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Returning starters in the kicking game

Dave Bartoo makes an interesting statistical point in his post about 2015 returning starters when he writes,

I include the kickers and punters in returning starters. Why? My trending has shown that a team with both kickers returning, that their average win total year of year is +1 game. Those that lose both kickers it is nearly a full game below last year’s total. When the average top 25 team loses their closest game by less than 4 points, on average, each season, kicking is going to be key in at least one game.

Georgia, as we know, returns both kickers this season.  How does that compare to the rest of the conference?

The Dawgs are one of eight teams to do so, according to the chart you can find in the middle of Dave’s post.  So, maybe not so big an advantage, more like keeping pace.  (Assuming Barber gets his consistency problem worked out, that is.)

On the other hand, if Bartoo’s right, it looks like that’s just another problem Jim McElwain’s got to deal with this season.


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Another day, another $4 million salary

Gary Pinkel, come on down!

There aren’t many SEC coaching salaries south of the $4 million line any more.


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Thursday morning buffet

Everybody needs a little buffet in their lives.

  • Athlon ranks the SEC towns.  We’re number two! (Though, where are these “East Georgia mountains” you speak of?)
  • Seriously, “the most vexing issue facing those in charge of the postseason system” is the Army-Navy game?
  • Meanwhile, “two members of the Florida State Board of Trustees expressed concern at a March meeting over the ACC’s status and one called for an expansion of the College Football Playoff.”  I guess not everyone’s convinced about that Army-Navy problem.
  • You think Georgia’s had a run of bad luck on the offensive line before?  Florida can make a case for the same right now.
  • Throw the damned ball, Schottenheimer.
  • David Shaw says it’s not his job to get his players ready for the NFL.  (He’s right.)
  • Mark Richt has lost control of Christian Robinson.  Really.


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“Mr. Slive, Coach Saban’s on line one.”

It sounds like Trent Miles intends to invite the entire Big Ten to his Football Camp.

This is going to get uglier before it gets resolved.


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Banging for the bucks, SEC coaches edition

I have a friend who shall go nameless here, who used to rank his dates by what he called the “get down to dollars” ratio:  how much money he had to spend on a woman before she went to bed with him.

So what do we get if we translate that formula over to SEC coaches, and their wins and salaries?  Something like this:

  1. Gus Malzahn – $380,000 per win
  2. Mark Richt – $412,000 per win
  3. Les Miles – $417,000 per win
  4. Gary Pinkel – $421,000 per win
  5. Steve Spurrier – $476,000 per win
  6. Hugh Freeze – $538,000 per win
  7. Kevin Sumlin – $538,000 per win
  8. Butch Jones – $600,000 per win
  9. Dan Mullen – $609,000 per win
  10. Nick Saban – $660,000 per win
  11. Bret Bielema – $800,000 per win
  12. Mark Stoops – $1.03 million per win
  13. Derek Mason – salary not disclosed; three career wins

Jim McElwain can’t be assessed, of course.

Kinda casts that whole underpaid/overpaid argument in a new light, doesn’t it?


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Tuesday morning buffet

The remains of the day…


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Now this is how you hold a gun to somebody’s head.

The SEC is offering a pretty stark choice on the satellite camp craze.

I figure nobody does anything until Sankey lifts the ban, all hell subsequently breaks loose and then they scramble for a fix.

But, who knows?  Maybe Delany takes time off from his freshman ineligibility crusade and tells Penn State and Michigan to knock it off.


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