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All the time in the world

Those of you who insist that Georgia needed that open records law to avoid being overwhelmed with the hardship of providing information… well, maybe you can explain what’s so tough about this.

The Georgia football team has agreed to host East Tennessee State in 2020, according to a memorandum of understanding that was signed earlier this year.

East Tennessee State will be paid $550,000 for the game. The day of the game is to be decided, and due to be finalized by Dec. 1, 2018.

The memorandum shows that East Tennessee’s athletics director signed the memo in May – UGA athletics director Greg McGarity’s signature is undated – but the memo was not released until Friday. It was in response to a request for scheduling contracts made by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on July 18. UGA is using the full 90 days the state legislature gave it to respond to athletics-related requests, starting in July.

Man, I can only imagine the mad scramble that went on behind the scenes to put that together for the media’s satisfaction.  A flock of staffers frantically trying to lay their hands on the raw data.  Days, stretching into weeks, as the information was studied, analyzed, correlated and organized into an effective presentation.

To put all that together in a mere ninety days without the athletic department’s regular business grinding to a halt?  Wow.  Somebody deserves a bonus.

Or, it could just be that Greg McGarity doesn’t want to tell anyone his business until he has to.  I know which answer Occam’s Razor suggests.  It’s too bad Occam won’t be getting a ticket to see Georgia play in the SECCG, though.



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“They got 90 days for no good reason.”

Pity the poor McGarity.

Last spring, UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity complained that UGA’s athletics department had to work through mountains of records requests, almost 100 in the past four months. I called Atlanta police. They get 4,000 a year. And they answer in three days. McGarity did not respond to my request to talk.

He’s too busy winning.


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Special teams and the offensive line may not be working well…

… but that effing Open Records law is hitting on all cylinders.

The University of Georgia is taking full advantage of the new open records law for athletics passed by state legislators after football coach Kirby Smart discussed with them the “difference” in play at his new program with competitors…

Among information requested the school’s Division of Marketing & Communications has not responded to yet under the new law except to acknowledge receipt of the request:

• A Sept. 5 request for the latest multimedia rights deal for Georgia athletics with IMG College and JMI Sports. The Sports Business Journal reported the school signed a 10-year contract. Georgia would not provide the financial arrangement of the deal that runs through 2026 without going through open records. The school made an average of $11 million a year under the previous contract.

• An Aug. 13 request for any communication about Alabama football graduate transfer Maurice Smith with the Southeastern Conference, Alabama or Smith and/or his family. In a much-publicized case, the SEC granted a waiver for Smith to play immediately for Georgia. He is a starting defensive back.

• A July 5 request for the amount of money Georgia spent to recruit College of Southern Idaho basketball transfer Pape Diatta who signed with the school. Assistant coach Jonas Hayes travelled to Senegal to visit the player’s mother. Asked in October if he could estimate how much a trip like that cost, head men’s basketball coach Mark Fox said: “I’m going to guess it probably cost $1,500. He just flew there. I think he did get a hotel room just to take a shower but he was only there, not even for 24 hours.”

My only question is where is the national championship Casey Cagle promised us when the bill passed.  I mean, they’re winning, aren’t they?


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Gloria Johnson is the worst Tennessee coach ever.

This is how you go negative with political ads in Urnge Country.


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We don’t know our ass from a hole in the ground.

It’s times like this I’m reminded of Randy Newman’s great song, “Rednecks”.

By the way, can anyone from Wisconsin explain why the rules ban wearing a mask into the stadium, but not so once the mask is inside?


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College lives matter?

Interesting quote here:

Washington State receiver Gabe Marks provided a thoughtful response when asked why there are fewer college football players involved in the protest movement started by Colin Kaepernick.

“College football players are more, if you could believe it, they’re more of a number than NFL players are even. You know what I mean?” Marks said. “The NCAA and schools kind of like can monitor everything that college athletes do. Twitter and stuff like that. It would be kind of scary if you are a college athlete and you tried to take a stand and then the athletic director or something like that, or your coach comes and says, ‘Hey, what are you doing? That’s super un-American,’ or something like that.

“You’d probably be scared of the consequences that could be enforced on you at that point and a lot of guys in college and in the NFL don’t really want to get into the trouble of it, you know what I mean? Because it’s a pretty big stance you take and there’s a lot of backlash that comes with that. Kids don’t want people hating them, let’s be honest. A grown man has more of a ability to be just like ‘Whatever, I believe what I believe in.'”

Leverage and control, baby.  That’s what college football is all about.  And that’s why what happened at Missouri last year generated the reaction it did.


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Gun Owners’ lives matter.

Really, this is just awesome.  Damned control freak head coaches…


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