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Nothing ever dies on Twitter.

The latest to learn that is Tech’s assistant head coach Brent Key.

Georgia Tech senior defensive lineman Brandon Adams passed away suddenly on Saturday. Police said the 21-year-old collapsed near campus, and was taken by friends to a local hospital, where he died. Tributes to the young man poured in, and you can read many of them here, from his teammates and coaches and school administrators.

And then there’s Yellow Jackets associate head coach and offensive line coach Brent Key, who spent almost one and a half sentences remembering Adams before being overcome by excitement over this weekend’s commitment of a four-star cornerback prospect.

Key’s tweet, flooded by replies pointing out how bad an idea it was and how this was probably not the time to remind everyone about the interchangeability of college football players, was deleted just before noon today.

I’m sure he meant well.  About recruiting, anyway.



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Sensitive, sensitive

So, it seems this three-year old tweet was making the rounds again this weekend.

Sure, some folks didn’t notice the original date, but the NCAA seems to have passed over the whole it-was-a-dumb-thing-to-post-in-the-first-place aspect of that, because it ignored the First Rule of Holes and kept right on digging.

The NCAA ought to put Stacey Osburn in charge of editing Inside the NCAA.


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Today’s NCAA “dog bites man” story

The only reason I mention this suspension story — a lacrosse player at Albany gets one for tagging a stick-stringing company in a social media post — isn’t because of the pettiness of it all (something the NCAA evidently realized, as it lifted the “indefinite” suspension after the news went public), but because of this quote from his head coach:

“He made a mistake. He put something on Instagram that violated a rule. Of course big brother monopoly we work under doesn’t allow you to do those types of things,” said Marr. “No warning, no nothing, just instant ‘you’re ineligible.'”  [Emphasis added.]

That is all kinds of awesome.  Hope Coach Marr isn’t looking at his own indefinite suspension for speaking truth to power.


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TFW you have no more f***s to give

Anthony Dasher voices a strange complaint about the Lanning promotion.

Yes, Bulldog fans should be thrilled that Smart is their head coach. Having said that, the public confirmation of Dan Lanning’spromotion to defensive coordinator deserves comment. It’s one of the oddest deals I’ve seen in 32 years of covering collegiate athletics.

For those unaware, the word from on high didn’t come in the form of a press release or a formal announcement by the University. No, it’s the result of an open records request, one made by UGASports and other media outlets that regularly cover Georgia’s athletic program.

I’m still scratching my head, trying to figure out why Smart allowed it to be handled this way.

When Georgia announced the promotion of James Coley, the hirings of tight end coach Todd Hartley and defensive back coach Charlton Warren, and even offensive analyst Shawn Watson, the school released the news in a professionally written email to beat writers, complete with a quote from Smart extolling the virtues of the program’s latest hire.

That wasn’t the case with Lanning.

It wasn’t until Georgia’s open records office replied to requests late Friday afternoon, listing Georgia’s assistants and their titles and salaries, that anyone outside the program could say what Lanning’s title was.

Was this a wise decision by Smart?

There’s no doubt a good portion of the Bulldog Nation who don’t give a flying flip how it affects the media and their ability to do their job. “It’s Smart’s team and he can do what he wants; you (media) don’t have a right to know.” I get it.

That’s actually not my gripe. It’s the false narrative that was unnecessarily created that Georgia had to settle for Lanning when that was not the case.

But while everyone tries to figures out Smart’s motives were—he’s been unavailable for comment since the Sugar Bowl—those reasons, whatever they are, seem curious at best.

The fact the media had to find out on its own via an FOI request has been a running joke for opposing fans.

Now, Coach Smart doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but it’s a shame that this incorrect narrative on Lanning’s hire has been allowed to percolate among Bulldog rivals: they could claim use Smart really didn’t “get his man,” and use it as recruiting propaganda.

Okay, Kirby doesn’t care, most of us don’t care and I’ll bet the coaching staff doesn’t either.  But what opposing fans say is supposed to matter?  Shit, if that’s all it took, we would have put Georgia Tech football out of business years ago.

I will be curious to hear if Dasher brings this up at Smart’s next presser, even if I’m pretty sure of the response if he does.


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Today, in oh, you were serious about that?

This is some question.

And some of you think I troll.  Jeez.


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“Two OSUs, Ohio State and Oklahoma State, know the way to every recruit’s heart: video games.”

Boy, isn’t recruiting these days great.


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Actions may speak louder than words, but sometimes you still gotta retort.


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