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Hines Ward still has a dream.

I love the guy, but I’m not sure I see how this comes together.

“I’m dead serious. I want to coach at Georgia,” Ward told DawgNation. “I’ve expressed that to Kirby. I haven’t had any talk with him about what all goes into it, but I think I’ve put it out there. I’m serious. I want to give back to my alma mater.”

Ward first discussed the possibility of coaching for the Bulldogs in a December appearance on the Paul Finebaum Show. Speaking from the College Football Hall of Fame on Tuesday — he was in attendance for the Positive Athlete Georgia Scholarship Awards, an organization he helped found that promotes positivity in youth and high school sports — the former athlete went into more detail about what motivates him to want to be involved at UGA.

“Sometimes I get upset. I see kids leave the state of Georgia (during recruiting season) to go play for other teams. I knew if I walked into that room, there’s no way that kid’s leaving the state of Georgia,” Ward said.

Great sentiment, but recruiting is more than just walking into a room once to seal a deal.  Especially the way Smart’s got things running these days.  Hines has star power out the wazoo, but does he really have the desire to put the time in that it would take?


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“Kids judge you by your car.”

Can we all agree that the SEC’s facilities arms race is getting absurdly out of hand?


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Is the NCAA really considering eliminating signing periods?

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it strikes me as a rather significant acknowledgement.

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson has long been an advocate for a rather radical change to the process of signing recruits to letters of intent –eliminating signing periods and instead allowing prospects to sign at any point when they’ve decided they’re ready to end the recruiting process.

Johnson said at the ACC meetings in early May that he thought that the option was gaining in popularity. He may have known what Division I football oversight committee chairman Bob Bowlsby acknowledged in an interview with the AJC last week – that the committee is looking into it.

“I think a case can be made for that,” Bowlsby said. He called it a “large departure from where we’ve been in the past. Maybe it’s time for consideration of that. I think that there clearly are young people that want to get the process over with. They want to take a visit in the summer and maybe an official visit in the fall and be done with it long before the February signing date. Not everybody agrees with that, but it’s certainly one point of view.”

Now, sure, this is coming from Bowlsby and it may simply be a case of saying something to get a pesky reporter off the phone, but if the NCAA is really doing more than giving lip service to the possibility of canning signing day, that would be a big deal.

Johnson’s rationale for eliminating signing periods is that, beyond giving prospects (and coaches) the chance to be finished with the recruiting process and eliminate the need for “babysitting” prospects after they’ve committed, it would also introduce more transparency to the process of giving commitments and scholarship offers. If a prospect says he wants to attend a particular school but isn’t ready to sign on the spot, then it’s a far clearer indication of his mindset than a commitment, which are often broken at the occasion of a better offer. Likewise, if a coach indicates he’s offering a scholarship but won’t give a prospect the chance to sign, then, the validity of the offer becomes more clear.

“You’ve heard the horror stories of people committed 10 times, and I think that’s not good for the schools, it’s not good for the kids,” Bowlsby said. “We need to figure out how that happens. I think there are some ways in which the student-athletes and their families can stop the recruiting process by making a commitment. Either that, or by actually signing. I think we need to bring as much honesty and transparency to the process as we possibly can.”

As Johnson points out, there really is something in this for both coaches and recruits.  But having Paul Johnson as the public spokesman for the idea lacks a certain pizzazz.  Maybe we could get Harbaugh and Saban to start a Twitter spat over it.



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Dawgs and Gators, living together…

Okay, not exactly.

Florida and Georgia will be holding satellite camps at the same venue in Atlanta on the same day. According to, Georgia’s camp at KIPP Atlanta High on June 15 will go from 2 to 5 p.m. and Florida’s camp will run from 6 to 9 p.m.

Both events will be run by I Dare-U Training in Atlanta. I Dar-U founder Glenn Ford told that he expects about 100 players to do both events and said Florida coaches can watch the Georgia event and Georgia coaches can work the Florida event.

Unlike many other camps around the nation, coaching staffs from no other schools are working these camps — only Georgia staff at the Georgia camp and only Florida staff at the Florida camp.

So much for that whole “satellite camps are for the small programs’ exposure” riff…

“This is actually very predictable and everyone could see this coming,” Rivals National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell said. “There’s no way Florida comes into Atlanta and runs their own camp and Georgia doesn’t respond.

“But again, this is where satellite camps are headed, run by training groups and with one staff at a time, so where’s the exposure for kids to smaller schools? This is what the NCAA feared, an arms race between SEC schools and camps run simply out of rivalry. I expect this will happen in other states with other schools as well.”

I don’t blame Kirby for going on defense.  Hell, maybe it’s his subtle way of throwing sand in the machine to get the NCAA to back off on allowing these camps.


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He’s ‘da man.

Yes, the “ridiculously small sample size” rule is in effect here, but if you want to get some idea of how important Kirby Smart is to Georgia’s recruiting efforts, check out this survey.


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“Improving the camp environment”

The SEC’s spring meetings start next week.  Judging from this, it sounds like they’ll be spending a lot of the time there discussing satellite camps, because, well… they’re satellite camps.

“The concerns are still there,” Sankey said in an interview with The Associated Press. “When it was a relatively small practice, it was fine. Some will argue that there’s a lot of instruction and development that occurs. Well, that may be true in some cases. But when I talk to our coaches who now have 10-15 calls a day, it starts to become an unhealthy activity.

“And it really is about recruiting. I’m hoping that if the solutions are identified by Sept. 1. We’ll certainly talk about different strategies next week that are attentive to the full scope of issues here.”

… In other words, there remains room for debate and perhaps change. Sankey certainly doesn’t feel the issue is closed.

“If you look at what the board of directors said in its press release, that language from the board agreed with our position, just not that outcome,” Sankey said. “Which seems to raise the issue of why do we have a rule in men’s basketball that we pursuing in football around non-institutional camps. It wasn’t about geography.

“We’ve never once complained about individuals coming in and recruiting. You know what, on an ad hoc basis somebody will say, ‘We don’t want them stealing our kids.’ But they say that about each other in our league. It’d be nice if we’d keep all of our players but I don’t think anybody’s under the notion that that’s realistic.”

Is there a coherent line of thought somewhere in there?  No wonder they’re going to spend so much time on the subject – Sankey can’t even figure out what to say in defense of what the conference wants.

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Tuesday morning buffet

A little of this, a little of that…


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