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Sunday afternoon buffet

Eh, why not?


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Phil Steele’s Spring Guide

You’ll find the link here to his thirty-six page feature.  There’s plenty of good stuff to chew over, including a listing of “SEC – Returning Starters, Last Years Rankings & Stats” (the only team with better balance than 2014 Georgia was Alabama, and Georgia returns one more starter from the offense/defense than does the Tide) and his 2014 Postseason All-SEC team.

Hey, it’s March.  It’s not like you’ve got much else to occupy a little football time right now.


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Wednesday morning buffet

A warm buffet for a cold morning.


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Baby, even the losers…

Since we’ve had a little underachievers chatter on one of the comment threads this morning, you might find this Phil Steele blog post timely.

Only five teams were favored in every one of their games this year: Oregon (15), Alabama (14), Marshall (14), Georgia (13) and Oklahoma (13).  [Emphasis added.]

Let’s give thanks to Big Game Bob.

The biggest underachievers were (lost more games than they were favored to win) were: Oklahoma (favored to win 13 games, won 8) Pittsburgh (favored to win 10 games, won 6) and Akron (favored to win 9 games, won 5)


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2015 returning starters

Phil Steele has what is probably a way-too-early list for the SEC programs here.  It’s going to be subject to adjustment, obviously, as we start to hear about early entrants for the NFL draft, but it still gives some indication of who next year’s more experienced teams may be.

The other thing to keep in mind is the-rich-get-richer factor.  ‘Bama may be losing starters, but it subs liberally and it’s not like what’s waiting in the wings isn’t talented.


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Tuesday morning buffet

It’s getting closer.  So eat.


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Saturday brunch buffet

Slide up and load a plate.

  • Fans get to vote on where the Goodyear Blimp shows up opening weekend.  Georgia vs. Clemson is one option.
  • Groo has some thoughts about the Star position.
  • Phil Steele, the New York Times and conference predictions.
  • Paul Myerberg has Auburn at #9 on his preseason preview list.  (He thinks Kansas State is more likely to beat the Tigers than Georgia.)
  • It sounds like Ramik Wilson’s coaches are trying to send him a message.
  • John Sununu thinks it’s time to tax college athletics.
  • It’s a sign of what people think of the NCAA that some thought Oklahoma’s request for a waiver for Dorial Green-Beckham to play this season might be approved.  It wasn’t.
  • Think there’s much of a talent gap in the ACC?  One conference coach does: “According to one ACC coach, FSU is so stocked with talent across its depth chart that he believes about half the league’s teams do not have one player who would start for Florida State this year based on what he’s seen on film.”


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