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The Lord giveth.

Remember this minor kerfuffle over Richt’s brother-in-law?  A real threat to the Republic, that was.

Welp, Casey Cagle’s using it to raise money to run for governor.

You see, Cagle has apparently begun organizing his 2018 campaign for governor. Around saving religion and college football. At the same time.

Here’s the headline of the fundraising letter that’s hitting mail boxes in his name: “Don’t Let Atheists Ban Georgia’s Football Chaplains.” The text includes these paragraphs (emphasis in the original):

An out-of-state group, “The Freedom from Religion Foundation,” has sent threatening letters to several Georgia universities demanding the schools dismiss their football team chaplains.

‘Murica, people!

Although if it works, maybe McGarity ought to look into using it to raise a few more bucks for the reserve fund.


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PAWWWLLL, Jeb ain’t played Alabama.

It always amuses me when politicians think they can get away with stuff like this.


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Be careful what you wish for, coaches.

My theory about how coaches feel about the issues roiling the NCAA and schools right now – primarily amateurism and unionization – is that the coaches don’t oppose the players’ interests out of a lack of sympathy (Dabo Swinney’s “they’re lucky to be here” attitude notwithstanding), so much as they don’t relish the potential threat to their control resolution of these issues might pose.

So that, plus what’s probably a lack of general understanding or attention to the issues, is probably why you don’t hear coaches dismiss the need for an antitrust exemption for college sports.  Judging from a comment from Wisconsin chancellor Rebecca Blank, maybe they should brush up on the issue.

Blank, chancellor since 2013, has given the issue of coaches’ salaries a good deal of thought — and she offers a radical fix.

“Coaches are being paid, especially in a couple of big sports, increasingly like professional leagues,” she says. “It immediately raises the question of, ‘Why aren’t your athletes being paid similarly?’ If I could redo this, I would try to get some sort of antitrust exemption here and say, ‘We run a college sports program — and college sports programs are different. And we do have the right to cap salaries, given the salary levels that exist elsewhere around the university.’

“And the expectation is that these students are students, as well as athletes, meaning it is not a for-profit program. People who want to make those kinds of salaries need to be in professional sports. I’m a losing voice on that right now. … I don’t think anyone believes it’s going to happen.”

Although she expresses an attitude that’s been expressed before by college administrators, Cheek isn’t exactly a tyro when it comes to economic issues.  She was acting secretary of commerce in the Obama administration and holds a doctorate in economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Coaches aren’t the only people who like control, you know.


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Monday morning buffet

Don’t tell me you’re full.

  • Damn, people.  I know your mammas raised you better than this.
  • The commissioners don’t like fantasy football, so they’ve decided to do… something “The federal government has determined, for the moment, that it’s not gambling,” Scott said. “But the NCAA has taken a position that we can set the rules and we don’t support it. So that’s where we’ve drawn the line.”  Line drawing, for the win!
  • Jeb! comes to Athens Saturday night, boldly predicts Georgia will win the SEC East.  I’d say he might have lost the South Carolina vote there, but after the way the evening went for the ‘Cocks, I doubt those folks would argue with him now.
  • Here’s a look at how reporters across the SEC feel they’re treated when it comes to being granted access.  Georgia comes off pretty decently, at least in context.
  • It’s never good when people start writing open letters, Gamecocks.
  • Amateurism – it’s not just for revenue sports.
  • Amateurism – when not paying some of the help frees up more money to pay the other help.
  • One check down away from perfection.


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“Eleven in the morning? I’m not even done throwing up by then.”

An Alabama state legislator, bless his heart, offered a state Senate resolution to encourage college football teams to stop scheduling games with kickoffs before noon.

“I think going forward it’s important that the managers of the universities across this state start to consider the fans,” Pittman said from the Senate podium. “The reason for this could be two fold. For one, Auburn doesn’t play well before noon.”

He’s a Republican, so you can see there are limits on freedom! even for those folks.

Really, it’s amazing how much time they’ve got on their hands.  Must be paradise over there.


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I can’t say I’m a big fan of Marco Rubio, but he’s right about FSU fans getting righteously indignant about him doing a little trash talking on sports radio.

Besides, FSU’s president gets the win in the end, anyway.

“He’s a nice kid. I’m sure he’s frustrated by his low standing in the polls, which I believe could be a reflection of where he got his education.”

Ouchie ouch.


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This ought to be great for game day traffic.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate tailgating in Athens during election years?


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