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SEC gonna SEC.

New commissioner, same ol’ making up shit on the fly.

Not exactly Solomonic wisdom there.


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Bert goes to acting school.

This is called working the refs.

And it worked!  Much to the outrage of Roll Tahd World, I’m sure.

SEC refs get suckered into all kinds of dumb calls.  Hard to see how this is any different, other than the manner of sale.


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When it’s not a good thing to hear your lawyer’s name mentioned

One of the more curious developments in a season that’s had more than its share of curious developments is how long it’s taken for the NCAA investigation of Laremy Tunsil to reach its conclusion (although reports surfaced over the weekend that things may finally be coming to a head).  It’s curious because the usual approach taken by SEC teams not in Athens, Georgia defending their star players is to take a fairly aggressive approach with the NCAA.  That doesn’t seem to have happened in Ole Miss’ case.

Perhaps there’s a reason for that.

One other thing that cropped up of the weekend was the news that the NCAA was preparing to bring the hammer down on Louisiana-Lafayette over allegations of a former assistant coach’s engaging in exam fraud and providing recruits payments for living and educational expenses, as well as failing to comply with an NCAA investigation.  (That last thing always makes it worse.)  But what’s interesting about that matter can be found in this timeline of the investigation.  Read through it, and notice that the phrase “legal counsel for the University of Mississippi” crops up more than once.

I doubt that was because somebody was bored and looking for a little entertainment on the side.

As we saw when McGarity was fighting a two-front war with the NCAA about the problems stemming from Todd Gurley and Jack Bauerle, an athletic director’s gotta choose how best to play the hand he’s dealt.  It would seem fair to say that between an existential threat to a school’s athletic program and a suspension of a player who’s likely turning pro after the season anyway, it’s not hard to see where priorities might lay.  I have no proof that’s what’s going on with Ole Miss now, of course.  I’m just sayin’.


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SEC Power Poll, Week Six

The West is still a fight, but the East is starting to shake out. Overall, it looks like there are five quality teams in the conference.

What else needs to be said?

  1. Texas A&M.  Not gonna give the Aggies a bye week drop.  Besides, we’ll find out who deserves to be at the top of the power poll after Saturday.
  2. Alabama.  Okay, you’ve had your fun against power offenses, Nick.  Let’s see if you’ve got Sumlin’s number again.
  3. Florida.  What does grinding away get you?  In Florida’s case, a commanding lead in the division.  This one could be over by the Cocktail Party.
  4. LSU.  Seal clubbed a hapless South Carolina, which isn’t much of an accomplishment right now.  Let’s see how the Tigers do against a resurgent Florida team.
  5. Mississippi.  Turned things around against New Mexico State.  Woo hoo!
  6. Mississippi State.  Last Saturday, cupcakes were on the menu all around the state of Mississippi.
  7. Kentucky.  The ‘Cats find themselves second in the East, largely by keeping their heads down.
  8. Tennessee.  Georgia was chicken soup for the Volunteer soul.
  9. Arkansas.  Did the best with what they had against Alabama.  The final margin indicates they didn’t have enough.
  10. Georgia.  Last week I asked, “Okay, there’s the inexplicable, yet inevitable, embarrassing loss.  The question remaining is whether Georgia has any more of those in its future this season.”  Thanks for getting back to me so quickly on that, Dawgs.
  11. Missouri.  A slightly more talented version of Vanderbilt.
  12. Auburn.  It’s sad to think that Auburn needed two weeks to get ready for Kentucky, but the Tigers probably do.
  13. Vanderbilt.  Gettin’ that bye week bounce in anticipation of this week’s epic Battle of the Dipshits at South Carolina.
  14. South Carolina.  Steve Spurrier has coached SEC ball for 23 seasons.  This is the first time he’s had a team start 0-4 in the conference.  Whoa.


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Things SEC Fans Say

This is both spot on and quite funny:

Make sure you stay through the credits, or you’ll miss the final punchline.


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SEC Power Poll, Week Five

Raise your hand if you had Florida, LSU and Texas A&M as your only three undefeateds after the fifth week of the season was in the books.

  1. Texas A&M.  I’ve got the Aggies ahead of Alabama because their non-conference win (Arizona State) looks better than the Tide’s (Wisconsin) and because I suspect their offense will give ‘Bama problems.  Oh, yeah, there’s that no loss thing, too.
  2. Alabama.  As impressive as the curb stomping in Athens was, let’s not lose sight of the fact that Alabama is still fourth in the SEC West today, and one of the teams ahead of it holds a head-to-head tiebreaker.
  3. Florida.  McElwain has to be the early leader for Coach of the Year honors, doesn’t he?
  4. LSU.  Leonard Fournette’s been more impressive than his team’s been so far.
  5. Mississippi.  Dang, fellas, try showing up for a change.
  6. Georgia.  Okay, there’s the inexplicable, yet inevitable, embarrassing loss.  The question remaining is whether Georgia has any more of those in its future this season.
  7. Mississippi State.  Just slowly, steadily ground down in College Station.  You get the feeling that could be how the Bulldogs’ season plays out.
  8. Kentucky.  Greasing by Eastern Kentucky isn’t the best way to build on your résumé, but the ‘Cats are moving ever closer to bowl eligibility.
  9. Missouri.  As 4-1 starts go, this one’s awfully light on substance.
  10. Arkansas.  To be the tenth-best team in the conference, you’ve got to beat the eleventh-best team.
  11. Tennessee.  I believe I’ve run out of snarky things to say about the Vols blowing double-digit leads.
  12. Auburn.  Putting away San José State with an entire 4:43 left in the game?  Way to get the Gus Bus moving in the right direction, Tigers.
  13. South Carolina.  It is hard to believe how sorry Spurrier’s team is this season.
  14. Vanderbilt.  With a game against South Carolina looming in two weeks, the ‘Dores have a chance to escape the basement of the SEC East.  Either way it goes, it’ll be ugly.


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In the SEC, officiating is always a work in progress.

Steve Shaw wants you to know that when it comes to the ineligible linemen downfield penalty, he’s on the mother.


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