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How it started:

How it’s going:

And, yes, I get all the usual disclaimers about how a vocal group on social media doesn’t represent the fan base at large, yada, yada, yada.

I also get this:

We’re less than two weeks out from the team winning a national championship.  If Smart and the coaching staff don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt from every Georgia fan right now, when will they ever?

Somehow, I suspect the program will muddle through just fine.  Some folks need to chill or find another diversion in their lives.


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Could’a been a contendah

Well, Knoxville, ain’t this a real kick in the pants.

Tennessee fired Butch Jones as its head coach and the Vols’ search for his replacement reached Schiano.

Tennessee fans displayed their displeasure of discussion that Schiano was set to become the Vols’ next head coach. Fans protested and voiced their displeasure on campus, social media and on sports talk shows.

According to former NFL general manager Mike Lombardi, Schiano was set to bring eventual Heisman Trophy and national championship quarterback Joe Burrow with him to Tennessee.

In a recent GM Shuffle podcast, Lombardi said that Tennessee not hiring Schiano prevented Burrow wearing orange and white and then transferring to LSU…

“He was going to go to Tennessee if Schiano got the job there until they — till social media blew that up — and then he went to LSU.”

Oh, well.  At least Vol fans’ hearts are pure.  And Clay Travis did help usher UT into a memorable era, even by Vol standards.


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His decision, your consequences

Shot.  (Literally.)


This past weekend was not one that will be remembered fondly in the proud history of Georgia Southern football.

For one, the Eagles lost, 28-20 to Louisiana. The setback was the program’s third straight of the season, and served as the last straw for head coach Chad Lunsford. He was fired Sunday.

As if all that wasn’t enough, a video clip of an Eagles player surfing on top of a bus and chugging a beer extended to him from the crowd made the rounds online.

… AD Jared Benko indicated Sunday that Adcock’s surfing escapade factored into his decision to fire Lunsford.

“I share with our coaches and staff all the time, every day is an evaluation… Everything up to the time of the decision was factored in,” he said.


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Damn, son, I don’t think I’da tweeted that.

Matt Corral deleted this shortly after he loosed it on the world…

… but I’m sure Junior’s already informed him that social media is forever.

Severed head-Nick Saban should make a lovely souvenir for Alabama’s bulletin board this week.


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Signs of normalcy, part one

Nothing says college football is back, baby, like Twitter losing its collective mind over Brian Kelly botching a famous John McKay joke about execution.  That makes him a man who lacks a sense of humor (like we didn’t know that), not history’s greatest monster.  (And for making me defend Kelly, thanks a lot, Twitter).

Now this, on the other hand, is funny.

David will be here all week, folks.  Try the veal!


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‘If this hit the headlines, would I want this out there?’


“You’re going to run into the occasional weirdo,” graduate transfer defensive tackle Antonio Valentino said. “That’s just always like, ‘Bro, what’s the point of being negative on the Internet?’ I find comfort in the fact that you probably wouldn’t say that to me in person. It’s OK. You do what you want to do, I’m going to do what I want to do.”

Valentino’s approach seems to be a healthy one. It’s not one that comes by default, though perhaps it might in the years to come…

“I think it all just depends on how you use it,” Valentino said. “It just depends on like, ‘Bro, we’ve got to understand this is the Internet.’ I get on the Internet to have fun and look at stupid stuff and laugh and send memes to my friends and stuff like that.”

But the sheer exposure to social media platforms can also take a toll if they’re not careful. Knowing that you’re constantly in the limelight is key.

“We talk to the guys all the time,” Turner said. “You’re out in public you’ve got video, you’ve got cameras. You never know who’s videoing you. You’ve got all these social media outlets which give people a chance to express their opinions. So you can’t get caught up in it.

“If you’re living through social media, that’s a bad idea because now you’re letting other people shape your ideas, shape your personality. If you listen to that and constantly looking at that stuff, at some point it will affect you. It’s another thing of what I call outside noise. You know, people listen, guys listening to people outside the building.”



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Today, in be careful what you wish for

Found this on a message board and it’s too good not to share (although I really, really hope it’s not just sarcasm).

I hope Clemson only kicks field goals in the opener, too.


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Making a good first impression

Why don’t we check in and see how social media is taking in Georgia’s boffo new NIL legislation.  I’m sure there are a lot of favorable hot takes…

Yeah, that’s going well.  Naturally, there are tons of Georgia fans out there trying to correct the record, but even they’re having to concede the law is stupidly drafted — and for no good reason, since every major school in the state has already walked away from the pooling arrangement.

And those are just the first day hot takes.  Imagine what the sales job will be like for Georgia coaches after Nick Saban sadly explains the facts of life to recruits trying to compare Alabama’s NIL law with Georgia’s.  Somehow, I don’t think It’s not fair for just the skill players to take all the money, otherwise why is somebody going to block for you? is gonna make everything better.

If they ever create an annual award for horseshit purity in the name of Georgia football (call it the Georgia Way Award, natch), I know who I’ll nominate for the first recipient.


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The cool kids are going to UCF.

If you’re Central Florida, it’s not cringy enough to claim a faux natty.  Nah, it’s on to new worlds to conquer.

Are we supposed to tweet at them during games?  And if that’s not cringy enough for you, check out the “how do you do, fellow kids” vibe of Gus explaining this.

Ugh.  That’s awkward enough for somebody to make ’em give back their national championship rings.


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Just like me

E.J. Liddell plays basketball for Ohio State, which lost its March Madness opener.  The social media reaction he received as a result was, at the least, none too friendly.

I only mention this because of a comment at the blog a couple of days ago to the effect that paying players offends some who wish to maintain the belief they’re like the players because they’ve gone to the same school.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think that’s how it works these days.


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