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I think the technical term for this is “talent gap”.

Alabama has more players on the media’s 2016 All-SEC preseason first team than Georgia has on all three.


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Hugh Freeze, trying to work that deflection game

You know when somebody’s playing the “mistakes were made” card, it’s an attempt to make you look in another direction.

Here’s Freeze’s narrative: Mistakes were made. They’ll be held accountable — he’ll be held accountable, even as he points out that some of the violations were made by boosters, people “outside the building.”

But he also says Ole Miss has been targeted because of a dramatic leap, both in recruiting classes and subsequently on the field. He believes there’s backlash from rivals over the idea that a traditionally mediocre program has moved up in the hierarchy (“People don’t like Ole Miss winning,” he said). He bristles when reporters and others tell him they’re hearing from other coaches that Ole Miss has been cheating. He wants to defend himself and the program, which is why he said:

“The day that really matters is the day we get to share our side with the Committee on Infractions.”

Andy Staples points out that one part of that bullshit is accurate.  If the NCAA finds a real problem, regardless of which staffer or staffers were responsible, Freeze will be stuck with the tab.

Freeze wants this to be an Ole Miss matter and not a Hugh Freeze matter, but that’s where it gets complicated and difficult to predict. In 2013, the schools passed a rule that allows the COI to discipline a head coach for the actions of his assistants even if the head coach didn’t know what the assistants were doing. In NCAA parlance, the head coach is now “presumed responsible” for more serious violations. The COI has the power to suspend the head coach for between 10% and 100% of a season.

You get paid $4 million a year, yeah, a little accountability should be expected.  And that makes Seth Emerson’s question something worth keeping in the back of our heads.


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The media speaketh.

Keep in mind their track record is Georgia in Jacksonville awful — something like five correct calls on the conference champ in 24 years.


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Poor, poor pitiful Hugh

Hugh Freeze would love to set the record straight, believe you me, but the goddamn lawyers and those bastards at the NCAA just won’t let him.

Which makes this…

so unfair.


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Cam Robinson’s life matters.

By now, you’re aware of yesterday’s Saban-Finebaum fracas, which arose over PAWWWLLL’s questioning of the Sabanator’s choice of discipline regarding the two Alabama players who were arrested but ultimately not charged with criminal behavior in Monroe, Louisiana.  Part and parcel of Saban’s heated defense of his actions — or, in this case, lack of action — was a certain perceived bias on the part of the arresting officers.

Finebaum told reporters after two heated exchanges with Saban, “He said the police officers were LSU fans.”

This led to one of those only-in-America moments when the Monroe police department rose to the defense of its men in blue in the only way imaginable.

“I can tell you for a fact that the first officer on the scene is not an LSU fan,” Chris Bates, the Monroe Police PIO, said Wednesday. “He hates LSU. He doesn’t like the color yellow or purple and gold. In fact, he’s a Florida fan. If you mention LSU around him, he throws up in his mouth. Most of our officers are LSU fans, but we have some who are Arkansas fans and Georgia fans and Alabama fans…”

LMAO.  That should put Saban in his place.


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Maurice Smith just wants to play ball.

I’ve posted about this before, but Maurice Smith is an Alabama defensive back who’s left the program and intends to enroll elsewhere as a graduate transfer.  As you might imagine, given that his former defensive coordinator and position coach now reside in Athens, Georgia is a mite bit interested in offering Smith a new place to land.  (As are several other programs.)  Since he’s a graduate transfer, no problem, amirite?


There’s a complicated situation playing out behind the scenes at Alabama involving a player who is trying to get his release and move on to another school as a graduate transfer.

Senior defensive back Maurice Smith wants to transfer, but has been unsuccessful getting a release despite several attempts during the last month, sources told

Smith, who was the Tide’s first-team nickel back during the spring, is now going through an appeal process, according to sources.

It doesn’t sound particularly complicated to me.  It sounds like coaches being coaches.  On the other hand, I’m not entirely sure what to make of this.

The SEC rule, if you need a reminder, is this:

Now the SEC will allow schools to accept grad student transfers without a waiver if the transfers meet certain standards. Among the criteria for the transfer: always stayed eligible as an undergrad; no significant disciplinary issues at the old school; and earned all possible APR points. If a player doesn’t meet those standards, a school can still go through the current process of seeking a waiver from the SEC office.

Once the transfer comes to an SEC school, the rule requires the player to make progress toward a graduate degree. If that doesn’t happen, the university won’t be able to apply the grad-student exception in that athlete’s sport for three years.

That “progress toward a graduate degree” standard is a bit murky.  And the penalty is pretty much a screw job.  I can see how that might make Kirby a little nervous about taking Smith, if Georgia were where he wanted to go.


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“This is not about speed. It’s about getting it right.”

According to Steve Shaw, the average number of replays in an SEC game last season was less than two.  Does that sound right to you, or does replay not mean what I think it means?


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