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This monetary aggression will not stand, man.

With the Big 12’s release of its tax return, here’s a summary of where the P5 conferences stand in terms of financial distributions to their members:

  • Big 12:  “The conference reported nearly $371 million in revenue for a fiscal year that ended June 30, 2017… the per-school payouts to roughly $34.3 million…”
  • SEC:  “… the 14-team Southeastern Conference’s returns showed $650 million in revenue, or an average of about $41 million per school.”
  • ACC:  “… $373 million for fiscal 2016, distributing that money among 14 full members and Notre Dame…”
  • Pac-12:  “The Pac-12 reported that it distributed an average of $28.7 million per school in fiscal 2016.”
  • Big Ten:  “Citing a document from the University of Michigan, the Detroit Free Press reported in June that it was projecting revenue from the Big Ten of $51.1 million for the 2018 fiscal year (the one that’s ongoing), up from $36.3 million for 2017.”

As the cliché goes, one of those numbers is not like the others.

A $10 million a year revenue gap between the SEC and Big Ten?  I’m sure Greg Sankey’s bosses will shrug that off, just like they did before… oh, wait.



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Monday morning buffet

To the chafing dishes!


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Passing the baton at CBS

Nice thoughts from Brad Nessler about Uncle Verne, as he went through his first season as the man on the SEC beat:

Q: How was the SEC season? I know you’ve said you weren’t replacing Verne, but did that get better as the year went along?

A: I talk to Verne all the time. We kept him in the loop a lot. He would know, if we were doing an Alabama game, exactly what time we would be with (coach Nick) Saban, meeting, and when Saban would leave the meeting room, and we’d be eating Dreamland Bar-b-que. Then one of us would call Verne and we’d get him on our phone and include him. We worried about his back surgery. We talked to him a lot.

The last time that I really had a conversation, I had to talk to him about Army-Navy, because I had never done it before. I’m like, ‘Verne, everybody’s hitting me from all sides about Army-Navy, and I don’t get it.’ He said, ‘You will, once you do it.’ We went to West Point for a whole day, Annapolis for a whole day. We were in New York for the National Football Foundation deal, so I spent the whole week on the week on the road with our crew, and by the time I got to the game, I got it. And the game was awesome, and I really got it. Verne helped me on that one a lot.

He’s always been a huge backer of mine and mentor. We try to keep him in the loop, and I can’t wait for him get back to the Masters, hopefully.

I imagine the phone call from Dreamland was a hoot.

Non-Lundquist, but this is pretty funny:

Q: It’s unusual for someone to come back to where they worked before. Had a lot changed when you came back?

A: You know what’s really weird? When I came back for football, my producer was Craig Silver 27 years ago or whatever, he’s still my producer on football. The theme music is the same for football and basketball. When I came back, when you have to do billboards and stuff, pre-taping things, the music comes back, and it just comes back.

I know what he means.

Eight notes, and you know what’s coming on TV next.


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“I call it Wikipedia. That’s what it is right now, our offense.”

SOD is back, folks.

Derek Dooley is Missouri’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, which is interesting because Dooley has never been an offensive coordinator or a quarterbacks coach before.

“Interesting” would be one way of putting it.

“I call it Wikipedia. That’s what it is right now, our offense,” Dooley told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Every day you can go on there and there’s a new sentence (and say), ‘Oh, I wonder who added that?”

In addition to Dooley, much of the Missouri offensive staff is also new. Offensive line coach Brad Davis was hired from Florida and wide receivers coach A.J. Ofodile was promoted from director of recruiting operations.

“The idea is I don’t want to just cram some system down them,” Dooley said. “Everything they do is brand new. We want to build on some things they did well here. We want to add some things to help us have a little flexibility in how we attack defenses.”

This is gonna be a fun watch.  I mean, what could go wrong?


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Springtime for quarterbacks

Thought I’d toss out Matt Murschel’s piece on the spring picture at quarterback throughout the SEC as food for discussion.  I found it a little weird — not at the top, where ‘Bama, Georgia and Auburn are the logical favorites, but farther on down, particularly with regard to Missouri and South Carolina being ranked well below Florida and Tennessee.  Am I missing something there?


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Today, in simple questions

The Sporting News is taking the position that the September 8th meeting between Georgia and South Carolina will be a big deal.

As mentioned in South Carolina’s preview, the Sept. 8 matchup in Columbia will be the biggest game of the season in the SEC East. The Gamecocks are riding high off an impressive 9-4 campaign and have a considerably easier conference slate than does Georgia, who travels to No. 13 LSU and hosts No. 8 Auburn from the West. The margin of error is a lot smaller for Smart and Co. and, on paper, a loss to South Carolina would give the Gamecocks a sizable lead in the SEC East race. Conversely, a Georgia win relieves some pressure before the Bulldogs face off against LSU and Auburn.

Agree or disagree?


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Sure, they’re laughing about it now…

No pressure, Jimbo.

If new football coach Jimbo Fisher didn’t quite get the message of what Texas A&M chancellor John Sharp expects of him, Sharp put it in writing.

By awarding Fisher a national championship plaque – of the future.

“… You get to fill in the date,” a chuckling Sharp said, in handing Fisher the plaque during the annual Chancellor’s Century Council meeting in mid-February before a roomful of Aggies.

Sharp had just presented Texas A&M-Commerce football coach Colby Carthel a legitimate plaque after Carthel guided the program to its first NCAA Division II national title in mid-December.

Sharp’s gag is revealed on a YouTube video released by the A&M university system and particularly highlighting A&M-Commerce. It was first brought to public attention on Wednesday by Travis Brown of the Bryan-College Station Eagle.

Sharp has said he expects a national title at some point from Fisher, who was awarded a guaranteed 10-year, $75 million contract from A&M in December, after the Aggies lured him from Florida State. Fisher, 52, won a national title with the Seminoles in 2013.

Texas A&M chancellor John Sharp awarded coach Jimbo Fisher a national championship plaque - of the future. Photo: A&M

Let’s see how funny it is in a few years if the Aggies don’t have one.


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