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Monday morning buffet

Fuel up, folks.

  • The Georgia Way  – it’s not just for the athletic department anymore! (h/t Lrgk9)
  • How was this kid not ejected from the game?
  • Add Iowa State to the coaching carousel list.
  • They’re just now getting around to figuring out how to fill all the bowl game slots?
  • Les Miles’ fate at LSU sounds like it’s moved from the if to the when stage.
  • Stuff like this probably doesn’t help.
  • Does playing Georgia Southern’s triple option help the Dawgs prepare to play Georgia Tech’s version?
  • Speaking of Tech, the season’s been disappointing enough that even the denizens at StingTalk can’t work up much an argument against Georgia being installed as a 4.5-point favorite.


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SEC Power Poll, Week 12


It’s Alabama’s world, peeps.  The rest of the SEC is just living in it.

  1. Alabama.  This year’s Iron Bowl isn’t going to be pretty.
  2. Florida.  Neither is the SECCG.
  3. Mississippi State.  The Egg Bowl, on the other hand, looks like it could be a battle.
  4. Mississippi.  So you say there’s a chance…
  5. Arkansas.  Your quarterback throws seven touchdowns in an SEC game and you still lose?  Geez, Bert.
  6. Tennessee.  November, like Ol’ Man River, just keeps rolling on.
  7. Georgia.  Operation Mediocre Ten-Win Season is still on track.
  8. LSU.  The Tigers played like a team whose coach knows he’s getting canned at season’s end.
  9. Texas A&M.  Shut-out! Okay, it was against Vanderbilt, but still…
  10. Auburn.  Defensive scoring through the first eleven games of 2014:  258.  Defensive scoring through the first eleven games of 2015:  299.  Boom!
  11. Vanderbilt.  I bet you don’t need anyone to tell you the ‘Dores are fifth in the conference in scoring defense and last in scoring offense.
  12. Kentucky.  Playing Louisville, needing a win to become bowl eligible. Again.  It’s like the ‘Cats are Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day.
  13. Missouri.  Held to less than ten points for the fifth time this season.
  14. South Carolina.  I expect to see Gamecock fans wearing bags over their heads this week.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Been a while since I’ve stocked up the breakfast bar.

  • Does anyone believe Larry Scott when he says, “Very, very low on the totem pole is what’s best to get a team in the playoff.”?
  • Herbie runs his mouth again, apologizes..
  • James Carville says it’s time for a fan bill of rights.  Not gonna happen.
  • Continuing problems with the Neyland Stadium turf?  I’m shocked, shocked to hear that.
  • SEC Network’s Dari Nowkhah on the media’s preseason love for Auburn:  “But we believed the hype about Jeremy Johnson. We believed the hype about Will Muschamp.”  Well, whose fault is that?
  • Miami goes with a search committee and a search firm in its hunt for a new coach.  Nice belt and suspenders approach there.  At least the AD will have plenty of people to blame if the hire flops.
  • Further evidence that the people running college sports have no clue how to manage a dollar:  University of South Carolina president Harris Pastides said the school’s decision to pay Steve Spurrier for the remainder of his current contract year even though Spurrier resigned mid-season was made at least partially out of concern that it would end up having to pay him an even greater amount of money.
  • Gosh, you’d think winning a national title and playing for another one this decade would make Auburn fans less grumpy than this.


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SEC Power Poll, Week 11

Alabama vs. Florida in the SECCG, eh?  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

By the way, it’s a power poll, so don’t waste your time making transitive property arguments about my rankings.  That way lies madness.

  1. Alabama.  The Tide sacked Dak Prescott nine times in three quarters, which was only four fewer times than Prescott had been sacked before in his entire career.  Good Lord.
  2. Florida.  I wonder if Spurrier watched the Florida-South Carolina game.  And if he did, which team he rooted for.
  3. Arkansas.  Hey, the Hogs have won five of their last six, including four straight conference games.  They’re hot.
  4. LSU.  Leonard Fournette can only do so much.
  5. Mississippi State.  At least you got Alabama out of your system, Bulldogs.
  6. Mississippi.  Technically, Ole Miss still has a shot to win the West, but who are we kidding here?
  7. Tennessee.  All that’s left for the Vols are the two most offensively challenged teams in the conference.
  8. Georgia.  The Dawgs played an opponent with an even more dire quarterback situation than theirs.
  9. Auburn.  The Gus Bus is in serious need of an engine overhaul.
  10. Texas A&M.  If you’d have told me before the beginning of the season that the Aggies’ trip to Nashville might prove to be something of a challenge, I’d have laughed.  Now?  Not so much.
  11. Vanderbilt.  Two conference wins are probably two more than most people thought this team was capable of this season.
  12. Missouri.  A rough week ends with a satisfying win.
  13. Kentucky.  You could argue that over the last two seasons, the Wildcats have turned out to be the SEC’s most consistent team.  That’s not a compliment.
  14. South Carolina.  There are plenty of sad stories in the SEC this year, but the ‘Cocks may be the saddest.


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“What a week, huh? …,”

Good on ‘ya, Gary Pinkel.  Nothing hurts worse than having to walk away from something you love, and while Missouri’s win yesterday won’t erase that hurt, I hope it makes the pain at least a bit more tolerable.

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What losing to Vanderbilt sounds like.

You think we’re frustrated with Georgia’s red zone offense?  Well, imagine you’re a Kentucky defensive player who watched his offense start twice inside the Commodores’ five-yard line and come away empty handed in a four-point loss.

Actually, thanks to defensive tackle C.J. Johnson, you don’t have to imagine it.


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“He’s just saying, ‘that ain’t right'”.

As Arkansas gears up to play LSU, somebody decided it would be a good idea to interview Darren McFadden.  It’s pretty entertaining, especially when McFadden, who was one of my favorite players to watch, reminisces about that ridiculous 3OT game back in 2007.

Q: What do you remember most about that game where y’all came to Baton Rouge and won? I think it ended up being, 50-48.

“That’s exactly what it was: 50-48. One of the things I remember most about that game is I broke a long run down the sideline, and my quarterback at the time, Casey Dick, came back and threw a block for me that pretty much sprung me into the end zone.”

Dial this bad boy up to about the 2:15 mark and you’ll see what he’s talking about:

My other favorite moment of his that he brushes on?

Q: Is that one of the biggest memories from your college career?

“Definitely. I would have to say so. Those games against LSU, and then I had several good games against South Carolina, too, that still stand out to me.”

He set an SEC rushing record against the ‘Cocks, so I can see why that would stand out.  And you gotta love this clip, especially the capper at the very end.

All that talent in the backfield and Arkansas wound up going 8-5.  Still, they were a blast to watch.


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