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Monday morning buffet

Dig in.  Everything tastes good this week.

  • Pat Forde flays Urban Meyer’s credibility.
  • The NCAA is opening a real Pandora’s Box with its Penn State inquiry.  Not that I’d expect anything less from Mark Emmert.
  • Illinois becomes the first team in D-1 history to open the season with six wins and finish with six losses; the Zooker is canned and essentially calls the disastrous end a flesh wound.
  • The Florida Gators are anything but all in right now.
  • Girl, do you eat with that finger?
  • If Mike Leach can’t land a coaching job this offseason, he never will.
  • “If we don’t give away points, there’s no way they can beat us.” – Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones to the Associated Press, about LSU in Saturday’s SEC title game.  (Makes a nice bookend with Tech’s Julian Burnett’s quote a few paragraphs down.)
  • Missouri is about to find out with its move to the SEC that it has to spend money to make money.


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That’s my Zooker!

Ron Zook can handle noise in the system, but pesky presser questions about his future… not so much.


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Ron Zook thinks scores are overrated.

Reason #2846 why the Zooker is a national treasure:

Why did Illinois go for two after scoring a touchdown Saturday that put it ahead 20-13 with 7:18 left in the second quarter?

Because coach Ron Zook, who tells his players to keep playing and not worry about the score, took his own advice too literally and was so immersed in the game that he didn’t know the score.

‘‘We were down five, right? Up five, I mean,’’ he said. ‘‘It was 20-13? Up seven?’’

You know that airline ad where they show an embarrassing moment and say, ‘‘Wanna get away?’’ This was it.

‘‘Maybe I didn’t know what the score was,’’ Zook said. ‘‘That’s happened to me before. It’s usually when we’re behind. [This will] give you something to pound us about.’’

Like anyone’s needed an excuse before…


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Wednesday lunch buffet

Dig in, folks.


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Please, God…

Or Gator Bowl committee, make this happen.  If nothing else, it ought to provide fodder for at least three good EDSBS posts.

Who says minor bowl games can’t be fun?


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Sunday morning buffet

Settle down with a few tasty morsels:


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Oh no, I’ve said too much, I haven’t said enough.

In honor of Independence Day, I thought I’d highlight a couple of football coaches who’ve recently exercised their freedom of speech.

In response to Tommy Tuberville’s recent opinion that the Big XII Conference was doomed, the Empire struck back.

The Big 12 issued the reprimand on its athletic website, saying Tuberville’s comments were a “violation of the Big 12 Conference’s Principles and Standards of Sportsmanship, prohibiting public criticism of members.”

“Tommy Tuberville’s comments were unfortunate, and contrary to the very strong feelings of unity expressed publicly and privately by the Big 12 Board of Directors and athletic directors,” Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe said in a statement. “Coach Tuberville has admitted that his comments do not reflect his true feelings of respect for the conference, its leadership, and his excitement about its future and has apologized to the conference and its members.”

Tuberville was vacationing in Alabama on Friday and could not be reached for comment. Tech athletic spokesman Blayne Beal said the Big 12 asked the school not to comment on the issue.

The Big 12 concluded its statement by saying, “This will serve as the final decision and comment on this matter by all parties.”

The conference also sent Tuberville this thoughtful gift to commemorate the occasion.

Meanwhile, in this great land of ours, there are always coaches like the Zooker who are willing to speak their mind.

The former Florida head coach was a guest on The Paul Finebaum Radio show earlier this week and when asked if the SEC was a “better conference” than the Big Ten, Zook said:

“At this time, it probably is but I think there’s teams in the Big Ten Conference just as well as there’s teams in the Southeastern Conference that can play against anybody.

The biggest thing that I’ve noticed is that maybe in the Southeastern Conference there’s a few more big guys that can run, but trust me there’s some awfully, awfully good players in the Big Ten Conference as well.”

No word yet on any official comment from Mr. Delany, who at the least you’d expect could offer some context for the Zooker’s remarks.


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Thursday morning buffet

Those margarita hangovers are a bear, aren’t they?

  • A spring game attendance chart for your perusal, if you’re so inclined.
  • The Zooker goes to the Middle East.  I wonder if our troops know anything about sleeping fast.
  • Brian Cook equates bowl expansion with the housing bubble.
  • Here’s an excellent rant about ‘Bama’s bye week battle.
  • If you’re the Mountain West commissioner in a conference expansion-talk age, you’ve got to be feeling a bit helpless these days.
  • Stewart Mandel says the new Florida defensive coordinator is “moving the Gators to more of a 3-4 scheme”, which is the first I’ve heard about that.  Any of GTP’s Florida readers care to enlighten me about it?
  • If ULaLa’s beat writer should be taken at face value – “Personally, I think the Cajuns can find a way to win all of their non-conference games in 2010 (at Georgia, Oklahoma St on ESPN2, at Ohio and at Ole Miss).” – we’ve all been missing who this year’s BCS party crasher will be.


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Monday morning buffet

College football’s dead period has begun in earnest.  You need to eat to keep your strength up:

  • This may be the dumbest conference expansion/realignment speculation piece I’ve read yet, as it completely ignores the primary motivation behind any (potential) movement – the almighty dollar.
  • Sounds like the Zooker has the Illinois faithful fired up “Very small crowd at the spring game. I’d say about 2,000 total, the smallest I can recall.”
  • Feel the sarcasm“From that hyped 2006 recruiting class (ranked No. 5 nationally, proof of Charlies Weis’ greatness, foundation for multiple BCS titles), there were two players picked: Sam Young and Eric Olsen, and both went in the sixth round.”
  • Doc Saturday breaks down Ryan Mallett.
  • Evidently it’s not to early to begin speculation on who might be the top pick in the 2011 NFL draft.  Plus, there’s a familiar name on the list.


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Friday morning buffet

Grab a plate and fill ‘er up.

  • Lord knows I’ve thrown my share of barbs in Stephen Garcia’s direction, but are we really supposed to believe that he’s a bad enough quarterback that his head coach is prepared to bench him in favor of a true freshman?
  • How good was Drew Butler last year?  So good that his position coach is concerned about what might happen if he punts much better:  “I don’t know that you want him to punt too much farther than that because you end up outkicking your coverage too much.”
  • Meanwhile, the Zooker is worried about excessive celebrations… sort of.  Maybe sometime in the future.
  • So what do Oklahoma fans think about their team playing its biggest rival at a neutral site located in the other school’s state?  Per the AD“… I can tell you, unequivocally, as an athletic director, 9-to-1, I hear — maybe more than that — the vast majority of our fans favor keeping the Red River Rivalry right where it is, the Cotton Bowl Stadium, year after year. I know that.” Hmmm… maybe it’s not that hot in Dallas that time of year.
  • Here are the revised recruiting assignments for Georgia’s coaching staff in the wake of the changeover.
  • More Big Ten “whither expansion?” talk and the potential consequences for college football.
  • Georgia Tech’s #1 wide receiver has one career start in thirteen games.  And he doesn’t get to practice with his starting quarterback until August.


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