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TFW you’re glad you can blame the rabbit’s foot

Shorter Roll Bama Roll:  Nick Saban cannot fail as a coach, he can only be failed as a coach.


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Saban vs. the field

Screenshot_2020-07-28 Chris Marler on Twitter What if I told that only 3 SEC Head Coaches had a career winning record vs To[...]

Welp, seeing as most of them face Saban regularly, I can’t really say I’m too surprised.

Changing divisions might be the best thing that ever happened to the Portal Master™, though.


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Roll Tahd!


Screenshot_2020-07-15 Jason Isbell on Twitter Alabama fans, now is your chance for revenge Twitter


Screenshot_2020-07-15 Jared Lovering 😷 on Twitter EmilyMi86620303 JasonIsbell Doug Jones should have legally changed his n[...]

It’ll never happen, but I wonder what effect it would have on the general election vote if Saban came out and endorsed Jones.  Or, just for yuks, on Tubs’ campaign, for that matter.


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Tide lives matter

When you’re the mayor of a small Alabama town, you can threaten the lives of gay and transgender folks without suffering any serious consequences, but, buddy, when you take on Nick Saban and the Alabama football program, it’s a totally different story.

It’s an old story, too.



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Keeping up with the Joneses.

Bud Elliott updates what he calls The Sunshine State Scorecard, and it’s not pretty if you’re one of the home state teams chasing elite in state talent.

In recent years the trends for the state of Florida have not been encouraging for the in-state schools. For three consecutive classes more than half of the state’s four- and five-stars have left for out-of-state schools.

A rolling four-year average also provides an interesting look.

2005-08: 60% of Florida blue-chips stayed in-state.
2009-12: 52%
2013-16: 47%
2017-20: 47%

It has been even more drastic for top-100 players leaving the state. For four classes running, top-100 players from Florida have left the state more often than they have stayed home.

Again, a rolling four-year average also provides an interesting look.

2005-08: 66% of Florida top-100 recruits stayed in-state.
2009-12: 58%
2013-16: 56%
2017-20: 44%

Of the three Florida powerhouses, Elliott thinks the Gators may hold an advantage over the other two for the 2021 class, but Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Clemson are still getting more than their share of Florida’s top recruits.

This is the Portal Master™ we’re talking about, though, so he’s got a plan to make inroads out of state for elite talent, right?

You’ve got to figure coaches like Saban and Smart are chomping at the bit right now to get back out on the recruiting trail with out of state kids, frustrated by the pandemic’s restrictions on direct contact, but doing the best they can with what they’ve got to work with.  Mullen, on the other hand, sees the current state of affairs as a handy workaround for the future when things return to a semblance of normality.

That probably helps to explain the latest Sports247 Composite average recruit scores:

  • Alabama:  94.29
  • Georgia:  94.05
  • Florida:  89.73

Good thing Dan’s such a wizard with three-stars.


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On brand

Two iconic looks:


Both do a terrific job of making sure the label faces properly, but the question is, who sells it better?


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So, this is what a decline looks like?

Technically speaking, I guess it is.


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TFW all you’ve got is hope

Sadly, Nick Saban finds he has time for this shit.

“I think college football is really important to college athletics. I think everybody knows that quite a bit of the revenue that supports all the sports at any university comes from football,” Saban said. “But you also have to make sure it’s going to be safe to be able to do it. I really can’t make any predictions. I’m hopeful that sometime in the summer the players can come back here and we can get around the players and they can get back to school.

“We’re doing as much research as we can, whether it’s talking to Abbott about what kind of testing programs we could implement here for the safety of the players and our students.

“But I don’t think anybody knows what is college football going to look like? What is any football going to look like? Are we going to have seats between fans? Are we going to come up with a solution that allows people to go to games? Are we going to have to test people to get in stadiums? Are we going to have to play games with nobody? Are we even going to be able to play games at all? I’m hopeful. And we’ve got so many great people in this country that do research and develop and they solve the problems that I feel confident that somebody will come up with some solution that will get us back to normal sometime here soon.”

There are some problems even Saban can’t throw analysts at to game a way out.


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No offense taken.

So, Nick Saban does this interview where he discusses his new S&C coaches and a lot of folks took it as a slap at Scott Cochran because of Alabama’s distressing run of injuries last season.  Nick doesn’t need me to step in on his behalf, but I don’t see where he’s dissing Cochran at all.  In fact, it sounds like he credits Cochran with trying to get out ahead of the problem here:

“Four or five years ago, these guys were at IMG when actually some of our fourth- and fifth-year players were at IMG and heard a lot about some of the state-of-the-art sports science stuff that they were actually into and doing there, just when you’d visit in recruiting or whatever,” Saban told Gold. “I never really thought much about it, and then when we had this opportunity come up, we researched these guys and they’d done a phenomenal job at Notre Dame of eliminating injuries by something like 50 percent and even better at Indiana.

“So, when they came in and we interviewed them, there was no question that from a sports science standpoint and from a conditioning standpoint they were light-years in advance of what a lot of people have done in their programs for a long, long time, which we’ve done the same thing for a long, long time, too. And we’d actually brought some NFL people at the end of the season because we wondering if there was something that we could do to improve performance and injury prevention because we seemed like we’d gotten a lot of guys hurt this past season.

“So, we were already going down this path…

All I hear in that is Saban pumping up his new guys for going where he was already going.  He thinks he made a good hire to replace the guy who was also going where he wanted to go.  That’s it.


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Nick Saban, pushing the envelope again?

Of course he is.

The SEC is exploring whether Alabama will be able to continue using Apple watches to monitor its football players’ physical activities during the league-mandated shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, sources told ESPN on Friday.

During a conference call with reporters Thursday, Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said his program had provided Apple watches to players, and that new strength and conditioning coaches David Ballou and Matt Rhea were “very instrumental in setting up this whole program of what we’re doing with the players in terms of the Apple watches for their workouts and apps on their phones for weight-training programs.”

Earlier this week, the NCAA released a Division I COVID-19 Question and Answer Guide, which included directives covering what schools could do to distribute voluntary workouts to student-athletes. The guidelines specified that coaches and other staff members “may not supervise or conduct such workouts” and that players “may not report voluntary athletically related activities to institutional coaches or staff members.”

Sure didn’t take long for the new guys to acquaint themselves with the Process, did it?


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