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You don’t have to be lonely at the Rose Bowl.

How can you not love Stanford’s band?

If I were an Iowa fan, I would have appreciated the halftime distraction. Any halftime distraction.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Been a while since I’ve stocked up the breakfast bar.

  • Does anyone believe Larry Scott when he says, “Very, very low on the totem pole is what’s best to get a team in the playoff.”?
  • Herbie runs his mouth again, apologizes..
  • James Carville says it’s time for a fan bill of rights.  Not gonna happen.
  • Continuing problems with the Neyland Stadium turf?  I’m shocked, shocked to hear that.
  • SEC Network’s Dari Nowkhah on the media’s preseason love for Auburn:  “But we believed the hype about Jeremy Johnson. We believed the hype about Will Muschamp.”  Well, whose fault is that?
  • Miami goes with a search committee and a search firm in its hunt for a new coach.  Nice belt and suspenders approach there.  At least the AD will have plenty of people to blame if the hire flops.
  • Further evidence that the people running college sports have no clue how to manage a dollar:  University of South Carolina president Harris Pastides said the school’s decision to pay Steve Spurrier for the remainder of his current contract year even though Spurrier resigned mid-season was made at least partially out of concern that it would end up having to pay him an even greater amount of money.
  • Gosh, you’d think winning a national title and playing for another one this decade would make Auburn fans less grumpy than this.


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The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

One of my favorite bits from Dan Wolken’s “Dysfunctional Georgia” piece from a couple of weeks ago was this stellar list of worthies that “Georgia could and should pursue, according to multiple people in the industry”:  Jimbo Fisher, Dabo Swinney, Mark Dantonio, David Shaw, Jim Mora, Gary Patterson and James Franklin.

This is how one of those coaching studs reacted last night during a loss to Washington State.

I would pay good money to see/hear Greg McGarity’s reaction to a coach trying that on him.

Maybe Wolken needs to find some new insiders.


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Sometimes, it pays to stay up late.

If you didn’t stay awake for the Stanford-UCLA game, you missed this:

And check out David Shaw’s reaction.



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“We support all our coaches 100 percent until they’re not our coaches.”

I’m no fan of Junior, but even I thought this was a little cold at the time:

Haden fired Kiffin hours after the game, when the team arrived back in Los Angeles at 3 a.m. Kiffin was called off the team bus that was preparing to head to campus from Los Angeles International Airport and taken to a small room inside the terminal where Haden told Kiffin he was being dismissed.

Yeah, that’ll humble a guy.

But Haden managed to top that with his abrupt firing of Steve Sarkisian.


The amazing thing is that Pat Haden, who hired Sarkisian who hired and fired both of them, not only still has a job, but the confidence of his boss.

That should come as a real comfort to the next guy Haden hires.


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“You must be a lot better at learning football than you are at math.”

This is probably going to come off sounding a lot more critical than I mean for it to be, but it’s kind of amazing that Georgia can’t fix on a starting quarterback in half a year’s time, while Oregon’s found one in two weeks.


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He’ll be here all season, folks. Try the veal.

Honestly, given the constant pressure in coaches’ lives to enjoy any semblance of normality, I’m surprised we don’t hear more of this kind of stuff generally.


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