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Tuesday morning buffet

A rich menu at today’s buffet bar…

  • Georgia not looking back at last year’s loss to Florida“?  I call bullshit on that.  In fact, they’d better be looking back, to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes twice.
  • Man, Texas is undoing the rebranding.
  • Iowa State’s Paul Rhoades announced the firing of his offensive coordinator to the media before telling his team, because “I wanted to get to this point in the day and address you folks, then see them and look them in the eye at 1:30 when I get that opportunity…”  Yes, that makes no fucking sense.
  • Somebody in Vegas still likes Georgia“Georgia has been the favorite in this game for the entire year until now,” Kornegay said in an e-mail on Monday. “There are three reasons why the line has moved; Florida has been playing good football all year, Georgia lost their top running back, and the public has warmed up to the Gators. In our eyes, Georgia is still a better team and should be a short favorite. It wouldn’t surprise us to see the Bulldogs the favorite once again on game day.”
  • There’s the second chance at Auburn, and then there’s the second chance in Athens.
  • Before you get too upset at Jeremy Pruitt for whatever faults you find in this year’s defense, at least Georgia’s never looked this bad on a play.
  • Yeah, that’s been a problem.
  • Don’t forget that Georgia will be without Dominick Sanders for the first half against Florida.


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Film study with David Greene

Watch a couple of ESPN clips where he breaks down some plays in the Missouri game:  here with Mark Richt and here with Jeremy Pruitt.

There’s some good stuff, but, man, when you see plays where Lambert does things exactly as he’s coached, it sure is frustrating to think about the plays where he doesn’t


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Ripple effect

Another thing about those ineffective bubble screens – the poor blocking meant the Missouri defense didn’t have to adjust to handle them, which meant it was still able to cover everything else according to plan.

Bubble screens are designed to pick up easy yards where they exist, but more importantly they pull nickel backs and linebackers out of the box to open up the inside run or to suck safeties up to open up deep passes. Being able to only play one defender wide against 2 receivers, without being forced to walk a linebacker out or a safety down is an amazing luxury for Barry Odom.

Funny thing about that whole “suck safeties up to open up deep passes” notion.  I thought that’s what play action was for.


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In the annals of dumb play calls…

… this may be an all-timer.

At a minimum, it’s a handy benchmark to judge others.


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“There’s times we’ve just got to call the run and run the run.”

In a night full of perplexing play calls, perhaps the most perplexing – well, except for that bizarre option run play Mizzou ran in its last possession –  was the third-quarter decision to throw a bubble screen pass on first-and-goal on the Missouri five.  For context, consider the four plays Georgia ran before that call:

  • 2nd and 2 at MIZ 23

    (3:27 – 3rd) Greyson Lambert pass complete to Malcolm Mitchell for a loss of 2 yards to the Misso 25

  • 3rd and 4 at MIZ 25

    (3:05 – 3rd) Brendan Douglas run for 4 yds to the Misso 21 for a 1ST down

  • 1st and 10 at MIZ 21

    (2:30 – 3rd) Brendan Douglas run for 8 yds to the Misso 13

  • 2nd and 2 at MIZ 13

    (2:15 – 3rd) Brendan Douglas run for 8 yds to the Misso 5 for a 1ST down

It was one of the rare times during the game when Georgia’s offensive line was getting a consistent push against Missouri’s front and Brendan Douglas was pounding with a set of fresh legs.  And that same pass play had been blown up by the Tigers earlier in the drive because Terry Godwin, who had a great game otherwise, couldn’t block his defender.

And, yet, there it was.  Lather, rinse, repeat in all its glory.  Richt analyzes the call:

“We’ve got a run-pass option and we rip it out there (from Lambert to Mitchell) and end up losing five yards. I mean that’s sickening. There’s times we’ve just got to call the run and run the run. We’ve got to make sure, we do have the ability to do that. Sometimes as a play-caller, you’re like surely he won’t throw it out there and bam there it is and you lose five yards and it’s second-and-goal from the 10. That puts you in a third down and (seven). Now instead of hammering the ball in for seven, you’re taking the risk of throwing the ball down in that red area where there’s not a lot of space.”

That’s a two-sided criticism there.  Richt is chiding his quarterback for being greedy there, a mindset that was on display at other times in the game, as even Lambert admitted.  It looked like Lambert got baited into a throw on that play by a safety who waited until late to move over to that area in coverage.  But it’s also a knock against Lambert’s coordinator, who shouldn’t have even given Lambert the option to throw there in the first place.

Both criticisms are fair.  But Schottenheimer’s being paid a shitload more money to avoid making dumb decisions like that.


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Otter’s advice to Jeremy Pruitt

Bill Connelly writes something I’ve wondered about, too.

I didn’t really have concerns with the defense, though. I thought the run defense would improve, and it has. And with what I figured would be an epic pass rush, I figured the raw athleticism in the secondary could overcome a lack of huge experience. It hasn’t, at least not consistently. The pass rush has been strangely passive — the Dawgs aren’t sending their outside linebackers at the QB as much, either because they aren’t getting there or they want to help protect a struggling secondary…

Yeah, that’s working well.  Dropping guys like Floyd and Carter into coverage hasn’t made a dent in stopping Georgia’s last two opponents from making hay throwing the ball.  Coker and Dobbs have looked too comfortable.  Send those OLBs.  If you’re gonna go down, you might as well, as Mike Bobo once put it in another context, let ‘er rip.

Or, as a great American once said [if you don’t already know this scene is NSFW, shame on you]

“I got news for you, pal.  They’re gonna nail us no matter what we do.  So we might as well have a good time…”

Besides, if it helps the defense get some of its swagger back, it may very well turn out to matter.


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So, what’s in your gameplan?

This.  (I hope.)

What Schottenheimer needs to do this week, or perhaps already has done, is devise about 7-10 pass plays he knows Lambert can hit and start the game with those. Whether those are deep balls, screens, quick slants, whatever. Then hopefully go from there based on what the defense is giving them.

By now, there is enough of a body of work to figure out what those are.  From there, it’s up to Lambert to execute.


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