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Surrender. But don’t give yourself away.

Looks like one of Greg Sankey’s noble stands is about to bite the proverbial dust.

Malik Zaire has been a popular topic for Gator Nation this offseason.

The former Notre Dame quarterback has interest in joining the Florida football program as a graduate transfer, but for now he is on standby.

An SEC rule instituted in Jan. 2016 prevents UF from taking Zaire because former grad trnasfer Mason Halter and Antony Harrell failed to meet academic requirements in 2015.

However, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said in December that the league could alter the rule at its spring meetings in late May. Sankey reiterated those comments Friday on the Pat Dooley Show on ESPN Gainesville 98. 1 FM.

“It will come up,” Sankey said. “I do think we need to look where we’ve been restrictive in the past because of the absence of national rules and look at reducing some of those restrictions. I’m one who would position it as interest in freeing things up without just removing every restraint, because I think the restraints have been healthy for us.”

At this time, the SEC is the only conference with a grad transfer rule in place. Sankey said he’s disappointed that the NCAA has not taken a harder look at the issue.

“There’s this notion that they’ve graduated, so let them just have freedom,” Sankey said. “I don’t necessarily argue with that, but there’s nothing in the context of intercollegiate athletics that says, ‘Oh, just go play games.’ We never say that.”

“I look at it now and say that we’ve adjusted to realities, and we likely can pull back on some of those internal policies. … I don’t want us to just walk away. I do think it’s a good conversation to adjust because we are performing (better academically).”

Eh, what’s the big deal about graduation, anyway?  Besides, now that you’ve adjusted to realities (Translation:  the other conferences are taking the kids we’re having to turn away because of our rule), the spin becomes rather obvious.

There will be another hill to die on retreat from soon enough.



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Does D’Antne Demery get a second chance?

Before you get all Jonathan Taylor Rule on me, consider something Mark Schlabach wrote.

In May 2015, Georgia officials proposed a conference-wide rule that was eventually adopted by the SEC that banned its schools from accepting transfer athletes who were dismissed from their previous institution for serious misconduct, which includes sexual assault, domestic violence or other forms of sexual violence.

Georgia officials proposed the rule after it dismissed defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor in 2014, after he was arrested and charged with a felony for allegedly hitting his girlfriend with a closed fist and choking her during an argument in his dorm room.

Taylor spent the 2014 season at Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Mississippi and enrolled at Alabama in January 2015. The Crimson Tide dismissed him two months later after he was arrested again on domestic violence charges in Tuscaloosa. Taylor pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief in the Alabama incident, and he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor simple assault, battery and simple battery in the Georgia incident.

The SEC considered expanding the rule to include incoming freshmen last year, after Mississippi State allowed freshman defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons to enroll. He was caught on video delivering several punches to the upper body and head of a woman who was on the ground after she fought with his sister.

That sound you hear is Rodney Garner reaching for his cellphone.


UPDATE:  That he said, she said stuff is complicated.


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Today, in it just means more

I guess Florida hasn’t quite gotten over last years Hurricanegate with LSU.

Jesus, Gators.  Grow up.


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Greg. Sankey. Will. Not. Stand. Down.

No word on whether he laughed maniacally while signing this letter, though.

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Our recruit can beat up your recruit.

The SEC, where recruiting just means more.


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Winning hearts and minds in SEC Country

I’m gonna crawl out on a limb with this thought, but it strikes me that arguing college football ought to be banned to avoid race-mixing probably isn’t the strongest pitch a neo-Nazi can make to an Auburn University audience.


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You can’t win if they don’t play (for you).

Does recruiting matter?  In the SEC?  Are you kidding?

It’s almost a requirement to win an SEC championship that a school is located in a state considered among the best nationally producing high school talent. It’s why 81 percent of the 84 SEC football titles (including the last 18 straight) to date have been won outright or shared by schools from the state of Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana, all fertile recruiting grounds.

Whatever else you want to say about Kirby Smart, he knows where the primary focus of becoming a successful head coach starts.  And that’s why if he can keep it up, he’s got a legitimate chance of achieving that success.


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