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Finebaum homers

Saying the quiet part out loud here:

“Alabama has Southern Cal in the first game, whether that game comes off we don’t know. They have to go to LSU, but I think you’re right, LSU has missed too many pieces. I think you’ll have a really good season, they could win 10 or 11 games, I don’t think they’ll win the championship. And then they have Auburn and home, and we’ll probably have to face Georgia again Georgia is the nemesis.”  [Emphasis added.]

Yeah, Georgia’s gonna be a tough opponent for you, Paul.


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The master at work

This is the trolling equivalent of a reverse 4½ somersault in the pike position.

Following up those comments, Finebaum was then asked which program has more momentum heading into the 2020 season, Florida or Tennessee?

“I think it’s Tennessee, because they’re coming from so far back,” Finebaum answered. “And I don’t mean to diminish Dan Mullen, I mean his program is already there. His program right now is right behind Georgia nipping at Georgia’s heels trying to take over, so momentum is an interesting word to use.”

Please don’t try that at home, kids.  It takes years of practice to refine your shit lobbing skills to an elite level like that.


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Will no one think of the poor talk-show host?

Pity the PAWWWLLL!!!.

“So what do you do every day? And the answer is, I don’t know. But one thing I do know is you can’t get too hung up on your normal (sports stories). Now it’s really a matter of hearing from people and trying to find the story of that moment and let emotions be heard. … You have to throw out the template — I don’t really care where Tom Brady goes in free agency right now.”

Finebaum predicts the college football season will kick off as scheduled, probably because he dreads the possibility that it won’t even more than we do.


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Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel…

Please, Gawd, no.

Paul Finebaum is negotiating with TV networks about a sitcom based on his life; such a move would see him leave ESPN and SEC Network.

Okay, I guess that’s both good news and bad.  It’s a shame “Just Shoot Me!” was already taken as a title, though.


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PAWWWLLL!!!, just askin’.

Finebaum has been in his typical stir the pot mode this week, focusing on whether 2020 could be Florida’s year to win the East.

The chef’s kiss touch is whether that’s because Georgia’s “window”, whatever the hell that is, has closed.

He’s going to be a real treat at SEC Media Days this year.


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“The guy just can’t keep his trap shut.”

If we refer to the Florida-Tennessee match as a meteor game, what should we call the Finebaum-Swinney dust up?


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TFW you’re concerned Alabama’s not getting enough love

Gee, I wonder what happened.


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PAWWWLLL!!! flinging poo

Funny, I hear people say the same thing about your show.


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Today, in concern trolling

I don’t know what the opposite of a national treasure is, but whatever it is, PAWWWLLL!!! qualifies as one.


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TFW your hot take doesn’t age well



Now, leave the goddamned bottle and go away.


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