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You come at the king…

Boy, I can’t wait to read The Daily Mississipian’s Ben Miller’s next hot take.

As is the case every single season when the Ole Miss Rebels are about to face off against the Crimson Tide, the traditions, the narratives and the hatred are at the forefront. As “Bama Hate Week” turns into Bama game day, we’ve heard everything we could have possibly heard about the matchup. From nasty sheet signs aimed at Nick Saban and his family to Tide fans incessantly touting the 66-3 scoreline from last season over Rebel fans, it is quite a week to be a college football fan.

Among the madness, there is but one sentence that few have been brave enough to say: Nick Saban is an overrated head coach. Stay with me. I am perfectly willing to admit that Alabama would not have gotten to where they are currently without Saban’s tremendous recruiting talents that resulted in him having a dominant football team early in his career. What I am not willing to say, however, is anything that would make it sound like Saban is even close to being the greatest college football coach to ever live.

I can only imagine what an Alabama with a truly great coach would have done to Ole Miss in the first half last night.



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The cupcake dilemma, in two tweets

Nick Saban, with ALL CAPS:

Also, Nick Saban.

I think you’re gonna need a bigger tube of lipstick for that pig, Nick.


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One thing Corch and Saban have in common…

… is that neither of them can apologize for shit.

Pretty low bar you’ve set for yourself, Nick.  “Vilify”?  Seriously?


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When your header begs the solution

Obviously, it’s time for Nick Saban to bring the Process to Alabama politics.


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If crankiness is a sign of Nick Saban’s inner happiness…

he was positively giddy after last night’s win over Louisville.


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Oh, Lord, please don’t let Nick Saban be misunderstood.

He’s got feelings, too, you know.

“I felt like our program was being misrepresented in a lot of ways by a lot of people,” Saban said on his weekly radio show. “We get a lot of negative recruiting. People beat us up in a lot of ways — in a lot of unfair ways and a lot of things that aren’t really true like we’re a football factory. We don’t care about the players, a lot of things like that, nobody has any fun. I mean, it’s ridiculous.”

I keep saying it, but everything comes back to recruiting.  Saban’s greatness lies in the fact that he’s absorbed that rule in a way that nobody else did for a while.


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“When you’re not, you (try) something else.”

There is something amusing about Greg McGarity cloaking his program in last year’s success, to point at why it’s all the other SEC schools that changed head coaches this offseason.

“I don’t think there’s one reason for the turnover,” Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said. “It’s just a wide range of things. I think the competitiveness in this conference with the records and success we’ve had, certainly others want to experience that same success.”

Gene Chizik calls bullshit on that.

“Look at all the teams out there that think they should be — not beat, (but) be like — Alabama,” said Chizik, the coach of Auburn’s 2010 national championship team. “A&M thinks they should. Auburn thinks they should. LSU thinks they should. Georgia thinks they should. Florida thinks they should.

“I think that obviously the expectations have grown with salaries of coaches, and Alabama being the standard in the league has definitely put pressure on everybody to win.”

The Process doesn’t just abide in the SEC.  It drives the train.  Even in Athens.


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