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SEC Power Poll, Week 13


I was going to try for something clever here, but I went back to see what I posted after the same week last season and was floored.  I repeat what I wrote then, because literally nothing has changed.

And so, another regular season comes to an end.  This last week made one thing painfully apparent:  this is the most mediocre the SEC has been in years.

One year’s a blip.  Two years in a row are something that should be more troublesome to folks like Greg Sankey and SEC athletic directors.  I’m sure they’ll get right on it after Alabama wins the national championship.

As I always do, with each team I’ll add their net yards per game figures, in a crude attempt to ascertain the overachievers and underachievers.

  1. Alabama (+232.80).  While I’m repeating myself, here’s what I said about ‘Bama at this time last year:  “The opening betting line for the SECCG is the largest in twenty years.”
  2. LSU (+102.70).  The SEC’s second best team fired its head coach mid-season.
  3. Auburn (+100.90).  The SEC’s third best team scored one touchdown in its last two conference meetings.
  4. Florida (+61.10).  McElwain did a good job managing what he had, but it doesn’t change the likelihood that his team is about to get its ass handed to it in the championship game.
  5. Texas A&M (+23.90).  You gave up 54 points to LSU?  Seriously?
  6. Tennessee (-22.90).  I got a lot of things wrong about college football this year, but I think my biggest miss was predicting Shoop would be a major upgrade over Jancek.  And, yes, that net yardage figure is correct.
  7. Ole Miss (+3.00).  This team really fell off the deep end after Chad Kelly’s season-ending injury.
  8. Arkansas (+9.20).  You have to wonder if Bert’s name starts showing up on coaches hot seat lists next year.
  9. Vanderbilt (-51.90).  The conference’s biggest overachiever, Vanderbilt was the only SEC team other than Alabama not to suffer a double-digit loss to a conference opponent.  Derek Mason did a helluva job, especially in the second half of the season.
  10. Mississippi State (-12.30).  Not a great year, but they’ll take that Egg Bowl win with a smile.  Nah, make that a shit-eating grin.
  11. Georgia (+54.40).  The net YPG figure suggests that, once again, Georgia was the SEC’s biggest underachiever.  Good to see at least some traditions live on.
  12. Kentucky (-11.20).  Stoops finally breaks through and gets his team to a bowl game.  Another raise would seem in order, no?
  13. Missouri (+20.80).  If the Tigers learn to play defense, this team could rise rapidly.
  14. South Carolina (-70.80).  Give Boom credit — this team has no business playing in a bowl game, but it’s one step up on the Mississippi schools in that regard.


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A blip in the narrative

You may have missed it, but the SEC East sux meme’s taken a bit of a hit in the last two weeks.

SEC Eastern Division teams were just 1-9 against their West counterparts until Georgia upset No. 9 Auburn, 13-7, on Nov. 12. Last week, the East notched its third and fourth wins when Florida upset LSU and Vanderbilt upset Ole Miss.

“I think it’s great for our conference,” Smart said Wednesday. “I think if you ask the commissioner and the people in the SEC office, they would want balance, because it was divided and originated to hopefully have balance. Certainly it hasn’t been that way, but the goal of the East is to close that off.

“You do that through development in recruiting and through game plans, building and moving on. I think the East is starting to do that, but it’s not like the West is going to stop.”

The final East-West matchup of the regular season takes place Friday afternoon when Missouri hosts Arkansas.

Nice while it lasted, I suppose.


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SEC Power Poll, Week 12


Alabama versus Florida in the SECCG.  Gee, where have we heard that one before?  Sure makes for something of an anticlimactic last week of the regular season.  Except, you know, rivalries.

  1. Alabama.  You know beating Chattanooga is one of Saban’s favorite kind of wins:  nobody cares it was tight in the first half except for Saban.  (And his players, this week.)
  2. Auburn.  What kind of quarterback does Auburn need to win the Iron Bowl?
  3. Florida.  As Year2 put it, “The SEC East may be a dumpster fire, but it’s OUR dumpster fire, and we won it.”
  4. LSU.  Not a good look for the résumé, Coach O.
  5. Tennessee.  Next year Booch will be bragging about the Vols bagging their seventh win after they fail to capture the East again.
  6. Texas A&M.  It’s hard to rate the Aggies higher when you consider they lost to the same Ole Miss team that Vanderbilt just whipped.
  7. Ole Miss.  They have to win the Egg Bowl simply to become bowl eligible.
  8. Arkansas.  Every year people think the Hogs are about to turn the corner and every year they come up short.
  9. Georgia.  Nothing like following up a shaky ten-win season with a shaky (possible) nine-win season.
  10. Vanderbilt.  Given up for dead, this team has played credibly down the stretch. If they beat Tennessee, they become bowl eligible, something that seemed improbable a month ago.
  11. Kentucky.  I know the ‘Cats wound up winning by a comfortable margin, but any team down by 13 in the second quarter to a winless FCS squad is no great shakes.
  12. Mississippi State.  Two four million dollar a year coaches face off to see which of their teams escape the SEC West cellar this week.  That’s some real bang for the buck, baby.
  13. South Carolina.  Believe it or not, strictly on the basis of point spread, SC’s most lopsided loss this season is to Georgia.
  14. Missouri.  It takes a real gift to rack up 740 yards of offense and still lose by 26.


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Social media and smokin’ dope.

If you’re an Ole Miss football player, that’s what you do.

“Ole Miss did not immediately have comment.”

And if you’re the Ole Miss administration, that’s what you do.


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Oh, so NOW they’re not talking.

Barney Farrar, the dude who came to national attention on NFL draft night when some of Laremy Tunsil’s texts about needing money were exposed, has been placed on administrative leave.  And suddenly, the sounds of silence emanate from Oxford.

Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork declined to comment on the situation, as did a university spokesman. Attempts by The Clarion-Ledger to reach Farrar were unsuccessful.

Hugh Freeze wouldn’t comment on the matter Wednesday.

I guess all that’s left to find out is if Farrar turns out to be the scapegoat or the canary in the coal mine.


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“It’s a quality organization led by a guy that knows what the heck he’s doing.”

Shorter Greg Sankey response to the Florida-LSU scheduling debacle:

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East is east, and West is west, and never the twain shall meet… except…

Kinda lopsided, SEC.

Cross-divisional showdowns within the SEC continue to be overwhelmingly troublesome for the Eastern side. Western Division teams are 9-2 against the East this year and 33-8 since the start of the 2014 season.

Those totals include the results of the past two SEC championship games, when Alabama throttled Missouri and Florida by the combined count of 71-28. The West has snagged seven straight SEC title games overall, with Alabama claiming four, Auburn two and LSU one.

Alabama hasn’t lost to an East team in six seasons.  Wowser.

There is one East team holding up its end of the deal, though.

6 Straight seasons with a victory over an SEC West team for Georgia after the Bulldogs beat Auburn 13-7 on Saturday. No other SEC East team will own victories over SEC West opponents in even the 2015 and 2016 seasons if Florida doesn’t beat LSU this week. The SEC East is 2-9 in interdivision games this year.

Auburn, they couldn’t have done it without you.


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