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Mean Coaches

Hugh Freeze, topic of conversation:

Many conversations in the hallways and lobbies inside Opryland Hotel centered on Ole Miss. Coaches here anticipate NCAA sanctions for the Rebels in the next two or three months — presuming there is not another round of investigation, which still remains a possibility.

Some coaches and industry sources are of the opinion that the results will wind up costing coach Hugh Freeze his job. One of those sources said he believes Freeze “is on the hot seat as much as any coach in the country.”

Another coach pointed out that skepticism — and maybe jealousy, to some extent — is perhaps causing coaches to wish for doom in Oxford more than it will actually come. But even those close to the program seem to be bracing for NCAA impact.

At their most optimistic, people inside the football building are hopeful that, like the Miami case, the hovering cloud and perpetual fear wind up being worse than the punishment itself.

“With the NCAA, you just never know,” one industry source said. “Impossible to predict.”

Vultures, vultures everywhere.

If coaches are saying this to the media, one can only guess what they’re saying to recruits and their families.  The great thing is that they can play the faux concern card on the recruiting trail and still get plenty of mileage out of the sheer uncertainty surrounding the program right now.  In that light, another round of NCAA investigation putting off Judgment Day a while longer would be a bug, not a feature, for Freeze.

By the way, Ole Miss currently sits next to last in the current 247 SEC team recruiting rankings.



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A dollar here and a dollar there

Penn State’s financial fallout from the Sandusky scandal approaches a quarter-billion dollars.

The NCAA got the biggest chunk of that, but I bet there are days now when Mark Emmert tells himself he could have gotten more.


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Jeez, Freeze.

I’m no fan of the man, but as cringeworthy as the comment is, I almost hope this is a misunderstanding.

Calloway told reporters during the Under Armour Combine Media Day earlier this week about how Freeze is describing the investigation with recruits.

Q: We’ve heard a lot about negative recruiting at Ole Miss with the NCAA thing going on, what has Ole Miss said to you about that?

“Well, Coach Freeze told me when you’re that big and out there with faith in Christ, he’s like, ‘What do you expect? Jesus got nailed to the cross.’ So, he was just telling me sometimes things like that happen, but that’s never going to change how he’s going to treat his players and take care of them. Even if — I don’t know if he really did make the mistake, doing what he did or not — but I can just tell he’s a good person, great person. I know they’re looking at maybe a bowl suspension [for 2017]. I don’t know what they’re gonna do. But I don’t think that’ll affect anything as far as how he treats his players and stuff like that.”


Crucified by the NCAA?  Seriously?  Does that even sell on the recruiting trail?  If it were my kid and Hugh Freeze walked in the door saying that, I’d really wonder what was going on inside his head.



So I guess the difference between Jesus and Hugh Freeze is that the former never had any trouble being understood.


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Today, in adventures in amateurism

Christian McCaffrey jumps on board the Fournette Train.

Naturally, panties are in a wad over this.  How can he skip a game?  How can he bail on his team?  Doesn’t he understand the meaning of commitment?

In rebuttal,

Bidness decision.


UPDATE:  You can probably guess what Herbstreit thinks about this.


UPDATE #2:  A little more

“Put yourself in their shoes, an injury could change the course of the rest of their lives,” the veteran NFL personnel man said. “We’re not talking about a left guard here. We’re talking about a skill (position) player who is a huge target. That’s the reality of it.

“Look at what these coaches are making now. Those guys are making $5 or $6 million a year and they may pressure these kids to play? Look at what these coaches and ADs are doing. It’s OK for them to leave, but it’s not OK for players to think about their futures? For coaches to (be critical), that’s incredibly selfish. Hold on a second here, guy. You pressure these kids to play, and then one of them (suffers a career-altering injury) and it’s, ‘I love you, and you’re a great teammate. Sorry about that.’ And it’s all for some bowl game who no one cares about? That’s a joke. I’m looking at it practically. If it was your son, what are you gonna say? It makes sense.”


UPDATE #3:  And a little more…


UPDATE #4:  Last word goes to a former Dawg.


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Monday morning buffet

Get ‘yer feedbag on…


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“We’re not governed by the NCAA.”

If you need any more evidence that amateurism was purely the result a lucky historical set of circumstances the NCAA fell into, read this story about the rise of e-sports on college campuses — UC Irvine is offering scholarships now — and the complete silence of collegiate athletics’ governing institution in response.

Deppe is skeptical that the NCAA, or any other independent third party, will soon be calling the shots on collegiate e-sports. His main reason: E-sports games are owned by game publishers, who control all intellectual property rights associated with their products. If anyone would have the power to define the difference between amateur and professional status, for example, it would be companies like Riot or Blizzard.

(I sent several requests to the NCAA asking how it was approaching e-sports but received only a short email from a spokesperson saying that she had not “seen any NCAA programs that have this in their sport sponsorship.” When I followed up asking for more clarity, and identifying UC Irvine example, I received no further response.)

That’s our Stacey.


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Today’s reminder that the NCAA is all about the kids

An Eastern Michigan player who transferred from Michigan will not be allowed to travel with the Eagles for their trip to the Bahamas Bowl later this month, according to his post on Facebook.

Samuelson wrote that an NCAA rule blocked him from traveling to the game because he hadn’t yet spent two full semesters at Eastern Michigan, despite spending the full season practicing on EMU’s scout team.

“What aggravates me so much is that a student athlete like myself is penalized in so many aspects for making a decision that ultimately is better for them in every aspect. A coach can leave at any moment and join another team with no penalties whatsoever. What does that say about how we are truly viewed? Not well, I’d say.”

It’s a learning experience, son.  That’s what the NCAA is all about.


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