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Get well soon, Sony.

I said Michel played his guts out Saturday night.  That’s before I knew the extent of his health.

Probably the most notable thing about Saturday’s 9-6 win over Missouri is it represented the starting debut of sophomore Sony Michel at tailback. Facing one of the SEC’s stingiest defenses and battling groin and hip flexor injuries to boot, Michel managed to eke out 100 total yards, including 87 yards rushing on 26 carries.

It was a strange game for the 5-foot-10, 208-pound sophomore because he disappeared to the locker room in the middle of Georgia’s first possession after having just three carries.

“I had to get warmed up,” said Michel, who now has 515 yards rushing on the season. “My hips, my groin were kind of tight. It was just a precaution. I knew I was coming back.”

Kid’s got some real heart.

That also probably explains to an extent the strange rotation at running back we saw.  The coaches had to make sure both Marshall and Douglas had some game reps under their belts in case Michel’s spirit was willing but flesh too weak to return.


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One small victory

According to Nick Chubb’s mom, the injury he suffered yesterday isn’t as devastating as it first appeared.

… on Sunday Chubb’s mother posted an update on her Facebook.

“Nick has a PCL tear along with two other ligaments. It’s not nearly as bad as it could have been. They will wait for swelling to go down to decide when to have surgery. Possibly two weeks. Nick is in good spirits.”

Good to hear.  That’s something, especially with his determination, he should be able to recover from by next season.

Fingers crossed, Nick.  You deserve it.


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“The boys I’ve seen, they’re growing up with soccer.”

This can’t be good.

And if this is the best he’s got, Roger Goodell is an idiot.

N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell, speaking at a conference in New Orleans this month, said the sport was “safer than ever” because of awareness about injuries.

“I had a concussion playing baseball, and they didn’t do anything about it,” Goodell added. “We’re smarter about how long we practice.”

The reality is that the problem starts long before the pros get players.

Youth leagues and high schools have followed the N.F.L.’s lead and reduced contact in practice, but most serious injuries occur in games. Safety standards also vary widely. Many schools, for instance, still do not require trainers and emergency workers to be present at games. Coaches are sometimes unable to recognize the symptoms of concussions and unwilling to take players out.

Long term, that doesn’t bode well for the colleges or Goodell’s league.  Ignore it at your peril, fellas.


UPDATE:  More thoughts from Charlie Pierce.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Rise and shine, campers.


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Thursday morning buffet

Indulge yourselves.

  • As the Auburn-Louisville game in Atlanta approaches, prepare to hear more of this.
  • Regrets, Gene Chizik has a few.
  • Mark Schlabach predicts this is Steve Spurrier’s last season.
  • Delusional optimism, And The Valley Shook style.
  • Kids, these days.
  • Spurrier, on Finebaum“Every now and then when I listen in to your show, I know the SEC fans are a little upset at Ohio State’s schedule and rightfully so to tell you the truth.” 
  • We’ve known Bobby Petrino’s an ambitious dick.  We just didn’t know how far back that went. “He opted to join the Tigers without informing his boss, Tom Coughlin, who was alerted of his offensive coordinator’s departure through an Auburn news release.”  And so, a legend was born.
  • Les Miles overdosed on coffee this week?  Sure, I can see that.


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What’s on your mind?

Some coaches call press conferences to rail against perceived enemies in the media.

Some coaches use pressers for the purpose of lecturing those who disagree with them.

Mark Richt takes time at a press conference to warn men over fifty to have their prostates checked.


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Gentlemen, hit the head.

Rich Rodriguez spills the beans about halftime adjustments.

And what about halftime adju-

“The halftime talk is way overrated! First of all, the first five minutes and last five minutes are probably to use the restroom. We’re old! We’re not passing up on a chance to go to the bathroom! But then our coaches are talking to each other for five minutes, too. You’re not going to invent a whole lot of things. You have to keep things simple enough that if you make adjustments, everybody already kind of knows why.”

So much for the Knute Rockne halftime motivational speech.

Although I have to admit I think more clearly with an empty bladder, too.


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