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Survey of SEC coaches says…

Must have been the locker room talk that sold ’em.  Congrats!


UPDATE:  These guys are turning into a parody account of themselves.

Kind of makes the award even sweeter.  I’d love to hear Saban admit he voted for Kirby, too.


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The best laid plans of mice and transfer portals

If you can’t appreciate the rich irony of Ladd McConkey making the coaches’ all-SEC second team and Jermaine Burton’s name being nowhere in sight, I don’t know what to tell you.  No doubt the boys at Roll Bama Roll will demand an investigation of the vote.


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Can’t tell the players without a scorecard.

Boy, this is gonna take a while to settle down.


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Stat of the day, post-SECCG edition

Some of that was due to there not being a truly wretched team in the conference — I mean, even Vandy won a couple of conference games.

But, yeah, the SEC was kind of top heavy this season.


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Greg Sankey’s plan for Hugh Freeze

Basically, it boils down to this:


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The power of shame

Well, look who grew a pair… or at least claims to have.

Wherever Mizzou winds up for the bowl game, Drink’s press conference ought to be a real hoot.


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“What’s up with Jayden Daniels’ ankle?”

That’s a question Matt Hinton asks in his SECCG preview piece.  It’s a good question.

Daniels’ mobility has been so central to the offense that it’s unclear how it would function if he’s not. He’s the only quarterback nationally with more than 1,000 yards rushing this season (excluding sacks), with his 1,003 more than doubling the output of any LSU running back. He ranks among the top 6 rushers in the SEC at any position in yards per carry (7.2), rushing touchdowns (11) and missed tackles forced (51), per Pro Football Focus, and he leads the conference in runs of 10-plus yards. Daniels is not a breakaway threat, but he’s slippery in the pocket — nearly two-thirds of his rushing yards come via scrambles — and when the Tigers break out the read-option package at close range, he has a reliable nose for the end zone.

He’s middle of the SEC pack in passer rating — largely because his yards per attempt number is pretty mediocre — but he’s only thrown two picks this season.  So, yeah, it would seem that if he can’t pose much of a running threat, that’s gonna be a problem for the Tigers.


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Brave Sir Drinkwitz

Missouri is too scared to play Kansas in a bowl game?  Kansas?

I haven’t been this embarrassed about an SEC football program since Tuberville bailed out of playing FSU about five minutes after he stepped foot on Auburn’s campus.


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Mano a mano

Bill Connelly thinks a lot of things would have to come together for LSU to have a shot at the upset tomorrow.  This one is worth watching:

Most teams don’t have the defensive backfield quality to play a ton of man coverage, but LSU may be an exception, with the caveat that Bernard-Converse missed the TAMU game, as he was in concussion protocol and his status for the SECCG isn’t clear yet.

Speaking of injuries, do the Tigers have a chance if Daniels’s ankle isn’t fully healthy?  I’m having a hard time seeing it.


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What’s the rush?

My Gawd, Greg Sankey’s kicked the football schedule format can down the road to next year now ($$).

“We wanted several pieces of information, one of which was what would happen with the College Football Playoff,” Sankey said on Thursday. “At this point, we would look to the first months of 2023 as the opportunity to re-focus. I learned during that COVID-19 summer of 2020 not to set hard and fast deadlines, because we want some flexibility in setting a specific finish point for our conversation. We have a need to move forward though, and I would anticipate that in a general sense those decisions will sooner rather than later reach a conclusion.”

Every day that goes by without a resolution makes me think the likelihood of the SEC sticking with the eight-game format is greater.


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