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The visor has left the building.

Hol-ee crapola.

In my very humble opinion, Spurrier goes out as the second-greatest coach in SEC history, which is no minor accomplishment.  Love him or hate him, you can’t deny he’s compiled one helluva resume since his arrival at Florida.  Aside from the conference championships and the national title, he single-handedly brought SEC football into the age of the forward pass.

Yeah, he was cocky and could be an insufferable jerk if you were on the wrong side of it, but he played things honestly, which is more than you can say for plenty of his peers.

That all being said, if he felt he had to go now, I’m glad it came after he got his ass handed to him in Athens this season.


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Sad Steve Spurrier is sad.

If this season really is the beginning of the end for the OBC, all I can say is, man, what a way to go out.


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Chicken soup for the Bulldog soul

This never gets… this never will get old.


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Thursday morning buffet

I got ‘yer buffet right here.


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Your concern is duly noted.

Somebody’s got Georgia on his mind.

Maybe that’s his explanation for his recent success – Richt’s too distracted with all those rivals.


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Hope is the best of things.

Gearing up giving his best shot…


UPDATE:  He’s rolling now.


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He’s got ’em right where he wants ’em.

Hey, look y’all!  Spurrier gonna Spurrier.

“We’ll try to play our best against Georgia in Athens,” Spurrier, still hoarse from the previous night, said on a teleconference call. “They look awfully strong, as usual. But I think our guys will look forward to playing the game.”

For some of you, I know Saturday is shaping up as a no-win situation for the Dawgs.  Lose or pull out an ugly one, and it’ll be another week of no-excuse-for-shoddy-play shrieking.  Win comfortably and it’ll be, “so what did you expect?”

Me?  Any win over Spurrier is a good one.  As long as I get rewarded with one sideline look of despair, I’ll be happy.


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