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Get me outta here, Coach.

Well, this answers one question.

Yes, even for a tight end, there are worse places to be than Georgia Tech.


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Today, in great moments in contract negotiations

I know there’s no shame in college sports, but whoever was responsible for putting the atrocity that is Edsall’s contract together really should be ashamed of themselves.


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You get what you pay for.

Connecticut lost to South Florida yesterday, running its record to 1-6 (the loan win coming against a 4-3 Rhode Island squad), but that didn’t stop Randy Edsall from making bank.

Surprisingly, no mention is made there of holding the opposing team under forty points for the first time all season (yes, including Rhode Island).  I guess Randy’s contract will have to be renegotiated in the offseason.  Can’t let that low fruit hang, amirite?


UPDATE:  Shit, I thought I was kidding.


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If you made a participation trophy into a coaching contract…

… it would look something like this.

$2g to score first, or lead at halftime?  What’s next, a thousand not to have offsides called on the opening kickoff?

I continue to marvel at athletic directors’ gullibility.


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Man, I never saw this take coming.

Randy Edsall.  Or, should I say, Randy Edsall!!!

I had to read that three times to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding.  I guess there’s still the possibility of sarcasm, but, damn, of all the people urging market compensation for student-athletes, Randy Edsall wouldn’t have been close to the top of my list.  Weird.


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Kids, freedom ain’t free.

In case you were wondering, Randy Edsall is still a dick.  His insight about proposed changes to the NCAA’s transfer rules is everything you might expect:

“They always said when you sign the national letter you are signing with that school, you’re not signing with the coach,” Edsall said. “We all understand that’s really not the case. What will happen if [too much transfer free agency] goes into effect, the Power Five schools and some other schools will create a college department.

“They’ll just watch film of all the other colleges. See if there are guys they like and then they’ll go back through a high school coach or somebody and say, hey, we’d like to have him. Word would get back and that kid would want to transfer.”

“It upsets me a little bit to hear people say coaches can leave anytime they want, too,” Edsall said. “Yeah they can, but they have contractual obligations. They have to pay a buyout or somebody does. The kid signs a contract with the NCAA, they’re getting their scholarship for free. If there’s no penalty to sit out a year, what good is the national letter of intent?

“The problem with the NCAA is they get scared anytime anybody says ‘Sue.’ That’s the problem. Everybody in this society does. Then sign [athletes] to a four-year contract. If they break it, then they have to sit out a year.”

“… they’re getting their scholarship for free.”  Wut?  That quote isn’t far off from Edsall sitting in a recliner, drinking a beer, watching Fox News and bitching about all those lazy bastards on welfare.   This is the mindset of a guy who will spend his golden years yelling at kids to get off his lawn.

The reason he’s upset about it?  Hell, he’s probably worried about kids who play for him for a couple of seasons realizing what they’ve gotten themselves into.


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Best knee game in the business

UConn had to scramble to come back in the fourth quarter to beat Holy Cross last night, but don’t let it be said that Randy Edsall isn’t a master at preparation.  Here’s what he had his guys working on late in the game:

Evidently it worked.  They managed to run the clock out from there.

Let’s face it:  Edsall is a tactical genius.


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