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“When I talked to coach McClendon about the offer, he told me that I was the youngest kid he has offered.”

Before you get too appalled by this, realize that South Carolina has already offered this kid.

I guess that means Spurrier intends to coach until he’s, what, eighty?


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Mark Bradley’s quote is killing South Carolina’s recruiting.

Er, not exactly.

The speculation is reasonable given that Spurrier, the best coach in Gamecock history, is 70 years old. It’s also entirely supported by a slip of the tongue that Spurrier had at the end of the 2014 season.

Give me two or three more (years). I used to say four or five, now I’m down to two or three. I mean, I could get in a car wreck, but I’m definitely planning on being back.

Two or three more seasons from that point would have Spurrier retiring after the 2016 or 2017 season. Which means that if true, Spurrier would be the coach for less than half of a current recruit’s career in Columbia.

Brandon Larrabee of Team Speed Kills put it well.

The truth is, no one — including Spurrier — likely knows how long it is that he’s going to coach. It’s not going to be a particularly long time, but the Head Ball Coach first said he would probably coach another four or five years, roughly four or five years ago. When he recently modified that answer to two to three years, it was bound to cause some anxiety with recruits. Spurrier created his own monster here — not the AJC or anyone else.

And that monster is looking pretty bleak right now, if you’re a Gamecock fan.

South Carolina’s recruiting class floundered down the stretch, finishing ninth in the SEC. That’s well behind division rivals Tennessee and Georgia, and about even with a Florida Gators program that was fresh off a coaching change.

This year, it is even worse. South Carolina would be last in SEC recruiting if not for the sinking ship that is Vanderbilt under Derek Mason. The Gamecocks have just two four-star recruits and eight total commitments. Only one of the eight is from the Palmetto state.

Compare that to where Georgia stands right now.  Ouch.

Spurrier’s a brilliant game planner, and he’s certainly had his way with Mark Richt of late.  But at some point, he won’t be smart enough to overcome a big enough talent gap.  Nobody, including Spurrier, is that sharp.


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So, what happens after you offer a seventh grader?

The journey of David Sills, from 13-year old dazzler of Lane Kiffin (“Get the F out of here.”) to freshman quarterback at West Virginia.

The weird thing about the story is how many people involved along the way don’t want to comment about it now.


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“I do also believe that this is an isolated incident.”

Another day, another second chance in the SEC.  (Okay, technically, it’s a first chance, but you get the drift.)


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The truth comes out: why Laremy Tunsil isn’t a Georgia Bulldog.

Sworn testimony at last week’s hearing (h/t) that eventually led to a protective order against Tunsil being dismissed:

… Desiree Tunsil alleged in court Friday her husband cussed her and got physical with Laremy Tunsil, then a minor, at a San Antonio hotel in January 2013 following a disagreement over a meal shared with members of the University of Georgia football coaching staff.

Tunsil played in the U.S. Army All-American Game in San Antonio. NCAA rules allow a prospect’s parent(s) to dine with coaches, but the Georgia staffers would not have been able to (and did not attempt to) pick up the tab.

Miller was “doubly upset,” Desiree Tunsil said, because Miller had to pay for their meal and he doesn’t like Mexican cuisine. Back at the hotel, Desiree Tunsil said, Miller called her expletives, leading to a confrontation between her son and her then-boyfriend.

PAWWWLLL, Saban would never let a damned Mexican dinner come between him and a five-star kid.

If you need a good chuckle, read the rest of the article.  Let’s just say that life with the Tunsils must be interesting.  It’s hard to judge who’s the most full of shit between the three of them, but Lindsay Miller’s got at least this much right:

Miller said in his closing statement… if Tunsil “weren’t an NFL prospect next year, we wouldn’t be here, your honor.”


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Jadeveon Clowney didn’t have time for that shit.

Clowney claims Nick Saban put him to sleep during his recruiting visit.

Also, Nick Saban is short.


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Getting the COA message out

Judging from the comments in this article, it sounds like the big marketing push over COA disparities is yet to become a thing.

Eh, wait ’til Saban hires some dude for his support staff to promote Alabama’s stipend pitch.  Next thing you know, recruits will be bitching about how all these programs are behaving like telemarketers.


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