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Trolling a troller

This week on Finebaum:  does Eddie Gran not calling the next Herschel Walker’s number in overtime make him a bad playcaller, or the worst playcaller ever?



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Now he’s just trolling us.

Somehow, I think even Phyllis from Mulga knows the correct answer to this one.


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Your concern is duly noted.

Oh, FFS, Chip.

Now that the Paul Finebaum drama has been settled, the SEC can get on with kicking off the college football season like it does every year.

“Now that the Paul Finebaum drama has been settled” is either weak snark or a lame take on reality.  Outside of Finebaum’s coterie and ESPN’s suits, there aren’t ten people in the world who give a rat’s ass about where PAWWWLLL!!! broadcasts his next show.


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At least he didn’t predict Jake Bentley would win the Heisman.

Now that Finebaum’s got a new deal with ESPN (sigh), it looks like we get the old PAWWWLLL!!! back.

Yeah, I know, on one level, who really gives a shit what a former Gamecock thinks about his team’s chances against the Dawgs, but I do think a steady drumbeat of this kind of stuff makes Kirby’s job keeping his team on its toes going into its first conference game on the road easier.  Thanks, PAWWWLLL!


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From the credit where credit is due department:  Finebaum conducts an excellent interview with Mohammed Massaquoi that’s well worth a few minutes out of your day to watch.

For what it’s worth, of all of Massaquoi’s great moments at Georgia, the play I always come back to when I reflect on his career is the huge catch he made in the 2008 Kentucky game to set up the winning score.  Georgia was losing late, in part because of two fumbles by Massaquoi on the previous possessions, but Stafford went right back to him on this play (dial the clip up to the 4:45 mark to watch):

That was a money play and he wasn’t going to be denied.


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You know it’s a slow offseason when…

Dan Wolken posits that “Paul Finebaum’s potential departure is biggest storyline in the SEC as media day nears”.

And, yes, he’s being serious.


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Brer Fox, please don’t throw us in the briar patch.

If this isn’t a “go ahead and make my day” kind of threat, I don’t know what is.


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