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The opposite of “Anchor Down”?

Apparently, this is what passes for a catchy slogan at Arizona State these days.

“Forks Up”?  Sounds like people getting ready to attack their dinner. Was “Fork You” already taken?



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Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Oregon fired its head coach yesterday.  Given that Mark Helfrich was just two years removed from coaching in a national championship game, the move had a real SEC flavor to it.

But Oregon managed to elevate the situation with some first-class dickishness. Check out what the school sent out yesterday.

Nice.  I’d throw out some “stay classy, Oregon” advice, but that train appears to have already left the station.  If there were any justice, that would chill the bidding for Helfrich’s replacement, but let’s face it — the Ducks can throw enough money around to make anybody swallow their qualms about that.


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Today, in athletic department leadership

Oregon football’s fallen off a cliff since Chip Kelly left, finishing 4-8 this season.  You’d think the fate of its head coach would be front and center right now for the AD, but Stewart Mandel suggests he’s got bigger fish to fry.

I have no idea if that’s meant to be comforting, but if I’m Mullens’ boss, and things really are in limbo coaching wise, I think I’d be making a polite suggestion about looking into conference calling.


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Where there’s smoke…

Evidently Mike Leach isn’t the only Pac-12 coach having issues with Todd Graham’s sportsmanship.

Oregon coach Mark Helfrich wouldn’t specify what tactics the Ducks would use to keep the Arizona State Sun Devils from stealing signs on Saturday.

Last year the Ducks brought large white sheets to Arizona State and lined their sideline with them, hoping to obscure the view of the Sun Devils’ play signalers. Helfrich wouldn’t say if Oregon would be using those again this weekend.

“We’ll hopefully have something as effective this year,” he said.

Maybe they’ll fine the sheets.


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Misery will always love company.

So let me extend my hearty condolences to all Stanford fans out there.  Getting rolled like that isn’t pleasant.  We should know.

And after I was so nice to post about their offensive line (which, admittedly, was pretty offensive last night).  Don’t I feel foolish now.

On the other hand, maybe it’s my fault for being jealous.  Um… did I mention how impressed I am with Josh Dobbs?


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Damn, I’m jealous.

A Shakespearean tribute to Stanford’s offensive line — as a Georgia fan, aren’t you jealous, too?


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Coach knows best.

The Pac-12 announced its concerns about time demands on student-athletes yesterday, and while the cynic in me was ready to brush those aside as same old, same old (and even so, let’s not forget it’s just talk at this point), I was genuinely surprised to see the conference make this admission:

In that same vein, based on the conversations that Scott and his staff had with athletes, the Pac-12 report included a set of “important learnings applicable to future development of rules and policies on time demands.” Some of those are unsparing.

The conference acknowledges: “Academic sacrifices are being made. It is not uncommon for student-athletes to be forced to change their majors due to practice and competition schedules, either because they cannot schedule the classes and other requirements they need, or they cannot keep up with their academic demands due to their sport’s time demands. Student-athletes are also discouraged from taking certain majors from the outset due to their athletic demands. …”

“Many athletes told stories of changing majors, sometimes well into their academic careers, and not being able to graduate on time due to their sport’s time demands.”

Boy, I bet there are some irritated coaches this morning.  Doesn’t Larry Scott understand the way the real world works?


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