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There are RPO plays, and then there are RPO plays.

Nick Saban expounds:

“To me, it’s easier to defend the RPO when a team runs a zone play than it is when they run – what I call a ‘hat’ play – which is a lead play, or power or counter.”

“Because now, the linebackers are taught to step up and jump over, or jump over because somebody pulled. But now, you pull the ball and throw an RPO and now you’ve really displaced ’em.”

“That’s the way we do it. I think you’ve got to change it up, and disguise it, it’s even the way we play our Fire Zone coverage. Then we’ve got a chance to stop the RPOs.”

Last season’s stats back that up.  (But check out who was better defending RPOs.)


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Nick Saban practices his sense of humor.

He kids, he kids… I think.

“I want to be clear here. All these offensive coaches on here, I wish I could look at you when I say this to you: you guys are all part of the Taliban, man. Aight? You’re a part of Al Qaeda,” he said with a wry smile. “You have changed our game and made it so hard to play defense for all of us poor defensive guys. I can’t sit in church without shaking my leg because I’m worried about what you guys are going to do next. I do respect you, but I still think you’re part of the Taliban.”

Yeah, that seems a bit awkward.  I wonder if he conveyed that directly to Junior and Sarkisian.  Oh, what am I thinking?  Of course he did.


UPDATE:  Speaking of Junior and Sarkisian…


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“The game is different now. People score fast.”

Nick Saban, post come-to-Jesus:

Kirbs, you listening?


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If you can make it there…

Good Lawd, this was fast.

What exactly do you have to do for Nick Saban to sour on you before you even coach a down in a game?  I’d say too much Tennessee for comfort, but Booch managed to last in Tuscaloosa for three years.


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Saban wants to go big.

Speaking of Nick Saban, he starts off with a valid complaint about what the CFP has done to public perception of college football.

“I’ve always been one that bowl games and playoffs are going to have a tough time coexisting together,” he said. “Bowl games have always been a positive thing for college football players because a lot of people get a lot of self-gratification for having a good season. Maybe you didn’t win a championship or whatever, but you get a chance to go to a good bowl game and have some fun. It’s a really good, positive reinforcement for college football players.

“When we had a two-team playoff, if we made a four team playoff, that’s going to take away from the bowl games and all the people are going to talk about is the playoff. My issue is not with expanding the playoff, it’s the more you expand the playoff, the less important bowl games become. Nobody talks about bowl games now. All they talk about is who’s in the playoffs and who are the four teams. That’s it.”

True dat.  It’s his solution that’s a head scratcher.

“You don’t even hear about the other games and all that stuff,” he said. “That’s always been my issue with the playoff is that bowl games sort of get put on the back shelf. If we want to expand the playoffs, that’s OK. I don’t think you can have bowl games and do that as well. I’ve always been one that, if we are going to have playoffs, why don’t we make the bowl games a part of that.”

Everybody gets a playoff berth!  Seriously, what are there, over thirty bowl games?  So Saban is proposing that the playoffs go to 64 or so teams?  That’s ESPN’s wet dream.  Not sure it’s mine, though.  Or that it solves the real problem Saban acknowledges.


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A bridge too far for Nick Saban

Who’da thunk it ($$)?

In an ideal world, Saban would have loved to bring Jeremy Pruitt back to Alabama, but given the way Pruitt’s tenure ended at Tennessee, that couldn’t realistically happen. Instead, Pruitt is in the NFL coaching with the New York Giants.

Sounds like Pruitt’s going to be toiling in the fields for a while.


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Yeah, that Nick Saban, he be slippin’, man.

Helluva sales pitch, especially ’cause nothing he says is factually incorrect.  Yeah, it’s depressing to hear.

Kirby’s gotta beat Nick, plain and simple.  The sooner, the better.


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Ah, screw it.

“The Saban dynasty is over,” you said.

“He’s getting old.  There’s no way he can convince recruits any more that he’ll be there for their entire career,” you said.

“He can’t even keep a staff together from year to year.  There’s no way to hold recruiting classes together with that kind of turnover,” you said.


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When you’re Nick Saban, all the world’s a reclamation project.  Maybe Donald Trump should reach out for an analyst position.


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Whether you love Nick Saban or hate him, you’ve still got to respect a track record like this:



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