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The dream lives on.

One day, Kirby’s gonna land that Hawaiian/Samoan lineman, and I, for one, am gonna celebrate.

My only regret when that day comes is that Larry won’t be around to wrestle with the kid’s name.



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Our recruit can beat up your recruit.

The SEC, where recruiting just means more.


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You have to like these odds.

I don’t know about erecting fences, but it sure seems like Kirby Smart can make a nice living off recruiting homegrown talent.

8.6% of the talent in a fairly populous state like Georgia is nothing to sneer at.  Unless you’re Georgia Tech, that is.


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Butts-Mehre’s next nightmare?

I don’t think this current scenario is ultimately going to play out by the time the dust settles at next February’s signing day, but I sure would pony up a penny for Greg McGarity’s thoughts if Miami crushed recruiting in the next class and Smart didn’t.

Maybe it’ll be the subject of a future The First Word.


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You can’t win if they don’t play (for you).

Does recruiting matter?  In the SEC?  Are you kidding?

It’s almost a requirement to win an SEC championship that a school is located in a state considered among the best nationally producing high school talent. It’s why 81 percent of the 84 SEC football titles (including the last 18 straight) to date have been won outright or shared by schools from the state of Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana, all fertile recruiting grounds.

Whatever else you want to say about Kirby Smart, he knows where the primary focus of becoming a successful head coach starts.  And that’s why if he can keep it up, he’s got a legitimate chance of achieving that success.


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“The new rules clearly benefit college programs.”

Fresh off a successful vote to add an early signing date for football recruiting, Bob Bowlsby suggests a 60-day signing period in the fall might be possible.

That might give Saban’s Coke bottle the chills.  Then again,

“We’re dealing with a very entrepreneurial group,” Bowlsby said of the recruiting culture. “There will certainly be lots of thoughts on how to gain an advantage and how to work the system … There’s only so much you can do relative to how individual student-athletes are going to announce their choices.”

True ‘dat.


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Coaches crossfire


In addition, Smart reiterated his position against a rule the Division I Council approved that will prevent colleges from hiring anyone closely associated with a prospective student-athlete for a “two-year period before and after the student’s anticipated and actual enrollment at the school.”

Smart said this rule is a hindrance to good high school coaches who are trying to break in at the college level.

“It’s hard in the coaching profession to grow coaches and develop coaches like we do in the SEC without the ability to hire high school coaches,” Smart said. “And they still argue, ‘You can still hire them, you just can’t hire the ones with prospects.’ Well, when you sign 25 (players) a year it’s hard not to hire one who may interact with a prospect. It does limit those guys so that’s a disappointing part of that rule.”


“I think it’s a good idea,” new Western Kentucky head coach Mike Sanford told CoachingSearch. “That’s gotten out of control, it really has. If you really want to hire that coach and the value of getting the coach on the staff, then chose the coach over the recruit. If you do truly just want to get a recruit, then abide by that rule.”

Methinks Kirby doth protest too much, but I’m not the one with the big budget for analysts.


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