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Jim Mora, class act

I really feel for Roquan Smith, regardless of where he chooses to go in the end.  But I hope he takes the delay that occurred yesterday after he made his announcement to attend UCLA and then learned that his primary recruiter and position coach was strongly rumored to be leaving for the NFL as an opportunity to take a deep breath, reset and do what’s best for himself.

One thing he needs to factor into the equation is the strong likelihood that Jim Mora is a weasel.

Quinn and Ulbrich coached together in Seattle before Ulbrich was hired by UCLA head coach Jim Mora to be the linebackers and special teams coach in 2012. He was elevated to defensive coordinator in 2014.

Smith was unaware of the news, but Georgia’s coaching staff made certain that news got to Macon County as fast as possible. Speculation behind the scenes in the media is that at least one media outlet was aware Ulbrich was going to leave UCLA as long as three weeks ago, but sat on the story until after Signing Day.

“It was common knowledge,” said one reporter. “They just agreed not to report it until after signing day.”

All’s fair in love and war, I suppose.  At least until you get caught.


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Monday brunch buffet

Dig in.  Big night ahead.

  • Due to health concerns, Archie Manning isn’t sure he’ll be back on the selection committee.
  • And Bill Hancock says the selection committee may meet less in 2015.  Has he run that by ESPN?
  • Leading the search for LSU’s next defensive coordinator are Les Miles, assistant director of football operations Dean Dingman… and Miles’ agent, George Bass.
  • Don’t know if this is an outlier, an indication of how offenses have changed college football or something to do with a four-team playoff format, but stopping the run doesn’t look like it’s been a key to winning a national title this season.
  • Jon Wilner estimates that the CFP has resulted in another $18.4 million for the Pac-12/$1.53 million for each of its member schools over what the BCS generated.  It’s profitable to settle things on the field!
  • “I played at the FBS (level), and I can honestly say the only difference between FBS and FCS is depth.”
  • Chad Kelly has his second chance.  SEC need, baby!


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Today, in back patting

Southern Cal won fewer games this season than in 2014, didn’t win the conference title game – hell, didn’t even win its division.

Still, Steve Sarkisian surveys all that he sees, and pronounces himself satisfied.

USC went 10-4 last year, and after Saturday’s game, Sarkisian was asked if winning nine games qualified as a successful season.

“It was a total success,” Sarkisian told reporters. “We won nine games, we were Holiday Bowl Champions.”

It’s all in how you set the bar, peeps.


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Monday morning buffet

You know you’ve got an appetite this morning.


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As metaphors go, it’s not a bad one.

Boy, this brings back memories of a hot day in Clemson a decade or so ago…

Last night’s game was just as lopsided, too.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Might as well have some.


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There’s offense. And then there’s offense.

Yeah, scoring is up across the board in college football this season.  But even in that context, Arizona State running 105 plays, gaining 626 yards of offense and losing by 35 is insane.


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