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“Laremy knows exactly who was behind this. We all do.”

Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.” Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.” Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”

— Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Adventure of Silver Blaze”

In the case of Laremy Tunsil, what’s curious isn’t that the dog has done nothing.  It’s that nobody wants the dog to make a sound.




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The NCAA’s crack research staff

If you remember the chain of events that led to A.J. Green’s suspension a few years ago, this should resonate.

According to former Mason employees, once the school was able to establish amateurism, the NCAA moved on to an issue with Mayimba’s age. His official documents, including his birth certificate and passport, indicated he was 18 years old and therefore eligible to play at George Mason. However, Hewitt and Mayimba said the player signed up for an online dating site when Mayimba was 16. To be accepted for the service, Mayimba stated he was 18 at the time, which the NCAA accepted as proof Mayimba was actually 20 when he intended to enroll at George Mason.

“Literally the smoking gun, if you will, was the dating website,” Hewitt said. “Therence had logged into that and said he was 18 years old when he was actually 16 years old. All his official documentation was verified by all the necessary agencies, yet the NCAA rejects it.”

TMZ and dating websites.  Yep, these guys leave no stone unturned.


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Greg. Sankey. Will. Not. Stand. Down.

No word on whether he laughed maniacally while signing this letter, though.

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Proof that amateurism makes people stupid

How can the people who run our nation’s universities sound this clueless?

His football program is installing new football lockers that cost an eye-popping $10,500 each, but Texas President Gregory L. Fenves “cannot comprehend” paying UT athletes.

That’s the main takeaway from an interview Fenves gave for a class-action antitrust lawsuit filed against the NCAA. The lawsuit seeks to challenge what schools can give to athletes playing football and men’s and women’s basketball.

The notes from the interview, first discovered by USA Today, were taken during an interview on Feb. 22 and attached to a legal filing. Fenves was one of five current or former university administrators interviewed by Kenneth Elzinga, an expert for the defense.

Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart and former Purdue athletic director Morgan Burke were also interviewed. A UT spokesman declined to comment on Wednesday.

Fenves told Elzinga that he “cannot comprehend how athletics could be a part of university life” if athletes were paid like professionals. The UT president related an anecdote of going to a men’s basketball game this season and watching freshman Jarrett Allen, although his name is mentioned specifically.

Allen, described in general terms, was a “a very good basketball player, but he also makes mistakes ‘like a freshman,’” according to Elzinga’s notes. If Allen was paid like a professional, fans may watch him make “stupid turnovers” and may choose not to come watch him play.

So, over the top lockers, lavish training facilities and all the other bells and whistles players receive that regular students never get a whiff of don’t cause any dismay in the general student population, but Johnny Football getting a check for his work or his likeness/endorsement — something any of them can do now, but the players can’t — is somehow a bridge too far?

Tough call between stupidity and outright denial right there.  Should make for a fun deposition, though.


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“The new rules clearly benefit college programs.”

Fresh off a successful vote to add an early signing date for football recruiting, Bob Bowlsby suggests a 60-day signing period in the fall might be possible.

That might give Saban’s Coke bottle the chills.  Then again,

“We’re dealing with a very entrepreneurial group,” Bowlsby said of the recruiting culture. “There will certainly be lots of thoughts on how to gain an advantage and how to work the system … There’s only so much you can do relative to how individual student-athletes are going to announce their choices.”

True ‘dat.


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This is what a false economy looks like.

The Texas football team has new lockers with a 43-inch television monitor rather than just a standard nameplate.

Per, bruh.  Times 85, that clocks in at a modest $892,500.

Wretched excess in the era of amateurism, for the win.

How many Longhorn players do you figure would rather have a check for $10 grand and a regular locker instead?


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I wonder how many coaches agree with this sentiment.

Perhaps if players had the same degree of contractual freedom that coaches do, you might see transfers moving for the same reason.


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