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A blackout in Gainesville

Dan Mullen’s into fashion statements.

Florida coach Dan Mullen hasn’t been shy about the fact that he’s willing to try some new things and form some new traditions for the Gators now that he’s back in town as head coach.

And that might include some very untraditional looks for the Gators on the field.

“Here’s the one thing I want to do and it gets into uniforms,” Mullen said Wednesday night at a spring speaking stop in Pensacola. “We won’t be able to get a black uniform this year because they’ve all been ordered (already) but we will have a blackout game.”

Florida has worn a number of different jersey combinations in recent years, with the biggest break from tradition an alligator scales, dark olive green uniform last season against Texas A&M.

That jersey met with mixed results, but it still included mostly school colors.

A black jersey would potentially represent an even more stark break from tradition, as it isn’t a school color. Still, Mullen wants to shake things up.

“We’re going to do some cool things, I’ll tell you this, because what we have to do, we can’t be afraid,” Mullen said. “We’re not going to turn our back on tradition and the great tradition that we have at Florida. But also we’re not going to shy away from the future and how do we make ourselves better and have fun.”

I can understand wanting to get away from the color orange, but, damn, son, black?

My fervent wish is that the Gators trot out black jerseys for the Cocktail Party and get their asses handed to them, just so I can hear a Georgia player derisively dismiss “fake juice”.



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Nike’s gonna Nike, y’all.

Just passing this along.

You can wear those for the low, low price of $119.99.  At least until the next pair comes along.


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Embracing the fake juice

Please, Dan Mullen, please:  schedule a black out for the Cocktail Party.


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Ring bling

Behold, the SEC Championship Ring, in all its encrusted glory:

Herff Jones and University of Georgia Partner to Create SEC Championship Ring –

Yeah, it’s gaudy, but that’s how those things roll.  The main thing is the big ‘ole “G” sitting in the middle there.  (I kind of like Auburn’s ass-whipping being immortalized, too.)

Hopefully, we won’t find any of these bad boys gracing the pages of eBay in the coming years.



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Today, in stylin’

Just thought I’d share this, since it’s rare to see Nike clearance deals on topical items like this:

They’re on sale right now for the low, low price of $54.97.  Sizes are limited, so if you likee, you probably need to move on ’em now.


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“You get to enjoy something masculine, but you get to be feminine while you do it.”

Don’t laugh, but this is a well-researched, interesting story about why women in the South, particularly in Athens, Georgia, dress as they do for football games.

“You hear that saying,” says Kerr, “‘Girls in pearls, guys in ties.’ But the ‘guys in ties’ in our data, they were not nearly as present.” Schmeichel agreed, “There were men who were maybe wearing a polo shirt, but in comparison the women were much dressier.” The researchers considered “dressy” outfits as involving any kind of dress, skirt, low-cut/spaghetti strap top, heeled shoes, or items of clothing that don’t have a “masculine” equivalent. “We heard a lot about cowboy boots,” says Schmeichel.

As to why this is more common among women rather than men, a little bit of sports history can help explain. It turns out, the practice is actually more of a preservation of tradition than a creation of one, as Kerr and Schmeichel discovered. According to local newspaper articles from the 1890s cited in The Ghosts of Herty Field, women from neighboring girls’ schools (because UGA wasn’t integrated at the time) were present at what the book claims is the very first football game in the deep south in 1892. And by 1893, women were such a fixture that at away games, their absence was notable.

“This was somewhat of a disappointment to the men… Athens is far superior in this respect, as the Lucy Cobb and Home School girls have become almost as essential to a game as the referee and umpire.” — The Red & Black, as quoted in The Ghosts of Herty Field

So, if there have always been women at UGA games, and up until the ‘60s, they were always — quite literally — dressed up, women in attendance at SEC games didn’t start dressing a certain way, they just never stopped.

Tradition!  (Bonus points for the boots reference.)

Oh, and it’s not that guys are complete schlubs.  It’s just that we spend our clothing budget on sneakers.


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Nike scratches the itch… again.

Another day, another shoe for the discerning Dawg fan.


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