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D, JD.

Not the news I wanted to hear.

I hate it for the team, but I hate it for him even more.  He came back to contribute for another season and that season is now done.  Life ain’t fair sometimes.




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Down for the count

Well, shit.  This ain’t right.

I thought we were supposed to be getting guys back during the bye week.


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Getting back in the swing of things

Buried behind the deadlines…

No, he didn’t have a catch (although he broke open deep on a play when Bennett was looking for him, but was sacked before he could get a throw off), but it’s encouraging as hell to see his game readiness improve so quickly.

By the way, check out the thread to that tweet to see which previous game Smith surpassed in snaps.


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Here comes the (bye) weekend.

Your injury update heading into the Vandy game:

My advice:  take two weeks and get ready for the Florida game.


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TFW you just gotta have a Jordan Davis on your roster

Jesus, Gators.


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I’ve kind of made it a rule not to discuss officiating in Georgia games any more because Penn Wagers is no longer an SEC referee because it’s basically a pointless exercise, but I can’t let this pass without a comment.

I bet he was more comfortable about that than Carter was.  Really, if they can’t make the right calls to protect player safety, what good are they doing?


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Today, in injury updates

I don’t know about you, but…

… neither of those give me much reason for optimism in the short run.


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Down two

Not the news I wanted to start the day with:

With the 85-scholarship limit in college football, along with the limit on the number of players teams can take to away games, it leaves some difficult decisions for coaches in college football to decide who they want to take on the road with them.

Usually, it is players dealing with injuries and walk-ons who have not made the depth chart.

According to sources Friday evening, Georgia’s Arik Gilbert did not make the trip to Columbia, South Carolina, for Saturday’s game against South Carolina.


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Sometimes, less is less.

Roll Bama Roll snark aside, the injury situation at South Carolina is a perfect illustration of what you have to have to win in the SEC.

South Carolina will be without two defensive starters Saturday against No. 1 Georgia after outside linebacker/edge rusher Jordan Strachan and middle linebacker Mo Kaba suffered season-ending ACL injuries last week in the 44-30 loss at Arkansas.

… South Carolina lost multiple players to injury in the Arkansas game, including All-SEC cornerback Cam Smith, who left the game in the second quarter with an upper body injury. The Gamecocks are hopeful of getting Smith back for the Georgia game as well as senior safety R.J. Roderick, who missed the entire Arkansas game after injuring his arm in the season-opening win over Georgia State.

South Carolina hasn’t been able to stop run on defense or run the ball on offense in the first two games. The Gamecocks are ranked 129th out of 131 FBS teams in rushing defense. They’re allowing 247.5 yards per game on the ground and averaging just 59.5 rushing yards themselves, which ranks 125th nationally.

Flashy transfers are nice (and make no mistake about it, Rattler is a big improvement at quarterback for them), but depth is how you win titles and depth is something the ‘Cocks lack, big time.  Georgia loses a bunch of defensive players to the NFL and simply reloads on that side of the ball, allowing just under 80 rushing yards per game.  South Carolina didn’t have a lot to start with and finds itself in a deeper hole going into just their third game of the season.


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The excuse that will live forever

Never quit, Tide fans.

It’s especially rich, of course, in the wake of the Ewers injury last Saturday.  But ‘Bama fans have never been known for their self-reflection.


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