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Wednesday morning buffet

As you’ll see, it’s never too early to assess the 2015 season.


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Thursday morning buffet

Lots of stuff to sample today.

  • Mark Bradley scores an interview with Greg McGarity and it comes out about as you’d expect, as McGarity fences well with Bradley’s questioning.  But it’s interesting to me that McGarity believes he won’t have a tough time pulling the trigger on Richt’s Georgia career, if things come to that, because he’s “had to do it five times already with very popular sports here — gymnastics, baseball, soccer”.  Yes, your flagship athletic program is just like those others.
  • And in another AD interview, Jeremy Foley describes the breaking point for the decision to fire Will Muschamp:  “There was a lot of negativity that was going to be hard to overcome, especially in recruiting. This business is hard when a big ball starts rolling downhill and you have to catch it and roll it back up the hill.”  That one I buy.
  • A federal judge rejected the NCAA’s preliminary settlement in the concussion case, in part over concerns about the adequacy of the settlement amount.  Cue the PR response:  “NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said the association is reviewing the decision.”  Hey, at least there was a response.
  • You’ve probably heard that Leonard Floyd won’t play in the Belk Bowl because he’s had shoulder surgery.  Check out Richt’s comment“We wanted to give [Floyd] the maximum amount of time to be prepared for his senior year…”  Think they care about that if Georgia were in the CFP semis?
  • Feel free to insert the usual “Mark Richt has lost control” snark here.
  • This will come as a blow to Georgia fans yearning for Gary Patterson.  The man was already making in excess of $4 million a year and TCU just gave him an extension with a presumed bump to that amount.  Care to count how high you’d have to go to make him consider a move to Athens?  (Assuming a Georgia Way discount, of course.)
  • Bill Connelly explores the predictive value of second-order wins.
  • Speaking of Bill, he estimates that he’s written something on the order of one and one-half million words this year.  I am in awe, sir.
  • Here’s an article on Bobo’s job interview at CSU, from the Colorado side.  One point of interest: The fact Florida, considered to be a deep-pocketed athletic department with considerable cash reserves, balked at paying McElwain’s $7.5 million buyout could have a chilling effect on upwardly mobile coaching prospects not willing to commit to making Colorado State their final stop.”  Does that mean Bobo’s interest is an attempt to leverage more money out of Butts-Mehre, or does he offer to take a discount on his proposed CSU salary to get a manageable buyout amount?  (Bonus question:  which do you think Butts-Mehre would prefer?)


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“But we’re gonna be making a new move in that direction and we’re excited about where we land with it.”

Mark Richt tells Seth Emerson what he’s looking for with the next head of strength and conditioning.

“The bottom line here is we believe in playing a physical brand of football on both sides of the ball,” Richt said. “We want to be able to play physical. There’s certain teams that you play that will be teams that will pound the ball or have a physical style of play. We certainly have a physical style of play on offense, with also the ability to throw the ball as good as anybody. We’re very balanced in what we do. So it’s going to be important there.

“But there are some teams that spread and go fast. So we want to be able to be physical, but recover quickly and go be physical again. And so that’ll be a big part of what we’re doing, is to train our team to be able to handle anything that could possibly come up in a ballgame, as far as the physical part of it as well as the mental part that comes with it. It gets developed in your offseason program.”

In other words, he wants it all.  Nothing wrong with that!

Seriously, I get what Richt’s saying.  And with the variety of offenses Georgia faces in the SEC, he’s right to want that kind of flexibility.  What’s important to see here is the implicit recognition that he wasn’t getting that with Joe T’s program.  It will be interesting to see the background and philosophy of Richt’s next hire.  I think most of us believe Georgia has some catching up to do with its peers.


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Chip Towers is reporting that Gurley’s knee injury is indeed season-ending.

That ain’t right, man.

I know it’s an irrational response on my part, but I hate the NCAA even more now.  Which I didn’t think was possible, to be honest.


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Friday morning buffet

Mmm, mmm good.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Lots of weirdness in the buffet today.


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Monday morning buffet

Get you a plate and dig in.


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