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What if this year’s Big 12…

is the SEC?

The conference will still have its quality teams, with Auburn or Alabama or both likely to be in the preseason top 10 when the national polls are released this summer. And the schedule certainly still has the look and feel of the old SEC, a heavyweight bout awaiting each and every weekend.

But every SEC team has at least one potentially fatal flaw that could leave it a loss or two short of the playoffs.

It seems like every program is either breaking in a new coach or a new coordinator or two or a new quarterback. In the case of traditional SEC power broker Florida, it’s all three. The resulting deficiencies make it hard to handicap the Gators as a possible SEC East champion.

Though hopes of national glory may be endangered for the SEC this season, hopes of contending for the conference title will touch more corners of the league than in most years.

The SEC appears to be more wide open than it has been for a decade. In the West, everyone except Mississippi State, which returns Dak Prescott but suffered heavy losses elsewhere, could contend. In the East, Georgia will be the safe preseason favorite, but resurgent Tennessee is the trendy pick. No one expects Missouri to pull off a third straight division title, but those Tigers have as good a chance as anyone in the East.

The flip side to a bigger field of contenders is the prospect the SEC could wind up with its first three-loss champion since LSU in 2001.

And that won’t cut it as far as the CFP final four is concerned.

Boy, I bet that would lead to some major bricks being shit.

More parity can be a beyotch.


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Friday morning buffet

As always, come and get it.


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Gary Pinkel knows what he’s doing.

I read a quote like this from him and I believe it.

Missouri has won back-to-back SEC East titles, but again probably won’t be the pick to get to Atlanta out of the division.

Gary Pinkel, entering his 15th season as head coach at the school, is still looking for more.

“We want to make ourselves about 5 percent better every year, our football program, all the different aspects of our program,” Pinkel said. “We’re not going to make huge changes because what we do works, but we’re always trying to make ourselves better.”

This doesn’t come off as a Goff-esque, wistful hope for “buttah” times, but as a realistic management goal from a man running a successful program who sees a few things worth tweaking in order to keep that going.

Sure, the schedule probably makes his Tigers the division favorite right now, but he deserves some credit for that consideration, too.


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Thursday morning buffet

Go on, have some.

  • Mark Schlabach asks the musical question, “Say what? A guy who actually graduated from Notre Dame can’t attend an SEC school, but guys who were accused of crimes such as theft and domestic violence can?”  That’s why we love you, SEC.
  • If you believe in the old adage, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, it can’t be good that it’s getting increasingly smokier around Tim Beckman.
  • And you wouldn’t be the only one who feels that way, evidently, judging by this.
  • People who keep writing posts about declining bowl game attendance show their ignorance about bowl game economics.
  • Here’s a different SEC power rankings list for you.
  • Roll Bama Roll looks back at how the current SEC scheduling format came into being.
  • And UAB’s president expects to make a decision about whether to bring the football program out of the grave he sent it to by June 1.


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Bobby Bowden’s momma didn’t raise no fool.

Confession time.

I bet hearing that gave Finebaum a major woody.


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Wednesday morning buffet

The chow line is open.


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“Money is just money. It isn’t everything.”

I have little doubt about what will be the burning topic at this year’s SEC summer meetings.

“It’s a game-changing issue.”

Essentially, cost-of-attendance is a way for major schools to provide stipends to athletes without calling it an outright payment for services. It’s a reaction to several court rulings against the NCAA, including the Ed O’Bannon case, which have challenged whether college athletics are really amateur. The athletes bring in so much money, they should get a cut, lawyers have argued, and courts have agreed.

But not every school has the resources to provide stipends. So last year, the NCAA gave autonomy to the so-called power five conferences (SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12) to make their own rules. The schools have moved to do so for this coming school year.

The devil, however, is in the details.

“I think when cost-of-attendance came out and it was gonna be $2,000 across the board, it seemed like a good plan, and it made sense,” Georgia football head coach Mark Richt said. “That was in everyone’s mind, ‘Let’s get this cost-of-attendance thing going,’ because everybody visualized it being that very thing. Then it became something different than that, and it became a concern for a lot of people to have the equity involved in that area.”

Georgia’s cost-of-attendance has been set at $3,221 per year. That’s broken down as $2,346 for “miscellaneous living expenses” and $875 for transportation costs. The miscellaneous expenses include estimated costs for items such as clothing, laundry, cleaning supplies and a “communications package.” The information is culled from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, according to Georgia compliance director Jim Booz.

Georgia’s transportation cost is an estimated average calculated by assuming four trips per semester from Warner Robins, since it is a mid-point for in-state students. For out-of-state students, it’s a round-trip plane ticket to Chicago, chosen for its central location.

But Auburn calculates its cost-of-attendance at $5,684, according to its school website. Georgia estimates it is in the middle among SEC schools.

Why the difference? And how does each school calculate it? Well, that’s unresolved and something the SEC will seek to resolve in Destin, Florida, at its summer meetings.

“There’s nothing that I’ve seen that says this is how everybody computes it,” Richt said. “Everybody computes it in their own way.”

Making Jay Jacobs spell out Auburn’s fuzzy math should be a real treat.  Any guesses on where the typical Auburn student hails from?


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