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Today, in retina searing

I’ve seen some ugly uniforms in my time, but this Michigan State get up is… just, wow.

There’s a fine line between ugly and hideous.  That uniform eradicates the line.  Man, and to think somebody got paid for this.



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The evolution of jorts

Oh, baby, meet the “jantie”.

Before you ask, “what’s the big deal with that?”, consider what the average Florida fan you run across looks like.


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Wednesday morning buffet

A few nibbles here, a few nibbles there, and pretty soon you’ve got a full buffet.

  • Missouri has decided to celebrate its appeal of NCAA sanctions in a unique way.
  • Plaintiffs’ lawyers in Alston want to get paid.
  • Class is in with Mike Leach.
  • Lane Kiffin“You go to the national championship in what was it, the second year, and could have won the game a million times.”
  • Cocktail Party alert“On Tuesday night, the Jacksonville City Council voted 15-1 on Tuesday to approve an $18-million deal that sets the stage for the city to demolish the Landing…”
  • David Hale looks at how punters and kickers pass the time.
  • The secret to Georgia’s offensive line’s success?  Size and Sam Pittman.
  • Mose of the players who will appear in this game are two to four years old today.
  • Yeah, that Jeff Long is a fine athletic director.


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Black is the old black.

The fans want to see it.  The players want to wear it.

Makes you wonder who’s so dead set against it.


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Repping the G

I don’t care about the NFL or the Super Bowl, but I sure do love Todd Gurley’s choice of apparel leading up to the game.

Maybe that’ll even register in Montana.


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Bringing the (fake) juice

Georgia Tech is breaking out navy pants — “a rarity for Tech and possibly a first” — against Duke.  That’s right, Duke.

Welp, you know what they say…


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“Just clean it up. That’s it. Just clean it up.”

After dropping the ball somewhere in the vicinity of Missouri’s goal line, J.J. Holloman sounds like a man who’s had his come to Jesus meeting and walked away convinced.

Holloman already has a plan the next time he’s nearing the end zone: “I’m tucking it. I’m tucking it. I’m not dropping it. I’m holding it the whole time.”

Good on him.  Now we’ve just got to worry about the next Dawg who wants to look cool at the end of a big play.


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