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“It’s just different buckets, how the money gets structured.”

Just for yuks, when you read this article, try substituting student-athletes for coaches every time you read a compensation reference.

It’s not rocket science, folks.  Schools will pay what they can afford to pay, just like any other business venture.



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TFW nobody’s buying what you’re selling

The NCAA’s day in the life of a student-athlete video isn’t exactly getting boffo reviews from student-athletes.

A sampling of the reviews:

“Completely inaccurate, honestly,” said Tyler Cook, an Iowa forward.

“It’s not true,” said his teammate, Jordan Bohannon.

“I’m a current NCAA athlete, I don’t want to say anything to get in trouble, but that’s not accurate,” said Ryan Kriener, another Iowa player.

“We kind of work a little bit harder than that,” said Grant Williams, the Tennessee forward, who spoke with a touch of modesty.

“I feel like they left out a few things,” said David Crisp, a Washington guard.

Then again, they’re not the target audience.


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Alston appeal: Donald Remy strenuously objects

To what should be nobody’s surprise, the NCAA is appealing Judge Wilken’s ruling and doing so with its usual class.

The NCAA and a group of major conferences on Friday night asked the 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals to overturn a recent ruling that the association’s limits on athlete compensation violate antitrust laws and that the association cannot limit benefits related to education for athletes playing Division I men’s or women’s basketball or Bowl Subdivision football.

In a brief notice of appeal, the NCAA and the conferences wrote that they are seeking review of U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken’s injunction, her findings of fact and law, her earlier summary judgment ruling “and all other orders, rulings, and decisions in this litigation.”

… On Friday night, the NCAA’s Remy issued a statement that read, in part: “While the District Court upheld the distinction between full-time students who play college sports and professional athletes, it erred by giving itself authority to micromanage decisions about education-related support. We believe, and the Supreme Court has recognized, that NCAA member schools and conferences are best positioned to strengthen and revise their rules to better support student-athletes, rather than forcing these issues into continuous litigation.”

Yeah, how dare a judge rule on an issue she’s already ruled on in a similar way, a ruling that was upheld on appeal?

The thing here is that the NCAA got a win from her on the most important thing to it, and yet, it’s not enough.  The NCAA’s gonna NCAA.  Always.


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Sensitive, sensitive

So, it seems this three-year old tweet was making the rounds again this weekend.

Sure, some folks didn’t notice the original date, but the NCAA seems to have passed over the whole it-was-a-dumb-thing-to-post-in-the-first-place aspect of that, because it ignored the First Rule of Holes and kept right on digging.

The NCAA ought to put Stacey Osburn in charge of editing Inside the NCAA.


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Pay those men their money.

You may think it’s a kid’s game, played by amateurs, but how come all these people with money keep showing up?

When Virginia left Spectrum Center in Charlotte last year, tournament officials re-routed their bus because they feared threats from gamblers. Policemen stood guard that night on their hotel floor. Even now, guard Kyle Guy said he’ll randomly get requests from people on Venmo to pay them money they lost betting on Virginia in last year’s tournament.

“Some people don’t let it go on social media,” Guy said. “I don’t pay them, by the way.”

Of course not.  That would be an NCAA violation.  (I keed, I keed… I think.)

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Today, in amateurism

Remember, kids, it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that counts.

The NCAA graciously thanks Zion for his service.


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“There is going to be a day of reckoning.”

Okay, first of all, this is a dumb comment.

“If anybody thinks we can hold on to this model, which has probably never worked as intended, they’re dreaming.”  [Emphasis added.]

Dude, you’re dreaming.  The schools and the NCAA are fighting tooth and nail to preserve the status quo precisely because it is working as intended.  At least for them, and for them, that’s all that counts.

That being said, this, if representative, should be an unsettling narrative.

The public increasingly agrees. A 2017 Seton Hall Sports Poll found 60 percent of people think a scholarship is sufficient compensation for college athletes, down from 71 percent in 2013. Forty percent believe athletes are exploited by not sharing in the revenue they generate, the highest number in the poll’s 10 years.

The NCAA may ignore a lot of things, but when it comes to cash flow, that’s one eagle-eyed bunch.  I imagine there’s concern over losing the narrative in the court of public perception, but the problem comes in devising a feel-good strategy to overcome that.  The NCAA doesn’t do proactive well.


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