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“So we have differing opinions, thanks for playing.”

Meet Oregon state representative Bill Post, politico, Duck fan and general douche nozzle.



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Yeah, this is gonna work.

They went out and hired a guy who hasn’t been a coach in years and hasn’t been in college football for decades.  And that’s not even the strangest part of Arizona State hiring Herm Edwards.   The official announcement is.  You read it and tell me what that means; I don’t have the first clue.

If I had to guess, it’s an attempt to run a college football program like an NFL franchise, which is the kind of thing you can see being dreamed up by a guy who’s a former NFL executive and agent who previously represented Edwards.

I’d fervently hope this whole stupid exercise goes down in flames, but I really don’t think I need to make the effort for that to happen.


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Past their bedtime

Here in Georgia, we celebrate every September game that’s not played under a noonday sun.  Meanwhile, across the country, folks in Washington are unhappy their Huskies are playing so many night games now.  Go figure.

There is one thing in common we both share.  You only get one guess about that.


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The best player of 2017 is someone you probably haven’t heard of.

Bryce Love is having a ridiculous year at Stanford, rushing for almost 200 yards per game and averaging better than ten yards every time he carries the ball.

Yet that’s only the second best average in the Pac-12.

At the top is this guy.

Think about that stat for a minute.  Think of all the great players that have run through that conference just in the last 20 years.  (Southern Cal had two Heisman Trophy winners in its backfield at the same time.)

Tate leads the country in yards per rush, at 13.42.  He’s thirteenth in total rushing yards, despite only playing in six games.  He’s also rushed for eight touchdowns.

That’s impressive in and of itself, but it’s only half the story.  Because of the way passing stats are kept, he hasn’t played in enough games to be ranked (he will after the next one), but if he were, his passer rating of 187.54 would be good for third nationally and his 11.7 yards per attempt would lead the country.

Remember how exiting those Rich Rodriguez’ offenses are when he’s got a great quarterback to run them?  Well, that’s what he’s got now.  You may have to stay up late to catch his act, but you ought to try to do so.  Tate is an absolute blast to watch.


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You know, when you put it that way…

Yeah, Larry Scott is a dick.  That’s callous even by Jim Delany standards.


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ESPN has met the enemy.

And he is… Chris Petersen?

I didn’t take Petersen’s comments as a direct criticism of ESPN whatsoever — he seemed to be speaking generally about the situation and never uttered those four letters.

“We apologize for these late games,” Petersen said. “And I’d also like to reiterate it has nothing to do with us or the administration. We want to play at 1 o’clock.

“It hurts us tremendously in terms of national exposure. No one wants to watch our game on the East Coast that late, and we all know it.”

*** Herbstreit does an excellent job as a fair and reasonable advocate for the sport in all corners of the country. But his response to Petersen — he “should be thanking ESPN” — went far beyond what seemed necessary.

Kneel before Zod, Petersen.

It didn’t stop with Herbstreit, either.

No wonder Washington fans took umbrage with this during last night’s broadcast:

This cropped up during the broadcast of the UW game:

This was an especially nice touch.

No doubt Petersen already senses that this is a game he can’t win…

… but for his sake, he’d better hope that Washington’s case for the CFP is unassailable, because he’s not gonna get any help from Mickey.


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Well, East Coast teams are hip, I really dig those games they show.

Shorter Chris Petersen:  Live by the conference network, die by the conference network.


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