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When Finebaum smells blood…

it’s not pretty.

“To call someone from an Atlanta newspaper, that covers professional sports mainly and college sports secondarily, an enemy reeks of Richard Nixon in 1973.”

Longtime radio host and ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum was on The Dan Patrick Show revealing some of the biggest story lines from SEC Media Days the past week and a half, which in recent years during a slow month of July has resembled the type of fruitless gossip and inane drama you see during in the week leading up the Super Bowl.

Finebaum, who has long been heralded as one of the South’s most recognizable college football pundits, took exception to South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier’s time at the podium, as the candid Ol’ Ball Coach known for his shrewd diction was bordering on frustrating this time around.

“I was embarrassed for him. He came off like a crazy uncle in the attic. There was no explanation, there was no reason.”

Coming off their worst season in four years, Spurrier has repeatedly alluded to his age during many press conferences. A ploy Finebaum says isn’t exactly helping.

“He really has made his age an issue, and guess what, he’s not as good a coach and he’s not at the same type of program that he used to be.”

At this point, I’m sure Spurrier would love to have a drop the mic-type of season – double digit wins and a trip to Atlanta, followed by telling everyone he’s unhappy with to kiss his wrinkled ass.  But wishing ain’t enough to make it so.  It’s gonna be an interesting year to follow Gamecock football, though.


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Will you still need me, will you still feed me… when I’m seventy-four?

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

During an official visit with the Gamecocks on Friday, Class of 2017 quarterback Jake Fromm (Warner-Robins, Ga./Houston County) told that Spurrier told him he would “stay at South Carolina six more years” if the talented signal caller committed to the Gamecocks.

The only thing left for him to tell recruits is that he plans to die on the sidelines during a game.


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Mark Bradley’s quote is killing South Carolina’s recruiting.

Er, not exactly.

The speculation is reasonable given that Spurrier, the best coach in Gamecock history, is 70 years old. It’s also entirely supported by a slip of the tongue that Spurrier had at the end of the 2014 season.

Give me two or three more (years). I used to say four or five, now I’m down to two or three. I mean, I could get in a car wreck, but I’m definitely planning on being back.

Two or three more seasons from that point would have Spurrier retiring after the 2016 or 2017 season. Which means that if true, Spurrier would be the coach for less than half of a current recruit’s career in Columbia.

Brandon Larrabee of Team Speed Kills put it well.

The truth is, no one — including Spurrier — likely knows how long it is that he’s going to coach. It’s not going to be a particularly long time, but the Head Ball Coach first said he would probably coach another four or five years, roughly four or five years ago. When he recently modified that answer to two to three years, it was bound to cause some anxiety with recruits. Spurrier created his own monster here — not the AJC or anyone else.

And that monster is looking pretty bleak right now, if you’re a Gamecock fan.

South Carolina’s recruiting class floundered down the stretch, finishing ninth in the SEC. That’s well behind division rivals Tennessee and Georgia, and about even with a Florida Gators program that was fresh off a coaching change.

This year, it is even worse. South Carolina would be last in SEC recruiting if not for the sinking ship that is Vanderbilt under Derek Mason. The Gamecocks have just two four-star recruits and eight total commitments. Only one of the eight is from the Palmetto state.

Compare that to where Georgia stands right now.  Ouch.

Spurrier’s a brilliant game planner, and he’s certainly had his way with Mark Richt of late.  But at some point, he won’t be smart enough to overcome a big enough talent gap.  Nobody, including Spurrier, is that sharp.


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“Some people never have enemies…”

Andy Staples makes the historical case for Steve Spurrier being a first-class dick.  Okay, a sensitive first-class dick.

Of course, we already knew that.

And Spurrier deserves every bit of crap he’ll get thrown his way for yesterday’s presser, if only for allowing Mark Bradley to play the “hey, what did I do?” card.


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BREAKING: Steve Spurrier thinks Mark Bradley is a Georgia homer.

If I understand things correctly, Steve Spurrier called a presser on short notice today because… well, because of this:

Jesus, dude, you’re losing it.

Now you’re really losing it.

If Spurrier gets a little cocky when he thinks he’s got a good team going into the season, what the hell does today indicate?


UPDATE:  If you’re interested, here’s the piece that set the OBC off.


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Hey, isn’t that Steve Spurrier?

The OBC gets off to a familiar start at SEC Media Days.

Not exactly his “A” material…


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It wouldn’t be SEC Media Days without memes, part two.

Steve Spurrier’s getting old, y’all.

3. The 70-something

When South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier takes the podium Tuesday, he will be extending his record of SEC Media Days appearances to 23.

Georgia’s Mark Richt will be making his 15th visit when he appears Thursday, which will tie former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer for the second-most visits. Fulmer would have made 16 trips but sat out in 2004 after learning that lawyers who were suing the NCAA planned to subpoena him.

Spurrier, who turned 70 in April, coached Florida to six SEC titles from 1990 to 2001 and soon will be embarking on his 11th season at South Carolina. He has guided the Gamecocks to an 84-45 record, including three consecutive 11-2 seasons from 2011 to ’13.

Yeah, but that was then, in the somewhat misty past.  What about lately?

Is this Spurrier’s last hurrah?

Few can entertain the way South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier does at media days. The ‘Ol Ball Coach is always quick with a quip and never hesitates to needle his rivals. But after a somewhat disappointing 7-6 2014 season, there are questions to how much longer Spurrier will coach in Columbia.

Maybe he can change the subject to the Confederate flag.


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