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Things are getting ugly in the SEC West.

Check out the grenade LSU’s lawyers lobbed in the answer to the Chavis lawsuit:

“The only fact implicating Texas (in the suit) is that Chavis happened to defect to Texas A&M and chose to begin working for A&M before his service to LSU was complete,” the new filing says. “Notwithstanding the Aggies dire need for defensive help, Chavis could have defected to a college or professional team in any state, or even in a foreign country.”

Using the word “defect” – twice in one paragraph – is pretty strong.  And “dire need” is a nice shot fired across TAMU’s bow.  (Should we should start employing similar language about LSU’s new receivers coach?)  But I’m sure it’s nothing personal.

LSU travels to College Station A&M travels to Baton Rouge on November 28th, in case you were wondering.



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Tuesday morning buffet

Chock full of goodies for your reading pleasure.

  • According to Khari Harding’s dad, local media sussed on to the problem with the new NCAA transfer rule before Tulsa did.  Ugh.
  • Five reasons why Tennessee will win the SEC East in 2015… and five reasons UT won’t.
  • Here’s Athlon’s Georgia spring preview.  Nothing particularly revelatory.
  • The NCAA is okay with a crowdfunding project for student-athletes?  Count me skeptical; it’s probably more like the NCAA hasn’t figured out a way to shut it down yet.
  • Auburn’s home/road splits over the last ten years are rather eye-opening.
  • Hoo, boy“Senior linebacker Jordan Jenkins said he thought there was an underlying issue in the team’s setbacks, though. The players who served as leaders weren’t very good, in his opinion.”
  • And this is why they pay Cam Cameron the big bucks, I guess.


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“We are not where we need to be.”

After a spring game which included seven sacks and five interceptions, Vanderbilt’s Derek Mason shows off a firm grasp of the obvious about his offense.


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SEC defense isn’t quite dead yet.

A couple of fun factoids from the 2014 season:

  • 1 Team in the nation shut out two conference opponents this season — Arkansas, which blanked No. 20 LSU 17-0 and No. 8 Ole Miss 30-0 in back-to-back games in November. Only one other unranked team had shut out two ranked opponents in the same season.
  • 16 Points per game given up by Ole Miss during the 2014 season, the lowest average in the nation. The Rebels became the 22nd SEC team to lead the nation in scoring defense…

Which isn’t to say there wasn’t some sieve-like defensive play in the conference last season, or that there weren’t plenty of offenses that had their way with opponents… just that this data, from somewhat unlikely quarters, indicates all isn’t lost.


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When is a mid-major school not a mid-major school?

When the SEC is in need of a little scheduling juice.  Congrats, BYU and Army!


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For Georgia, one good thing about the COA stipend

it’s not gonna ding the reserve fund too badly, relatively speaking.

Tennessee’s COA – calculated by the Office of Financial Aid for all students using the Independent Student Allowance method – is $5,666 per year (not counting summer school). That’s $4002 in miscellaneous expenses and $1664 in transportation.

That is $80 more than the next SEC institution – Auburn ($5586). But it is almost $3900 more than Georgia ($1,798), which is on the low end of the SEC spectrum. These numbers are either last year’s figures or projected for the upcoming fiscal year according to information from various websites.

In the SEC, only three schools are over $5000, three schools are in the $4000s, six are in the $3000s and two are below $3000 – Georgia and Vanderbilt ($2,730).

I bet nobody realized what a great deal it is to live in Athens.  Todd Gurley made more than that paltry $1,798 with his trusty Sharpie.

Now you can understand why Morehead and McGarity want the SEC to adopt the Georgia Way as a uniform standard.  And why nobody in the conference is going to listen.

Knives are being sharpened on the recruiting trail as you read this.  And Jeremy Pruitt wonders in which direction he should point a finger.


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Should Georgia be the preseason favorite to win the SEC East?

Athlon thinks so.

Georgia is the early favorite in the SEC East for 2015, but the Bulldogs will be pushed by Florida, Missouri and Tennessee. The Volunteers are a team on the rise under coach Butch Jones, while the Gators have the talent to rebound in coach Jim McElwain’s first year. The Tigers have key personnel losses to address, but coach Gary Pinkel’s team always seems to find the right answers to reload the roster.

Looking down the list of questions for each program, it seems like there are plenty of warts to go around.  And maybe Georgia’s are smaller than everyone else’s.  But that’s just a maybe before spring practice.

It is interesting that the perception of South Carolina has dropped so precipitously in just a year.  But there are good reasons to have doubts about the Gamecocks.

Florida is a mystery to me, as I’ve previously said.  The Gators lack the horses to be élite on offense, but would mere competence on that side of the ball be enough to make them a factor in the division race?

Tennessee has certainly recruited well the last two seasons.  But it’s not as if the Vols are the only SEC East program to do so.

Missouri has lost a lot, true.  But based on their track record of the last two seasons, if the Tigers are healthy, I’m taking them seriously.

Your thoughts?


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