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Fresh meat

Steve Spurrier welcomes one of the SEC’s newest members as only Steve Spurrier can.

Hey, Longhorns, the sooner you learn he’s a dick, the better.


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Welcome East, brother.

As a Georgia fan, one unexpected benefit of all the realignment chatter is that it’s shifted the “SEC’s most underperforming program” narrative westwards.


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Today, in I hope this is snark

Because if it’s not, I wonder what Pete thinks has been going on in college football for at least the last 20 years.


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TFW you don’t want the eyes of Texas on “The Eyes of Texas”

Nothing says you’ve got nothing to hide like this:

Last month, the Tribune reported that dozens of UT-Austin donors threatened to pull funds if the university got rid of the song, which has been the subject of student protests. After the story ran, UT-Austin President Jay Hartzell released a statement that said he received a “small number” of hateful emails about the issue and they “bear no influence on any aspect of our decision-making.”

Then, after the Tribune inquired about missing records, UT-Austin identified more than 550 additional emails that should have been provided in response to an open records request.

Oopsie!  I can’t imagine what the problem was…

“This current, highly emotionalized and factually inaccurate movement is counterproductive, will generate more divisiveness and also destroy the progress made in integration up to now,” Stanley wrote in a letter in mid-June criticizing Hartzell’s leadership for meeting with the athletes, which was forwarded to Hartzell by donors nearly a dozen times. “It is being fomented by socialistic groups that are using the blacks as pawns. It is regrettable that the University has accepted this movement. If black athletes really want to improve the general situation for the black community, they should work within themselves.”

Yes, that is regrettable.  But they’re working on it.

Mickey Klein said in a phone interview with the Tribune that while minstrel shows are “disgusting,” he supports keeping the alma mater song and wants the university to get to a place where “everyone, Black [people], people of color are comfortable with the song.” The Kleins said they would continue to support the school financially regardless of Hartzell’s decision over the issue.

“This is not something that we can sweep under the rug, there has to be an open dialogue and discussion,” Mickey Klein said.

Well, Mr. Stanley has certainly been afforded that opportunity.

As far as making people of color comfortable with the song, Texas might start by not mandating that its football players have to associate with it by standing for the song after a game.  Then again, that might be too open a dialogue for some folks.


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The power of symbols, and recruiting

A lot of y’all missed a point about the hullabaloo engulfing Texas with regards to “The Eyes of Texas”, or at least the reason I posted something about it.  It’s basically the same shit Ole Miss coaches had to deal with for years because of things like Colonel Reb.

It’s the recruiting, stupid ($$).

On the football field, does it affect the future? Babers believes it already has.

“Here’s the thing, this is going to be and it’s already been used as a negative recruiting tool. I know it is. It is happening,” said Babers. “And you know what? The schools are stupid if they’re not using it as a negative recruiting tool in Black households.

“So when you walk into the household with that Black mom and Black dad or whoever it is, and they ask you about this issue, and whether their son or daughter’s going to have to stand for ‘The Eyes of Texas’ and it is personal to them, because they are a person of color, y’all better have a clear, concise, and uniform message and you got to be ready for every question and don’t get stumped. That’s going to be an issue because right now, those seeds are being planted, in my opinion, by other schools.”

“You” in this case really means Steve Sarkisian, who’s caught in the proverbial spot between a rock and a hard place.  It’s clear he’s been told not to risk pissing off UT’s big donors and is going along with that.  Somehow, though, he’s got to find a way to balance that with a credible explanation on the recruiting trail in response to the big ass rocks other programs are lobbing at his.  That’s an awfully small needle to thread.

And if he can’t, and recruiting suffers as a result?  Two guesses on who will pay the price for that.  (Hint:  it won’t be the donors.)


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“The fact that we don’t all agree on our school song doesn’t mean that we don’t all belong.”

Someone needs to explain the First Rule of Holes to Texas AD Chris Del Conte.

The football players said athletics officials, in a meeting with the players after the Oklahoma game, referenced emails from donors who said the protests could impact their job prospects after graduating. At least one other player, former defensive back Caden Sterns, made a similar claim in a tweet on Monday but declined to be interviewed.

“They said y’all don’t have to sing it. But y’all have to stay on the field. Y’all have to go over there and at least show fans appreciation for coming out and watching you guys play,” said junior linebacker DeMarvion Overshown in a Tuesday phone interview.

Athletic Director Chris Del Conte said Wednesday he had not heard donors or alumni had threatened job opportunities, adding that he was concerned that players had that impression. He denied players were forced to stay on the field.

“We simply asked for their help — no one was forced or required to do so,” he said in a statement.

The old Jerry Maguire “help me to help you” shtick, I guess.

A second player, who was on the team during the 2020 season, shared a similar recollection of the meeting with the Tribune. That player asked not to be named, for fear of retribution by the university and donors. He said it was Del Conte who told players that donors were unhappy and threatening to pull financial support.

“He kept saying these guys provide this for you. … He was mentioning, ‘We have donors talking about pulling out money from the south end zone [stadium addition project], stopping their donations,’ the second player said.

Overshown declined to name the athletic officials, but the second player said it was former head coach Tom Herman and Del Conte who relayed the donor sentiments.

Del Conte denied that he had said any such statement or that donors had relayed those comments.

“I never said this, nor would I say this to a student-athlete, and I’ve never heard it from any donors or alumni. My message has consistently been about unity. I’m disappointed if anything anyone else said to our student-athletes caused them to feel this way. That concerns me,” he said in an emailed statement. “I’ve talked to several student-athletes about this and am happy to talk to anyone to let them know that this is not true. I’ve only seen our alumni work to support our student-athletes.”

Except for the ones who sent the threatening emails, that is.

“I do want to clarify that I have had many conversations with our head coaches outlining my expectations that our teams show appreciation for our university, fans and supporters by standing together as a unified group for ‘The Eyes,’ while we work through this issue,” Del Conte wrote in his weekly message to fans at the time.

There’s no way this is going to end well.  The only question left for the administration is which group it’s more comfortable ignoring.


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“The Eyes of Texas is non-negotiable.”


Commitment to the song has been echoed by the Board of Regents and by Steve Sarkisian, the new football coach who was hired in January.

From the start, Sarkisian signaled he would take a different approach than former coach Tom Herman, who said he would respect players who did not want to stay to sing the song.

“I know this much,” Sarkisian said, “‘The Eyes of Texas’ is our school song. We’re going to sing that song. We’re going to sing that proudly.”


“UT needs rich donors who love The Eyes of Texas more than they need one crop of irresponsible and uninformed students or faculty who won’t do what they are paid to do,” Steven Arnold, a retired administrative law judge and UT-Austin law school graduate, wrote to Hartzell. When reached for comment, Arnold said he had not donated to the university in recent years and has been completely turned off of college football after the events of the last year.

Leave the fucking bottle on the bar.

“It’s time for you to put the foot down and make it perfectly clear that the heritage of Texas will not be lost,” wrote another donor who graduated in 1986. Their name was also redacted by UT-Austin. “It is sad that it is offending the blacks. As I said before the blacks are free and it’s time for them to move on to another state where everything is in their favor.”

At least two people argued that because the Black student population at UT-Austin is small, their voices should not outweigh the larger wishes of the alumni base.

“Less than 6% of our current student body is black,” wrote Larry Wilkinson, a donor who graduated in 1970, quoting a statistic UT-Austin officials have stated they’re working to improve. “The tail cannot be allowed to wag the dog….. and the dog must instead stand up for what is right. Nothing forces those students to attend UT Austin. Encourage them to select an alternate school ….NOW!”

Good luck on the recruiting trail, Steve-o.


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You’re not in Tuscaloosa anymore, Sark.

You’re in Austin now.

Coming out of Thursday, Mike Stoops was all set to join Steve Sarkisian’s staff at Texas.

That’s not the case anymore, though.

So what changed?

… Sarkisian, the former Alabama offensive coordinator, shared during that call that he could no longer make the hire. Multiple sources referenced that backlash regarding the potential of hiring Stoops may have played a role in eliminating the possibility.

Can you imagine how Nick Saban would react to being told that a booster or boosters objected to him hiring somebody and he couldn’t proceed with his plans?

So much for burnt orange Process.


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Today, in athletic department belt tightening

Jesus.  Sarkisian just hired away Saban’s special teams coach for the low, low price of $1 million a year.

Just imagine what these idiots might be doing if we weren’t in a pandemic.


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Go big, or go home.

I see Sark has quickly embraced one of college football’s greatest traditions, living vicariously through another program.

That ought to carry him through a season or two in Austin.  Maybe.


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