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Shooting match

Greg Sankey isn’t happy, people.

Greg Sankey made the SEC’s official position on a potential new Mississippi gun law very clear on Wednesday.

According to a letter Sankey wrote to the leadership of Mississippi State and Ole Miss on Wednesday, league opponents likely “will decline opportunities” to play at each school  if proposed gun legislation turns into law for the state of Mississippi.

More specifically,

Given the intense atmosphere surrounding athletic events, adding weapons increases meaningful safety concerns and is expected to negatively impact the intercollegiate athletics programs at your universities in several ways. If HB 1083 is adopted to permit weapons in college sports venues, it is likely that competitors will decline opportunities to play in Oxford and Starkville, game officials will decline assignments, personal safety concerns will be used against Mississippi’s universities during the recruiting process and fan attendance will be negatively impacted. When similar laws have been introduced in the past, the SEC office has received clear statements of concern from our member universities due to safety concerns associated with the passage of such laws intended to allow weapons at our athletic events and sports venues.

You may think that means the SEC is anti-Second Amendment.  You’d be wrong.  Sankey’s not making a political statement.  Sankey’s anti-liability.  He’s making the only kind of statement college sports administrators make seriously.  He doesn’t want his league getting sued by a shooting victim.

Arkansas backed down in the face of similar pressure.  It’ll be interesting to see if the Mississippi legislature does, too.  It’ll be even more interesting if they don’t.



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“But I don’t think the people of Mississippi would want to lose the SEC over this.”

Mississippi legislators ask themselves the tricky political question about whether their constituents are more passionate about Southeastern Conference football or packing heat at football games.  Tough call.


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Today, in PC gone amuck

While it galls me in the extreme to even partially agree with the stylistic rantings of Clay Travis here…

… (I qualify with “partially” because “MSESPN” is a loaded term and because, regardless, it wasn’t the network as a whole making the argument, just one network shock jock) I can only say that having an issue with “Fighting Irish” is one of the more irrelevant takes I can imagine.  And I ain’t no Notre Dame fan.  Move on, idiot.


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Chilling the bidding

In case you were wondering how soon it would be before the recently passed changes in federal tax law would have an impact on college athletics, check out John Chavis’ salary as Arkansas’ new defensive coordinator.


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In for a penny…

Sure, why not?

If there are a bunch of UCF fans willing to spend on this — they don’t call ’em “vanity plates” for nothing, you know — why shouldn’t the state step up and separate them from their money?  Somebody’s gonna.


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Now can I make fun of him?

Then again, maybe it’s just Trump’s genius way of getting traffic out of downtown Atlanta.


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Today, in nudge, nudge, wink, wink

Revel in the convenient fiction of politicians at the Rose Bowl who believe they “attended the game at the invitation of the University of Georgia with the understanding that no taxpayer funds were expended.”


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