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College football recruiting… how does it work, exactly?

The Herm Edwards experiment is rolling right along.

Oh, and to what should be nobody’s surprise…

Yeah, this is gonna end well.



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If you haven’t been keeping up with the Herm Edwards experiment at Arizona State…

… it’s going just about as you might expect.


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Flag on the play

Maybe the stupidest officiating call of the postseason was the decision to eject Kentucky running back Benny Snell during the Music City Bowl.  Given the nature of the world we live in, that’s led to the next level of stupidity, threats made against the Pac-12 official who threw out Snell.

Almost as stupid, though, is the finger pointing and shrugging off going on in the wake of all this by the Pac-12 and the SEC.

The harassing calls began to die down until last week, sources said, when a letter from Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart to the Pac-12’s vice president of officials, David Coleman, critical of Coyte and his crew was made public by the Lexington Herald-Leader, which reported it obtained the letter through an open records request.

When contacted by ESPN for comment regarding Barnhart’s letter, the Pac-12 made it clear it felt his decision to reach out directly to Coleman was a break from protocol.

“We’re happy to discuss the matter with the SEC,” the Pac-12 said in a statement. “We’re particularly sensitive about this issue because our officials have received threats and we are concerned about their safety.”

In separate statements to ESPN, Kentucky and the SEC both expressed a similar belief that there is not an outlined protocol for how to elevate these concerns.

“We are not aware of any protocols for this kind of situation,” the Kentucky athletic department said in its statement. “We made contact with the Southeastern Conference office and made them aware of our concerns. We expressed those concerns to the SEC and to the Pac-12 office.”

Added the SEC: “The University of Kentucky expressed its concerns about specific instances related to officiating in the Music City Bowl to both the SEC and the Pac-12 offices. There has been no universal protocol related to communicating concerns about post-season bowl games. The SEC has no further comment on this matter.”

“There has been no universal protocol related to communicating concerns about post-season bowl games.”  Well, whose fault is that, genius?

There is an obvious solution to an obvious problem — nationalize officiating, standardize training and inject some real accountability into job performance.  This isn’t rocket science.  It just takes some effort and resources coupled with a sincere commitment to improve the work on the field.  Um… well, for college football, maybe that is rocket science.


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This is going well.

I haven’t written as much about the impending train wreck that is Arizona State under Herm Edwards as I probably should, but get a load of this.

Really, what could go wrong?


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“So we have differing opinions, thanks for playing.”

Meet Oregon state representative Bill Post, politico, Duck fan and general douche nozzle.


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Yeah, this is gonna work.

They went out and hired a guy who hasn’t been a coach in years and hasn’t been in college football for decades.  And that’s not even the strangest part of Arizona State hiring Herm Edwards.   The official announcement is.  You read it and tell me what that means; I don’t have the first clue.

If I had to guess, it’s an attempt to run a college football program like an NFL franchise, which is the kind of thing you can see being dreamed up by a guy who’s a former NFL executive and agent who previously represented Edwards.

I’d fervently hope this whole stupid exercise goes down in flames, but I really don’t think I need to make the effort for that to happen.


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Past their bedtime

Here in Georgia, we celebrate every September game that’s not played under a noonday sun.  Meanwhile, across the country, folks in Washington are unhappy their Huskies are playing so many night games now.  Go figure.

There is one thing in common we both share.  You only get one guess about that.


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