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Just when you thought 2020 was non-stop depressing…

I have a question.

Isn’t whipped cream the more traditional fare served with nude women?

The funny (funniest?) thing about this is that the show aired a month ago and nobody noticed.  It took the apology to bring it to light.


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Ole Miss embraces its inner bag man.

When you ride with the Laner, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

The best part will come when Junior sells this on the recruiting trail.


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Not the event you were expecting

If you had this moment in the pool as the next time you’d see the team in black jerseys…

… go collect your winnings.


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New shoes

Don’t know if we’ll have a 2020 season, but we’ll always have these:




Feel like shelling out 130 smackers for those?  I dunno…


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Go Gata!

On the other hand, this is almost enough to make me anti-mask.

Screenshot_2020-07-16 Marco Rubio on Twitter #GatorNation https t co NhJ3GnIELS Twitter

My apologies to anyone who suffered a retina burn looking at that.

Maybe Marco and Corrine Brown could hook up and do a PSA together.

(h/t DawgStats)


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Dough for duds

In light of Under Armour’s move to cancel its apparel deal with UCLA, I found this interesting:

Only two Three SEC teams appear in the top 20, TAMU, Auburn and South Carolina, and both the latter two also have contracts with Under Armour.

Georgia’s deal with Nike, in case you were wondering, pays $3.8 million in cash and product per year.


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Bubba’s in black

Imagine you’re from Tennessee.  It’s likely you had issues with Colin Kaepernick taking a knee in support of Black Lives Matter.

That was then.  This is now.

Man, I hope Lulu and Junior don’t get whiplash from the sudden change in direction.


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Those that can, coach.

Those that can’t…


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Peyton, once upon a time

Hines there is proof that nobody can make Urnge look good.


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Friends don’t let friends drive Vol.

Evidence that car tattoos aren’t such a great idea:

Screenshot_2020-04-27 Enrique Murillo on Twitter Mad_Dawg19 I know what you mean https t co xj1LpArMqY Twitter

I get showing your school spirit and all, but, damn, that’s a rough look on the 350 some odd days when UT ain’t playin’ football.  And it’s not like you can cover it with something when you need to appear respectable.

(h/t DawgStats)


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