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Maybe we’re not done with the rebranding yet.

Damn, bring this on.

Especially this.

Wickline’s attorney has asked the court to bar or restrict witness testimony about the meaning of the term “play-calling duties” in Wickline’s Oklahoma State contract.

I bet there are plenty of Texas fans who would like to know if anyone on Strong’s staff has a clue about the meaning of the term.

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Rebrandings ain’t cheap.

Who says being a dick doesn’t pay?  Steve Patterson gets nearly $3 million in his severance package from Texas.

The money’s probably coming out of the athletic department’s travel budget, since UT won’t be needing it for Dubai now.


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Tuesday morning buffet

A rich menu at today’s buffet bar…

  • Georgia not looking back at last year’s loss to Florida“?  I call bullshit on that.  In fact, they’d better be looking back, to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes twice.
  • Man, Texas is undoing the rebranding.
  • Iowa State’s Paul Rhoades announced the firing of his offensive coordinator to the media before telling his team, because “I wanted to get to this point in the day and address you folks, then see them and look them in the eye at 1:30 when I get that opportunity…”  Yes, that makes no fucking sense.
  • Somebody in Vegas still likes Georgia“Georgia has been the favorite in this game for the entire year until now,” Kornegay said in an e-mail on Monday. “There are three reasons why the line has moved; Florida has been playing good football all year, Georgia lost their top running back, and the public has warmed up to the Gators. In our eyes, Georgia is still a better team and should be a short favorite. It wouldn’t surprise us to see the Bulldogs the favorite once again on game day.”
  • There’s the second chance at Auburn, and then there’s the second chance in Athens.
  • Before you get too upset at Jeremy Pruitt for whatever faults you find in this year’s defense, at least Georgia’s never looked this bad on a play.
  • Yeah, that’s been a problem.
  • Don’t forget that Georgia will be without Dominick Sanders for the first half against Florida.


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‘He just put us through hell.’

The downside to being a world-class prick is that you don’t get the benefit of the doubt, even in those times when you deserve it.

On Sept. 11, one day before Texas defeated Rice 42-28 to win its first football game of the 2015 season, many of the Longhorns’ biggest financial donors gathered in a club area of Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

During a meeting of the Longhorn Foundation Advisory Council, Texas president Greg Fenves, who had been in charge of one of the country’s largest state universities for about three months, made a short opening address, then took questions from UT boosters.

The first question from the audience: “Why didn’t Texas give football tickets to the Rice marching band?”

Fenves turned to athletic director Steve Patterson for an answer.

Patterson explained to the crowd that Texas had provided Rice with 300 complimentary tickets to the game, as per the schools’ agreement. It was Rice’s discretion as to how to distribute the free tickets.

When the man who asked the question wasn’t satisfied with his answer, Patterson became agitated and started waving his arms, according to a person in attendance.

“I’m telling you, I talked to the Rice AD,” Patterson said. “I’ll show you the contract!”

The band question was the result of the latest in a string of social media-fueled controversies that surrounded Patterson. A few days earlier, an erroneous report indicated he had changed UT’s policy and was now charging visiting teams for tickets for their marching bands. In fact, six of the 10 schools in the Big 12 had historically charged visiting teams the full price of tickets for their fans and their marching bands. Until the recent construction of smaller stadiums at Baylor and TCU, the four Texas-based schools in the Big 12 had a gentleman’s agreement to provide complimentary tickets for band members.

“The story about the Rice band wasn’t even true,” said the person who attended the meeting. “But people hated [Patterson] so much they wanted it to be true.”

Don’t cry for Steve, Dubai.


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Let’s try this again.

Boy, you could see this one coming a mile away.

A lawyer for Oklahoma State says the school notified Texas it wants new depositions from Longhorns coach Charlie Strong, three staff members, a quarterback and former athletic director Steve Patterson if a breach-of-contract lawsuit against a Texas assistant proceeds toward trial.

Oklahoma State sued Longhorns assistant Joe Wickline for almost $600,000, arguing he made a lateral move to Texas in 2014 and didn’t take a promotion with play-calling duties as stated in his previous contract.

Strong was already deposed in March. The pursuit of new testimony from Strong, one of his key players and Patterson, who was forced to resign Tuesday after less than two years on the job, is an aggressive step by Oklahoma State in an unusual case that has angered Texas fans and pulled back the curtain on the inner workings of a major college football program.

Oklahoma State plays at Texas on Sept. 26.

Oklahoma State attorney Sean Breen said Thursday night that the request for new depositions depends on whether a judge sends the case to trial or it is resolved beforehand.

“The case is going to get resolved one way or another,” Breen said. “And perhaps the new fresh air at UT means it can get resolved in a business manner instead of in a courtroom.”

Maybe OSU could arrange to have a process server on the sideline to catch Texas coming out of the locker room.

Patterson may be a little more problematic.  How do you serve someone in Dubai?


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I fear for the rebranding.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that Steve Patterson will be shown the door, perhaps as soon as today.

Won’t anyone think of the bloggers?  It’s about to become a poorer world for us.

See you in Dubai, Steve.


UPDATE:  This wins the Intertubes today.


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“I’d say we have a good working relationship.”

The usual warnings about anything coming out of Chip Brown’s computer apply, but he’s got sources telling him that Steve Patterson is on thin ice with Texas president Gregory Fenves, primarily because Patterson is reportedly pissing off donors left and right.

“Fenves knows athletics is the front porch of the university,” one source close to the situation said. “So he can’t have people who want to give being turned off or turned away at the front porch.”

Eh, maybe.  It seems to me that was a similar criticism leveled at Michael Adams and we all know where that went.

Not to mention Patterson’s got something that even Adams didn’t have, a guaranteed five-year deal paying him roughly $1.4 million annually.  (And some of you think there isn’t much money in college athletics.)

So let’s just say I’ll believe it when I see it.  Besides, I’m kind of enjoying the rebranding.


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