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See you in 2020.

Honest, non-snarky question for you:  does this fourteen-year old kid really believe he’d play for Steve Spurrier?


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The only thing more porn-y than Dawg porn…

… is Dawg recruiting porn.

Eason could be mentioned up there with the likes of Stafford, Murray and David Greene as one of the best quarterbacks of the Mark Richt era at Georgia. In fact, it is a safe bet. Furthermore, the Bulldogs are chasing an elusive National Championship (none since 1980) and you can see the pieces to their program talent-wise coming into place in other areas (like defense under coordinator and ace recruiter/evaluator Jeremy Pruitt). Having a guy with this much talent as your future signal caller is a huge piece to the puzzle moving forward for UGA.



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Mark Richt can’t build a fence big enough.

Per ESPN’s Gerry Hamilton,

In recent years, Florida has been much more in the conversation and is now arguably the most talented state when factoring in FBS signees, Power 5 signees and NFL draft choices vs. California and Texas who have a much higher population.

The state of Georgia will never ink the most FBS players in a singular year. That much is known. It’s simply a numbers game in that regard and the Peach State’s population in 2014 was 10 million compared to nearly 39 million in California, 27 milllion in Texas and closing in on 20 million in Florida.

But an argument can be made that the Peach State is actually the top talent producer in terms of top tier or elite talent.

He elaborates in this clip.  A couple of stats he mentions are pretty astounding.  The 2015 in state class produced sixty-one kids who signed with SEC programs.  Sixty-one.  Not D-1 programs. SEC programs.  And over the last five years, 165 Georgia prospects signed with SEC schools.  That’s both more than the state of Florida produced and at a rate that exceeds the number of kids Richt could sign under NCAA limits.

If you’re Richt, there’s no way to close the borders.  Of course, there’s no reason to make things easier for other programs with serial undersigning, but hopefully that’s a problem in the past.  But even if that’s fixed for good, remember the numbers when you hear stories about the ones who got away.  Recruiting math is hard.


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From Garner to Rocker

This isn’t one of those get in the weeds recruiting posts – you know me better than that, right? – but I thought it was interesting listening to what’s on the mind of a big defensive tackle in the 2016 recruiting class.

Julian Rochester is one of the top defensive tackle recruits in the country. Out of Powder Springs (Ga.) McEachern, Rochester is a five-star recruit on the 247Sports Composite. At 6’6 and 325 pounds, he has great length and holds offers from more than 30 schools.

Rochester was widely perceived as being a strong Auburn lean, but evidently that’s changed recently, as he’s now expressed a big interest in Georgia.

In the video above, Rochester discusses how difficult it is to find Jordans in a size 16 and that he is hoping to get some good gear at The Opening if he eventually gets invited (Rochester was not invited Sunday but could be asked later). He also dishes on his recent visit to see Georgia  — one he didn’t even want to take at first, and what made it so good that the Bulldogs pulled even with Auburn, his former No. 1 school.

He’s really taken with the position coaches at both schools.  Say what you will about Rodney Garner, one of his strengths has always been his ability to connect with kids on the recruiting trail.  If Georgia’s matched that ability with Tracy Rocker, to go along with what I would argue are better coaching skills at the position, that’s not bad.  At all.

Of course, Rochester ought to realize if he comes to Athens, it ain’t all about being cuddly.

(Photo by John Kelley/UGA Sports Communications)

UPDATE: You’ll get a kick out of this header.


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The next all-name team candidate

Welp, I’m a little disappointed that Georgia’s lost out on a great name, with Chauncey Gardner’s re-commitment to Florida, but all is not lost on that front, it seems.

Georgia can always use a little more Character.  Of course, in the immortal words of Winston Wolf,


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For Georgia, one good thing about the COA stipend

it’s not gonna ding the reserve fund too badly, relatively speaking.

Tennessee’s COA – calculated by the Office of Financial Aid for all students using the Independent Student Allowance method – is $5,666 per year (not counting summer school). That’s $4002 in miscellaneous expenses and $1664 in transportation.

That is $80 more than the next SEC institution – Auburn ($5586). But it is almost $3900 more than Georgia ($1,798), which is on the low end of the SEC spectrum. These numbers are either last year’s figures or projected for the upcoming fiscal year according to information from various websites.

In the SEC, only three schools are over $5000, three schools are in the $4000s, six are in the $3000s and two are below $3000 – Georgia and Vanderbilt ($2,730).

I bet nobody realized what a great deal it is to live in Athens.  Todd Gurley made more than that paltry $1,798 with his trusty Sharpie.

Now you can understand why Morehead and McGarity want the SEC to adopt the Georgia Way as a uniform standard.  And why nobody in the conference is going to listen.

Knives are being sharpened on the recruiting trail as you read this.  And Jeremy Pruitt wonders in which direction he should point a finger.


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Pay for play isn’t socialism.

But states giving schools money so that they can pay for cost of attendance stipends to aid in recruiting is.  (h/t)


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