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First Chance U

You may not remember this story about a Florida high school recruit, , who got in trouble while attending last year’s

This post isn’t about chastising Salomon – indeed, I have to give him credit for manning up and writing Mark Richt a two-page letter of apology about the incident – but instead to mention that despite the charge, which the kid now apparently admits had some validity, he’s got an impressive list of offers out there.  Including one from noted straight talker Nick Saban, who, just this past week, was heard bemoaning the wreckage the new SEC transfer ban on serious player misconduct was going to cause on the recruiting front.

I guess Saban’s figured out if he signs someone who misbehaves later, at least nobody else in the conference will be able to offer a second chance.  Give the man credit.  He knows how to work every angle.


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So this must be what Mike Slive meant by a level playing field.

It’s a shame he thinks this is in the past now.

There have been three Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge events the past three years, and of the 240 players who were entering their senior year at the time of the camp, 237 signed with a Power Five school (99 percent), including all 160 over the past two summers. [Emphasis added.]

Good times.


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Friday morning buffet

Grab a plate and get in line.


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It isn’t much, but they call it home.

A defensive back being recruited by Georgia Tech took an on campus visit with Ted Roof and said that the trip opened his eyes to the advantages of playing college football in a major U.S. city.

Well, they don’t have Dragon*Con in Tuscaloosa, that’s for sure.


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Committed to committing

If you’re looking for the perfect story evidencing the lack of self-awareness in the media over what the recruiting process has morphed into today, this is it.

I mean, how hard is it to grok that the reason so many kids go through all the machinations of “heavy lean, soft commit, silent commit and solid to school X” is because you’ve given them the outlet to do so?

Thus endeth my bitch of the day.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Get you some.

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The best things in life are free, SEC recruiting edition

Today’s dose of nicely timed COA sarcasm…


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