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Man, Nick Saban’s got his work cut out for him.

You’ve got to respect the serious cognitive dissonance of an ESPN piece that lays out the proposition that Alabama is the SEC team with the most to prove right next to a chart showing six ‘Bama players on their preseason All-SEC team.  (No other school has more than two.)

One can only hope Nick’s up to the challenge.



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Wednesday morning buffet

One thing about August — it gets easier to fill the chafing dishes.


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Today, in “stick to sports”

I’m sure those of you continually offended by political references in the world of sports will rise up to condemn Chris McDaniel, seeking any attention he can get as he runs for a US Senate seat a second time, who evidently objects to Ole Miss replacing Colonel Reb with a new mascot.

Fergit, hayul!


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Handled with care

If I may borrow from another insurance ad, it appears that Jake Fromm was in good hands last season.

We may owe a few Dawg receivers apologies, gang.


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Those cupcake games aren’t gonna play themselves.

The SEC, where playing a road game against a non-conference opponent just means more.

Considering that UK and South Carolina have home-and-home series with non-conference rivals, geez, that’s impressive.

Bottom line — they’ll keep doing it as long as they can get away with doing it.


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“Yes, that Derek Dooley.”

Missouri’s new offensive coordinator has Bill Connelly pondering black thoughts.

In theory, Dooley can simply build complexity on top of what Heupel had established, giving Mizzou the capability to hit the brakes (Heupel’s offense was fourth in Adj. Pace last year) and come up with a Plan B for when solid defenses slow down the base attack.

It’s not hard to see the potential downside, though. Going from simple to complex, from “spread” to “pro-style” — though those terms grow more fungible each year — could lead to you misplacing your strengths in the name of fixing weaknesses.

And by god, if Dooley prevents us from seeing another year of Lock-to-Hall deep balls, he should be banished from college football.

New Mizzou motto:  if it ain’t broke, let SOD break it.


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Chicks love the deep ball, ctd.

That Jake Fromm… what are we gonna do with him?

As long as the run threat remains credible (duh) and the offensive line continues to improve, I don’t expect Fromm’s gonna lose his place there.


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