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Maybe Kirby’s on to something.

According to Bill Connelly’s advanced stats profile, Georgia’s defense turned in its worst percentile performance of the season, 70%, while the offense managed a scintillating 95% mark.  (That’s the best since the 2015 South Carolina game, in case you’re wondering.)

So, defense, consider yourselves bailed out, after all.

Seriously, of more interest is Bill’s projection of the Auburn game, which now shows Georgia at a 48% win probability.  That translates to a minus-0.7 point spread.  It’s been creeping closer to even for a few weeks now.  He’s got Georgia as a favorite in all its remaining games.



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“We didn’t play worth a crap on defense.”

The coaches and the team may not be happy with their collective effort against Vanderbilt, which, I might add, still led to the ‘Dores being held to 236 yards on the day, but I can’t say I’m going to get too worked up over stats like these:

I assume you know what first in the conference means.  If the Dawgs are on par with Alabama in those defensive areas, I’ll take that in a heartbeat.

“We made a lot of mistakes on the defensive side of the ball, so we have to get in and correct those,” said inside linebacker Roquan Smith, who had a game-high seven tackles. “We didn’t play to our standard, but we got better throughout the game.”

I’m glad Roquan’s not satisfied, though.


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Today, in stat porn

This, folks, is pretty cool.

3 Points have been scored against Georgia in its two SEC games this season, the fewest that the Bulldogs have yielded in their first two conference games in the league’s history. Georgia has started its 2017 SEC slate by beating Mississippi State 31-3 on Sept. 23 and Tennessee 41-0 on Sept. 30. Georgia visits Vanderbilt on Saturday for its third league game of 2017. The fewest points that Georgia has given up in its first three SEC games in a season are nine, accomplished in 1959, when the Bulldogs beat Alabama 17-3 on Sept. 19, Vanderbilt 21-6 on Sept. 26 and Mississippi State 15-0 on Oct. 17.

You think the team knows?


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Moar stat porn

It seems like there’s a turn on every day now.


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Right place, wrong time

One of the minor puzzlements of the Notre Dame game was how pedestrian Irish left tackle Mike McGlinchey, who’s considered by many to be a surefire first-round NFL draft pick, looked.  Well, this might explain things a little.

That being said, blocking Bellamy and Carter didn’t help his case.


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More Dawg stat porn

The hits just keep on coming.

By the way, if you’re looking for an early lead on the next HOT NAME, keep your eye on UTSA head coach Frank Wilson.  He’s a former Les Miles assistant, so he knows the SEC wars, and he’s doing a solid job in his first run as a head coach.


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Third down and out

Saturday was not a good day for third down conversions in the SEC.

0 Third downs were converted into first downs by LSU or Ole Miss on Saturday. Ole Miss went 0-for-13 on third down during a 66-3 loss to Alabama, and LSU went 0-for-9 on third down during a 24-21 loss to Troy. Alabama was 7-for-15 and Troy 10-for-18 on third down. In all eight games involving SEC teams on Saturday, the team with the best conversion percentage on third down won the game. Tennessee went 1-for-12 on third down in a 41-0 loss to Georgia, which was 9-for-16. South Carolina went 2-for-13 on third down in a 24-17 loss to Texas A&M, which was 7-for-16.

Those LSU-Troy stats are embarrassing.

It really hasn’t been a strong suit for the conference in 2017.  Eight teams are outside the top 50 nationally, and only one —  Arkansas — ranks in the top ten.


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