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It’s not exactly counting the number of angels who can dance on the head of a pin, but…

Admittedly, this is a tough philosophical matter to ponder.

I’m amused they could take time out of their busy days to discuss it, though.


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All business, all the time

Jonathan Ledbetter, four-star recruit, got an in-home from Nick Saban. Ledbetter committed early to Alabama, but changed his commitment to Georgia after the Bulldogs signed his older brother to a scholarship last summer.  Blood may be thicker than water, but when Saban’s on the recruiting trail, business trumps blood.

“I think he wanted to make sure that Jonathan understands that this is a business decision. He wanted to make sure that Jonathan has all the information he needs to make the best decision for him. So we appreciated Coach Saban coming by.”

I wonder, though… when Saban says “business”, how many recruits hear “roster management”?


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Forget about if Auburn can beat Alabama…

After reading Bill Connelly’s game preview, I’m wondering if Auburn’s gonna score on Alabama.

It’s not just that Saban’s defense is freakin’ good – it is…

Even by Alabama’s ridiculous standards, the Crimson Tide run defense is fantastic. They rank first in Rushing S&P+ and first in Standard Downs S&P+, and even removing sacks, opponents are averaging 3.6 yards per carry. Bama hasn’t allowed a rushing touchdown since October 11.

Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott and Josh Robinson gained 123 yards in 33 carries (3.7 per carry); LSU’s running backs gained 137 in 41 (3.3). You aren’t going to rely on your ground game alone to set up scores against a disciplined Alabama front seven. You have to be able to throw. Alabama has allowed eight touchdowns in its last five games — three of eight possessions began in Alabama territory, and 64 percent of the yardage on those drives came through the air.

… it’s that Malzahn’s offense has been in a state of steady decline for several games now, since Duke Williams went down.

When Duke Williams sprained his MCL against Texas A&M, the passing game hit some bumps. Nick Marshall was 4-for-4 for 30 yards until Williams got hurt. On Marshall’s next 12 pass attempts against A&M, he completed five of 10 for 40 yards and was sacked twice. He rebounded to complete a couple of fourth-quarter bombs, but the consistency Marshall had established in his previous five games — 62 percent completion rate, 14.3 yards per completion, 10 touchdowns, three picks — was gone.

Against Georgia and Samford, Marshall completed 54 percent with one score and two picks. Including sacks, he averaged 4.9 yards per attempt vs. Georgia. The balance was gone.

Williams is expected to play tomorrow.  That can’t hurt, sure, but how effective will he be coming off an injury and how smooth a transition does the offense make getting him back?  Given the way the Tigers play offense, it’s weird to think that a receiver, even one as good as Williams is, is the key to scoring on the Tide.


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“I think past Alabama teams would have had just as much trouble as this Alabama team.”

Gary Danielson ain’t backing off his tempo talk.

“I think what was proven in this game right now is all this stuff about tempo is garbage…”

But he finally seems to be coming to terms with what spread, pass-first offenses bring to the table.

“There are a lot of factors here. The willingness of teams to go to the spread and throw the ball on early downs, not having to go toe-to-toe with superior athletes at Alabama at the line of scrimmage has an effect. The fact that the SEC has gotten all this publicity and has recruited so well, top to bottom, the games are just tougher.”  [Emphasis added.]

If he’s right, Saban’s got a few more tough games left to play.  Best brace yourself, Phyllis from Mulga.


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So this is what cutting edge journalism looks like.

Alabama loses.  Former Tide quarterback and current SEC Network talking head questions Saban’s management of his offensive coordinators.  Inevitable backlash from passionate Alabama fans ensues.  Ditto Saban.  Former Tide quarterback and current SEC Network talking head responds in predictable way, blames media.

Lesson learned:  you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.


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Florida in Tuscaloosa, a game of “if”

I don’t want to mock this piece, because it has an excellent depiction of the past, present and future of Nick Saban’s defensive philosophy, but the idea that a Gator offense that appeared constipated scoring points at home against Kentucky is going to have its way in Tuscaloosa today…

All of that is to say: Alabama and Nick Saban still have one of the most talented defensive rosters in college football this year, but it’s not the 2011 vintage — not even close, really. Saban will try to do what he always does because it’s in his DNA, but when you combine the way offenses are being run with the quick snap and Alabama’s current “transition period” of developing more athletic players in the front seven, this is certainly any team in the SEC’s best chance to dictate offense against the Tide. It’s worth noting that Alabama has only forced one turnover so far this season. If Jeff Driskel can turn his missed opportunities against Kentucky into conversions, and not turnovers, this game might be closer than ‘Bama fans would care to see, even in Tuscaloosa.

… strikes me as a tad optimistic.  Even Robbie Andreu tries but can’t buy it.

For Florida to have a real shot today, Boom is going to have to outcoach Junior.  And that’s certainly within the realm of possibility.


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Saturday morning buffet

A pre-game buffet for your dining pleasure.


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