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Georgia recruiting: good, but not good enough?

I urge everyone who’s ever made the comment that “based on recruiting, Georgia ought to be in the hunt for championships regularly” to read this post by Bud Elliott.

Yes, based on the number of blue chippers Richt has signed over the last four classes, Georgia is an élite recruiting program.  But, as this chart illustrates…

Blue chip % Odds to make Playoff
Alabama 77 +190
USC 70 +340
Ohio State 68 -350
Notre Dame 67 +600
LSU 61 +550
Florida State 60 +260
Michigan 59 NL
Auburn 56 +350
Texas 55 NL
Texas A&M 54 NL
UCLA 53 +600
Georgia 51 +450

… there are four other programs in the SEC that have recruited at a higher level.  And Florida would have been a fifth, except for its very recent fall off.  You may notice that, with the exception of TAMU, those are the schools that have been crowding Georgia out of what some of you see as its natural birthright.  Maybe that’s a coincidence, though.

This would seem to reinforce the background chatter I was hearing upon Pruitt’s arrival about the Georgia roster’s relative lack of strength compared to some of its conference rivals.  So perhaps the lesson to be taken from this is that before we rip the coaching staff up for things like lack of preparation, dumb play calls at key times or lack of fire in the head coach on the sidelines, we ought to keep our eyes on the prize.

In other words, it’s the recruiting, stupid.


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“I think (recruits) are going to start asking (about cost of attendance).”

Man, according to the data Jon Solomon’s gathered, there’s a whole lot of manipulation of numbers going on.  And the coaches know it.

“There are some SEC schools that have a really high cost of attendance even though they’re in a relatively small town, so I’d like to see the formula that they’re coming up with,” said Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez, whose school has one of the lowest COA amounts ($1,602) in the FBS.

Said Oregon coach Mark Helfrich, whose school’s COA ($2,382) is among the lowest in the FBS: “I’ve seen a few of the numbers. It’s an interesting number. The people that can control it, there are some ways you can manipulate the system. It will be another clear battle (in recruiting).”

Ohio State, college football’s defending national champion, has the fourth-lowest COA in the Big Ten among public universities ($2,970). “It’s wrong, it’s wrong,” Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said of the varying numbers by school. “That needs to be fixed. Whoever came up with that ruling, it’s wrong. That needs to be a standardized (number).”

Well, if you mean a number set by the NCAA, that would be illegal, Corch.  But, whatever.

But I do think something Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick offers makes sense.

… Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick, whose private university has one of the lowest COA figures in FBS, believes schools should provide recruits with disclosure statements explaining every element in a proposed scholarship.

“Like when you buy a car, there ought to be a simple, federally-mandated disclosure form that says here’s what it is,” Swarbrick said. “One reason cost of attendance numbers are different is because figures embedded in other elements of the scholarship are different. You could have a different meal plan. If I only provided you 10 to 12 meals a week, your cost of attendance is higher. If you provide a 17-meal plan, it doesn’t impact your cost of attendance.”

I will bet you most kids have no clue how to make sense of that right now.  Of course, that means there are probably plenty of schools out there that would prefer not to shed any light on this.


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“He has been all-in with UGA from the get-go.”

You know what the best part is about the news that Jacob Eason will sign his financial-aid papers with Georgia on Friday?

Now the media can ask Richt and Schottenheimer if Eason will be the starter in 2016.  Good times!


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Dawgged pursuit

I guess you could say Jeremy Pruitt sees something he really, really likes in Rico McGraw.

“Coach Pruitt was the first person to ever offer me while he was at Alabama,” McGraw said of the former Alabama secondary coach who saw McGraw after his freshman season at a 7-on-7 camp in Tuscaloosa. “When he made the transition to Florida State, he offered me there. I always wanted to play for coach Pruitt. …One day I finally decided to follow my heart and I ended up here with coach Pruitt.”

It’s nice to be wanted.


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Now, this is how you negatively recruit.

Either Rashan Gary’s mom’s football knowledge is penetrating enough that she could have a job as a football analyst, or somebody on the recruiting trail has done an excellent job prepping her:

“I know they run a 3-4 defense, and I don’t know how good that would be for my son,” Jennifer Coney told the AJC.

“In that three-person line, their job is to hold the offensive line so the linebackers can come in to make the tackle. Well, how is Rashan supposed to shine in a 3-4? A 4-3 defense is what I prefer. It’s OK for him to play in a 3-4, only if they rotate in a 4-3. I just don’t see how playing in a 3-4 defense would benefit him.”

Here’s the list of schools hot on Gary’s trail.  I’ll leave it to you to decide who’s been schooling whom.


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Recruiters read comment threads.

Internet wisdom, for the win:

“Really what every school says, tells the recruit that they’ll have playing time and they can coach them up and maybe get them to the NFL,” Manac told the AJC.

This is the same pitch that 3-star cornerback Chad Clay gets from Ohio State, the team that finished second to the Bulldogs when Clay committed in May, and Oklahoma.

While this is a pretty typical pitch that committed players receive, they aren’t always this cordial.

“I’ve heard some schools say, ‘Do you want to be an underachiever? They always underachieve,’ or, ‘When’s the last time they won a championship?’ Stuff like that,” Clay said.

Some schools do things like that.  It’s just too bad for them that more high schoolers don’t read Georgia message boards, I suppose.


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Will you still need me, will you still feed me… when I’m seventy-four?

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

During an official visit with the Gamecocks on Friday, Class of 2017 quarterback Jake Fromm (Warner-Robins, Ga./Houston County) told that Spurrier told him he would “stay at South Carolina six more years” if the talented signal caller committed to the Gamecocks.

The only thing left for him to tell recruits is that he plans to die on the sidelines during a game.


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