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Welcome to the SEC

I can see it won’t take long for Texas to get into the swing of things.

Hey, it never hurts to ask.

It’s like watching the opposite of Greg McGarity in action.



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Texas is back, baby.

Sark, are you fucking kidding me here?

“First of all, to quote my old boss, we’ve got to be careful of the rat poison of people telling us how good we are, which is important,” Sarkisian said. “A week ago, everyone told us how bad we were. Now this week, everyone wants to tell us how good we are. We’ve got to be careful to quiet the noise outside of our building and focus on us.”

Your team lost. Counting moral victories as rat poison?  That phrase doesn’t mean what you think it means, obviously.


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The opposite of We Want ‘Bama

There’s setting low expectations, and then there’s setting no expectations:

Enjoy the game, Coach.


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Greg, it’s your problem now.

I only hope once the media gets done thoroughly chewing over expansion at SEC Media Days it can turn to the next burning question the conference will soon face.

Big 12 director of officials Greg Burks pleaded directly with Oklahomans on Thursday with the final comments of his annual presentation on rules changes when he was finally asked the question he’d been anticipating all morning.

Is the Horns Down issue a dead issue?” asked Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman in the final question to Burks during his discussion on college football rule changes at Big 12 Media Days at AT&T Stadium.

“I knew that question was coming sooner or later,” Burks cracked. “Let me be very clear with Horns Down. I have no ownership of this symbol or this symbol (gesturing Horns Up and Horns Down). It’s the same as all other symbols. It’s when you do it, who you do it to and in which manner you do it.

“Please, the state of Oklahoma, I meant no offense. You don’t have to send me emails. We are just looking at that as any other act, and you note that unsportsmanlike conduct is in there. It’s not about Horns up or Horns down. It’s the manner that you do anything on the field to an opponent that is an unsportsmanlike penalty.”

Who will be the first SEC school to be hit with a penalty for a Horns Down gesture, and why will it be Ole Miss?


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“There’s nothing like SEC football.”

After years of watching Greg McGarity’s submission act when it came to conference scheduling (if the SEC winds up adopting the 1+7 format in the end, I’d like to see Josh Brooks trade his consent in return for Auburn playing two straight games in Athens), I gotta say I am both jealous and impressed with this kind of attitude:

Texas A&M doesn’t know what year it will renew its celebrated football rivalry with Texas. No later than 2025 but perhaps 2024. The Aggies know exactly where the game will be, however.

“I can’t imagine the atmosphere when that game is played,” A&M athletic director Ross Bjork told the Chronicle on Thursday during the SEC spring meetings. “And it will be played at Kyle Field.”

… As a league newbie along with the Sooners, the Longhorns don’t really have a say in the league’s early scheduling anyway, Bjork added.

“They realize they’re going to be very, very happy to be in the SEC, and that’s why they made the move,” Bjork said. “They’ll take whatever (they can get) … and they don’t have a vote in the process. It’s only current membership.”

“Fuck you, Texas, you don’t have a vote and you’ll take what we give you”?  Total baller move.

Welcome to the SEC, ‘Horns.


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It just means more

Welp, one thing’s for certain…

The SEC’s asshole quotient won’t be going down after expansion.


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Chasing the NIL bucks at Texas

Them boosters, they just here to hep.

Shuley announced Wednesday a new partnership called the Clark Field Collective to help facilitate NIL opportunities with Texas athletes.

Shuley said prominent donors, Austin business leaders and Texas exes like Kenny Vaccaro, T.J. Ford and Juliann Johnson will help oversee what’s starting out as a $10-million commitment. The goal is simple: to have the largest fund in the country dedicated to NIL activities for Texas athletes.

“My old roommates way back in the day were some UT basketball players. I’ve always been around sports and know what goes on,” Shuley said in an interview. “How do you figure out how to bring people together on this, and looking at it from a bigger picture, how do you take something like that and take it to where it benefits the kids and the greater good of the university?”

Doing it for the kids remains undefeated.  But ten mill?  Do you really need that much just for promoting opportunities?

Asked about the perception the Clark Field Collective is just a way to pay athletes, Shuley demurred.

“You can’t control people’s perceptions, and people are going to say what they’re going to say,” Shuley said. “This is just a way to let fans, donors know this is a way that’s going to be safe for the athletes. This is how we’re going to approach it.”

Some people, man.


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“This isn’t to cast any blame or make excuses…”

The eyes of Texas are upon Steve Sarkisian.

Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte released a statement of support for head coach Steve Sarkisian on the heels of the Longhorns’ 57-56 overtime loss to Kansas in his public Fort Acres Insider newsletter on Tuesday.

“At Texas Athletics, we all know it was a devastating way to lose,” Del Conte wrote. “You are all so passionate about your Longhorns and feel frustrated about how things have gone for five games. Trust, we’re so disappointed and frustrated too, but no one is more upset than Coach Sark and the team.”

Del Conte circulated talking points that Sarkisian spread earlier this week about the number of players who have transferred from the 2018 and 2019 recruiting classes, counting 52% in 2018 and 46% in 2019 that have left the program. Both of those classes ranked top three in the country. Additionally, Del Conte revealed that 25 players missed practice before the Kansas game because of the flu.

A head coach needing a statement of support from his AD ten games into his contract — that’s gotta be some kind of record, isn’t it?


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Quote of the day

Tell me you’ve lost your football team without saying you’ve lost your football team.

Texas is on its first five-game losing streak since 1956.  Sark is in his first contract year, so I seriously doubt his job is in jeopardy, but when you’ve got money and a willingness to burn it — remember, it just cost the school $24 million in buyouts to get rid of Herman — I should never say never.


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TFW you know they’ve got questions

What a time to be alive, when a college football coach has to address something like this at his weekly presser:

C’mon, man.  The only way that story isn’t a distraction is if you’re in a coma.


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