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”We’re not a read and react defense. We’re going to create a new line of scrimmage.”

Shorter Brian Kelly:  Blah, blah, blah, blah-blah.



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It’s in the stars.

Our kids’ recruiting rankings beat their kids’.


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Thursday morning buffet

So many nuggets, so little time.

  • For Florida, it takes a village to raise a mediocre offense.
  • Distraction time:  Brian Kelly’s been sued by a former player.
  • The Jarrett Stidham hype train didn’t exactly burst out of the station in Auburn’s opener.  Eh, it’ll probably kick in against Clemson’s defense this week…
  • Strong mid-majors performance in this year’s recently concluded Fulmer Cup standings.
  • A few SEC Network insights on Georgia’s defense and Jake Fromm after the opener.
  • It sounds like the 1980 Georgia squad is as frustrated about the title drought as the rest of us are.
  • You know your program is a finely tuned machine when you first learn about your injury status on Twitter.
  • Here’s a look at our fan base from a Chicago perspective.
  • Trent Thompson is coming on like gangbusters.  “Thompson also added two tackles for a loss and a sack. In his last two games (counting last season’s bowl game) he has had 14 tackles, 5 ½ tackles for loss and four sacks. He had just two sacks in the first 12 games last season, before three in the bowl game against TCU and one on Saturday.”


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Let’s go to the tape.

Several of you mentioned the video clip of the highlights from last week’s Notre Dame-Temple game.  Here it is in all its glory:

Certainly it’s truncated, but there are a few observations worth sharing.

  • If there’s one thing you can see over and over, it’s that Temple’s defense needs to work hard on tackling fundamentals.  If Georgia whiffs as much as the Owls did, it’s going to be a long afternoon.
  • Wimbush looks exactly like you’d expect an inexperienced quarterback with a load of physical talent to look.  Keep him in the pocket should be the day’s mantra.
  • I really like Notre Dame’s tailbacks, though.  Might as well face the reality that they’re gonna bust a few good runs.
  • And, yeah, that offensive line is pretty damned big.  They also had a nice uncalled hold that sprung Wimbush for Notre Dame’s first touchdown.
  • Hard to draw a lot of conclusions about ND’s defense.  Temple appeared to move the ball in spots, but not consistently.  How much of that was due to the defense and how much to a quarterback that had almost no playing experience is hard to say.



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Today, in football is a simple game

The Dawgbone conducted a Q&A with the publisher of a Notre Dame blog.  What that gentleman had to say about the opening game against Temple is worth sharing:

Dawgbone: Notre Dame won convincingly vs. Temple on Saturday. What were you impressed with in Saturday’s game? What areas of the team do you think will struggle in 2017 and why?
Joe Wirth: It was hard not to be impressed with 422 yards rushing, especially considering Temple was a top-20 defense in 2016. Now, the Owls have clearly lost some talent to the NFL, but the Irish were still able to run against Temple, even when they stacked the box with eight or nine guys.
New offensive coordinator Chip Long had said that the Irish were going the emphasize the run game and that’s exactly what happened. In year’s past, that sentiment had just been all talk, so to see Long make a concerted effort to utilize the strengths of the team was refreshing.
Also, Notre Dame going 7-7 in redzone opportunities was a huge improvement. The running prowess and that stat go hand-in-hand.
Brandon Wimbush looked good in his first career start. Ever since he stepped on campus, Wimbush has been touted as the next great Notre Dame QB. He is clearly talented, but very raw. He got away with a few passes Saturday and definitely has to learn to slide when he gets out of the pocket. He was hit a total of 16 times vs. Temple, which has to decrease against a big-time defense like Georgia.
Wimbush is a dynamic playmaker and his mobility is a huge weapon, but if he is forced into obvious passing downs and has to read complex coverages, he is going to struggle. He benefitted greatly from ND’s strong running game against Temple.
The defense is still a main concern. They could not have been worse than last year and although strides have been made, they still have a lot of work to do. The linebacking core and cornerbacks are the strength, but the defensive line and safety play is still a huge question mark. They looked reasonably good against Temple, but we will see what they are truly made of against UGA.
Schematically, they are in much better shape with Mike Elko as the defensive coordinator. They might not have the skill on the defense, but he will make the proper preparations and adjustments to cover up weaknesses and accentuate strengths.

Run the ball and stop the run.  Just because keys to success are clichés doesn’t mean they stop being keys.  And, oh, yeah, punish the quarterback.  Every good hit makes him think a little more about that next run.

Bottom line, this isn’t Alabama the Dawgs are facing this week.  There should be areas for Georgia to exploit.


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A warm welcome

Just a reminder that meetings like this week’s are rare and should be celebrated as such.

Georgia, like many SEC schools fell into the comfort of easy southern living. It’s a hard thing to have to travel more than a few hours if one doesn’t have to. In this world, no one was holding any of these schools accountable for being so self-centered. There have been no consequences, so why should they – right?

Well, no. That’s the completely wrong way to look at it. The consequences are that it just looks silly. Other schools like Georgia try to make this up by scheduling northern teams in neutral site games (which are always in the south) and in doing so, they continue to sterilize and further commercialize a sport we all love.

I thank Georgia for doing what others refuse to do, even after becoming so content with the status quo. And, I am even more thankful that Georgia didn’t cave in for a Shamrock Series abomination. This game coming up on Saturday is what college football should be about…

I can’t say I agree with his following point about college football shifting in a more national direction — in fact, I know I don’t — but kudos for both schools are well deserved for scheduling a home-and-home series instead of a sterile, one-off neutral site domed affair.

And we’re looking forward to welcoming you guys down here in a couple of years.


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Wednesday morning buffet

The opener is coming.  You should work up an appetite with a few nourishing tidbits.


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