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Mark Richt may be gone…

… but the spirit of Kirk Herbstreit at ESPN lives on.

Smart isn’t doing anything 99% of the other coaches in America already do, but only at Georgia is it an absolute disgrace.

Get a grip, people.  Wait, it’s ESPN and Finebaum – what am I thinking?


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“And Coach Richt, he’s been like a game out of that.”

Dial the clip here up to the 1:10 mark and listen to Finebaum ask Spurrier if he was surprised that Mark Richt was fired.


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“Everything is not lost except Georgia’s pride and manhood.”

This is what you get when you lose badly.

I hope the coaches read some of that shit to the players… and then go back and read it to themselves.  Maybe a little shame will help reclaim some of the focus that was sadly lacking Saturday.


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Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…

Shit’s gettin’ truly weird.

… and Richt looks like he knows it.


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The genius of PAWWWLLL’s schtick

What I appreciate about this piece at that details the reactions on the Finebaum show to the fragile vessel that is Auburn football today is the way it mixes opinions from sage pundits like Bruce Feldman with the keen insight from regular joe callers like Charles from Reeltown in a way that makes them all sound as if they’re on the same level.

Although I’m not sure what that says about whom there.


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There’s nothing like a big loss to bring out the best in people.

Okay, so Saturday wasn’t a good day in Alabama.  How do I know?

Well, they’re writing open letters to Junior.

Kirk Herbstreit, of all people, gets in a Twitter bitch slap fest with The Blind Side’s Leigh Anne Tuohy.

Auburn?  Well, there’s…“Tammy is next.”

One can only imagine what’s in store if ‘Bama actually loses in Athens in two weeks.


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Eh, what’s a little terminal disease between friends?

PAWWWLLL’s audience is living down to expectations today, I see.

But one Auburn fan phoned took his displeasure over the top, calling in to Paul Finebaum’s daily radio show and comparing defensive coordinator Will Muschamp to cancer.

Hey, he can’t say bad things about Agent Muschamp.  Only we can say bad things about Agent Muschamp.


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