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“The coaches let me know that I’m not a powerlifter…”

Is there a player on Georgia’s roster who was told by the S&C coaches to dial back his strength training and could it be anyone other than Branson Robinson?

With the ability to squat well over 600 pounds, bench press 427, and sumo deadlift “somewhere” around 700, his feats of strength have earned him notable acclaim. So, when Georgia strength coach Scott Sinclair said he might want to back off some of those numbers, the competitor in Robinson initially did not know if that was necessarily a good idea until common sense set in.



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Today, in game time decisions



Of course, how much of this is gamesmanship and how much is legit remains to be seen, but it sure would be nice to see The Displacer™ have an impact tonight.


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No detail too small

Georgia’s coaching staff is preparing for the biggest game of the season and yet still has the ability to pivot and deal with a new issue on the fly like this:

The morning after Damar Hamlin’s collapse and cardiac arrest during the Monday Night Football game between Buffalo and Cincinnati, Georgia coach Kirby Smart said he brought in a mental health professional and sports medicine director Ron Courson to address what happened and talk over any concerns Georgia players might have in the wake of a scene that shook the entire football world.

“We were studying, getting ready for TCU and (Courson) reached out and told me we need to address it with our team,” Smart said. “Ron educated players on exactly what happened and how rare (it is), but it can happen and you have to have people in place to save lives.”

… Even as Georgia was preparing for the national championship game, Hamlin’s health was at the forefront of players’ thoughts Tuesday and Wednesday.

“They were concerned,” Smart said. “You start asking questions, if you play, could this happen to me? First thing in, we did it with two separate groups. We educated them on exactly what happened.”

Smart said talking about it openly and honestly helped allay some fears and brought “peace” to players who might have been shaken up by watching such a frightening incident unfold.

Speaking of having people in place, check out this interview with Trey Scott:


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Damar Hamlin

What happened last night is horrifying.  In a way, it’s hard to comment on it without seeming hypocritical.  Football is a violent sport.  Players risk serious injury, and they do it for our entertainment.  The risk is part and parcel of what drives our passion, even if it’s something that we’d rather not have to think about.  Sure, nobody is holding a gun to players’ heads and they’re paid well for their efforts (in the NFL, at least).

Although I don’t think what happened to Hamlin is something any of us, including the players, consciously expects to be part of the bargain.  Or at least wants to be part of it.  But like I said, I’m not going to wallow in hypocrisy this morning by making some grand pronouncement about how they have to make the sport a lot safer.

Even so, I do have two points to make.  First, the people running the sport on both the professional and collegiate levels, who are making billions in their position, have an obligation to make sure that these same players have access to necessary health care and treatment for whatever happens to them as a result of their playing careers — and not just for the time they suit up, but for the entirety of their lives.

Second, to those who entertained the thought, however briefly, that play should have resumed last night after Hamlin was taken away from the stadium:  do better.


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Seven years of college down the drain

Okay, not exactly, but, still…

Actually, that’s pretty friggin’ impressive.


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This year’s Metchie and Williams Award goes to…

If you’re an elite offensive team because of skill position talent about to face your toughest opponent of the season, this can’t be good news.

TreVeyon Henderson’s sophomore season is over.

The Ohio State running back will not play in the College Football Playoff due to a foot injury he’s been battling for the majority of the 2022 season, Henderson confirmed Tuesday on Twitter.

… Ohio State will now be without two of its most prominent offensive players in the CFP as wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba announced last week that he will not play in the CFP due to his ongoing recovery from a hamstring injury.

Marvin Harrison Jr.’s been a stud in stepping up to fill the void created by Smith-Njigba’s absence this season, but check out the latter’s stats from 2021.  Then look at Henderson’s.  They definitely won’t be missed, if you’re a Georgia fan.


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TFW somebody tells you hope is the best of things


At least there’s more time between the SECCG and the CFP semis for hope.


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D, JD.

Not the news I wanted to hear.

I hate it for the team, but I hate it for him even more.  He came back to contribute for another season and that season is now done.  Life ain’t fair sometimes.




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Down for the count

Well, shit.  This ain’t right.

I thought we were supposed to be getting guys back during the bye week.


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Getting back in the swing of things

Buried behind the deadlines…

No, he didn’t have a catch (although he broke open deep on a play when Bennett was looking for him, but was sacked before he could get a throw off), but it’s encouraging as hell to see his game readiness improve so quickly.

By the way, check out the thread to that tweet to see which previous game Smith surpassed in snaps.


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