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“The guy just can’t keep his trap shut.”

If we refer to the Florida-Tennessee match as a meteor game, what should we call the Finebaum-Swinney dust up?


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TFW you’re concerned Alabama’s not getting enough love

Gee, I wonder what happened.


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PAWWWLLL!!! flinging poo

Funny, I hear people say the same thing about your show.


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Today, in concern trolling

I don’t know what the opposite of a national treasure is, but whatever it is, PAWWWLLL!!! qualifies as one.


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TFW your hot take doesn’t age well



Now, leave the goddamned bottle and go away.


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Today, in utter horseshit

No, no, a thousand times no to this…

Times like this remind me why I dislike ESPN so intensely.


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Your Daily Gator doesn’t impress PAWWWLLL.

Nice offseason you’re having, Florida.

“Especially in the wake of two or three months of bad news,” Finebaum said. “The first half of the year they were on a roll. They had a good recruiting class, maybe overhyped a little bit, but it was momentum building. But really ever since all the back and forth with Georgia, it’s almost as if bad karma struck the Gators. But they have had nothing but attrition, players in trouble, players bailing out. They did pick up the linebacker from Georgia, but it’s really been a calamity of bad news and really crippling because their schedule is so difficult. This is a game that pretty much everyone, except for delusional fans from the U, has as a win.”

And here’s your basic one-sentence dismissal.

“You go up and down the roster, I don’t see how they match up to Georgia, that’s really the issue,” Finebaum said.

My, how things have changed.


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