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Man, I never saw this take coming.

Randy Edsall.  Or, should I say, Randy Edsall!!!

I had to read that three times to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding.  I guess there’s still the possibility of sarcasm, but, damn, of all the people urging market compensation for student-athletes, Randy Edsall wouldn’t have been close to the top of my list.  Weird.



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Kids, freedom ain’t free.

In case you were wondering, Randy Edsall is still a dick.  His insight about proposed changes to the NCAA’s transfer rules is everything you might expect:

“They always said when you sign the national letter you are signing with that school, you’re not signing with the coach,” Edsall said. “We all understand that’s really not the case. What will happen if [too much transfer free agency] goes into effect, the Power Five schools and some other schools will create a college department.

“They’ll just watch film of all the other colleges. See if there are guys they like and then they’ll go back through a high school coach or somebody and say, hey, we’d like to have him. Word would get back and that kid would want to transfer.”

“It upsets me a little bit to hear people say coaches can leave anytime they want, too,” Edsall said. “Yeah they can, but they have contractual obligations. They have to pay a buyout or somebody does. The kid signs a contract with the NCAA, they’re getting their scholarship for free. If there’s no penalty to sit out a year, what good is the national letter of intent?

“The problem with the NCAA is they get scared anytime anybody says ‘Sue.’ That’s the problem. Everybody in this society does. Then sign [athletes] to a four-year contract. If they break it, then they have to sit out a year.”

“… they’re getting their scholarship for free.”  Wut?  That quote isn’t far off from Edsall sitting in a recliner, drinking a beer, watching Fox News and bitching about all those lazy bastards on welfare.   This is the mindset of a guy who will spend his golden years yelling at kids to get off his lawn.

The reason he’s upset about it?  Hell, he’s probably worried about kids who play for him for a couple of seasons realizing what they’ve gotten themselves into.


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Best knee game in the business

UConn had to scramble to come back in the fourth quarter to beat Holy Cross last night, but don’t let it be said that Randy Edsall isn’t a master at preparation.  Here’s what he had his guys working on late in the game:

Evidently it worked.  They managed to run the clock out from there.

Let’s face it:  Edsall is a tactical genius.


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What’s that definition of insanity again?

Oh, yeah.  Randy Edsall.


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“He doesn’t have too many fans left in the locker room.”

Rumor has it that Randy Edsall will coach his last game for Maryland this Saturday, barring an upset of sizeable proportion (UM’s on a run in which its three losses have come by an average score of 40 to 11).

What’s noteworthy about it is the contractual maneuvering leading up to the season.  Edsall got his contract extended for three years, ostensibly to enhance his position in recruiting, but…

… just $500,000 of the $7.5 million was guaranteed money; by firing Edsall before his original deal ends Jan. 15, 2017, the school will have to pay him for the remainder of this season and an additional $2.6 million: $2.1 million for next year’s salary and that half-million buyout.

As votes of encouragement go, that was kind of a mixed message.

Even though Maryland’s going to be shelling out some major dollars on the buyout, it doesn’t sound like it had much of a choice, financially speaking, as boosters had begun withholding donations.

Still in the process of raising funds for its $155-million football facility, low booster morale was making it difficult for the school’s fundraisers to elicit donations. With this year’s team looking like it will struggle through the remainder of the season, negativity mounting and players grumbling, Maryland officials decided the situation was untenable and accelerated their plan to remove Edsall.

“No donor I know is happy,” one source told IMS after Maryland gave up 42 second-half points in a 48-27 loss to Bowling Green on Sept. 12. “None of them were happy with the game, Edsall, or the direction of the program. Haskins may well save his job for this year, but no donor I know is happy.”

That ain’t good.  Neither is this.

Maryland’s team held a players-only meeting prior to the Michigan loss and intentionally kept Edsall out of the loop, resulting in his admission he was unaware of the meeting. The message, per sources, was to play for pride against Michigan, but it wasn’t a rally to save their coach’s job.

“It was, ‘It may be his program but it’s our team,” a source with knowledge of the meeting told IMS.

Sure seem to be a lot of people willing to talk behind Edsall’s back.  I wonder why that’s so.

Off the field, he’d also earned praise for improving the program’s academic standing and avoiding off-field issues — along with the aforementioned recruiting class next to arrive next year. And for the most part, sources said, the current players like Edsall personally. But he lost their support with his program-wide rigidness — at times he’s taken names off jerseys and banned baseball caps, ‘do’ rags, untrimmed facial hair and earrings in efforts to stifle selfish individualism — along with his refusal to play more aggressively and tendency to blame them for losses.

Hokay – a likeable enough guy who blames his players for losing.  Randy Edsall’s gonna Randy Edsall… right out of a job.


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Meteor coaching rivalry

Randy Edsall vs. James Franklin:  oh, it’s on, bitches.



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Tuesday morning buffet

The buffet table is cranked up and ready to go.

  • Ouchy ouch“Let’s just say Brian VanGorder worked out better as Georgia’s defensive coordinator than he did at Auburn.”
  • Chris Brown breaks down Nick Saban’s breakdown of three plays during his stint at ESPN yesterday.
  • Randy Edsall may not like players transferring, but he’s down with them getting paid.
  • Georgia Tech’s top two receivers have eight career catches between them.  Their backups are redshirt freshmen.  That’s how the genius defines quality depth, I guess.
  • Brace yourselves – Tennessee is coming out with new uniforms this season.
  • According to Steele, if a team had 32 or more starts lost to injury the prior season, they improved or had the same record the next year on 80 out of 102 occasions for an 78.4% success rate.  Georgia lost 33 starts last season.
  • Here’s an attempt to rate coaches factoring in a program’s financial resources.


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