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Don’t be an April fool.

If you were an intended recipient of this message, it may be past time for you to rethink your life’s priorities.  Just sayin’.



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Battle of the coaches clinics

If there’s one valuable lesson Kirby Smart has learned over the years, it’s never give an inch on the recruiting front.

That’s right. Smart is pulling out all the stops for UGA Coaches Clinic 2018, which begins Thursday at the Butts-Mehre Football Complex. Get a load of Smart’s lineup of instructors:

  • Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn
  • 2017 NFL Coach of the Year Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams
  • New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, 5-time Super Bowl champion.

… Don’t be misled. This, too, is another competitive endeavor in college football and in the SEC in particular. And it can have recruiting implications. UGA recruits its home state the hardest, and the majority of participants in Georgia’s annual clinic coach in the state.

Not lost in all this is the fact that Alabama’s Nick Saban will host what he calls the Clinic of Champions April 12-14 in Tuscaloosa. And Saban’s dance card is scheduled to include Super Bowl-winning coach Doug Pederson of the Philadelphia Eagles, Mike McCarthy of the Green Bay Packers along with his special teams coordinator, Ron Zook.

Apparently Alabama has been known to pull in 500 or so coaches to its clinics. So, naturally, the ever-competitive Smart said he hopes to draw more than 1,000. If his other endeavors are any indication, he’ll probably get it.

Any list that has the Zooker on it is probably going to come out second-best as a matter of general principle.  But I digress.  Kirby can bat his eyes and insist it’s all about giving back to the high school coaches — and, sure, that never hurts — but it’s just as much about giving it back to a certain college coach.

Which I’m in favor of, of course.  Not one inch, Kirby.


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When your minor leagues have minor leagues

Kirby has a coaching clinic scheduled for month’s end for high school coaches around the state.  He’s got some big names — Bill Belichick (New England), Sean McVay (Los Angeles Rams) and Dan Quinn (Atlanta) — who have agreed to speak and he’s quite proud of what he’s put together.

But that’s not the most interesting part of what he had to say about it.  This is:

“…I’m trying to give back to them because they are our feeder program. The state of Georgia has the best high school coaches in the country because our state education system is such that they get great benefits, they get great pay. So if they’re developing tough, hard-nosed, disciplined football players, guess who I get to inherit. It’s somewhat of a minor league for us so I believe that should give back to them.”  [Emphasis added.]

I give him credit for being brutally honest there.  I also give him credit for doing all he can to make sure the guys responsible for the feeding are made to feel motivated to send their kids Smart’s way.  He’s got a huge advantage over out-of-state competitors and every little thing that helps him keep the state fenced when it comes to élite talent is worth pursuing.  (Not to mention you realize what a disadvantage Georgia Tech is at resource-wise, even before you get to Johnson’s personal charms on the recruiting trail.)

Still, I can’t deny that I detect a whiff of sausage there.  Ah, well, you do what you gotta do, I suppose.


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Monday morning buffet

To the chafing dishes!


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Athens wasn’t built in a day.

Chip Towers is amused.

I had somebody ask me a hilarious question the other day. He said, “Do you think Georgia has overtaken Alabama in recruiting?”

I didn’t mean to, but I’m pretty sure I blurted out a laugh. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. I’m as impressed as anybody about the job Kirby Smart and his staff have done in a short time at Georgia. But overtaken Alabama? I’m sorry. Not quite.

Since 2010, Georgia’s topped Alabama once in the recruiting ratings.  How do you get from that to overtaking?

Is this representative thinking for a significant part of the fan base, or just Chip’s way of telling us a fable (in the classic sense, that is) to warn us about heightened expectations?


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Not your every day recruiting story

Quarterback at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School commits to the school which dean of admissions and assistant coach stayed with him during the shooting attack.

Goodman told WFXT in Boston that Nicholls, a D-III school in Massachusetts, wasn’t originally in his list of top schools, but after seeing how Brower and Ryan responded to the ordeal changed his view of the school. Goodman says the duo “went into father mode and protected us,” and that formed a bond between them.

I hope nobody else has to bond like that again.


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“It was an angsty time…”

Groo’s post is a perfect summation of why I don’t waste my time writing about the inner workings of the minds of seventeen-year old high school football players during recruiting season.


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