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A little nervous?

Okay, this is a fact, but maybe it doesn’t bother me too much.

One reason it may not is because Kirby had a role in the parenthetical data.  The team may not have a feel for what it’s like to play in that venue, but the head coach sure does.

On the other hand, this is a fact that does bother me.

Georgia could be down three defensive linemen at LSU, according to coach Kirby Smart.

Junior defensive end David Marshall has a left foot injury and is out indefinitely. Smart said following Tuesday’s practice that “it doesn’t look good for this game” where Marshall’s status is concerned.

Reserve nose guard DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle is also out, Smart said, without offering more details on the senior.

Smart said sophomore nose guard Devonte Wyatt could make the trip to LSU, where the No. 2-ranked Bulldogs play at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday (TV: CBS, Radio: WSB 750 AM, 95.5 FM).

Wyatt didn’t play in last Saturday’s 41-13 win against Vanderbilt on account of a leg injury he suffered last week in practice.

“Devonte is rehabbing hard, we think he might be able to go,” Smart said. “He’s been running for two days.”

No front line guys there, but depleted depth in an area where depth may be more crucial than anywhere is certainly gives me pause for thought, especially against a team that wants to run the ball.

The article goes on to say that Malik Herring and Jay Hayes will look to step up in the line rotation.  You also have to wonder if true freshman Jordan Davis, who, according to his head coach, “… hasn’t arrived yet”, is due for a larger role Saturday.

Good thing Georgia has a bye week after this.



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Loran, whatta ya’ got broken?

Is there a more Loran Smith injury than this?

A key Georgia Bulldog has been sidelined this week — at least.

Loran Smith, a legendary figure who wears a bunch of different hats for the UGA Athletic Association, was injured while watching practice on Monday. Smith suffered a broken hip and a fractured elbow when run over by two players flying out of bounds. He underwent surgery on Tuesday at Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital.

Smith, who turned 80 in May, is said to be resting comfortably.

“Loran told me to tell y’all it was an upper extremity injury,” Georgia coach Kirby Smart quipped.

Honestly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long to happen.  (And, yes, kudos for once to whatever AJ-C editor decided to caption the story “Breaking News”.  Every once in a while, you have your moment.)

Get well soon, Mr. Smith.


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Today, in too much information

This is what can happen when an “ask the coach” segment gets a little too personal.

Thanks for sharing, Coach.

Next week, maybe we’ll find out what he does about peeing during a six-overtime game.


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“If it’s a toxic culture, you can sniff it out pretty quickly.”

Whoa, baby.  Maryland booster reacts to Jordan McNair’s death… by blaming McNair.

“As much as we hate to say this, Jordan didn’t do what Jordan was supposed to do,” Jaklitsch said. “A trainer like Wes Robinson thinks a kid’s properly hydrated and runs a drill set up for kids that are properly hydrated, and when the kid didn’t drink the gallon he knew he had to drink, that’s going to send the wrong signal to the person running the drill.”

If the folks conducting the investigation are looking for signs of a toxic culture at Maryland, I think I know where they can start.


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He’s been hurt, hurt, hurt…

Based on what I’ve seen, I can’t say it’s a real big surprise to learn that D’Andre Swift’s groin is still giving him trouble.

Swift said he has been dealing with a groin injury that has been going on “for a while.” He also said he dealt with a similar injury in the spring, and added he felt fine against Missouri when he ran for 71 yards on 16 carries.

Ba“I get treatment like seven in the morning every day, just try to do it three times a day before practice just to get ready for practice,” Swift said. “But I’m good now.”

That depends on your definition of good.

Swift said his injury is the kind that takes time to heal, “but unfortunately, I don’t have time right now.”

Swift at 80% is still a productive player.  Swift at 100% is a stud.  It would be nice if he could get some rest before LSU.


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Today, in meaningful fan friendly gestures

May this be the start of a trend:

You would think schools would want to do everything in their power to make sure fans are properly hydrated in 90-degree weather, but what do I know?

Anyway, well done, Auburn.


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Scary stat of the day

… comes from yesterday’s Seth Emerson piece ($$):

The fastest offensive lineman, per the GPS units, is Ben Cleveland. That’s according to Thomas, who said Cleveland was recorded hitting 19 mph.

Jeebus.  That’s one fast-moving load of a man there.  I can see a few linebackers getting freaked out this season.


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