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Look who’s serving the rat poison du jour


The ESPN personality also gave his thoughts on who the best program in the country is.

And fresh off a national championship and 15 players selected in the 2022 NFL draft; Finebaum believes Georgia holds the crown.

What Thursday really was, ended up being the final cherry on top of the cake for Kirby Smart and Georgia. I mean, it was a defining moment for Georgia’s program — as the national championship was — but this confirmed it. … It’s remarkable and I think, now, hopefully, people will give Kirby Smart the credit that he deserves as a builder and as a developer — and, obviously, as a head coach.

Finebaum also noted players such as Justin Fields, Cade May and Jermaine Johnson III that transferred out of Athens; but still walked through those turnstiles at one point.

It’s hard to argue, after this past weekend, that Georgia doesn’t have the best overall program in the country — and I’m not talking about a moment in time, the winner of the championship. Too often, we do that. I’m talking about — look at who has the best program in college football right now. You can make an argument it’s the University of Georgia.

Gotta make sure he’s got fresh fodder for the ‘Bama fans who call into his show, I guess.


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PAWWWLLL!!! has some advice for Kirby Smart.

No, really.

Georgia football aims to defend its national championship by running things back with Stetson Bennett at the quarterback position. The Bulldogs will likely have to get by Alabama once or twice to win another national title, and Bennett would have to play a big role in that. Kirby Smart’s quarterback still has some skeptics, including Paul Finebaum.

“They are not my favorite — Alabama is,” Finebaum said Monday of the College Football Playoff, when asked about Georgia’s spring game this past Saturday, on WJOX-FM’s Cubelic and McElroy. “And I think they are clearly the (SEC East) favorite to get to Atlanta, but again, I’m basing a lot on Saturday — which I try never to do. But I think they’re a legitimate top-four team, maybe top-five. But do they have the weapons? And you laid out a really good case — I think, offensively, they do. Defensively is another question.

“And I think the Bennett conversation is going to go on and on and on. And I know, Greg, you got a much better insight than I did, having been there. But regardless of what Kirby Smart says, I think there is still going to be the chatter — it may not be legitimate chatter, but it is still chatter. And I would advise Kirby Smart to quit trying to defend Stetson Bennett.”

You’ve got to love the whole “I’m basing a lot on Saturday — which I try never to do” vibe there.  Who knew Finebaum was into G-Day QBR?

I’m sure Kirbs will take all that deeply to heart.


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Kirby Smart, PAWWWLLL!!!

Don’t think you’ll hear anything earthshattering here, but have at it:


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Always be click baitin’.

You know you’re in the presence of keen insight when you see Finebaum cited to get the rubes going.


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But Stetson, PAWWWLLL…

Hmm… I guess we won’t be the only ones checking G-Day QBR this year.

Stetson Bennett is expected to begin the season as the quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs, but ESPN’s Paul Finebaum isn’t convinced quite yet. Bennett led Georgia to a national championship last season, and then decided to come back for another season. Now, Bennett needs to continue playing well in this weekend’s spring game to keep a hold on the starting Georgia quarterback job.

Finebaum said that if Bennett plays poorly in Georgia’s spring game, it could create a lot of questions for Kirby Smart in the Bulldogs quarterback room.

“It’s Georgia. I’m really curious about the quarterback situation,” Finebaum said. “I know that there will be a lot of blowback, but I continue to worry for Stetson Bennett. He had the storybook ending, he decided he wanted to come back, and I have my doubts whether this will be a vintage season for him just because of a number of circumstances. So yeah, I’m watching that because if he stumbles in the game and Beck or another player look really good, then I believe that debate will start and create angst and anxiety for Kirby Smart in the offseason.”

Can’t have that.

If Stetson needs to feed that chip on his shoulder, it sounds like he’ll have plenty of sources for that.


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Here Finebaum is now, CFP. Entertain him.

Watch Finebaum try to thread the needle between being a complete SEC fanboy and bitching about how the possibility of playoff expansion has been set back because of bad blood between Sankey and the Alliance.  It’s hilarious.

He’s so flummoxed by the situation that, even has he advocates for expansion, he can’t help but acknowledge there usually aren’t even four teams in a given season worthy of national title consideration.

The conferences want the money expansion brings and the pundits want the increase in talking points.  If they have to trash the status quo a little to get there, so be it.  What more do we need, college football fans?


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Greatest moral victory evah!

Finebaum is “officially” recognizing Tennessee as finishing 8-5 this season.

That and five bucks should get your typical Vol fan a burger and large fries at their neighborhood Dairy Queen.  LOL.


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“The media didn’t get Dan Mullen fired. Dan Mullen got Dan Mullen fired.”

With an assist, according to Finebaum:

“This is just my theory and Steve [Spurrier] can shoot it down tomorrow. He’s welcome to. I think Spurrier was involved in this,” Finebaum said about Mullen’s firing on The ESPN College Football Podcast. “Scott Stricklin lives across the street from Steve Spurrier. Spurrier hangs out with Stricklin in the [press] box all the time, they’re close.

“The Spurrier wing of the party had had enough of Dan Mullen. They didn’t like his attitude, they didn’t like his quirkiness. They didn’t like the way he berated assistant coaches in front of others. And it rubbed them the wrong way. That much I can tell you. I’m not saying Steve Spurrier pulled the trigger but I sincerely doubt this decision was made without Steve Spurrier’s blessing.”

If the Evil Genius had a hand in canning our favorite Gator coach, that’s another reason to dislike him.  Also, WTF is “The Spurrier wing of the party”, anyway?


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PAWWWLLL, how the turntables have turned.


Jerome from Birmingham called in to “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Monday in a hysterical state. Mighty Alabama had fallen, and the sky would soon follow.

“We live in the moment, and right now my (dang) moment ain’t good!” Jerome shouted, a feeling shared by many Alabama fans.


I’m old enough to remember when Finebaum asked that question about ‘Bama.


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PAWWWLLL, still in

Man, Finebaum continues to hammer the Georgia love.

“… I think Georgia is primed. I think this is the best Georgia team that Kirby Smart has had. He had a really good one his second year. Let’s say they get past Clemson — and I would predict that they’re going to. They have a couple of other games that matter. They have Florida, of course, and then they have the likely Alabama game. I think they can get to the playoff, even by losing to Clemson. But of course, that’s not going to happen.”

Why do I feel like I’m being set up?


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