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Thursday morning buffet

Another day, another buffet line.


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To reiterate, it’s not that the schools resist spending money…

Case in point:

As has been in the case in recent years, the document showed that former football head coach Charlie Weis received more money from the school in 2012 than did any current athletics employee. Weis again received nearly $2.1 million as part of an ongoing separation agreement…

Kelly was listed with nearly $1.5 million in total pay…

So, yes, Charlie Weis was paid better than a half-million dollars more than the guy who got Notre Dame into the national title game for the first time in decades.  That 2005 loss to Southern Cal will go down as the most valuable defeat in Irish history.

These guys are morons.


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“I think it’d be great for the University of Georgia if we were able to make it happen.”

For once, I wholeheartedly agree with you, Greg.  Make it so!


UPDATE:  To answer the obvious question,


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Wednesday morning buffet

Believe it or not, there are other happenings in the world of college football beyond the Pruitt hire.


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Sunday morning buffet

Like rust, the college football world never sleeps.


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It’s only natural.

Puzzling tweet from Friday:

What do you figure makes that so in Kelly’s mind – both teams lost to Alabama in championship games, or revenge for 1981?

Seriously, I’d love a home-and-home, but given ND’s new scheduling deal with the ACC, this doesn’t sound like anything more than cheap talk.


UPDATE:  Mark Richt has lost control of Brian Kelly.


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Jim Delany is not a happy man today.

ACC is prepared to announce a grant of media rights agreement has been reached.  That cuts off the financial incentive for another conference to chase a current ACC school.

In other words, if a school decides to leave the ACC for, oh, say, the Big Ten, then its media revenues go to the ACC – and not to the school – for the length of the Grant of Media Rights agreement. Translation: you’re not leaving the league.

Even worse for Delany?  Note the number of schools that are parties to the agreement.  Then consider that the ACC is officially a 14-team conference (for football, anyway).  You do the math on what that means.


UPDATE:  Official announcement here.


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