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Translated from the original Saban

Hey, remember last year’s offensive line?  Kirby Smart remembers what you thought.

“It will be a very interesting spring in that regard,” head coach Kirby Smart said Monday night during a radio appearance on UGA’s “Bulldog Hotline” show. “Because as much as everyone wanted to complain and fuss about the three (seniors) we had, they’re gone now. OK? So now we’ve got some holes to fill.”

Damn, if only that “OK?” had been an “Aiight?”.  Otherwise, the tone is spot on.



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The Alabama Way

My, isn’t this enlightened?

The bit I don’t quite get is the “Part of an effective drug and alcohol policy is testing”.  I mean, Williams was flopping tests and still playi… oh, that’s what they mean by effective.


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Drug tests? Yeah, he failed a few.

Luckily for Tim Williams, Nick Saban didn’t have time for suspensions.

NFL teams have been well aware for months about what Alabama pass rusher Tim Williams admitted to the media on Saturday: that he failed multiple drug tests while he was at Tuscaloosa.

Williams said he failed “a few” tests in his four years at Alabama but would not confirm what drug the positive tests were for or exactly how many he failed…

Despite the multiple failed tests, Williams was never suspended. But he was forced to sit out the first half of the Kentucky game last season for the misdemeanor gun charge.

And you think Nick Saban doesn’t have any standards.

[Insert Georgia Way comment here.]


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When Nick met Jesse

This may be your ultimate “doesn’t have time for this shit” moment.

The coach said the visit reminded him of a conversation he once had with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who spoke at LSU at Saban’s request when he coached there. “He said, ‘You know, Nick, your stadium, Tiger Stadium at the time, on a Saturday night is closer to the Kingdom of God than my church,”’ Saban said. “I looked at him like come on, man, you’ve got to be kidding me. First of all, if you’ve ever been to a game at LSU, you can smell the bourbon from the 50-yard line. Everybody celebrates life. Everybody has a party out there.”

Bullshit detector:  on.

LSU football:  getting closer to Gawd with booze.


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That went over well.

Shreveport high school coach bans Nick Saban from campus… and is relieved of his coaching duties by the school administration.


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Three offensive coordinators in three months, Tuscaloosa?

Sometimes, life comes at you suddenly.

Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian has been named the Atlanta Falcons’ next coordinator, the team announced Tuesday.

One game in Tuscaloosa.  That’s all.

Multiple sources have confirmed to SB Nation that after meetings with Alabama head coach Nick Saban following the Championship, the relationship between Saban and Sarkisian deteriorated amid disagreements in “system philosophy,” per one source. Both parties planned to move on following Signing Day last Wednesday, and Saban was aware of Sarkisian’s contact with the Falcons.

One source described the problems between Sarkisian and Saban as “too similar” to the relationship between Saban and former coordinator Kiffin.

“There was an effort on Saban’s part not to repeat the same problem. This wasn’t going to work out,” a source close to Sarkisian told SB Nation.

The “same problem” covers lots of possibilities.  We talking personal issues on top of coaching philosophy conflicts?  Inquiring minds want to know.  If it’s the just the latter, where does Saban want to take the ‘Bama offense going forward?


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It’s signing day!, part nine

This is how you know you’re at a completely different level from everyone else playing the game.

Parks is rated on the 247Sports Composite as the No. 7 weak-side defensive end in the class of 2017, the No. 93 player overall and the No. 17 prospect in the state of Florida. He’s listed at about 6’3 and 250 pounds. He has at least 32 scholarship offers, including from the highest tiers of each Power 5 conference.

Great prospect, right?  Um… he’s not signing anywhere today.  Because?

Because, Alabama.

On the riches scale, that falls somewhere between ridiculous and obscene.


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