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Friday morning buffet

Getting you ready for a holiday weekend with a few tasty morsels…


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Thursday morning buffet

The chafing dishes are steaming.


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Today in bovine excrement, part three

Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour is skeptical that an early signing period is going to prove to be the silver bullet that saves things on the recruiting trail.  She sure sounds like she’s on to something here:

“Frankly, I think the greater concern is this accelerated timeline period,” she said. “I don’t know that an early signing date helps anything. It probably does marginally. But the real issue here is that, no matter where the rules are, we’ll continue to push them and push activity earlier. OK, you can’t sign until November or August, but we’ll keep pushing kids to commit.

“This is the old Road to Abilene. I don’t think anybody wants to do it, but they all think everybody else is doing it, so you’ve got to participate. I don’t think we’re doing the kids any justice, and I certainly don’t think we’re doing our athletic programs or institutions any justice.”

I keep saying it.  With every passing day, this makes more and more sense.


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Enough to go around, and then some.

The holy trinity in high school recruiting circles has always been Florida, Texas and California.  It sounds like it may be time for the big three to make room for another:

The big surprise at the top of the 2015 Draft was Georgia. The Peach State shot right by California and Texas to finish with the second-most draft prospects at 30. Of late there has certainly been a slow and steady climb in the numbers regarding their production in college and NFL players. Georgia has been a solid No. 4 for about a decade or so, but is steadily gaining on the big three…

… Georgia, with a population of 10.1 million, had the highest number of 2015 drafted players per capita at 2.97/million.

… If you go strictly by the states that produced the top 10 draftees in 2015, looking specifically at the total high school football playing numbers, the order would look like this:

Florida (111.4)
Georgia (90.91)
Alabama (60.87)
Maryland (53.3)
Pennsylvania (34.6)
California (25.2)
North Carolina (25)
Ohio (21.7)
Texas (17)
Illinois (14.9)

So the surprise shouldn’t be all the other schools who come to Georgia trying to poach local talent.  Nor is it that Georgia can’t close the borders – too many kids, after all.

What I can’t figure out is why in the hell Georgia Tech can’t recruit big time in state.  That’s not just a triple option issue, as recruiting under Gailey wasn’t exactly Chantastic, either.



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Georgia, Mike Bobo’s not done with you yet.

It’s interesting to see how he views the local recruiting market now that he’s not working for the home state team.

“Obviously, our state is No. 1, and California and Texas have been kind to CSU for a lot of years, not just recent guys,” Bobo said. “We’re going to recruit those states, just like a number of schools across the country. There are some ties in the South. I’ve basically been there my whole life, and some other coaches have been there, so we’ll recruit the metropolitan cities like Atlanta, which is a transient city. … We’ll recruit Florida because of the sheer number of players. You’ve got California, Texas, Georgia, Florida. Really, everybody in the country recruits those states.

“Now, we can’t spend all our time and resources in Florida and Georgia, just because of the distance, but there are connections. It’s a 20-hour drive to California like it is Georgia. I hope we can get three to five guys from Georgia and Florida in this next class, but we’ll see what kind of inroads we can make.”

“Transient city”, hmm.  Sad, but true.

In any event, better Colorado State than Auburn.


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Monday morning buffet

Piping hot goodies to get your day started…


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Friday morning buffet

As always, come and get it.


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