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Today, in PC gone amuck

While it galls me in the extreme to even partially agree with the stylistic rantings of Clay Travis here…

… (I qualify with “partially” because “MSESPN” is a loaded term and because, regardless, it wasn’t the network as a whole making the argument, just one network shock jock) I can only say that having an issue with “Fighting Irish” is one of the more irrelevant takes I can imagine.  And I ain’t no Notre Dame fan.  Move on, idiot.



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Chilling the bidding

In case you were wondering how soon it would be before the recently passed changes in federal tax law would have an impact on college athletics, check out John Chavis’ salary as Arkansas’ new defensive coordinator.


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In for a penny…

Sure, why not?

If there are a bunch of UCF fans willing to spend on this — they don’t call ’em “vanity plates” for nothing, you know — why shouldn’t the state step up and separate them from their money?  Somebody’s gonna.


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Now can I make fun of him?

Then again, maybe it’s just Trump’s genius way of getting traffic out of downtown Atlanta.


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Today, in nudge, nudge, wink, wink

Revel in the convenient fiction of politicians at the Rose Bowl who believe they “attended the game at the invitation of the University of Georgia with the understanding that no taxpayer funds were expended.”


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Today, in we get the politicians we deserve

Honestly, you can’t make this shit up.

A Washington Post column about Republican attitudes toward colleges on Friday includes an anecdote about Louisiana state legislators allegedly threatening funding for LSU if any player took part in the “take a knee” protests during the national anthem…

In the column, which ran under the headline “Why do so many Republicans hate college?,” writer Catherine Rampell describes a dinner in New York last month that “about a dozen” college presidents attended. Rampell introduces the LSU anecdote as an example of “showdowns with peacocking, publicity-stunting politicians.”

She writes: “A group of Louisiana legislators recently threatened to further slash public higher-ed appropriations — already down 43 percent per student since 2008 — if any student football players took a knee during the national anthem, according to Louisiana State University President F. King Alexander. (The threat was withdrawn after Alexander reminded lawmakers that LSU players traditionally remain in the locker room during the anthem.)”  [Emphasis added.]

I guess they’re too busy before the game getting liquored up in the club level to notice.


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“America needs Nebraska to win.”

A United States Congressman actually wrote this crap.

It is about respect for the Cornhuskers and their culture of excellence. It’s about our big, corn-fed linemen, our hard-nosed backs and our tradition of receivers who actually block. We help give America a sense that guts and determination, tradition and honor, still matter.

The only thing I needed from Nebraska was the Oklahoma rivalry and that was tossed aside for a bigger paycheck.  Some culture you got there, big guy.


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