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“Mr. Slive, Coach Saban’s on line one.”

It sounds like Trent Miles intends to invite the entire Big Ten to his Football Camp.

This is going to get uglier before it gets resolved.


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Banging for the bucks, SEC coaches edition

I have a friend who shall go nameless here, who used to rank his dates by what he called the “get down to dollars” ratio:  how much money he had to spend on a woman before she went to bed with him.

So what do we get if we translate that formula over to SEC coaches, and their wins and salaries?  Something like this:

  1. Gus Malzahn – $380,000 per win
  2. Mark Richt – $412,000 per win
  3. Les Miles – $417,000 per win
  4. Gary Pinkel – $421,000 per win
  5. Steve Spurrier – $476,000 per win
  6. Hugh Freeze – $538,000 per win
  7. Kevin Sumlin – $538,000 per win
  8. Butch Jones – $600,000 per win
  9. Dan Mullen – $609,000 per win
  10. Nick Saban – $660,000 per win
  11. Bret Bielema – $800,000 per win
  12. Mark Stoops – $1.03 million per win
  13. Derek Mason – salary not disclosed; three career wins

Jim McElwain can’t be assessed, of course.

Kinda casts that whole underpaid/overpaid argument in a new light, doesn’t it?


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Tuesday morning buffet

The remains of the day…


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Now this is how you hold a gun to somebody’s head.

The SEC is offering a pretty stark choice on the satellite camp craze.

I figure nobody does anything until Sankey lifts the ban, all hell subsequently breaks loose and then they scramble for a fix.

But, who knows?  Maybe Delany takes time off from his freshman ineligibility crusade and tells Penn State and Michigan to knock it off.


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I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

Per some site called, Georgia is tied for first among SEC programs in player arrests since August 3, 2010.

On the bright side, if you rank conference schools in order of most recent arrests, Georgia would only place tenth.

Progress, of a sort.

Either that, or Jimmy Williamson’s been on an extended vacation.


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Sunday morning buffet

Dig in, folks.

  • Bruce Feldman talks to Jim Donnan about the state of the SEC East.  No particularly earth-shattering disclosures, but I was amused to hear Donnan slip and use the word “we” once, when speaking about Georgia.
  • Michigan cooks the books to keep that home attendance streak going.
  • On the other hand, this is an impressive turnout.
  • Granted, this is about the NFL, but it’s still a great contrarian question to ask as college defenses continue gearing up to handle the spread.
  • And another question – is football going to start seeing smaller nose tackles?
  • Field Street Forum asks if Jacob Eason is the next Matthew Stafford.  Their answer may amuse you.
  • A senior football advisor with the Patriots when they drafted Aaron Hernandez had this to say about the organization’s misgivings about his character coming out of Florida:  “We knew he had some issues prior,” Reese said. “[Former Florida coach] Urban Meyer and Bill [Belichick] were very, very close, and I think Urban convinced Bill that, you know, that these things weren’t going to be an issue…”  Oopsie.


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Mmmm… cupcakes, SEC-style

Given he’s writing about a conference in which its coaches regularly bitch about how the cross-division rivalries aren’t fair and would sooner cut off an arm that go to a nine-game conference schedule, I’m not really sure why Ed Aschoff is indignant about the relative weakness of the SEC’s non-conference scheduling over the next few seasons.

Although I have to concede this is pretty special:

… Florida’s 2017 matchup with Michigan at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, will mark the first time the Gators have left their home state to play a regular-season nonconference game since going to Syracuse in 1991.

Go, Gata!

And how much of Missouri’s recent success is due to Gary Pinkel’s greatness as a coach and how much to his shrewdness as a scheduler?


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