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Reading a few recruiting tea leaves

Sorry to disappoint some of you, but this post is about the eventual shape of Georgia’s 2018 class, and not what some individual recruits may be doing.  Anyway, Jeff Sentell focused on a comment Jim Chaney made to a Texas receiver Georgia is pursuing…

The Georgia class seemingly has about as much room as a Sam Pittman offensive line class in a Prius, but Bush said he has heard otherwise.

“He basically said that after Dec. 22 they were probably only recruiting four guys and I was one because he doesn’t have my size in this class,” Bush told DawgNation.

… and drew the following conclusions:

  • Georgia’s class is indeed wedged like the top of a Pittman OL board into a Prius.
  • There is room for Bush.
  • Taylor also is scheduled to make his decision known Dec. 22. The majority of the 2018 early targets for UGA all plan to make their decisions known Dec. 20. It was very interesting phrasing.
  • DawgNation has been pointing to a 24-man class for 2018 for quite some time. If that is the true limit for the class, then the staff does indeed plan to have about 18 to 20 members signed up into #Rarebreed18 by the end of the early signing period.

24 has been the number I’ve heard, but I’m not sure how cut and dried that is.  For starters, I’m uncertain about how many early enrollees will be counted against the 2017 numbers.  (I’ve heard anywhere from one to three).  I also don’t know how many kids currently with scholarships will still have them by next August.  If Kirby has learned everything about roster management from the master, I suspect that number will ultimately be a factor driven by how large a 2018 class he wants to sign.  (Besides a couple of candidates for medical hardships, you have to figure Roquan elects to turns pro, while Patrick has little choice but to follow suit.)

For now, I’d figure the class finishes anywhere from 24 to 28, with the likelihood that Georgia emerges from February over the 85-man limit, followed by a slow and steady attrition all through the summer until Smart hits the magic 85-man limit.  What are your thoughts?



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After gaining Trey Hill’s verbal yesterday, Sam Pittman was doing a little crowing.

If the thing I’m most ecstatic about in the transition from Richt to Smart is the improvement in overall roster management, a close second is a subset of that, the focus on building a dominant and deep offensive line.  The vision for that may be Smart’s, but the implementation belongs to Pittman, who’s done a masterful job in two seasons on the recruiting front and is probably a year ahead of schedule in terms of seeing results on the field.

My only regret is wondering what somebody like Gurley could have done behind an offensive line like the one Pittman is building.  But that’s water under the proverbial bridge at this point.  I’ll happily settle for grinning back at Coach Pittman.


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“I passed my test. I’m ready to hit the road.”

When it comes to hiring head coaches and judging which side is best able to negotiate terms, I’m a big believer is studying the tea leaves for leverage.  Sure, a coaching job is coveted, but some jobs are more desirable than others.  Kirby and his agent did an excellent job wringing a level of support from an athletic department that had a track record of stinginess; you won’t convince me that was due to anything other than that McGarity was negotiating from a level of relative weakness.

Now, turn your lonely eyes to Knoxville, where Jeremy Pruitt is just beginning to embark on his journey as Tennessee’s new head coach.  Given the debacle of the Vols’ coaching search, as well as Jimmy Sexton’s obvious gifts for negotiation, it’s easy to assume that Pruitt came out on top.

Easy, though, may not be right in this case.  Dial up this clip to the 2:20 mark (h/t AirForceDawg) and listen to what Phil Fulmer’s been up to since he got his man:

Yep.  Phil Fulmer — Fulmer the AD, not the coach — is actively recruiting again.  I wonder how that’s sitting with Pruitt.  (Well, actually, I don’t wonder all that much.)

I’m really looking forward to watching this relationship pan out over the next two years.


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“So we have differing opinions, thanks for playing.”

Meet Oregon state representative Bill Post, politico, Duck fan and general douche nozzle.


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2014 > 2013

Seth Emerson has a nice story about how Georgia’s 2014 signing class has proven to be the polar opposite of the incredible shrinking class of 2013.

They were part of a signing class that was considered modest, at least by SEC standards. It had been cobbled together by a staff in flux: Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham had left a month before signing day, replaced by Jeremy Pruitt, who was joined by three new assistants.

“We’re all working toward one common goal,” then-offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said on signing day, 2014. “And that’s to get back to Atlanta.”

Bobo, Pruitt and almost every staff member are long gone. But in the class’ fourth year, that modest signing group is the backbone of the team that got Georgia back to the SEC Championship Game.

Eight out of Georgia’s starters are members of the 2014 class. That includes the star tailbacks (Chubb and Michel, who ended up being two of the three most prolific rushers in program history), the best offensive lineman (Isaiah Wynn), the center (Lamont Gaillard), a 50-game starter who could still tie or break the program record for interceptions (Dominick Sanders) and Lorenzo Carter, one of the emotional leaders on the defense.

If Richt deserves blame for the fallout from having almost an entire signing class disintegrate — and, boy, does he — then he also deserves a little credit for setting up Smart with a nucleus of players who have the talent and the heart to make something special out of this season.  (The effect of that Grantham to Pruitt transition shouldn’t be underestimated, either.)  That’s not to take anything away from Smart, who, after all, is the one who’s taken the talent and molded it into Georgia’s first divisional champs in five seasons.  But if you’ve got to go out, better to do it with a recruiting success story than not.


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Quarterbacks are like beer. You can never have too much.

Michael Elkon makes an excellent point in this piece about quarterback depth in the SEC East.  It backs up in another way why I can’t be bothered with taking sides in an Eason vs. Fromm debate.

Basically, if you’re a Georgia fan, what’s important has never been which of the two should start.  It’s been what kind of boat Georgia would be in now if Eason had gone down without Fromm being on the roster.

Which is kind of why I won’t care about the next round of debates should Justin Fields show up next season.  Just sayin’.


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Kirby’s got one problem with the venue.

And I can’t say I blame him.

“I think it is what it is. The biggest disadvantage to me is the recruiting aspect. I’ve always said you lose a great opportunity once every other year, and you figure in your state you’re going to have a hundred top players,” Smart said. “Every four years they’re in high school, there’s two opportunities to bring them to a big game, to an environment that would be second to none. You lose that opportunity. You don’t get that opportunity. They also lose that opportunity. So, the both of us, if anything, that’s the impact. I don’t think it’s an impact on the outcome of the game. I don’t think it’s an impact on anything other than the fact you lose an opportunity, a good chance to recruit prospects and have them on your campus.”

Sounds like something he needs to take up with his boss.  It’s certainly one of the more inexplicable decisions B-M has made.  To have one of college football’s unique experiences and not allow your coaching staff to sell it to recruits makes no sense to anyone except someone who would prefer not to have to bust ass in Jacksonville.


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