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“I don’t think [satellite camps] are objectionable.”

Read this story, and give me the over/under on the number of months it takes for the SEC to rescind its prohibition on satellite camps.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Have some.


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“It’s a troubling issue because cost of attendance was never intended to create a competitive advantage.”

It’s clear the locals aren’t happy about being ninth in the conference in the size of cost of attendance.

Back in early February, Georgia football coach Mark Richt said he wouldn’t know exactly “how big of a deal,” the coming cost of attendance payment to athletes might be in recruiting until more information was known.

It’s become big enough of a deal to certainly get the attention of  UGA coaches and administrators, who have huddled to try to gauge what impact differing numbers at each school might have.

Richt and Bulldogs men’s basketball coach Mark Fox have talked “at length,” about the NCAA’s new benefit for student-athletes, Fox said.

They’ve met with athletic director Greg McGarity about it, as well as UGA president Jere Morehead.

“That’s a major issue,” Fox said. “I don’t know the solution to it, but it’s probably issue No. 1 because it creates a bit of inequity.”

The obvious solution:  level the playing field.

“I know it will come up,” he said. “No matter what happens this year in my opinion, I don’t think it will be long before it becomes equitable. If it doesn’t happen this year, I think relatively soon it will. I don’t think it’s going to be a four or five-year thing. I think it’s going to be at most a one-year thing. That’s just my opinion. And it may be that everything gets squared away before August because there’s still a lot of things happening between now and then that could change everybody’s numbers.”

Sounds nice, but, as usual, the devil’s in the details.  First of all, since you can’t pay student-athletes more than a school’s stated cost of attendance without running afoul of the NCAA, wouldn’t equity necessitate a race to the bottom?  It would seem so, which would probably mean fortuitous adjustments in certain schools’ COA figures are likely coming (although that’s probably going to happen regardless).

But the other problem for Georgia here is that its track record in convincing its peers to go along with things that benefit Georgia is pretty poor.  Why, for instance, would Auburn volunteer to give up something it perceives to be advantageous?  The only thing I can come up with would be to argue that no school wants an arms race.  But I’m not sure Auburn really cares about that.  At least not as much as Georgia does.


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This is how you win at trolling.

Honestly, I’m amazed the SEC felt it needed to respond to Harbaugh here.  Snarky comment from Jim Delany in three… two… one…


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“Well, why is that a bad thing?”

Wisconsin football team chef Sean Sommers slices sirloin in the Student Athlete Dining Hall. (Photo: Mary Langenfeld for USA TODAY Sports)

Feeding student-athletes, the next frontier in competition.

Eleven schools with major-conference football programs that submitted financial totals to USA TODAY Sports budgeted an average increase of nearly $600,000 for the new legislation, with numbers ranging from Nebraska, Wisconsin and USC on the higher end to Utah, Colorado and Oregon State on the lower end — the Buffaloes and Beavers have allotted an increase of $175,000 and $215,000 for the measure, respectively.

“That’s real money, and I understand that, but I’m all in favor of it,” NCAA President Mark Emmert said. “They were going to spend that money anyway. It wasn’t like they were taking that and $700,000 and sending it to the chemistry department. They were going to spend it on the locker room, or they were going to spend it on the video system.

“Spend it on kids. So they’re spending it to give kids better nutrition.”

You’ve come a long way from bagel spreads, baby.  This is Willie Williams‘ wet dream.


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Sunday afternoon buffet

Eh, why not?


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The newest thing in recruiting

Kid from North Carolina commits to Florida on tape for Bleacher Report, then commits in a live ceremony to Syracuse.

There’s no rule against being committed to two schools, is there?


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