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The players may be amateurs, but the government ain’t.

This sounds like a real kick in the nuts.

Ordinarily, nonprofits don’t pay federal taxes on their income – and that includes most colleges. But under the Senate’s tax bill, royalties generated by nonprofits based on their names and logos will be taxed. It could be a large hit to universities with popular athletic departments that generate lots of money through merchandise sales…

The government expects to collect $2 billion over 10 years with the provision.

Damn it, schools work hard to keep that money all to themselves.  Doesn’t the Senate realize Uncle Sam’s name isn’t on the front of the jersey, either?



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Old times there were not forgotten.

Not that anyone in the SEC negatively recruits or anything, but if I were chasing a prospect who was interested in Ole Miss, I’d damned sure put this in front of momma.  Just sayin’.


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Everybody loves a winner.

Hey, I thought we weren’t supposed to be mixing politics and sports.

A few decades ago, Georgia candidates would throw barbecues and fish fries to entice crowds, but these days the promise of a free meal isn’t as tempting. That’s where football games — and the allure of throngs of people on a fall Saturday — proves irresistible.

“You know there’s going to be thousands of people already there. You know you’ll be able to energize your volunteers. And you know you’ll have a chance to reach a wider audience,” said Charles Bullock, a UGA political scientist who has written extensively about Southern politics. “You don’t have to drum up the crowd — all you have to do is parachute in.”

Just leave my tailgate alone and we’ll be fine.


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“Marge, get me our Congressional lobbyist on the phone. Right now.”

Buried in the tax bill introduced in Congress today is a provision guaranteed to send chills up and down the body of every athletic director and school president in America.

Dat’s right — as Dupree explains, “The tax break that people can take advantage of when purchasing season tickets for college athletics would be repealed under the GOP plan.”

Bricks are being shit as you read this.


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Shelley Meyer is pointed to and stared at.

You had to know letting yourself get painted into a corner equating Colin Kaepernick and Aaron Hernandez wouldn’t be a good look.

Bless your heart.  Maybe the next time your hubby warns about the perils of social media, you ought to listen.  In the meantime, I’m sure a lot of his players appreciate your thoughtful sentiment.


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And here we go…

I’m not surprised that several University of New Mexico football players knelt during the national anthem at halftime of their game against Air Force, becoming the first college football players to do so.

What I am surprised about is that somebody decided to have the anthem played at halftime, despite both head coaches agreeing not to do so.

Normally, college players are still in the locker room when the national anthem is performed before games. But because of weather-related delays both before and during the game, the anthem was not played prior to the opening kickoff. Instead, it was played at halftime, which was reduced to five minutes. Because of the reduced length of the halftime period, both teams stayed on the field rather than returning to the locker rooms as normal.

Lobos coach Bob Davie said he hadn’t been made aware that the national anthem would be played at halftime, let alone that any of his players would choose to kneel.

In fact, he said, he and Air Force Troy Calhoun had agreed that no national anthem would be played at all.

“I’d like to have the opportunity to visit with our players, talk about what our stance would be, unified as a football team,” Davie said. “I kind of got shocked by that.

“I wouldn’t want to judge or have too much of a critique, at least speaking from my standpoint, as far as a total football team. Because in fairness to them, I never really talked to them about it.”

It’s almost like somebody couldn’t stand leaving well enough alone.


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Friday morning buffet

If you’ve got an appetite, dig in.


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