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“I sacrificed a lot to play for coach (Nick) Saban and that university.”

My first thought upon hearing that Aaron Murray and AJ McCarron were selected back-to-back in the draft Saturday was that their names would be linked together for some time.

But McCarron’s doing his damnedest to get separation.  Stay classy, kid.


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Header of the day

There’s so much concentrated WTF going on here that I hardly know where to start.


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Shomer Shabbos!

Some of you probably need some cheering up this morning.  This surreal story ought to do the trick.

Here’s an excerpt from the new book, Illegal Procedure: A Sports Agent Comes Clean on the Dirty Business of College Football.” by Josh Lucas [sic] — a suspended NFL agent. Lucas is relating a story about meeting with former running back Maurice Clarett at the home of an Israeli real estate investor/mobster in California:

[Maurice had] been living with an Israeli Larry Flynt for months, absorbing the house culture, operating by the house rules. Maurice had seen that every Friday night, when the sun went down, no matter what they were doing, all work ended. Hai, his entourage and his family lit candles and said their evening prayers. So, at that moment, when the discussion wasn’t going his way, Maurice suddenly stood up and said, “This meeting is over. It’s Shabbat.” He walked out of the room.

You don’t have to be Jewish to find that funny… although it doesn’t hurt.  And if you’re a Coen brothers fan, it should immediately bring to mind this classic, albeit NSFW, scene from The Big Lebowski:


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Great moments in delusion

I’m tempted to create a new category to track blog posts that have little to no connection with the state of affairs we normal folks refer to as “reality”.

Like this one, ‘fer instance.  There’s so much WTF in those five points he sets forth there, it makes my jaw hurt.  And that he’s got a plurality of poll voters standing with him makes it even better.

Ah, what the hell… consider it done.


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