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“I do also believe that this is an isolated incident.”

Another day, another second chance in the SEC.  (Okay, technically, it’s a first chance, but you get the drift.)


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Jadeveon Clowney didn’t have time for that shit.

Clowney claims Nick Saban put him to sleep during his recruiting visit.

Also, Nick Saban is short.


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“… we were leading, but we weren’t leading.”

You know what makes Nick Saban such a good coach?  He doesn’t let ego get in the way of figuring out what went wrong.

To better understand how Ohio State attacked the typically stout Alabama defense, Nick Saban brought in Houston head coach and former Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman to breakdown how he approached attacking the Tide’s defense.

“I’ll tell you the best thing we did, and I give Coach (Nick) Saban a lot credit, we went directly to (Herman). We flew him in. We said “Hey, look, we want to meet with you. You know us better than anybody. You spent four weeks getting ready for us. What’s our tendencies? What do we do wrong? What do you think?’ And he was honest with us, he just told us what he thought. It was very valuable for us.”

I can think of more than a few who would never be willing to do something like that.



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Nick Saban doesn’t have time for this “decline of the SEC West” shit.

You can tell he’s getting his condescension ready for the next ESPN talking head who dares raise the subject, can’t you?

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“I think the world of Todd.”

Nick Saban defends a branch on his coaching tree.

“I know that people in Georgia criticized him a little bit,” Saban said, “but to play good defense you have to have really good players, and they really have to buy in and have the discipline to execute the scheme. Georgia always has good players, but I just think Todd is a really, really good coach. I thought he did a great job at Louisville here last year with the team that they had and had a lot of success. He’s a very innovative guy, but he’s a fundamental teacher and does a good job with players.”

Given that Saban’s last contact with Grantham came in the 2012 SECCG, where the Tide offense spent the second half running over, under, sideways and down Grantham’s charges, that “Georgia always has good players, but I just think Todd is a really, really good coach” is an interesting choice of words.

Of course, now that Georgia’s replaced that one branch with another branch from the same tree, I guess we can expect similar praise before this year’s game in Athens.  I just hope the praise for Pruitt is a lot more straightforward after the game.


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“Nick Saban, he only prepares now for those kids to play for him for three years.”

Charlie Woerner’s dad talks to Michael Carvell about his son’s recruiting, and in comparing Georgia to Alabama, has this to say about what they find attractive about the latter:  “At Alabama, it has to do more with the strictness of the program, and the discipline…”

Yeah, I can see how the way Nick Saban handled the Jonathan Taylor matter versus the way Mark Richt did would make somebody think that.

Seriously, this is why Saban really doesn’t care about anyone else’s perception of how he handles personnel matters.  Because it never matters to the next recruit’s family he talks to. And it sure doesn’t matter to the ‘Bama faithful.  In that respect, he’s the Edwin Edwards of college football.


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First Chance U

You may not remember this story about a Florida high school recruit, , who got in trouble while attending last year’s

This post isn’t about chastising Salomon – indeed, I have to give him credit for manning up and writing Mark Richt a two-page letter of apology about the incident – but instead to mention that despite the charge, which the kid now apparently admits had some validity, he’s got an impressive list of offers out there.  Including one from noted straight talker Nick Saban, who, just this past week, was heard bemoaning the wreckage the new SEC transfer ban on serious player misconduct was going to cause on the recruiting front.

I guess Saban’s figured out if he signs someone who misbehaves later, at least nobody else in the conference will be able to offer a second chance.  Give the man credit.  He knows how to work every angle.


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