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Is Dabo really that smart?



I mean, there’s general smart and then there’s “smarter that Finebaum’s audience” smart.  I know Dabo’s cleared the latter low bar.  Aight?



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Out of the mouths of national title-winning babes

Trevor Lawrence realizing that PAWWWLLL!!! is an asshole and Finebaum’s finding his hot topic until the season starts is a win-win for both, I suppose.


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“I believe they can.”

Either Nick Saban hasn’t been showing PAWWWLLL!!! enough love lately, or Finebaum needs something new to stir the rubes calling in before the season starts.

“Is this the year in Georgia is going to kind of take this the next step?” McFarland said. “We’ve been saying that Kirby smart recruiting like Nick Saban, he’s right there, they had Alabama. But guess what? They haven’t beaten them. So my question, Paul, as we get this started, can Georgia finally get into the conversation and win the big game?”

“I believe they can,” Finebaum said. “And I guess I have faith in the coaching staff and especially the roster. And I want to ask you about that because a lot of people next week are going to point especially to that offensive line. Obviously, (running back D’Andre Swift) is pretty amazing, (Jake Fromm’s) had a great career, is that roster good enough?”

… During an appearance on SportsCenter this week, Finebaum also listed Georgia as his pick with the potential to end Alabama and Clemson’s reigns atop of the college football world. The Crimson Tide (2015 and 2017) and Tigers (2016 and 2018) have combined to win the past four national titles. The teams have also met in the last four College Football Playoffs, with three of those matchups coming in the final game of the season.

“I think it’s Georgia,” Finebaum said. “And that’s a predictable prediction. But to me, Georgia, Alabama and Clemson are in a class of their own. Those are the three best teams in the country. I’ve had some experts argue that Georgia’s talent per se might be better than Alabama; certainly not at quarterback. But I think overall their offensive line is fantastic, and missing some components at wide receiver because of attrition and suspension, but overall this is Kirby Smart’s best team.”

Or, there’s the three-dimensional chess spin on that take:  Finebaum doesn’t really believe what he’s saying and plans on ragging Smart even harder next offseason when the Dawgs come up short again.

Is it August 31st yet?


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Finebaum is such a card.

Yeah, this is gonna cost ‘Bama big time.

Funny, man.

As far as Arkansas and Tennessee go, simply being in the bowl discussion would be a refreshing change of pace, so I don’t think they’ll mind if somebody brings it up.


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A day in the life

Scene:  inside the production studio of The Paul Finebaum Show, a camera tracks down a hallway into Finebaum’s office 30 minutes prior to the opening of the day’s show.

Finebaum is relaxing in a chair, reading a dog-eared copy of Sartre’s Being and Nothingness, a half-drunk glass of Cognac and a smoldering Cohiba cigar by his side.  He puts down the book, sighs and looks outside his room.

FINEBAUM:  Hey!  Anybody out there?  What have we got planned for the rubes today?

Anonymous smug staffer strolls in, bemused.

ASS:  No worries, boss.  Some of us were banging a few ideas around and came up with this to post on social media while your show is on.

FINEBAUM:  Excellent.  The Mullen pounding has run its course for now.  Getting the Saban and Smart groupies worked up is good timing.  Let ‘er rip.

ASS:  Thought you’d like it, boss.

FINEBAUM:  You still here?  Did I invite you to stay?  And close the door behind you.

ASS:  Er, sorry, boss.

ASS backs out of room, leaving Finebaum to reach for a sip, a drag and his book.  Fin.


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Alex, I’ll take “it’s the money, stupid” for $200.

Really, somebody at ESPN thinks this is a mystery?

“A Sartre-reading intellectual”?  Oh, blow me.


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“I believe it’s the hottest rivalry in the SEC right now…”

If, by “hottest”, PAWWWLLL!!! means “the one I can do the most shit-stirring about”, I agree with him that Georgia-Florida qualifies.

“I think there’s a sense at Florida that they are gaining and literally breathing down Georgia’s neck, that’s been promoted by Dan Mullen, and I’ve heard it,” he said. “Georgia fans are like, ‘are you kidding me?’

“It’s like you’re at the company picnic on July 4 and a fly lands on your barbecue, and you shoo it away — that’s how I think Georgia fans feel about Florida.”

And for that we, including Finebaum, have Dan Mullen to thank.

“I was in Mullen’s office a couple of weeks ago and that’s all he wanted to talk about, he showed me the three (national championship) trophies, asked me the last time Georgia got one, and it was on,” Finebaum told DawgNation. “It reminded me of 20 years ago when Steve Spurrier would try out SEC Media Days material when guys like us would call him to shoot the breeze in May and June.”

“He was just very cocky and arrogant about everything, like last year didn’t happen, and the year before when he was at (Mississippi) State,” Finebaum said, referencing Smart’s domination in the head-to-head meetings with Mullen.

“I don’t know if (Mullen) necessarily believes that they are that close, but he wants his people to believe it, and based on what I hear every day, Florida fans believe it,” Finebaum said.

I have to say it’s certainly been an entertaining offseason for this blogger.  Half the Florida fan base seems to be slitting its collective wrists over the way Kirby has owned Mullen on the recruiting trail, while half appears to be… well, traditional Gator fans.

“They believe because they dominated in the 1990s, Mullen has enabled Florida to believe that they are back.”

It’s gonna be a spicy Cocktail Party this November.


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