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Mr. President, please don’t throw the NCAA in the briar patch.

Shorter NCAA Division I Board of Directors chairman Nathan Hatch:  If Congress and the POTUS give our schools permission to continue to do the same unlawful shit the courts are telling us we can’t, I suppose we’ll just have to put up with it.


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Wednesday morning buffet

As you’ll see, it’s never too early to assess the 2015 season.


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The “Coalition to Save College Sports” – from what?

It sounds like Division 1 college athletics has hit upon its message to the federal government:  we’d love to fix every problem you see in college sports, but first you have to get that Jeffery Kessler fellow off our collective asses. And it sounds like at least somebody is sympathetic.

However, Moran said that getting the NCAA and its member schools to go along with the idea is critical.

“The NCAA has to buy into this,” he said. “It’s got to, or it’s not going to work. (A commission) will not be able to impose a list of reforms without NCAA concurrence.”

Moran also said that the prospect of granting some type of anti-trust protection to college sports “clearly has to be addressed. I don’t think you can ignore that – in return for some reform. That has to be part of the discussion.”

“AD’s and university presidents are very much of a mind that (creating a commission) is the right thing to do except for (those at) the few schools that control a substantial amount of the revenue” generated by college sports, Moran said.

Oh… you mean the ones that stand to profit the most from an antitrust exemption.

Yeah, this is going to end well.  Just remember to say you’re doing it for the kids, alright?


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Sunday morning buffet

Lotta green in today’s buffet…

  • Somebody thinks Dan Mullen has emerged as the lead guy in Michigan’s head coaching search.  “Both sources said to me that with Dan, it’s not about being the highest paid coach in his state / conference/ whatever (which is more important to some coaches than many people understand), what drives Dan is his desire to win a national championship.”  You know what we here at GTP say when somebody claims it’s not about the money.
  • Georgia may be in the hunt for one of the kids at UAB who’s now a free agent.
  • Speaking of UAB, the financial fall out from cancelling football may have already begun.
  • In less than two years, Auburn has increased its coaching staff by at least 46.5 percent.  Easy to do when you don’t have to pay the labor.
  • And Boom hits the recruiting trail, with a contractual limitation:  “A clause in Muschamp’s contract (he was fired following his fourth season as head coach) does not allow him to recruit players Florida has focused on unless Auburn has done the same.”
  • This is just awful.  It’s a different world out there, isn’t it?
  • Hugh Freeze didn’t just negotiate a big pay bump for himself with Ole Miss.  The salary pool for his assistants will increase by at least 25 percent.
  • Corch may be a dick, but he’s right about this one.  And that’s only gonna get worse as the playoffs expand.
  • Yes, Condi Rice brings a special kind of gravitas to the selection committee.


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“You can’t squeeze all that sausage into the sack.”

The BCS may be gone, but Representative Joe Barton is back.  And he’s got news for you, College Football Playoff – the only good postseason is one that allows as many schools from his home state of Texas to participate as possible.

Barton specifically cited concerns about how TCU – which has its campus near Barton’s congressional district, in Fort Worth – fell out of the playoff rankings despite closing out its regular season with a blowout victory.

“TCU was in third place the week before, won by 52, and fell from three to six,” Barton said. “Either they weren’t really the No. 3 team the week before, or something other than performance on the field determined who made that fourth slot.”

Barton also shared a novel idea for an expanded playoff system that would virtually ensure his alma matter, Texas A&M, a spot every year.

Best way to get ‘er done?  You can guess.

“The system as they have it now is going to fail every year,” Barton said on the ESPN/ABC News podcast “Capital Games.” “… There’s going to be a few teams left out. So they need to go to at least eight teams, and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they went to 12 – with first-round byes – or to 16.”

The more, the merrier. And that’s not all he’d like to fix.

While he praised the expertise and integrity of one particular selection committee member with ties to the political world – former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice – Barton said he wants a broader committee, with members more directly tied to the college football world.

“In my humble opinion, I’m more qualified,” Barton said. “I’ve got no problem with her being on the committee. … It would be a little bit better to have somebody that had actually played football, or been associated [with it]. But if you can’t have that, people like Condoleezza Rice are fine.”

This is the guy, mind you, who once famously apologized to BP after the Gulf oil spill.  Obviously, he’s a Congresscritter to be taken seriously.  But at least his opinion is humble.  And he’s rarin’ to go.

“We’ve got a lot on our plate next year, but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to do a hearing or two,” Barton said.

Oh, well.  It’s not like Congress is going to be doing much of the people’s work in the near future, anyway.

There’s one potential fly in Joe’s ointment, though.

The President, who was on the show to talk about his initiative, was an early advocate of adding a college football playoff.

“It was the right thing to do,” he explained, “and I suspect it’ll end up being eight teams, and that’ll be just about right.”

Collin responded by calling the President greedy.

“No, I’m just saying then Baylor and TCU wouldn’t be as aggravated as they are,” Obama explained.

Oh noes!  The Kenyan usurper is on board!  Could the eight-team playoff be a secret Marxist plot?  Will naked self-interest trump Joe’s patriotic partisanship?  I think we all know the answer to that, but stay tuned for more fun and games.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Oh, there’s something here you can try…


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Way to go, college athletics.

As I feared, you’re on the verge of letting the camel’s nose into the tent.

To paraphrase Gordon Gekko, greed is good, but only to the extent you can keep the government out of your business.

Maybe the NCAA ought to replace Mark Emmert with a Wall Street banker.


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