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Steve Spurrier, class act

He may be quick with a quip, but he’s still a dick.

I guess that made it okay for him to bail.  In his mind, at least.



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TFW you run out of Georgia and Tennessee snark

For some reason, Visor Man decided to take a shot at his last place of college employment, where I thought he received better treatment than he dished out.

“I tell you the football gods have been smiling on me the last two (AAF) weeks,” Spurrier said about the Apollos being fortunate to be 3-0. “I think all the crap I had at South Carolina those last two years, they’re coming back. They’re smiling on me a little bit.”

So the football gods were handling recruiting?  That explains a lot.


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Once a dick…

He can’t let it go.

When he dies, I fully expect his eulogy to take shots at Tennessee and Georgia.


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He left his heart in Gainesville, Florida.

Wait… you’re telling me that with everything on the line for his supposedly beloved South Carolina tomorrow, Steve Spurrier would rather be at a game where the Gators are trying to beat Kentucky for the umpteenth time in a row?

Priorities, priorities…


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The least interesting advertising campaign in the world

Between this and this…

… it appears Dos Equis is going all in on using former college football coaches to hawk its wares.  Bold strategy, Cotton.


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Oh, what might have been.

This would have made for some must-see football.

When Orlando’s team begins in the inaugural season of the Alliance of American Football next February, we know Steve Spurrier will be on the sideline.

We now know Tim Tebow won’t be on the field.

In an appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show on Friday, Spurrier said he texted Tebow to gauge his interest about a return to football, according to Sports Illustrated. Tebow, an outfielder-designated hitter with the New York Mets’ Class AA affiliate in the Eastern League, declined.

“He said, ‘Coach, I’m gonna keep swinging the bat and see what happens,’” Spurrier said. “I told him we’d have a No. 15 down in Orlando waiting for him.”

That’s a shame.  I would love to watch a montage of Spurrier throwing a visor and then yanking the GPOOE™ from a game moments afterwards.  Ah, well.


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Bill Stanfill’s true legacy

Steve Spurrier will forever have something gnawing at his soul.

Spurrier traces his disdain for the Dawgs to his own playing career.

The Dawgs beat his Florida Gators in 1966, the year Spurrier won the Heisman.

They beat us my senior year in college. They knocked us out; Florida had a chance to win its first-ever SEC title. We went over to Jacksonville, and they beat the crap out of us in the second half and ended up winning, 27-10, something like that. Now they completely outplayed us, wasn’t any flukes or anything like that.

But as a coach, I thought maybe I could get even with them.

And we’ll always have this nail in the OBC’s coffin.  No, it’s not a completely even swap, but it sure makes for a nice bookend to go with 1966.

A native of Cairo, Ga., Stanfill first put his name on the football map in Georgia’s 27-10 upset of previously unbeaten Florida in 1966. Then a sophomore, Stanfill led the Bulldogs’ all-out rush on UF quarterback Steve Spurrier, sacking him twice and hitting him repeatedly after many of his passes. Though Spurrier went on to win the Heisman Trophy, the memory of Georgia denying the Gators their first SEC title and overcoming a 10-3 halftime deficit still resonates as one of Stanfill’s greatest memories.

“If I wasn’t sacking [Spurrier], I was knocking him down,” said Stanfill, a 35-year resident of Albany, Ga., who retired in 2010 as an agricultural real estate broker. “He just didn’t have time to throw.”


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