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The downside of it just means more

So, the NCAA now permits one-time free transfers, and most conferences have followed suit in permitting players to freely transfer to schools within the conference.  The SEC, though, is not one of those conferences, at least not yet.  There’s a puzzling note about that from Rivals’ Mike Farrell.

… but I’ve also heard an odd rumor about the intraconference transfer rule for the SEC. Apparently a player who just left an SEC program was told by the school that if he wants to go to another SEC program he’s going to either have to sit out a year or it will cost that SEC team two scholarships to land him. This is a cryptic preview of what the SEC could decide, although I don’t buy the two- scholarship deal at all. And I highly doubt the one-year sit out rule because the SEC is never going to put themselves at a competitive disadvantage in anything football, and that would hurt them a bit.

Or will they? Another source told me that the SEC wants to set the bar for intraconference transfers and make it nearly impossible because the conference would essentially be a madhouse in the portal. By putting deterrents in place they avoid cannibalism of the conference as well as likely force the other conferences to eventually follow suit. After all, the word from the SEC will be that if you want to win national titles this is the conference you go to and we don’t need the intraconference mess to keep it that way.

Other than sheer arrogance, it’s hard to see how this makes sense.  The note is in reference to former Tennessee star Henry To’oto’o, who, needless to say, is wanted by several other programs, both inside and outside the SEC.  He’s certainly going somewhere other than Tennessee, which means there’s no deterrence factor in play, so what interest does is serve the SEC for To’oto’o to decide on, say, Ohio State?


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Quick! To the bulletin board, lads!

So, Jimbo Fisher tells fans TAMU’s gonna beat Saban’s ass.

It’s obvious from the lighthearted tone there, and Jimbo’s relationship with Saban that he’s having a little fun.  But that doesn’t stop the knicker-wadding in certain quarters from happening.

At least there’s some emotion going on there.  Contrast that with how a robot takes a shot.


I guarantee you after the excitement wears off, Jalen Camp is gonna be wondering what he’s getting into with Corch.


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He’s got us under his skin.

Danny Kanell’s gonna Danny Kanell, y’all.  But, even for him, this is kind of sad.

Being troll-y isn’t easy.


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Thursday morning buffet

There’s always something to fill the ol’ chafing dishes.


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“Everybody’s worried about the quarterback.”

It’s the most important position on the field.  And it’s college football’s best conference.  So, taken together, you might want to take a look at this piece summarizing the quarterback competitions across the SEC as spring practice ends.

A couple of quick, short takes:  one, and perhaps most obvious, is that Georgia and Ole Miss are sitting pretty compared with the rest of the conference in having returning quarterbacks ensconced as the clear number ones.

Two, a question.

– LSU has three quarterbacks who started multiple games last season, though Myles Brennan would appear to be the favorite again. He replaced Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrows last season and was off to a good start before a torn abdominal muscle ended his season three games in.

TJ Finley logged five starts but Max Johnson replaced him for the final two games and won both in the Tigers’ disappointing follow-up to a national championship season. Freshman Garrett Nussmeier joins the group.

“There is no starting quarterback,” LSU coach Ed Orgeron said. “They’re all competing and all four of them are very, very talented.”

– Tennessee left spring camp with another intriguing situation. Hendon Hooker, a graduate transfer from Virginia Tech, could face additional competition with former Michigan passer Joe Milton expected to arrive as a summer enrollee.

That would give first-year Volunteers coach Josh Heupel five scholarship quarterbacks, provided they all stick around.

So, which is it?  When you say you have no starting quarterback, you have no quarterback, or when you have five quarterbacks, you have no quarterback?

The first month of the 2021 season is going to be interesting.


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Super seniors

If you’re wondering how many SEC players who, but for the NCAA’s decision not to count the 2020 season towards their eligibility, would have otherwise been out of eligibility after the 2020 season, but are instead living to fight another day in 2021, Roll ‘Bama Roll has compiled a list.

  • Alabama – 2
  • Arkansas – 10
  • Auburn – 2
  • Florida – 5
  • Georgia – 3
  • Kentucky – 9
  • LSU – 6
  • Mississippi State – 5
  • Missouri – 12
  • Ole Miss – 10
  • South Carolina – 7
  • Tennessee – 11
  • Texas A&M – 7
  • Vanderbilt – 5

Some of those home sidelines look like they’re gonna be a little crowded this season.  (Not Tennessee’s, though.)

The elephant in the room is what happens after 2021.  Super seniors will not count against a team’s 85-scholarship limit this coming season unless they transferred in from another program.  How that goes after this season is anyone’s guess, because the NCAA hasn’t figured it out yet.


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Tell me, what does it say that Alabama, with the stronger SP+ rating, has less than half the chance Clemson does of going through the regular season undefeated?


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Thursday morning buffet

Nibbles from around the world of college football:

  • According to Mike Leach, Will Rogers was the first true freshman quarterback he’s worked with.
  • Here’s Athlon’s fairly milquetoast analysis of Florida’s 2021 schedule.
  • Who has coached the most seasons in Kentucky football history?
  • Roll ‘Bama Roll’s take on 2021 Georgia“The defense of course will always be elite, the running game is loaded, and if Kirby finally finds some wideouts to let JT Daniels take the top off, the Bulldogs are legit. They would actually be my favorite…if you can trust Kirby Smart 15 times in one season.”
  • Dick Vitale isn’t happy with the new NCAA transfer rule.
  • Meet former UGA player Wix Patton, who gave up football to pursue a music career.  (h/t Hunkering Hank)
  • From Chip Towers’ update on G-Day“Unfortunately, traditional tailgating still will not be allowed. Fans will be directed into designated parking lots and won’t be allowed to set up tents, grills or television sets.”  Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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Just get the damned shot.

C’mon, kids, don’t be difficult.

That’s gonna be a logistical pain in the ass, not just for the teams unvaccinated players are on, but their opponents, too.  Let’s not screw around with this, okay?


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Today, in the continuing adventures of Mark Richt losing control…

Somewhere, Jimmy Williamson smiles and nods knowingly.


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