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For Hugh Freeze, things are turning out to be nastier than an anonymous Athlon article.

I’m surprised this isn’t getting more attention, but if you’ll dial up the latest episode of The Audible with Feldman & Mandel to around the 4:30 mark, you’ll hear Bruce Feldman report that not only has the NCAA spoken with some current SEC players about Ole Miss’ recruiting, but at least two SEC head coaches have also spoken with the NCAA.

Even juicier are the alleged motives behind that:  “There was a lot of acrimony and frustration with Ole Miss and the NCAA and how it was handled at that point…”

Whoa.  We’re gonna need a bigger bag of popcorn.


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“I don’t want a victory lap.”

Uncle Verne may not want one, but I suspect he’s gonna get one.

What would be great would be for CBS to round up every player who’s ever been the object of a Verne crush and get them to offer up a tribute to the man during the SECCG.  You know, for old times’ sake.  Make it happen, fellas.


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The NCAA, on the scent

Pat Forde reports that the Ole Miss investigation is growing.

The NCAA’s protracted investigation of Mississippi has taken a new twist within the last month – investigators have interviewed players at two or more rival Southeastern Conference schools about their recruitment by the Rebels, multiple sources told Yahoo Sports.

NCAA Enforcement representatives have visited Auburn and Mississippi State, and perhaps at least one more SEC Western Division school, this summer to speak with players who were recruited by Ole Miss. The players were granted immunity from potential NCAA sanctions in exchange for truthful accounts of their recruitment, sources said.

Those interviews indicate that the NCAA investigation has expanded beyond the spring focus on former All-American offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil.

Generally speaking, you don’t want to see the word “immunity” in a context like that.

Expanding investigations is what the NCAA likes to do.  I’m starting to think this won’t end well for ol’ Hugh.


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Thursday morning buffet

A few morsels to start your day…


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It’s your funeral.

Maybe it’s just me, but as a motivational tactic, I find this a little creepy.


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What happened to all the elite SEC quarterbacks?

Greg Ostendorf makes the case that there never were that many, that there aren’t really any right now and that the future doesn’t exactly look promising, either.

Some of his argument boils down to semantics.  If you want to define elite as quarterbacks who go on to a solid NFL career, then, yeah, you’ve got a pretty short list over the last decade.

But look back at the 2012 national leaders in passer rating.  There were three SEC quarterbacks in the top ten, which strikes me as a pretty good showing.  Aaron Murray set and still holds all kinds of conference records, AJ McCarron has himself back-to-back national titles and Connor Shaw was easily the best South Carolina quarterback of the Spurrier era.  None of that is too shabby.

But I’ll be the first one to admit we’re a long way from 2012 this season, and, perhaps, for the next couple of seasons.  Why?  Well, Ostendorf speculates it’s for several reasons, some of which I find more convincing than others.  You can read his points and decide for yourself.

One thing worth noting is that if he’s right about this…

The conference’s best hope might be in the form of two freshmen – Eason at Georgia and Shea Patterson at Ole Miss. Both were highly sought after coming out of high school, and both have shown abilities that could translate to the NFL. It’s still way too early to say for sure, but there’s potential there. And maybe that means there’s potential for the SEC.

… Georgia may have a little advantage for itself in a year or two.  Maybe.


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It’s a Southern thing, but they want you to understand.

Presbyterian College in South Carolina is offering “Religion of SEC Football” as a class for university credit.

“Woo Pig Sooie!? Roll Tide!? Go Cocks!? What is it about college football that turns otherwise sane people into raving lunatics? Why is it that each fall millions of people schedule their lives around SEC football, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for RV’s and tailgating for days prior to a game? Why do fans often hate another school — such as the ‘Bama fan who poisoned 130-year old trees at Auburn? This class will attempt to answer these sorts of questions by exploring the ‘religion’ of Southeastern Conference football and how each of us fit into that faith.”

Somehow, I don’t think an hour a week is enough time to explain Harvey Updyke.  Also, do you get extra credit for attending an SEC game?


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