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Mecole Hardman and “a little flavor”

One reason I have higher hopes for Georgia’s passing game in 2018 is that I expect the offensive line to make another leap forward.  Another reason, though, is that there are signs the receiving corps is stepping up things.

That’s now behind him, with Hardman coming off of a strong finish to the 2017 season. Holding an expertise with the playbook, Hardman believes he can bring more to the table as a junior.

“Once you get it down like I have it now, you can start putting a little flavor to it on your own, and play how you’re supposed to play,” Hardman said.

By this, Hardman means he doesn’t have to stay directly on script with a particular route. If a defender is playing a certain way, Hardman can try some techniques that break the initial line of the route. And as the chemistry between a quarterback and receiver grows, the coaching staff allows for more leeway in this area.

Hardman said the trust with quarterback Jake Fromm has grown to the point where they can maneuver their way around a strict route concept.

“In the playbook, you have lines and they tell you the route,” Hardman said. “But on the field, coming out first, you try to run it like that. But once you know it, you can do different releases, stems, and not necessarily how it’s drawn up. When you’re comfortable with that, coaches will give you more freedom to do more things.”

Remember that last season was Hardman’s first full year on offense.  His game did improve noticeably over the second half of the season.  If he’s really comfortable with the playbook and Fromm, look out, world.

From there, assume he’s not the only receiver growing more comfortable with the offense and his quarterback.  This could get fun.



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Wednesday morning buffet

For obvious reasons, today’s buffet has a distinctly spring practice flavor.


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Talking the talk after walking the walk

So, how well do you think this translates on the recruiting trail?

“Man, coach Pittman, I love him not only for me but for the university and the offensive line,” Isaiah Wynn said of Pittman. “Just the whole team in general. He did a lot of just being able to come and work with the guys that he had. He did a fantastic job. I think the whole team bought in to his teaching. Everybody trusted him in the offensive line room. He kind of made us become closer as an offensive line unit so I really believe that’s why this season we had such a great season, because he brought that mentality of us being all brothers in that room and we have to play for each other.”

Wynn flourished under Pittman’s tutelage. As a senior he was named a second-team All-American and a first-team All-SEC performer and is now considered as a late-first, early-second round prospect for the 2018 NFL Draft. He started 15 games at one of the toughest positions in football and shut down some extremely talented edge rushers.

Pretty well, I’d say.


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Wednesday morning buffet

The chafing dishes are open for business.

  • It’s official.  Booch goes to ‘Bama“With that announcement came the predictable, obvious and necessary jokes. The coach with the five-star heart is joining a program with five-star players. The man who coined the phrase “champions of life” is now a member of the national champions. A former SEC coach is now going to be getting coffee for the greatest coaching legend of our generation.”
  • Auburn’s shitty finish to last season “left a chip on our shoulder”?  What, you’re mad at yourselves for crappy play?  Does that mean you’ll take it out on each other in spring practice?  Geez, Malzahn can’t even do motivation right.
  • Evidently Jon Fabris was at spring practice yesterday.  I hope they kept him away from Rodrigo Blankenship, who definitely does not need a directional kicking challenge.
  • There’s a new professional football league on the horizon that intends to play in the spring with players who don’t make it on NFL rosters.  I mention this because of one marketing element I wholeheartedly endorse:  there will be no TV timeouts and 60 percent fewer commercials.  Praise Jesus and let’s hope it turns out to be the start of a trend.
  • Jacob Eason speaks (h/t)“Honestly I couldn’t tell you. But if I’d not gotten hurt and I finished out the season I doubt we’d be talking right now. But that’s the thing about football. It’s an injury-related sport, things are going to happen and it did but I couldn’t be in a better spot.”
  • Jason Butt drops an intriguing note in his story about Natrez Patrick:  “Patrick’s December arrest marked the third time he was booked on a marijuana-related charge. In the past, that would have been automatic grounds for dismissal. However, Georgia’s drug policy changed recently to allow for certain offenders who are dealing with addiction not to be subject to removal from the team.”  We’re not living in Michael Adams’ world anymore and that’s a great thing for Georgia football, not to mention it’s a more enlightened way to deal with kids struggling with addiction problems.
  • Dan Mullen explains that paying college athletes wouldn’t work because they’d have to pay taxes… you know, like every other hard-working American — including Dan Mullen — already does, which would put them in a financial hole.  Sounds rough.  (It’s also probably bullshit.)  Rhetorical question:  would Mullen be able to overcome his scruples if at some future date players got paid?
  • Drew Lock on Derek Dooley’s new offense:  “It’s more complicated of an offense but I do think it’s easier.”  Whatever you say, Drew.


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Monday morning buffet

To the chafing dishes!


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Strategery laid bare

Sometimes, things are simpler than we like to think they are.

There’s probably a “the greatest trick Nick Saban ever played” joke in there somewhere, but since Kirby’s running the same defensive scheme in Athens, I’m not gonna go there.


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“I call it Wikipedia. That’s what it is right now, our offense.”

SOD is back, folks.

Derek Dooley is Missouri’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, which is interesting because Dooley has never been an offensive coordinator or a quarterbacks coach before.

“Interesting” would be one way of putting it.

“I call it Wikipedia. That’s what it is right now, our offense,” Dooley told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Every day you can go on there and there’s a new sentence (and say), ‘Oh, I wonder who added that?”

In addition to Dooley, much of the Missouri offensive staff is also new. Offensive line coach Brad Davis was hired from Florida and wide receivers coach A.J. Ofodile was promoted from director of recruiting operations.

“The idea is I don’t want to just cram some system down them,” Dooley said. “Everything they do is brand new. We want to build on some things they did well here. We want to add some things to help us have a little flexibility in how we attack defenses.”

This is gonna be a fun watch.  I mean, what could go wrong?


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