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“Helmet technology is not nearly as difficult as the race car.”

How do you know when someone’s safer helmet technology looks promising? When you’ve got Steve Shaw saying stuff like this:

SEC officiating coordinator Steve Shaw was present as well and, after hearing the presentation, told Sicking, “We’ve got to get these helmets to everybody and not have a high school worry, ‘What if I break three face masks? I can’t afford that technology.’”

An SEC official saying damn the cost, full speed ahead?  Whoa.

Let’s get moving on this, boys.


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Thursday morning buffet

Perhaps you’ll find something nourishing here.


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Tuesday morning buffet

A little snow, a little buffet…


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Wednesday morning buffet

A warm buffet for a cold morning.


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“Do you just turn the floodgates open with technology?”

It sounds  like college football is rapidly approaching the point when it won’t have any choice about that.

The National Federation of State High School Associations now allows any form of communication technology during high school football games outside the nine-yard marks, on the sidelines and during halftime. Smart phones continue to get smarter, and college football appears to have no way to prevent impermissible use of them.

“The way it is now it’s hard to enforce sort of unenforceable rules,” said Rogers Redding, national college football officiating coordinator. “You don’t really want officials checking in a team area to see what’s going on. High schools just opened it up and said, ‘Whatever you want to use, go ahead.’ They seem pretty happy about that. There’s always the issue of different resources and what’s available. You’ve got rich guys and poor guys. I’m sure we’ll talk about it.”

“Rich guys and poor guys”, eh?  This sounds like a job for AUTONOMY!

And it wouldn’t be today’s NCAA without at least one player-related tricky item.

One unanswered question: Do college players have to sign off on wearing sensors that could be used for commercial use? The idea of tracking sensors comes during a litigious time for the NCAA and its members, who are weighing whether to pay players for use of their name, image and likeness while the NCAA defends the “amateurism” concept.

“Weighing”?  More like being forcibly shoved.

By the way, why do articles like this regularly seem to use Urban Meyer to make a point (“Urban Meyer could have more time to commiserate with players and officials in 2015.”)?  I think it’s because he’s become the poster boy for the “don’t blame the coaches, blame the rules” crowd.  Nice reputation, Corch.

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Now he belongs to the ages.

A moment of silence for the passing of Tony Verna, please.  And then once you realize what he accomplished, it would only be fitting to repeat it.


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“It’s interesting to see the NCAA talking about us yet not putting anything in writing.”

On the amateurism front, it may be that we’re seeing the beginning of a shift on the part of the NCAA from belligerent hypocrisy to benign neglect.

Of course, it may simply be that nobody working for Mark Emmert understands the technology behind social media, let alone a way to stop it.


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