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Today, in it just means more

You know, when Nick Saban chided Alabama fans for not staying in their seats for the entirety of games, I thought it was mockable.  I mean, if you want the fans to stay 60 minutes, give ’em something more than watching your fourth-string quarterback hand off to your fifth-string tailback six times in a row in the fourth quarter of a six-touchdown rout of a cupcake.

When Kirby Smart turned Georgia’s spring game from a pleasant day trip for the fan base into a recruiting mission, I was mildly irritated, but recognized that at least he’s given us something to be excited about and seemed genuinely grateful for our turnout.

As far as Jeremy Pruitt’s bizarre chastisement of UT’s fans?

“To me, it’s kind of like our football team for the fans. The ones that were here, I’m proud they’re here. They’re fired up, ready to get going. And then there were some people that weren’t here, they had legitimate reasons they couldn’t be here. Then there were some people that weren’t here, why weren’t they here? It’s kind of like our football team. I think we all need to look in the mirror and see who we want to be.”

Welp, it sure seems like somebody needs to look in the mirror, alright.

Anyway, I guess that’s part of what comes these days from the Saban coaching tree, so while I can’t say I excuse that line of thinking, at least I get what it’s about.  What I don’t get is what I suppose is the next stage in this — the media taking steps to normalize these coaches’ expectations/demands of their fan bases.  Take, for example, Barrett Sallee’s defense of Pruitt.

Isn’t this what you wanted, Vol fans? Don’t you want the best? Don’t you expect the best? Don’t you want a coach who strives for perfection in every aspect of the program?

That’s what Nick Saban does at Alabama, and that’s what Kirby Smart has implemented at Georgia. Not coincidentally, those are the two teams that played in the College Football Playoff National Championship in January.

Pruitt might not be as successful as either of his two mentors, and certainly has a steeper hill to climb than they do considering the tradition at Alabama and the fertile recruiting ground that exists in Smart’s backyard. But at least he’s following a tried-and-true blueprint that has proven to be successful.

Could he work on his delivery? Maybe. After all, talking down — or even giving off the appearance of talking down — to your own fan base prior to ever coaching a real game is a bold move.

If by “bold” you mean “dick”, I suppose you have a point there, Barrett.  A somewhat creepy point, but a point nonetheless.

Seriously, when did we cross the line from being passionate about a program to being enlisted in Gawd’s Army?  Jeremy Pruitt is being paid nearly four million dollars a year to win football games and that somehow entitles him to make demands on a fan base — a fan base that’s put up with years of mediocre football, by the way — that forks over the bucks that contribute to his paycheck?  What other organized sport approaches its fans like that?

I suppose the next development will be for a coach or his athletic director to blame a sub-par season or recruiting class on inadequate fan support.  And there will probably be some pundit out there ready to stroke his chin and admit there’s something to that excuse.  When the coach or AD gets canned, at least they’ll have a sweet buyout provision to fall back on.  All we fans will get is a guilt trip from the new guy in town.  And then we’ll be told to like it.



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Monday morning buffet

Good morning, campers!  Don’t forget to pick up a tray on your way to the buffet line.

  • At 82,184, Georgia finished second in spring game attendance.  (Although I’m not really sure how they did the count.)
  • Nebraska, which finished first, made serious bank in the process.  (You’re probably thinking what I’m thinking right now.)
  • This is encouraging“We’ve seen prospects come out of academically inclined schools where the classwork is especially challenging and they had no edge over prospects who came out of other type schools that were not so highly rated academically.”
  • Nick Saban doesn’t have time for this (bull)shit.  In certain circles, that is referred to as “coaching”.
  • Every time I see a blurb like this, I think back to how much Bellamy and Carter abused Notre Dame’s offensive tackles last season.
  • Is Jeremy Pruitt simply frustrated at running a program that isn’t at the same level he’s been used to over the past few seasons?  If so, don’t look for him to relax in 2018.
  • Here’s a handy guide to college football venues where you can buy beer during the regular season.
  • The loudest sustained cheering at G-Day went to…


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The real meaning of spring game

Okay, who said this, Nick Saban or Kirby Smart?

“It really means a lot to the program and really means a lot to our players and really means a lot to recruiting that we have a tremendous crowd. We don’t like for our team to be complacent in any way, and we certainly don’t want our fans to be complacent in terms of the support they give our players.”


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“Well, he’d be the biggest free agent in college football history.”

“Don’t kid yourself—every single one of us would love to be in Nick’s situation,” one SEC coach said. “But that’s a tough spot. You know what Jalen gives you. You’ve seen him go through the wars. But Tua, boy, that’s a talent right there. He looks like one of those ‘hey, these dudes only come along every so often’ type of player.”

Well, Kirby probably wouldn’t.  But that’s because he may already be in Nick’s situation.


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“They didn’t invite you. Trump invites you.”

(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

You may have heard that the Alabama football team was honored yesterday for winning the national championship.  It was a meeting of two men at the peak of their respective powers.

To no one’s surprise, one of those men spoke movingly about his role in the event…

“It was truly a win for the ages,” Trump said. “I don’t know if you know, but I was there.”

… and one man worked while he was there.

All in all, just another day at the White House.


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Snip, snip snippy

Skipping past the LeBron James fooferaw, it seems Nick Saban’s on a bit of a mission with his new haircut show.

Saban added more depth to the conversation by adding this, which is important to the whole idea behind the creation of “Bama Cuts:”

“But I still think there’s mis(information) about Alabama football. There’s mis(information) out there that people get told they can’t play here, people get told things that really aren’t exactly right.”

You can almost see the self-awareness on screen as Saban speaks. A man who supposedly doesn’t even know how to send a text let alone use “Miss Siri” understands how negative recruiting is effecting his classes. What better way to combat that than with a new recruiting tool that pulls back the curtain on a man and a program that focuses inward exclusively.

If you’re a ‘Bama fan, some people use recruiting tools and some people are recruiting tools.

Funny how it didn’t bother those folks when Kirby was inside the tent.


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Did Saban lawyer up?

It sure seems like he blinked, at least a little.

The long-anticipated second edition of Alabama’s barbershop web video dropped Wednesday night. It was billed as Episode 1, Part 2 but the title changed after a day of controversy.

No explanation was given, though the new name was likely connected to the claims made by LeBron James. The NBA star has a web show “The Shop” that started last summer. His production team sent a letter to Alabama after “Shop Talk” premiered last week following a similar format.

Oh, yeah.  They inverted the scissors, too.

If LeBron is smart, he’ll declare victory and move on.  He played ‘Bama — and won.


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