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Wednesday morning buffet

Plenty of fodder from yesterday’s edition of SEC Media Days…



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Your next pair of sneakers

A reader alerted me to Nike’s next offering, coming July 22nd:

Screenshot_2019-07-17 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Georgia Men's Running Shoe - Hibbett US

That’s not bad looking at all.

Like everything else football related these days, the price keeps going up.  This one’s $130 for the pair.  Like what you see?


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Dawgs in Hebrew

Cool shirt, boys.

Judging from the rack behind them, there are lots of football fans in Israel.


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Today, in retina searing

I’ve seen some ugly uniforms in my time, but this Michigan State get up is… just, wow.

There’s a fine line between ugly and hideous.  That uniform eradicates the line.  Man, and to think somebody got paid for this.


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The evolution of jorts

Oh, baby, meet the “jantie”.

Before you ask, “what’s the big deal with that?”, consider what the average Florida fan you run across looks like.


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Wednesday morning buffet

A few nibbles here, a few nibbles there, and pretty soon you’ve got a full buffet.

  • Missouri has decided to celebrate its appeal of NCAA sanctions in a unique way.
  • Plaintiffs’ lawyers in Alston want to get paid.
  • Class is in with Mike Leach.
  • Lane Kiffin“You go to the national championship in what was it, the second year, and could have won the game a million times.”
  • Cocktail Party alert“On Tuesday night, the Jacksonville City Council voted 15-1 on Tuesday to approve an $18-million deal that sets the stage for the city to demolish the Landing…”
  • David Hale looks at how punters and kickers pass the time.
  • The secret to Georgia’s offensive line’s success?  Size and Sam Pittman.
  • Mose of the players who will appear in this game are two to four years old today.
  • Yeah, that Jeff Long is a fine athletic director.


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Black is the old black.

The fans want to see it.  The players want to wear it.

Makes you wonder who’s so dead set against it.


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