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Saturday morning buffet

Have a little something…


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Mr. Conventional Wisdom sniffs at Jim Harbaugh.

Why, yes, now that you ask.  And it’s everything you’d expect.

I don’t know what I like best, the macho posturing that starts with the header and keeps on going, or the lame attempt to claim that Harbaugh is the real hypocrite here.  Actually, the winner comes when he combines both:

… If there is no rule prohibiting what Harbaugh wants to do, then I don’t blame him for trying to take advantage of it. Just man up about why you’re doing it. You’re not doing it because your players want to practice in nice weather during their spring break. It’s about recruiting.

Yeah, grow a pair, bitch.  You’re gonna need ’em when Sankey’s boys come for you: “Translation: The SEC is not going to start this fight. But it will be more than willing to finish it.”  Whew, that’s some rough stuff, that is.

In any event, it ought to keep Tony in good standing with the SEC office.


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“However, circumstances have put us in a position that we are going to part ways.”

And the NCAA investigation into recruiting violations at Ole Miss claims a victim… who’s not at Ole Miss.

Horns247 has learned that Texas and defensive backs coach Chris Vaughn are expected to part ways. It is unclear whether Vaughn will resign or be fired.

Vaughn, who was an assistant at Ole Miss six years ago, may have been implicated in part of the NCAA allegations recently levied against Ole Miss.

Many of the violations involve the staff of current Rebel head coach Hugh Freeze, but per an ESPN report, four of the violations are attached to former Ole Miss staffers under former Rebel head coach Houston Nutt.

Vaughn coached for the Rebels from 2008 to 2011 and served as the team’s defensive backs coach and recruiting coordinator. Sources tell Horns247 the evidence against Vaughn “were damning.”

It’s not great news for OM, although it could be worse.  But the real question for me is, between this guy and David Saunders, how in the hell was the Nuttster’s recruiting so mediocre?  I mean, if you cheat and still can’t land the talent, what does that say about your coaching ability?


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In the SEC, having a top ten recruiting class ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Bud Elliott breaks down this year’s numbers on blue chip (four- and five-star recruits) signings.  It’s about as lopsided as you might expect.

1. SEC (8.6 blue chips per school): It’s the SEC and everyone else. Six teams in the conference signed double-digit four- and five-star players. The split between the West (79) and East (42) is big, but perhaps not as big as I would have expected. The SEC signed more blue chips than any other two conferences combined. And it’s not just Alabama; half of the top-14 teams in the 247Sports Composite rankings were from the SEC, including Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

He’s not kidding in his first sentence.  The Pac-12 was second, at 4.9 blue chips per school.  The other three P5 conferences showed a very top heavy distribution.

But more on the SEC’s numbers and, more particularly, what they mean for Kirby Smart and Georgia.  The very good news is that Georgia signed more blue chip recruits than any other school in the East.  That’s the first step to take in heading back to Atlanta to play for conference titles.  The not-so-good news is that, at best, all Georgia did in the larger picture was tread water, as the three teams ahead of the Dawgs in the Composite rankings all signed more blue chippers.

In a four-team playoff world, the road to a national title runs through the SECCG.  (Just ask Herbstreit.)  For Georgia, then, merely running in place, even if that’s a better showing than its division rivals, won’t get it there.


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“This seems completely counter to the dialogue.”

The SEC is urgently requesting the NCAA to block Michigan from holding part of its spring practice in Florida because it doesn’t want Jim Harbaugh’s ugly mug getting extra exposure at IMG Academy it would be held during spring break.

No, really.  Cue Greg Sankey’s sad tears:

“We have work to do on [giving athletes a] day off. We have work to do on, how do you provide a postseason break? It seems where this is one where reasonable people could say we just shouldn’t be in this space.”

That is so sweet.  And if the NCAA doesn’t do it for the kids, then what?  Then Sankey intends to get medieval on Harbaugh’s ass.

“The net of that is to say the Southeastern Conference is not going to be outpaced in recruiting,” Sankey said. “If the national approach is that we want to have more aggressive summer camps and coaches touring around all summer, then we will not only engage in that behavior, we will certainly engage in that behavior more actively — probably more effectively than others.”

Sounds reasonable to me, Greg.


UPDATE:  The SEC actually has a rule prohibiting its members from doing what Michigan is doing.

I guess we know what Sankey’s first move will be if the NCAA turns down his request.


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Chantastic recruiting news

Jeez, if you think Georgia Tech’s 2016 class was a little underwhelming, get ready for 2017, when the Jackets deal with the aftermath of having only 13 seniors on this year’s team — including 10 in their fifth year of eligibility.

If Johnson has another disappointing season on the Flats and gets canned (and, no, that’s not a prediction), imagine how long it’ll take his successor, who presumably won’t run the triple option, to sort out Tech’s offensive personnel shortcomings.  Hoo, boy.


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‘How the hell did this come about?’

How you know when a high school isn’t completely serious

Lakatriona Brunson becoming the first female head coach of a Florida high school football team is a circus. We can all agree on that.

Brunson, better known as Bernice, moonlights as a reality television star — if there is such a thing — on South Beach Tow. One of her assistant coaches is Luther Campbell — the flamboyant record producer better known as Uncle Luke from 2 Live Crew — who is also a South Florida football impresario.

The truly great thing there will be watching college coaches suck up to the two of them on the recruiting trail.  Now that would make a great reality show.


UPDATE:  Campbell says he came on board to make sure “this wasn’t going to be any joke or circus”.


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