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I don’t always take requests. But when I do…

So there I was last night, minding my own business, scouring the Internets for reactions to the Lambert news, when this popped up on Twitter:

David, since you asked…  Cue the tuneage.

And away we go.

That’s the point when I jumped into the conversation.

And got this in response.

How much of Lambert’s statistical shortcomings in 2014 fall on him and how much on his surrounding cast of coaches and teammates is the big question – one that we’ll start getting a handle on this Saturday.


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I got ‘yer SEC roundtable discussion right here.

If you remember the three questions I posted earlier this week that I answered for the fellows over at The Student Section, you can find my answers and theirs at these three links:



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Blah, blah, blahing it

Blatant Homerism’s Allen Kenney was gracious enough to invite me to do a podcast about… well, about what’s wrong with college football these days.  I kidded him beforehand that it would turn out to be the most depressing podcast he ever hosted and I think we lived up to the promise.

You can give it a listen here.


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Haterz gonna hate.

A functional guide.


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This is how fever dreams get started.

Oklahoma blogger takes Finebaum tweet of a speculative comment by Colin Cowherd (boy, talk about instant credibility) and runs with it.


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Satellite camps and pearl clutching

Personally, I think the angst over satellite camps is overblown to the point of silliness and not worth keeping close watch on… but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get a huge chuckle reading Brian Cook’s smackdown of a Roll Bama Roll post about Harbaugh’s trip to Alabama.


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Monday morning buffet

Man, it’s already the first of June.


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