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“Eleven in the morning? I’m not even done throwing up by then.”

An Alabama state legislator, bless his heart, offered a state Senate resolution to encourage college football teams to stop scheduling games with kickoffs before noon.

“I think going forward it’s important that the managers of the universities across this state start to consider the fans,” Pittman said from the Senate podium. “The reason for this could be two fold. For one, Auburn doesn’t play well before noon.”

He’s a Republican, so you can see there are limits on freedom! even for those folks.

Really, it’s amazing how much time they’ve got on their hands.  Must be paradise over there.


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I can’t say I’m a big fan of Marco Rubio, but he’s right about FSU fans getting righteously indignant about him doing a little trash talking on sports radio.

Besides, FSU’s president gets the win in the end, anyway.

“He’s a nice kid. I’m sure he’s frustrated by his low standing in the polls, which I believe could be a reflection of where he got his education.”

Ouchie ouch.


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This ought to be great for game day traffic.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate tailgating in Athens during election years?


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“We have to claim those championships. It’s the law.”

Don’t ever change, Auburn fans.


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Oh, wait. You people were serious about that?

The city of Birmingham pledged $500,000 a year in support for UAB football, but neglected to include that amount in its just passed budget, because, according to Birmingham Finance Director Tom Barnett, the city had not anticipated that it would need to deliver on that promised funding so soon.

Too bad you can’t spend bullshit.  Oh, yeah, along those lines…

The UAB football program still has the mayor’s support, the finance director said.

As the cliché goes, that and five bucks will get you a mocha latte at Starbucks.


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Whatever makes you feel good, podnah.

You knew this had to be coming.

For what it’s worth, from Ole Miss to Steve Spurrier, there isn’t a coach or a program in the SEC that wants to be linked to the Confederate flag nowadays.  So the suggestion that “the SEC as a body should join the chorus” of protest against the flag flying in Columbia is a day late and a dollar short, pal.  If Spurrier’s condemnation of the symbol didn’t move the necessary hearts and minds in 2007, I doubt it’s gonna have any more effect today.

Although I do wonder what would happen if a protest movement against student-athletes signing with Clemson or South Carolina cranked up and had an impact.


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Friday morning buffet

Here’s something to help fuel you through the last working day of the week:

  • 247Sports thinks Georgia’s on course for a whale of a recruiting year in 2016.  Of course, that was before this news broke.  Which is why I don’t spend time speculating on recruits until they’re signed, sealed and delivered.  Your mileage may vary, of course, which is what keeps the recruiting services in business.
  • Insert “Mark Richt has lost control” snark here.  (And no, there isn’t a Herbstreit reaction to the news I can point you to.)
  • Jim Harbaugh isn’t going to listen to you badmouth the United States of America.
  • If you don’t think the Alabama-Georgia game is going to be crazy enough already, Michael Carvell points out that that’s the most attractive home date for Jacob Eason to take his official visit.
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill wants colleges to continue to make improvements in the way they handle sexual assault accusations against athletes.  Look at the bright side, schools:  at least somebody in Congress is paying attention to the way you run your athletics!
  • Brian Schottenheimer is a big fan of Nick Chubb.  Smart man.
  • And Georgia has added a 22-year old linebacker with an interesting backstory as a walk-on.


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