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Remember, it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that sells.

Murray State head football coach Mitch Stewart shares a recruiting tip:

Murray State became one of the darlings of last year’s college basketball season. The team was led by Ja Morant, a consensus first-team All-American and the eventual #2 overall pick in this June’s NBA Draft. I asked Coach Stewart if that publicity has had any impact on the football program, and what it’s like recruiting at Murray State in general… “It definitely helped us from a recruiting standpoint. Automatically kids recognize our logo. We have a yellow ‘M’ on our shirts when we walk into a school so a kid gets really excited because he thinks he’s talking to University of Michigan at first. But then we say no, we’re Murray State and the kid goes ‘Oh, Ja Morant!’ And boom we have something to talk about. Ja Morant awarded us $317 million in free advertising.”

“Sometimes we’re talking to a kid and his buddy is a FBS guy but because he knows Ja or is a fan we get to build a relationship…”

I hope Morant at least got a thank you for that.  Not that you can spend thank yous…


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“The Pac-12 just doesn’t have the numbers.”

Some pretty eye opening data here:

According to the NFSHSA, participation in California dropped by approximately 3,000 athletes year-over-year and is now down 11.7 percent over the latest five-year stretch (2014-18).

Meanwhile, Florida, which feeds numerous Power Five conferences, has experienced a decline of just 0.6 percent over that five-year span.

Georgia, a key feeder state for the SEC (and others), has lost just 3.2 percent.

Meanwhile, Texas, the primary pipeline for the Big 12 and a vital recruiting ground for the SEC, has experienced an increase in participation over the five years.

* In the fall of 2014, there were 163,998 players in Texas (11-player tackle).

* In the fall of 2018, there were 165,641.

Contrast that to California:

* Participants five years ago: 103,740.

* Participants last fall: 91,305.

Or, to put it in an even more dire perspective:  “Last fall, there were 4,000 more high school football players in Texas than in the entire Pac-12 footprint.”

Parents’ fears over head trauma are playing into that, although that’s not the only reason for the decline.  But as a trendline, that disparity means this:

Daniel Jeremiah spends hundreds of hours watching film of NFL prospects and talking to coaches while preparing for his role as lead analyst for the NFL Network’s draft coverage.

He’s also a Southern California resident with a son who plays high school football.

Personally and professionally, Jeremiah’s life is the Pac-12’s talent pipeline at its entry and exit points.

“You see some individual players” as good as those in the SEC and Big Ten, he explained recently when asked to compare the Pac-12’s high-end talent to its Power Five peers.

“You’ll get one here or there, but the difference is the waves of guys, especially on the lines, the defensive line,’’ he said.

Now, this is just me speculating out of my ass, but if you’re steadily losing ground on your home turf, the only way going forward to make up for that is to go elsewhere for talent, and if that’s the path you have to take, how do you make it attractive for recruits outside the region to come west?  Well, that California legislation might not be as bad a thing as Larry Scott might think right now.  Just sayin’, necessity can be a mother sometimes.


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Your Daily Gator is re-ranked.

This is what closing the gap looks like:

17. FLORIDA(252.45 points)

Signing Day Rank: 9

Biggest Loss: 4-star CB Chris Steele (transfer to USC)

Top Transfer Addition: LB Jonathan Greenard (Louisville)

Buzz: The Florida class took one hit after another with four four-stars not making it to campus and two more transferring out before the season.

The good thing is that even though ‘Bama finished first, Georgia second, TAMU third and LSU fourth in the revised rankings, Dan Mullen can coach rings around all those other guys.


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When they tell you it’s about the Jimmies and Joes…

… it’s about the frickin’ Jimmies and Joes.


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A complete mystery

Can somebody look at the above chart and explain to me how Clay Helton is still gainfully employed at Southern Cal?


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“It certainly didn’t accomplish what everybody hoped it would.”

Really, is anybody even the slightest bit surprised that, when it comes to recruiting logistics, Kirby Smart has more on the ball than Phil Fulmer?


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Thursday morning buffet

Fresh from the oven…


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