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Today, in WTF

I mean, damn, just damn.

Nothing like planning ahead, I always say.



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Spring is sprung.

Here’s the entirety of the SEC’s 2017 spring game schedule.

We’ll know Kirby’s made it when G-Day hits ESPN.


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Todd Grantham doesn’t want much.

Just what every newly hired defensive coordinator in America wants

“From a philosophical standpoint, the number one thing that you got to do is you got to stop the run,” Grantham said. “You can’t let people run the ball on you.”

From there, as Grantham added, offenses become one-dimensional with the pass and the objective, from a defensive standpoint, is to make the quarterback’s life miserable with a pass-rush and force turnovers.

“If you do that,” Grantham said, “with the identity that we want to play with, which is fast, physical and aggressive, you’re going to be in every game.”

Also, “out of his front seven, Grantham wants physicality, size and an aggressive group that will look to create negative yardage plays.”  Hey, I know of a defensive line coach out there he might want to take a look at.


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I’d like to accept this award on behalf of the reserve fund.

Booch can keep his championship of life trophy.  Greg McGarity has the best championship of all, bitchez.

The Southeastern Conference continued flexing — and growing — its financial muscle, showing revenue of $639 million during its 2016 fiscal year, according to its new federal tax return.

The return, provided to USA TODAY Sports by the conference on Thursday, showed that the distributions to its 14 members schools ranged from $41.9 million for the University of Georgia to $39.1 million for Alabama and Mississippi.

Yeah!  Your Process didn’t win that, Tuscaloosa.


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A rising tide lifts all non-amateur boats.

Hey, for those of you who were saying a couple of years ago that there simply wasn’t enough money available for SEC schools to pay student-athletes in revenue producing sports…

… will there ever be?


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Georgia recruiting, a zero sum game

If you’re looking for a nice summary of how Georgia’s signing day measures up against the rest of the division, SB Nation has it for you here.  This chart, in particular, speaks volumes:

UGA blue-chips vs. the SEC East

Class Year 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Georgia 4/5-stars 20 13 14 13 15 10
Ratio of UGA blue chips vs East 1.3 2.4 2.8 3.5 2.1 3.8
Rest of SEC East Combined 26 31 39 46 32 38

The total number of blue chips signed by SEC East teams runs in a range of the mid-40s to the mid-50s from year to year, and 2017 fits neatly into that pattern.  But Georgia signed nearly half of that total, which is a radical departure from the previous five seasons.  The biggest reason for that is the mythical fence Kirby Smart erected:  “In total, Georgia’s 2017 class is made up of 26 members; 18 are from the state of Georgia alone, including 16 blue-chips.”

You think about the other East programs like South Carolina and Tennessee that have to make a living off Georgia talent to succeed because they lack the in state talent base, and you realize that Smart’s killing two birds with one stone here.  If 2017 turns out to be anything but a one-year wonder, the longer term implications of what that means for the division are pretty apparent.


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This time, it’s personal.

Hugh Freeze sounds really, really upset about negative recruiting.

Negative recruiting is part of the game, but Hugh Freeze is not happy about it in wake of the current NCAA investigation of Ole Miss.

From 2013-16, Ole Miss had four top-20 classes, including two in the top 8. But in 2017, the Rebels’ class is ranked No. 33. They only got two of the top 10 players in the state of Mississippi. On Wednesday, Freeze spoke out about how the NCAA investigation into violations and the potential penalties impacted this year.

“It was ugly,” Freeze said at a press conference. “I didn’t enjoy it. You take great pride in who you are and how you do things. Again, that’s not to say that we’ve been perfect, but I know the value that I place on this job and my name and our coaches’ name and our administration’s name. I’m the leader of the program so everything is directed pretty much at you.

“Some of it was personal with some people probably. I don’t talk about other schools in recruiting and I won’t do that, and our staff is in charge to do the same. Unfortunately, there were several others that they thought it was a prime opportunity to use that in recruiting, and that’s the route they go. I won’t forget who they are.”

Ooh, straight out of the Urban Meyer school of relations.

The best part is his praise of Alabama because “they do it the right way”.  Dude, that’s because Nick Saban doesn’t have to worry about you on the recruiting trail.  Especially since he knows there are plenty of others out there willing to do the dirty work.


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