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“I don’t mind saying I’m not the biggest fan of the rule.”

What happens when player safety and coaching strategy clash?  Coaches grumble, albeit softly.

The idea behind one of the NCAA’s most controversial rule changes for 2018 — awarding a touchback on any kickoff that’s fair-caught inside the 25-yard line — is to make the game safer. What football coach wouldn’t want that?

But Stanford’s coach doesn’t necessarily like it.

“I don’t mind saying I’m not the biggest fan of the rule,” Shaw said. “I understand and appreciate the purpose and the intent behind it. Anything that is in an effort to make the game safer, I understand and to a certain degree applaud.

“(But) field position is the basis of this game. To fair-catch a ball and automatically move the ball up is difficult for me to take. We probably won’t take advantage of that.”

Of the five Pac-12 coaches interviewed, only one, Washington’s Chris Petersen, is in favor of the change and even he thinks there’s more to come.

The NCAA did not release injury data when it announced its change. The organization did point out the obvious, noting that “fewer injuries occur during kickoffs that result in touchbacks than on kickoffs that are returned.”

“When they do studies, and it’s a higher percentage chance for injury on a certain play, we need to take a hard look at that and figure out how to help that situation,” Petersen said. “I think they have, and I think this is the first step towards it.

“It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out. It’s all about making this game safer for the kids. If that’s one of the plays that’s going to help us, it’s a good rule.”

I don’t know how this will play out, but I suspect Petersen’s on the right track to suggest this is but the early stage of an evolutionary development.  Similar to things like the way the targeting rule has been enforced, I don’t think we’ve reached the final version of what kickoffs will look like.  One thing’s for sure, though — those concussion lawsuits aren’t going away any time soon.



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“Now on to knee surgery recovery #3!”

This no doubt explains why Georgia just went out and took on another graduate transfer at punter.

Man, sorry to hear that.  Keep your chin up, Marshall.



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“He’s whipping us into shape real quick.”

Florida, proving once again there’s no preseason happy talk like new S&C coach — and I gotta admit “Nick Savage” is a perfect name for an S&C coach — preseason happy talk.


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Run of luck

This is disappointing.

Georgia freshman defensive back Divaad Wilson announced he suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament during Saturday’s practice.

Wilson made the announcement on his personal Twitter page. This injury will effectively rule him out for the 2018 season…

Smart said Wilson offers great size for the star position, which is where he was working at quite a bit through the first week of spring practice. Smart said the coaching staff liked what it saw after identifying him during the recruiting process.

“We’d watched him play. We had him in for camp over the summer and thought a lot of him,” Smart said. “The biggest thing is he’s 190-195 pounds. He’s that (Maurice) Smith, that Aaron Davis, that star type body. He was picking things up well.”

… Wilson was someone Smart had been excited about through the early going of spring practice.

“That’s disheartening because he had three really good practices,” Smart said. “I was really fired up about him.”

That makes three members of the 2018 class who have to rehab ACL injuries.  (Two occurred before the kids arrived in Athens.)  I hope this doesn’t mean that we’re witnessing some sort of regression to the mean with Georgia’s injury luck from last season.  In any case, this is just another reason you have to recruit like a sumbitch to build enough depth to overcome stuff like this.

At least you’re in good hands, Divaad.


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Fear this man.

If you haven’t seen this picture of Elijah Holyfield — and it’s been all over the Intertubes the last day or so — prepare to be shocked and awed.


Great googly mooglies… how would you like to be a defensive back trying to tackle him in the open field under a head of steam?


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Zeus is loose.

Ordinarily, I’d dismiss this as little more than preseason happy talk…

When Kirby Smart was asked whether Zamir White, the five-star Georgia tailback recruit coming off a knee injury, would be ready for fall camp, Smart acknowledged that it was hard to tell. Then he invited the media to judge for itself.

“You guys are going to see him out there,” Smart said before Georgia’s spring practice. “He’ll probably be doing some individual trials, and you make your own assessment.”

Admittedly it’s hard to say much from watching for a little more than 10 minutes. But White does appear to be ahead of schedule, considering he tore his ACL only in December.

White, wearing a brace around his right knee, is able to run during run and pass route polish drills. In those drills he was doing everything the other tailbacks were doing. But when the tailbacks went into drills when they did more – such as cutting – White sat it out, going to the side on his own. Ron Courson, the head athletic trainer, walked over to White at one point and had him jog in a zig-zag pattern up the sideline. White will also not be doing any contact drills this spring.

Still, while there are many limits to what White will do this spring, the early signs are encouraging.

… but since this is Georgia, the land of Ron Courson and Nick Chubb’s recovery, I’ve decided to keep an open mind.


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MoMass was one of my favorites when he was here.  Today it was a surprise to learn that he’s lost a hand because of a severe accident on an ATM ATV.

If you haven’t seen this yet, be forewarned, it’s devastating to watch.

I can’t begin to imagine what that must be like.  If he’s found peace, that’s great.  It’s also great that he had plenty of support from folks at UGA.


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