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Another season of “It’s Not the Year of the Quarterback in the SEC”

Man, this ain’t pretty.

Some of it’s splitting hairs, sure, and of a your guess is as good as mine nature.  But any list that has the Florida and LSU quarterbacking situations middle of the pack is somewhat questionable.


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If you can’t beat ‘em, make ‘em join you.

Jason Kirk takes note of something I’m sure is purely coincidental on certain folks’ part.

The ACC, Big 12, and Pac-12 have been kicking around the idea of reviving the ban on first-year players competing in, specifically, college football and men’s basketball. Sure, most pre-1972 rules about broad groups of people being barred from select activities would work great in modern settings. The Big Ten is also reportedly interested in the conversation.

No, this has nothing to do with Kentucky basketball being favored to win its second title in four years thanks to mastering the art of one-and-dones. The fact that the four conferences most interested in the idea are the power conferences Kentucky isn’t a part of? Happenstance. The fact that these four conferences also annually trail the fifth in freshmen who are ready to play college football is another coincidence.

Gives new meaning to the phrase “SEC Speed”, eh?


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Beyond their wildest dreams

South Carolina AD Ray Tanner predicts the SEC Network, in its first year of operation, will distribute at least $5 million dollars to each conference school.

To put that in perspective,

… back in 2013 (six years after the launch of the Big Ten Network), Big Ten schools received $7.6 million apiece from the network.

Enjoy those noon starts, SEC fans.  They ain’t going away any time soon.


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Wednesday morning buffet

A warm buffet for a cold morning.


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Early money

5Dimes has your early odds on conference champions here (h/t).

Here’s how the SEC breaks down:

2015 SEC Championship Odds at 5Dimes
Alabama +260
Auburn +400
Georgia +400
Mississippi +420
Tennessee +900
LSU +1000
Arkansas +1200
Missouri +1300
Mississippi State +1500
Texas A&M +1500
South Carolina +2500
Florida +2500
Kentucky +7500
Vanderbilt +10000

Georgia sits tied at number two, and first in the East.  Speaking of the East, Vegas doesn’t seem overly impressed with the division’s depth.

And, yes, no other school in the country matches that Vanderbilt number.  Ouch.


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The SEC’s 2015 non-conference scheduling

All you need to know about the difficulty of this year’s non-conference scheduling for SEC teams is that Georgia comes out fifth on this rankings list, with this note:

What gives Georgia’s schedule an edge over Alabama’s is it plays its Power-Five opponent in a true road game and its remaining foes are just a hair more difficult.

Just to remind you, in 2015, Georgia plays UL Monroe, FCS Southern, Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech (road).  Not exactly a murderers’ row there.

You know it’s bad when Florida – Florida! – legitimately faces the second-toughest OOC slate.


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Wednesday morning buffet

You can never have enough buffet.

  • Here’s the complete list of players invited to the NFL combine.  Almost twice as many invitees come from Louisville as from Georgia, for what that’s worth.
  • Here’s a weird suggestion for a solution to the coaches leaving after signing day problem:  The only solution might be for the NCAA to require each team’s staff to be set before signing day…”  Aside from the almost absurd logistics involved in setting the framework for that, wouldn’t it violate antitrust law?
  • A couple of thoughtful posts at Football Study Hall about how to improve the metrics of football recruiting rankings:  one from Ian Boyd and another from Bill Connelly.
  • “I never really wanted to play in the NFL.”
  • Reactions to the Tony Ball to LSU rumors.  A little hasty?  Perhaps.
  • Who said this“I do think as I go around the league and look at some other places, we probably need to do some more in our locker room. I also said I don’t think that’s the reason that we’re not where we need to be.”
  • An ESPN SEC roundtable about coaches under pressure after signing day with no mention of Mark Richt?  Well, then.
  • Here’s a big surprise.


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