly in 2018. The Tide lost two blue-chip commitments on Wednesday, and it didn’t come close to taking them out of the No. 1 ranking.

In particular, take a look at the defensive line class Alabama signed for 2019.  It’s outrageously good.  Overall, the Tide signed 27 kids and only one of them, a kicker, had fewer than three four stars from the recruiting services.

All this in the face of a second straight year of enormous staff turnover.  And it didn’t matter.  Yeah, he’s really done.


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Too much is never enough.

Honestly, this is starting to verge on parody.

Remember when Bear Bryant used to sign 100+ kids back in the day, just to keep them out of the hands of other programs?  Nick Saban’s just updated the formula.


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