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“Our thing is, when you go, you go.”

For those of you fretting over the wussification of college football, this Paul Myerberg piece on the evolution of tackling in practice is worth a read.

It’ll be interesting to watch over the next few years to see if those teams which have gone to rugby-style tackling are fundamentally sound in games.


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“It doesn’t impress me because it’s expected.”

I’m gonna have to disagree with you here, Sony.  This does impress me.

Nick Chubb continues to make progress with his recovery.

The latest stepping stone is the fact Chubb was seen participating in individual drills without a knee brace, which would be the second practice in a row he’s done so.

Chubb also went through more positional work than usual. To this point, Chubb had only been participating in play-polish work where he’d take a handoff and run straight ahead. During this practice, Chubb was able to jump cut and step over bags during other drills the running backs have long been doing.

It’s another good sign for Chubb…

I’ve gone from wondering if he’d even see the field this season to speculating on whether he’ll contribute enough to get some all-conference consideration by the end of the year.  Amazing.


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They pull me back in.

When it comes to Nick Chubb’s chances at playing early this season, decades of Georgia fandom reinforces every skeptical instinct I have about that, and yet here’s Seth Emerson tempting me to rise above my innate pessimism:

Nick Chubb’s health is really the biggest football story of Georgia’s spring so far. Yes, he’s only been taking carries in non-contact drills, tending only to run straight ahead. That’s a long way from being able to change direction and get tackled in a real game.

But it’s also a long way from a couple months ago, when merely no longer needing crutches was the story.

Tae Crowder, the redshirt sophomore, also appears to have taken advantage of more reps this spring, with Brendan Douglas (wrist) also limited, and starter Sony Michel protected. Smart has been worried about not having enough healthy bodies at tailback, but that’s a short-term problem. It’s looking more likely that he’ll have his star back in some limited form for the start of the season.

Must… resist… hope… argh.


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Friday morning buffet

Anyone hungry?

  • Another day, another athletic department in trouble with the Feds for something gender-based.
  • If anyone at Tennessee had a sense of humor, they’d let Fulmer present this award.
  • Jacob Eason, third-teamer.
  • Evidently we’re now at a point when Jim Harbaugh’s had enough “feuds” on Twitter that they can be ranked.
  • That probably explains why I’ve become jaded about stories like this.
  • I guess this stands as the highlight of Dylan Thompson’s career.
  • You a parent who’s worried about football and brain injury?  Well, Bruce Arians has some advice for you:  “people who say ‘I won’t let my son play it’ are fools.”  I guess that ends that discussion.
  • John Theus played through a rough season, physically speaking, last year.
  • And here’s a PSA (i.e., I have no financial interest in this) for those of you looking to find accommodations in Athens for G-Day.  Rent Like a Champion is a site that bills itself as a sort of “Airbnb, but with a primary focus on college football games”.  G-Day listings are here.  (BTW, if anyone uses the site, please report back here on your experience.)


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How can you tell when the risk of head injuries is a reality?

When you’ve got companies marketing themselves to provide special treatment to former NFL players with dementia.

The free market is speaking.  Clearly.


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The unsinkable Nick Chubb

I know I risk sounding obsessed, but five months ago how many of you would have expected to see this picture from the first day of spring practice?

Hell, forget five months ago… how about a week ago?

I would have loved to have seen the coaches’ reaction when Chubb said he was ready to practice yesterday.

The pessimist in me wants to doubt he’ll be ready by the opener, but at this point, I wouldn’t put money on it.  Just amazing.


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Nick Chubb isn’t an ordinary mortal.

Jeebus, he’s not human.

Chubb has started doing some cutting, rather than just straight-ahead running, since spring break. He began walking on his own last December, a couple months after requiring knee surgery to repair multiple ligament tears.

There’s a “you gotta walk before you can cut” joke in there somewhere.  Three freakin’ months!

Honestly, my first thought after reading about his injury last year was that he’d never play this season and be somewhat tentative starting out in 2017.  At this point, though, I’m at the stage where nothing would surprise me.


UPDATE:  Chip Towers goes bold and predicts Chubb will play in the opener.  I’ll predict if that’s the case, the Georgia Dome will be totally nuts when he steps on the field.


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