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Danielson on Lundquist

Two sentences.

“He’s not telling you what happened, he’s enjoying it with you. That’s an unbelievable skill,” Danielson said.

That is absolutely perfect.


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Persona non grata

So, Barney Farrar, who went from being Laremy Tunsil’s go-to piggy bank to being placed on administrative leave by Ole Miss after news of that came to light, will now embark on the next stage of his employment journey.

Hope you’re not looking for a letter of recommendation, sport.  By this time next year, Hugh Freeze won’t acknowledge you ever worked for him.


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Final thoughts on Verne Lundquist

A nice tribute from CBS…

Tebow managed two “Uncle Vernes”.  I would have paid money to hear Saban do that, too.

Jack Nicklaus pitched in with this.

What’s great about this is to see a consummate professional appreciated in a timely manner as he goes out on his own terms.  That doesn’t happen as often as it should.

What’s also great is that Lundquist is humble enough to appreciate the appreciation.

Brad Nessler is a great replacement for CBS’ SEC game of the week — really, as good as we could hope for.  But Uncle Verne, you’ll be missed.


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I expect rushing yardage drubbings like that when an SEC team plays a cupcake game, but in a conference championship meeting?  Just, damn, ‘Bama.


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“Good afternoon, everybody. Nothin’ going on here!”

Nice, classy tribute to Verne Lundquist from ESPN here, with a few Georgia touches.  It’ll make you smile.

It’ll also make you a little wistful that we’re losing another voice that is part of what makes football in the South special.


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“My career is complete!”

This year’s Iron Bowl may have been a bit of a snoozer, but up in the booth, Joe Namath and Verne Lundquist more than made up for it.

Helluva capper there, Uncle Verne.


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Why I hate SEC conference scheduling, in two tweets

Pathetic, Greg Sankey.  Just pathetic.


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