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Random Internet question

Anybody know what the story is on this Andrew Ray fellow?  He strikes me as being either a clown or a performance artist, but regardless, he sure seems to be irritating a fair number of folks with his shtick.

Just curious — I don’t follow him, but he pops up regularly in my Twitter feed these days.


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Today, in you, too, can be a college AD

Shot ($$).

… And though Leach is a huge name inside and outside college football — he’s been the subject of a “60 Minutes” profile and a Michael Lewis profile in The New York Times Magazine — his hire feels like an admission by Mississippi State athletic director John Cohen that Cohen, the Bulldogs’ longtime baseball coach before he became AD, understands his football program’s place in the universe.



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Today, in journalism

This is what you get when you combine a click-bait media strategy with a lack of editorial restraint:

Only fitting to come from the same place known for “FIRST!” in its reader comment threads.


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“Man y’all can’t tell me this ain’t funny.”

Tennessee player tweets this a couple of days ago and finds he’s no longer on the team as of today.

Yeah, now that I think about it, that is funny.


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Lookin’ for love in all the right places

Jalen Ramsey, serious baller.  No, make that mega-serious baller.

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey had the most millennial way of messing with opponents back at Florida State … he’d make WRs think he was trying to bang their GFs.

“Say I was playing a big receiver at whatever school, I would look up his Instagram and slide in his girlfriend’s DMs before the game,” Ramsey said on the Bussin’ with the Boys podcast with Titans lineman Taylor Lewan and NFLer Will Compton.

And, would it work? Hell yeah it did — “People get hot about that.”

He’s lucky he didn’t get the crap beat out of him on the field for pulling that.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not laughing my ass off over it.



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Phone tag

Food for thought:

I certainly wouldn’t deny his overall point about how social media affects public behavior (one of the striking things about attending the Masters is watching people spend the afternoon not glued to their phones), but I’m interested in what you think of his point about how it contributes to the decline in college football attendance.  I can’t say I’ve observed an effect on tailgating; hell, it’s as much an event to show yourself off at to others as concert going is.

I do wonder if schools offering improved Wi-fi as an attendance inducement are wasting their time, though.  If all you’re doing is coaxing people to show up who aren’t involved in the game, what’s the point?


UPDATE:  More food for thought.


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Best offseason goal ever


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