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Coming soon, to a uniform near you

As No. 7 Kentucky comes to Oxford to face No. 14 Ole Miss in one of the biggest game of the weekend (noon ET, ESPN), Ole Miss will use the game as a vehicle to promote… Realtree?

The Georgia-based outdoors apparel company, founded by Ole Miss alum Bill Jordan, will put its design on Ole Miss’s helmets.

“We loved this idea from the minute we heard about it,” Carter said. “Today’s environment around lead times for any sort of equipment has presented challenges, but teamwork between the Realtree team and our athletics staff has been tremendous. Everyone, including head coach and our student-athletes, was determined, excited and eager to see this concept become reality, and we’re thrilled to launch the partnership and see how it grows in the years ahead. Our players will take the field Saturday wearing an exclusive helmet that will turn heads and generate excitement amongst our students, alumni and fans.”

“Our players and coaches are excited to partner with Realtree and wear this unique new helmet and gear,” Kiffin said. “I appreciate Bill, Tyler and the entire Realtree team for all they have done and continue to do for our program. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this great collaboration.”

For any viewers unaware whose brand is painted all over the helmet, Realtree conveniently provided chin strips with the logo on the chin and the company name printed on the straps.

Nothing says amateurism like making college players walking billboards, amirite?


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This year’s model

The new Nikes are here!  The new Nikes are here!

Yeah, yeah…

If that’s your thing, here’s what the ’22 edition looks like:

Unisex Nike Red Georgia Bulldogs Zoom Pegasus 39 Running Shoe

You’ll pay $140 for the privilege of sporting those.  What do y’all think?  Worth it?


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Today, in the end of college sports as we know it

Nolan Smith Georgia Bulldogs Nike NIL Replica Football Jersey - Red

Fanatics is now selling customized college football player jerseys.  They’re labeled “NIL Replica Football Jerseys”, so it’s safe to assume the kids are getting a piece of the action.  Which is how it should be, and how it should have been all along.

Wonder if they’ll sell an AJ Green jersey…


UPDATE:  Mr. Weiszer has more deets.

The jerseys — 100 percent polyester with Dri-Fit technology — are priced at $139.99 each at

More than 50 Georgia players have their own jerseys for sale, ranging from tight end Darnell Washington and wide receiver Adonai Mitchell to local products Brock Vandagriff and Malaki Starks to walk-ons including Luke Bennett (younger brother of Stetson).

… Quarterback Stetson Bennett, tight end Brock Bowers, defensive tackle Jalen Carter and and running back Kenny McIntosh weren’t listed Thursday afternoon.

Bennett’s No. 13 jersey and Bowers’ No. 19 jersey are expected to be available Friday through the UGA Bookstore and Follett after they agreed to a Brandr licensing deal that will pay each player a $10 royalty per jersey for the same product sold.


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Owning the death penalty

Bold look, SMU.


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“The more I work at it, the better I feel. It’s been a pretty good fall.”

Here’s hoping Tate Ratledge stays healthy enough to contribute this season.  Not just because he’s a big, talented guard, either.

“In high school, I wasn’t allowed to have long hair,” Ratledge said. “Private school—it couldn’t touch the collar. Then got to college and I said, ‘I’m going to do something with this.’ Had like a six month awkward phase. Here it is now. I see it as I’m too far into it to cut it now.”

Ratledge said the mullet will stay for the whole season.

Commit to the mullet!


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Affirmation in a bottle

Proudly adorning my office now:


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You know it’s the offseason when…

Georgia prospects Arch Manning and Pearce Spurlin lll model some new prototype Bulldogs uniforms during their recruiting visits to Athens last weekend.

Chip Towers actually goes to the trouble of debunking the latest chatter about uniforms.

Georgia traditionalists can relax, however. While all-white “unis” were a hit with recruits, the Bulldogs specially ordered only a handful of them specifically for use during recruiting visits and have no plans to wear them this season or anytime soon.

Asked about the chances of Georgia playing a game in the all-white uniforms, a person familiar with Bulldogs’ football operations responded with an all-cap text: “ZERO.”

This isn’t a reflection on Chip so much as it is on a portion of the fan base that gets itself wired up on the possibility that this will be the year that Georgia starts going Oregon with its team gear.  Not gonna happen.


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Some say this presages a font change to jersey numbers…

Honestly, you got me.


UPDATE:  More light is shed.


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The state of Gator recruiting

This, about Florida scheduling its spring game for a Thursday night, strikes me as both practical and sub-optimal:  “The Gators moved the game from Saturday to Thursday in part so they would not have to compete for recruiting visits against exhibitions at Georgia, Alabama, Miami and elsewhere.”

Tell us you’re not ready to compete with the big boys without saying you’re not ready to compete with the big boys.

The sad thing is, the general perception is that recruiting is on the upswing in Gainesville.

It’s clear that Napier emphasizes recruiting in a way his predecessor, Dan Mullen, did not. We’ll see if the results follow.

Talk about your low bar.

Uh, while we’re on the subject, does this count as emphasis?

Get in on the ground floor while you can, kids.  Florida football is going places.


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Embracing the suck

This is one helluva flex, SMU.

I never thought I’d see the day when Eric Dickerson’s TransAm would become an honored part of SMU’s history.  Major baller there.


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