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“But after that, the SEC is just kinda there.”

Ed Aschoff has a level-headed take on the current state of the conference here.

After a third, exciting weekend of college football, we’ve figured out that there are currently five truly worthy challengers for the SEC title/playoff this season: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss and Texas A&M. Behind them, well it’s just a race for relevancy.

In what was supposed to be a banner year for a league we thought was so deep and so good, it’s come to our attention the SEC is just like everyone else these days. Depth is what has made this league so fearless, but it’s suffering in 2015.

As he goes on to say, it’s not like the SEC is suddenly bad.  It’s simply more of a case of it coming back to the pack this season.

The basic problem is that the two teams expected to take the big leap up, Arkansas and Tennessee, have both spit the bit (admittedly, to varying degrees so far) and the one preseason national contender, Auburn, has proven to be what Auburn usually is in years of great expectations… overrated.

There’s still more depth at the top than in any other conference.  But four of those five teams face off against each other, and Alabama picks up Georgia, as well.  The SEC could very well wind up eating itself this season.


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Welcome back, Uncle Verne and Gary.

To what should be no one’s surprise, Alabama-Georgia grabs the 3:30 game slot on CBS.


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I was wondering how they’d handle it.

With the games Fournette and Lambert had, I wasn’t sure who would be named the conference player of the week on offense.

Turns out they split the baby.

That’s fair.  And congrats to Greyson for an honor well earned.


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SEC Power Poll, Week Three

The SEC West rearranged itself up last weekend.  Some things were bound to happen as we had four division members squaring off against each other, but that doesn’t fully explain the damage Alabama and Auburn did to themselves… not to mention Bert’s bad day against Texas Tech.

  1. Mississippi.  Sure, going +5 in turnover margin can’t hurt.  And neither do freak plays that result in 66-yard touchdown passes. But the impressive thing about Ole Miss’ win in Tuscaloosa was its ability to take a punch in a hostile environment and maintain composure.
  2. Georgia.  Okay, we’ve had the “bring your C game and win” moment.  We’ve had the “when Georgia is on, it looks like one of the best teams in the country” moment.  All that’s left to find out is whether there’s gonna be a “WTF, Georgia?” moment.
  3. Alabama.  A Saban-coached team ran 100 offensive plays in a regulation game.  Wrap your mind around that for a second.
  4. Texas A&M.  A nothing special game against Nevada and that win against Arizona State takes a little luster off the shine, so there’s some downward drift to the Aggies’ standing.  But with six straight conference games on the agenda, it’s a trend that can certainly be reversed.
  5. LSU.  Leonard Fournette and the defense are special.  The rest of the team, not so much.  Plus, it’s probably wise not to read too much into a win over Auburn right now.
  6. Mississippi State.  The loss to LSU doesn’t look so bad now, but this team still makes too many mistakes for its own good, especially with the next two games being on the road against divisional opponents.
  7. Tennessee.  It’s meteor game time!
  8. Florida.  This Gator team looks like it could beat Georgia Southern.
  9. Missouri.  The schedule has been kind, which has been a key to the Tigers’ 3-0 start.  But, boy, that offense looks bad.
  10. Kentucky.  Death, taxes and losing to Florida.
  11. Auburn.  Damn, I didn’t expect there to be a race to see who would be the most overpaid coach in the SEC West this early in the season.
  12. Arkansas.  Bert, karma.  Karma, Bert.
  13. Vanderbilt.  Smoking Austin Peay?  Derek Mason will take it, thank you very much.
  14. South Carolina.  At least Vanderbilt has a defense.


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Monday morning buffet

Don’t tell me you’re full.

  • Damn, people.  I know your mammas raised you better than this.
  • The commissioners don’t like fantasy football, so they’ve decided to do… something “The federal government has determined, for the moment, that it’s not gambling,” Scott said. “But the NCAA has taken a position that we can set the rules and we don’t support it. So that’s where we’ve drawn the line.”  Line drawing, for the win!
  • Jeb! comes to Athens Saturday night, boldly predicts Georgia will win the SEC East.  I’d say he might have lost the South Carolina vote there, but after the way the evening went for the ‘Cocks, I doubt those folks would argue with him now.
  • Here’s a look at how reporters across the SEC feel they’re treated when it comes to being granted access.  Georgia comes off pretty decently, at least in context.
  • It’s never good when people start writing open letters, Gamecocks.
  • Amateurism – it’s not just for revenue sports.
  • Amateurism – when not paying some of the help frees up more money to pay the other help.
  • One check down away from perfection.


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SEC net yards per play

Three weeks into the season, here’s how the yards per play offense/defense differential in the SEC (stats via lines up:

  • Mississippi – 3.92
  • Georgia  – 3.49
  • Mississippi State – 2.44
  • Florida – 2.14
  • LSU – 1.83
  • Texas A&M – 1.68
  • Missouri – 1.59
  • Alabama – 1.30
  • Arkansas – 1.24
  • Vanderbilt – 1.06
  • Tennessee – 0.19
  • Kentucky – 0.11
  • Auburn – (-0.39)
  • South Carolina – (-1.84)

Sure, it’s a small sample size, but even so, there are some pretty clear indications of which teams are playing well and which teams not so much.  For all that, I think the most surprising number is Alabama’s pedestrian 1.30 net ypp, which is only eighth-best in the conference.  ‘Bama doesn’t do pedestrian.


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Jimmy Williamson does not approve of such frivolity.

The only thing more epic about the Oxford, Mississippi police trolling of Harvey Updyke is Updyke’s utter cluelessness about being trolled.


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