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“The SEC has that inherent advantage that if Alabama or Auburn is playing the Little Sisters of the Poor, people are still going to watch in huge numbers.”

So you’d pay two or three bucks a month for the SEC Network.  But would you pay $10?


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Nobody ever went broke underestimating the craziness of the SEC football fan.

And how crazy is that?  Well, put it this way

The majority of the SEC Network’s carriage deals aren’t expected to come up for renewal soon, but ESPN declined to provide terms of the contract except to say they were long-term. If the network can continue to prove its worth, Nelson doesn’t think it’s outlandish for the SEC’s in-market subscriber fee to jump from $1.30/$1.40 to $2.00 or $3.00. A jump of that magnitude could give the network more than a billion dollars annually on simply subscriber fees.

“I would have said it was crazy two years ago,” Nelson said. “But when they were so successful at $1.30, I’m sure they are thinking big.”

If 30 some-odd million subscribers are willing to pony up three bucks a month for the privilege of having Finebaum and Phyllis from Mulga drop into their dens five days a week, that’s crazy enough for me.


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Preseason Coaches All-SEC teams announced

Georgia’s got nine representatives, the third-best showing in the conference, behind Alabama (natch) and LSU… which serves to remind me again why it’s so hard to get a handle on LSU’s prospects this season.  Normally a team that loaded would be a cinch to be counted on as having a legitimate shot to get to Atlanta, but with the shaky quarterback situation and the change at defensive coordinator, it seems worthwhile to hedge that bet.

By the way, if he stays healthy, does Leonard Floyd finish the season as a third teamer?


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Wednesday morning buffet

Chock full of preseason goodness.


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Damn, CBS, ctd.

Man, these guys really are all in on Georgia’s chances this season.


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Damn, CBS.

Now this qualifies as a bold SEC preview prediction.  (As noted, written by Jerry Hinnen, as voted on the CBS Sports college football panel.)

Coach of the Year: Mark Richt, Georgia

Is it now or never for Richt? On paper, Jeremy Pruitt’s experienced, talented defense should be the best the Dawgs have enjoyed in years, and Nick Chubb gives Richt’s offense the kind of backfield bell cow his best offenses have always been built around. Meanwhile, no other SEC East team looks nearly as complete, and the West champ will have run a far more taxing divisional gauntlet. If Richt can’t end the Dawgs’ SEC title drought in 2015, it’s fair to ask when he will — but that’s also why it’s never been more likely that he actually will.

Great googly mooglies.  As much as I’d like to go there, I can’t bring myself to click the keys.  But as my mom used to say, Jerry, from your lips to Gawd’s ears.


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On a lighter note…

Dave Bartoo has a slew of SEC betting trends for your enjoyment listed here.  The only one about Georgia is “GEO is 7-0 since Oct 09, 2010 after a loss on the road”, which, admittedly, I could do without hearing.


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