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NIL, styling

Look who’s hooking up with Tom Brady:

I guess that’ll look good for the next month and a half before George declares for the NFL draft.


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Filling the SEC cringe gap

Dan Mullen is gone and I guess Brian Kelly’s decided somebody’s got to step up and bust a move, however awkwardly.

Serious question:  who is this geeky shit supposed to impress?


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Who did it better?

Ted Lasso…

… or Kirby Smart?


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If you’ve ever wondered what is considered to be the greatest 23-44 (52.3%), 255 yards (5.8 ypa), 108.45 passer rating performance in the history of college football, the folks are Auburn have you covered.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with after this Saturday’s performance.


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Oregon’s secret plan to win the natty?


“Foot injuries are pretty common in football. It happens a lot, there’s actually been four. We’ve been dealing with Fitz (John FitzPatrick). Very different injuries, completely different. There’s been a big study done and we’ve worked hard in the off season. We had someone come in and tell the guys to wear the right kind of cleats because athletes all want to be fast and shoes have gotten lighter. It has nothing to do with Tate’s, John’s, or anyone else’s. Making sure our guys wear the right shoes because every company makes a speed cleat and a bigger cleat, but you’ve got to fit in your weight category. They all did that, but they’ve all been under different circumstances. A lot of them have been non-contact, so it isn’t a matter of contact.”


With the header, I’m kidding, but Stinch has a good question there.


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Nike’s latest offering

Behold, the Nike College Air Zoom Pegasus 38 (Georgia):

For Nike, that’s almost subtle.  Not bad.  And it can be yours for a mere $130.

Likee or not?


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TFW you don’t know what goes through some folks’ minds sometimes



Although the initial tweet was a hoax and I disagree with Mr. Lynch about that purple uni, you’ve got to respect the pain he still has over those abominations he was forced to wear.

Also, this.

He was just getting warmed up.

He’s not wrong.

And one more…

Tell us how you really feel, dude.


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TFW you **really** don’t have time for that shit

I’d really love to be a fly on the wall when Nike meets with Alabama to inquire about spiffing up jerseys.


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Chuck’s amuck.

Ladies and gentlemen, dare I say it, but these are pretty damned sweet.

There’s a 15% discount when you sign up for your first purchase (email account), so the price compared to Nike’s usual offerings is pretty decent, too.


UPDATE:  By the way, you can customize the hell out of these.  Click the box on the right side of the page and go to town.


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Today, in stylin’

Warm weather is only a state of mind.


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