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Dabo’s gonna Dabo.

Presented without comment:



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Welcome to the new enforcement

Nicole Auerbach ($$) asks Jon Duncan, the NCAA’s vice president of enforcement, about what she calls the “NIL presumption”, and his answer… well, judge for yourself.

I have already heard someone posit that a fan could put a rumor on a message board, and the NCAA will assume it’s a violation. Like, someone could plant purposely false information. But when I see, in the bylaw, that it’s circumstantial evidence that could come from a news story, I think that must mean a booster talking about signing a deal with a recruit on the record, or something like that.

I wouldn’t say it’s limited to media stories or social media. We have information coming in from lots and lots of different sources. But we also know that sources have their own agendas. We’ve always got to ask why it is that somebody would put something on a message board. We know that there are folks out there who want to use the infractions process to advance their own agendas, and we work really hard to be discerning consumers of information and know that sources may have their own reasons for sharing information. We don’t want to fall prey to that. We don’t want to be a pawn in somebody else’s scheme. We work really hard to test information that comes in. We’re common-sense people.

The membership, I think, wants the NCAA office generally and enforcement specifically to be reasonable and exercise our common sense. We do and we will, when we invoke the presumption and then when a school responds, we’ll assign value to what they share. We’re not so cynical that we think everybody’s lying to us, but we’re also not so naive that we believe everything that every booster puts on a message board.

Hoo, boy.  The NCAA is going to scour social media for NIL compliance tips? Sounds like Pork Rind Jimmy could be making a comeback. What could possibly go wrong there?


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Signs of the offseason

Two of the bigger debates that have cropped up in my Twitter feed over the past week are (1) who is and who isn’t a DGD; and (2) whether Alabama or Oklahoma gets to take credit for Jalen Hurts.

I should probably go back to bed now.


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I need some clicks.



This may be the first time I’ve seen somebody pull a hold my beer on himself.


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Conspiracy theory

I’ve never quite been able to figure out whether this Nick Adams dude on Twitter is serious, or is running a hilarious Three Year Letterman-type spoof on folks.  Either way, this is pretty funny:

And now you know.


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TFW you need to fish for some clicks


Ask Stetson.

“I felt like there was a 30-minute period where I just played bad football,” Bennett said. He took some bad sacks, made some risky throws, and at one point threw a lateral while in the Red Zone that Ladd McConkey had to fall on for a big loss, turning a touchdown drive into a field goal.

“Freaking, I threw a lateral,” Bennett said in the postgame press conference, and next to him Smart closed his eyes for several seconds, painfully reliving that bad moment. “Stupid.”

But once again, the undersized former walk-on, who is one of the great Cinderella stories in the sport’s history, rose to the occasion under incredible pressure and delivered.

Here’s guessing they’re good.


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Urnge obsession

I don’t know whether to laugh at this, or recommend therapy.

Strange things happen when you cross it just means more with social media, I guess.


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Welcoming back an old friend

One of this offseason’s mild disappointments was Stingtalk closing the board to anyone who isn’t registered to comment there.  (Hey, if I were a Stingtalk administrator, I wouldn’t let the likes of me register.)

So you can imagine the pleasure I took in discovering last night that Stingtalk has a Twitter feed that is an automated post feed of comments from the message board — and if you click on it, you can read the message board thread.

Let me be the first to say thanks for letting me back in, guys.  I don’t know if you’ll regret it, but I won’t.


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It’s hip to be square.

There’s a fine line between “it just means more” and trying too hard…

… and the Southeastern Conference managed to blow right past it yesterday.

My guess is some bright young media person is out of a job today.


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The art of clickbait

What makes for a good troll, the kind of Tweet or post that draws someone in, despite their better judgment?

Yeah, that’s pretty much it — totally subjective standards (“where the league’s QBs will rank by season’s end”, with no mention of what the rankings will be based on, or who’s doing the rankings), Young sitting first to give the list some degree of faux credibility, all in the service of teasing people looking at this to check out his podcast.  Because that list is intended to irritate a bunch of different fan bases.  Nicely done.


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