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Nike scratches the itch… again.

Another day, another shoe for the discerning Dawg fan.


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“It’s not a gimmick; it won’t be a surprise.”

It’s official, then.  Georgia will be wearing black jerseys once a season.

McGarity said the Bulldogs already have the black tops in stock and plan to whip them out eventually. When they do, it will be determined by head coach Kirby Smart and it’s not going to be unexpected.

“Whenever the black jerseys are worn, people will know well in advance of it,” McGarity said…

“We already have them,” McGarity said. “It will be one game a year. It’s not that big a deal; it’s one of our team colors. But we still think our red jersey is one of the best in college football.”

That’s actually… sensible.  Black as a non-hyped change of pace is a good way to go.  Nicely played, fellas.


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Black is back?

Just putting this out there.

I have to admit it’s interesting they’re using the black jerseys as a recruiting tool.


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Urnge in the Holy Land

Honestly, I thought my people had better taste.


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“And that the chicks paid him a lot of attention.”

Mark Richt, we hardly knew ‘ye.  At least he wasn’t wearing jorts.



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“You’d never imagine such a tiny guy on TV would dress up like that.”

If ever a post of mine deserved to be categorized under “Stylin'”, this be it.


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Wardrobe malfunction

Who knew that all it took for greatness was a shirt change at halftime?

I guess if Mark Richt had indulged in his own personal blackout a time or two, he might still be coaching in Athens.


UPDATE:  Then again, maybe black was the problem.


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