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You have to spend money to waste money.

Eh, what could go wrong here?

The only thing easier to spot than Pac-12 bowl losses are examples of the conference not plowing as many resources into football infrastructure as its peers in the Power Five.

New commissioner George Kliavkoff hopes to change that state of affairs by making the case to the university presidents and chancellors that investing in football can provide returns that benefit not only cash-strapped athletic departments but entire campuses.

“Historically, I don’t think we’ve made a great case for the ROI of footbalI,’’ Kliavkoff told the Hotline.

“I’m not going to take the opportunity to speak to my 12 bosses without talking about it. It’s going to be a constant topic. They are going to get tired of hearing it from me.’’

Ah, yes.  The sweet siren song of “football, the investment”.  It’s got a catchy beat and you can dance to it!

Kliavkoff, who has been on the job for just six months, didn’t cite specifics. But he clearly grasps the connection between football investment and the potential returns across the university spectrum — financial returns, alumni engagement returns and, yes, educational returns.

“We need to invest in coaches and facilities,” he said. “That leads to better recruiting, which leads to winning, which leads to direct and indirect revenue and alumni engagement.

“And we’ve seen that it leads to more applications, which allows universities to become more selective in admissions.

“I can’t imagine a more obvious ROI than investing in football.”

It’s so obvious that he couldn’t cite specifics.  But… ‘Bama.

During its stellar run under Nick Saban, Alabama has experienced a quadrupling of the number of out-of-state students, according to USA Today, and a comparable rise in the academic profile of the incoming students.

Now all George’s member schools have to do is find twelve Nick Sabans and open their checkbooks.  This dude is turning out to be the best problem solver ever.


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Same old, same old

Disappointing season?  Me, I’d call it business as usual for the Pac-12, George.

Though if playoff expansion is what you mean when you say you have a lot of work to do, I can see why you’re excited about it.


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This **could** be the year.

Yes, but don’t forget that Bo’s new offensive coordinator coached him at Auburn his freshman season, so…  eh, forget it.

That being said, I can’t wait for somebody to ask Lanning in his first presser after his move out west what he was thinking here.


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Southern Cal is back, baby.

One thing I’ve got to say about Lincoln Riley at Southern Cal is that he’s not wasting any time giving the finger to the NCAA.

If you need a translation…

Manning is still on Oklahoma’s payroll.  He was out recruiting with Stoops at the same time he was reaching out to Domani Jackson!  Aside from that being absolutely bad form, it’s an NCAA recruiting violation.  Just ask one of Manning’s employers.

The popcorn’s gonna be mighty tasty watching this play out.  Of course, by the time the NCAA gets around to dealing with Riley, he’ll probably already be at his next job.


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Coaching mic drop



Well, give him credit for not lying.  Meanwhile, somewhere out there is a member of the media who’s kicking himself for not asking the obvious follow-up question.


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Your Alliance can’t save you now.

With Utah’s 38-7 blowout of Oregon — the game wasn’t as close as the score indicates — the Pac-12 will miss the CFP for the fifth straight season.

That sound you hear is Greg Sankey’s phone ringing as George Kliavkoff calls to find out how soon they can get that 12-team playoff vote scheduled.


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Structural integrity

Tell me you don’t know what college football is like without saying you don’t know what college football is like.

“Having only four teams in the C.F.P. is a broken system,” George Kliavkoff, the first-year Pac-12 commissioner, said in an interview this month at Ohio Stadium, hours before Oregon upset Ohio State, which played in last season’s national title game after it won the Big Ten championship.

“Just the way it’s set up, it’s designed — and I don’t think it was on purpose or malignant — but it was designed for the rich to get richer,” added Kliavkoff, whose reservations about the expansion proposal that became public in June helped slow its approval. “If you got invited to the C.F.P. in one of the first few years, it makes it easier to recruit, which makes it easier to get back to the C.F.P., which makes it easier to recruit, and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Actually, I exaggerate.  Kliavkoff knows better, but he’s got to say something to justify running out the playoff field to twelve.  He’s not expecting that to turn the G5 champ into Alabama’s equal, but he doesn’t care, because it’s really about the moolah his conference has been missing out on without a team in the playoff field.

As the old joke goes, we know what he is.  He’s just haggling over the fee.


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A man’s gotta know his limitations.

If you haven’t read Bruce Feldman’s piece ($$) on how Southern Cal’s football program has fallen so far, you really should.  There are memorable quotes throughout, but the one that really got me came from a former assistant of Clay Helton, who had this to say about his former boss:

“Looking back on it,” the coach said, “he didn’t hire the right people, and maybe I am one of them. That sounds bad.”

Only because it is, brother.  I wonder what his current employer thinks about that.


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Just when you think you’ve seen everything…

Southern Cal’s kicker gets ejected for targeting on the first play of the game.

USC would go on to get blasted by Stanford, so the Clay Helton death watch is back on again.


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Not good, Bob.

Here’s a shocking development.

The idea that the conference won’t expand because of the kids rather than because there isn’t a school out there that adds to the bottom line is as amusing as it is predictable.


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