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“When it comes to analyzing Florida’s class ranking and potential, a lot of nuance is involved.”

Nuance ($$):

… It wasn’t as if Florida was attracting a large amount of blue-chip talent before Mullen’s arrival. In Jim McElwain’s classes, blue-chip prospects (four and five stars) made up 34.3 percent of Florida’s signees. That number is at 58.5 percent under Mullen, counting attrition and the 2020 class so far. The problem is an alarming one: Georgia is at 87.3 percent in the same time frame.  [Emphasis added.]

Yeah, that’s a problem.



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Aging like fine wine

You know how it always seemed when you’d read those “looking back at the signing class of _____ four years later” that the quality of Georgia’s recruiting diminished in the rear view mirror?

I don’t think that’s gonna be an issue for the 2017 class.


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“I wouldn’t want to be the first institution to go through that process.”

Only in the wacky world the NCAA occupies can a school go from being a victim entitled to restitution in the FBI basketball prosecutions to being the subject of NCAA recruiting sanctions.

At least six Division I men’s basketball programs will receive notices of allegations for Level I violations from the NCAA by the summer, stemming from the federal government’s recently completed investigation of the sport, a top NCAA official told CBS Sports.

Stan Wilcox, NCAA vice president for regulatory affairs, said two high-profile programs would receive notices of allegations by early July.

The remaining four would be rolled out later in the summer in what was described as a wave of NCAA investigations meant to clean up major-college basketball.

“There’s even another group of cases that we’re still working on,” Wilcox said. “The main thing is that we’re up and ready. We’re moving forward and you’ll see consequences.”

Level I violations are considered the most serious by the NCAA. They carry the strongest punishments that can include scholarship reductions, postseason bans and show-cause orders against coaches. According to the NCAA, a notice of allegations is sent after an investigation has closed.

If you think Mr. Wilcox sounds eager to wield the hammer, you’re not wrong.

“Those top coaches that were mentioned in the trials where the information shows what was being said was a violation of NCAA rules, yes. They will be all part of these notices of allegations,” Wilcox said.

The NCAA had held off on investigations, he said, at the request of the government until the trials were concluded.

“So now that’s it over, we’re going to be moving forward with a number of Level I cases that will help people realize that, ‘Yeah, the enforcement staff was in a position to move forward,'” Wilcox said.

These new cases will be subject to new NCAA policies adopted through the recommendations made by the Rice Commission, Wilcox said.

In the immortal words of Judge Roy Bean, “First we have the fair trial, then we hang him”.  It’s just that nobody told the schools who was being tried first.


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That’s okay. He’ll watch the replay later.

Well, this is something.

I don’t know if I should be more impressed by Pruitt being a big enough dick to make Rocker miss his son pitching, or Rocker becoming that motivated on the recruiting trail.


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When the header’s so good, you don’t care about the details.

As the old saying goes, all the rest is commentary.

Have a great day, Dan.


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What Kirby did on his summer vacation

He grinded.

We know about the importance of Florida football.

Why the Sunshine state? The state of Florida has been crucial to Smart’s recruiting success at UGA. This past year, the Bulldogs signed five prospects out of Florida: 5-star defensive end Nolan Smith (originally from Savannah, Ga.) of Brandenton, 4-star defensive back Tyrique Stevenson of Miami, 4-star linebacker Rian Davis of Apopka, 4-star running back Kenny McIntosh of Ft. Lauderdale, and 3-star tight end Brett Seither from Clearwater.

This year’s recruiting class is ranked No. 5 overall in the nation so far and has 11 commits – with three of them being from Florida: 4-star defensive tackle Jalen Carter of Apopka, 4-star quarterback Carson Beck of Jacksonville, 4-star defensive tackle Warren Brinson of Bradenton.

The Bulldogs are also top contenders for other elite prospects such as 4-star receiver Marcus Rosemy of Ft. Lauderdale, and 4-star offensive lineman Joshua Braun of Live Oak.

It’s a nice place to visit.


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“It ain’t going to be easy, just like middle school.”

I’d make fun of Tennessee getting a verbal from a 14-year old, except I notice he’s got an offer from Georgia, too.

Instead, I’ll settle for noting once again that this is a perfect case for Andy Staples’ “it’s binding when both sides agree” scholarship proposal.


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