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Today, in who cares

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  the one unalloyed success of the CFP is to make moments like this one completely irrelevant.

That Bert’s embarrassed is a nice bonus, though.



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The Coaches Poll is back. Not that you should care…

Yes, America’s least relevant vote is here again, for what it’s worth.  Georgia starts out ranked sixteenth, also for what it’s worth.


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The most useless thing in college football

For some reason, the Coaches Poll makes its 2015 appearance next week.

And just a reminder about the one unquestioned achievement of the CFP:

The Coaches Poll used to count for one-third of the formula that was used to determine the BCS standings and national championship participants, but is not part of the determination of the College Football Playoff, which uses a selection committee to determine participating teams.

That’s almost enough by itself to make me stomach a sixteen-team playoff field.  Almost.


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It turns out the Coaches Poll is still good for something.

In Jimbo Fisher’s case, leaving Georgia off your final ballot is an opportunity to let the world know how much your butt still hurts from losing your defensive coordinator to Mark Richt.  Nice.


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Remember when the Coaches Poll mattered?

What Art Briles admitted to isn’t particularly surprising.  Although it does make you wonder sometimes how much snickering goes on behind Grant Teaff’s back.


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Don’t sleep on the Coaches Poll.

There are times when I think Matt Hayes is America’s dumbest CFB opinion writer.

Today, he manages to equate the Coaches Poll with public opinion as a source that could pressure the selection committee.

Let’s say UCLA has one loss and is third in both the coaches and AP polls but doesn’t win the Pac-12 and doesn’t get selected to play in the CFP. Well, suddenly, we have problem with our grand new system.

Because if 60-plus coaches think UCLA is one of the four best teams, and 60 media members think UCLA is one of the four best teams, how in the world can the 13-member committee release its playoff field without UCLA?

Gee, Matt, it isn’t that hard.


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