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Wednesday morning buffet

Dig in.

  • Has Smart had a change of heart about Georgia’s running game?  Count me in the I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it camp.
  • One thing I don’t get about 2017 win projections is why there’s a general assumption about how the Georgia-Auburn game is going to play out.  After all, “Auburn hasn’t hit over 8.5 wins since going 12-2 in 2013 and has only done so three times since 2007. Georgia, on the other hand, has gone over 8.5 wins four times since 2011, including a 12-2 mark in 2012 and back-to-back years of 10-3 in 2014 and 2015.”
  • Screw signing days, says Bob Bowlsby, who likes the idea of signing periods.
  • Speaking of Bowlsby, is there a dumber idea in college football than a championship game for a conference that plays a round-robin schedule?  It will serve the Big 12 right if that game screws it out of a playoff spot.
  • Seth Emerson asks a good question about Georgia’s defense.  The timing sure would be nice.
  • And here’s another good question, in this case, about Title IX in the context of colleges paying athletes.  It’s about time somebody asked.
  • Way to go, Tom Herman.


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Texas, you still need to work on the rebranding.

The spirit of Steve Patterson lives on.

That’s one catchy slogan you got there, Corona.  And an even better game day promotion!

A “fun photo opportunity” with a chair?  Damn, that’ll keep fans from staying home to watch on TV.

Texas can still make a deal with a domestic brewer, too.  Maybe UT can have one of the Budweiser Clydesdales square off with Bevo.


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United we stand, divided we play Texas A&M.

Coming from the school that’s set its own course with the Longhorn Network and reportedly tested the waters of leaving the Big 12 before, this seems a trifle cheeky.

Then again, I suppose it never hurts to ask.


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I wanna rock ‘n roll all night, and hook ’em every day.

Kiss versus the University of Texas, another reason to love America.


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Wednesday morning buffet

I haven’t served up one of these in a while.  Hope I still know what I’m doing.


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The second coolest old school coach-celebrity pic you’ll see today.

Nothing touches the James Brown-Vince Dooley shot that adorns this blog, of course, but this ain’t half bad.


UPDATE:  For some reason, that Twitter feed is now private.  I couldn’t find that particular picture on the Intertubes, so here’s an alternate shot of the duo that’s pretty cool.



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Flingin’ the bling

Give Tom Herman credit — if you’re gonna blow ridiculous money on football lockers, don’t be coy about it.

Pictures of the new Longhorn football lockers went viral Friday not long after they hit social media. Many on Twitter lamented that despite the high-end perk, college athletes still don’t get paid. Or that last year Texas lost to lowly Kansas for the first time in 78 years. Or that this was a new high – or low – to the college football arms race. Such snark didn’t matter to Herman. He got exactly the response he was hoping for.

“The only reaction I care about to be honest is our players and our recruits,” Herman told FOX Sports on Tuesday. “I don’t care about Twitter’s reaction or whatever social media’s reaction is. Our players and the recruits absolutely loved it. The recruits, especially those that have been a lot of places around the country, have said, ‘Coach, there’s nothing even close to it around the country.’

“So, mission accomplished on that one.”

You’re the richest athletic program in America.  People already think you’re arrogant, so what do you have to lose by acting that way?

Texas’ facilities, which were among the best in college football back when Herman was a graduate assistant, had been surpassed in the past decade as TV money flooded into Power 5 programs. Barbershop rooms in the football facility along with virtual reality rooms, waterfalls and jumbotrons for the indoor complex aren’t uncommon anymore.

“Texas is one of the most prestigious schools, and we’re kinda out of date right now,” said safety P.J. Locke, a one-time Oregon commit. “This facility was one of the greatest back then but then everyone upgraded and we stayed here. Herman is this new-school guy and he has to get facilities back on top.”

Senior defensive tackle Poona Ford was wowed by the new locker and is convinced it matters in recruiting today. “At my high school, every male sports team shared a locker room in that one field house, and if I see that coming out of high school, I’m thinking, ‘Dang, that’s pretty sweet.’ That could be the reason why they commit here,” Ford said.

But could that really be a reason why one player would pick Texas over A&M or OU?

“Yeah,” Ford said. “Everything matters.”

Hell, it might even work.


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