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Sweet move, bro.

Regardless of how you feel about Ohio State, you have to admit Braxton Miller put one helluva spin move on a couple of Virginia Tech defenders last night.

You can go pick up your jock now, son.


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Now this is an outfit.

Peeps, I gotta tell you – Rashad Roundtree’s got nothing on Mark Walton when it comes to Bulldog style.

Whoa, baby.  And he’s not even a commitment at this point.  Although, if for no other reason than you’d hate to see those threads go to waste, I hope he changes his mind.


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Premature celebration

There is just something epic about this play… no, not just UCF pulling out a win on a last minute Hail Mary, but one of ECU’s defensive backs starting to unbuckle his head gear before the catch is made.

At least he made it easier to read his reaction after the catch.

Lookin’ good, brah.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Might as well have some.


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The game sucked, but the unis were cool.

Every time I see a picture from the Georgia-Florida game, I keep forgetting to post something about how terrific the red and blue jerseys looked together out there.

DONN RODENROTH — For The Telegraph

I know the trend is to trot out trendy new jerseys every other week, but, damn, there’s something to be said for the classic look.  Hope they make that an annual ritual, if for no other reason than so we’ll never have to see anything like 2009’s fake juice again.


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Rashad Roundtree’s sartorial splendor

I usually don’t spend time posting about Georgia’s verbal commitments, because… well, because they’re verbal commitments.  But there’s always an exception to the rule, and today’s is Augusta safety Rashad Roundtree, who was rocking these pants today when he announced his intent to play in Athens.

Here’s a close up.

I think I want some of those.


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The womens like it.

I’m impressed with Mississippi State’s Josh Robinson’s game.  And it sounds like he’s a pretty funny kid.

Yeah, baby!


UPDATE:  Speaking of Robinson, he definitely kicked some butt on this run.


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