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“Do something, NCAA”

Andy Staples makes a pretty good point here.  Baylor is well on its way to self-imposing a kind of death penalty.

Meanwhile, Baylor will lose most of its talent core after this season. Russell is a senior. So is tailback Shock Linwood. Receiver KD Cannon is a junior but could move on to the NFL. The defense is senior-heavy. Into that void will wander the bottom half of the 2016 recruiting class and a 2017 class that currently has one commitment. There is no telling how many players will leave after Baylor picks a new coach. The remainder of the Briles staff likely will be gone by early December, and a new staff will have to hustle to salvage what’s left of the class of 2017 recruiting cycle.

It’s possible Baylor will hire a coach on the rise who can begin the rebuild with the 2018 recruiting cycle, but it’s just as likely this job won’t attract a strong candidate pool in the wake of the scandal. Baylor has an excellent location and excellent facilities, but the next coach will have to fight negative recruiting for years. The chances are much higher that Baylor’s program in three years will look much more like the Baylor that toiled at the bottom of the Big 12 before Briles arrived.

So to those who wished the NCAA would return Baylor football to doormat status, you’re on your way to getting your ultimate wish. But the NCAA didn’t have to do anything. The scandal did it all by itself.

Way to go, Bears.  Enjoy the quality time coming.  You’ve earned it.


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If you got it, flaunt it, baby.

Alabama just docked itself a secondary recruiting violation for this“a trophy was temporarily placed in an area where prospects taking an official visit would be, which resulted in an impermissible recruiting decoration of that area.”

An impermissible recruiting decoration.  Damn that Nick Saban, reminding recruits that his program’s been successful.  What perfidy lies in store next?


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If ignorance is bliss, then Oxford, Mississippi is one happy place.

Laremy Tunsil’s college teammates are shocked, shocked that he received improper financial benefits when they played together.


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If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.

Even in Division III



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“It’s like that movie Blue Chips with Nick Nolte, with Shaquille O’Neal in it.”

Lindsey Miller, Laremy Tunsil’s estranged stepfather, has been chatting with a few folks on the NCAA’s compliance staff.

He also spoke with’s Pete Thamel.  If you’re a Georgia fan, this little tidbit’s of note.

Miller, who was dating Tunsil’s mother during the recruitment and married her in July 2014, says he provided the NCAA with text messages, e-mails and Facebook messages to back up his claims. He showed multiple Facebook and text messages to SI that appear to verify some of the claims in the NCAA Notice of Allegations. He also says he provided his bank and financial records to the NCAA, which helped investigators verify an $800 payment from a booster in August 2014. At one point, Miller says NCAA investigators took his three cell phones to capture all the data.

In one Facebook message, dated Feb. 8, 2013, Miller appears to write to Ole Miss defensive line coach Chris Kiffin: “Plz do all the u you said to help me and desiree and my 2 sons I have been ole miss biggest fan 2 times he committed to ga I was there foor u be there for us when its time ok.”

Kiffin appears to have responded: “You know I will!”

Miller provided SI with the Facebook messages, but they could not be independently verified.

(When reached by Sports Illustrated, Kiffin declined to comment citing the on-going NCAA investigation.)

Count me among those who’s still skeptical there’s much more the NCAA will do beyond what Ole Miss has chosen to self-impose.  Besides, if things do get worse, there’s always this neat trick:

Ole Miss opens its football season with games against Florida State, Wofford and Alabama. If the Rebels lose two of those three, it’s reasonable to consider that they’d self-impose a postseason ban in the same manner than Syracuse and Louisville’s basketball programs have done in recent years. That would serve as both a preemptive strike toward a more significant NCAA penalty and potentially help the program move forward.

Ole Miss has still not fired any football coaches, which could lead to skepticism by the NCAA of whether the school has sufficiently acknowledged the extent of its missteps. “Schools are probably not doing what they would have issued under the old system,” Buckner said. “You really don’t know. Why penalize yourself when the hearing panel may not impose them?”

Indeed.  It’s the NCAA we’re dealing with here, so there’s no reason to rush into anything.  Although there would be a certain sense of irony if Ole Miss did decide on a postseason ban for itself the week of the Georgia game.

One other amusing thing – Miller claims to have met with one of the NCAA investigators at a McDonald’s in Oxford, Miss so often that they started meeting in the parking lot instead out of a fear of being seen together.  Enter the Oxford Police Department.  At least somebody out there is having a good time with this.


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Bob Bowlsby’s got a mess on his hands.

Of course, most of us can think of a dozen things that are more of a mess than satellite camps.  But it’s nice he cares.

“There were all kinds of components of it that would not be what we would want to have as our recruiting environment,” Bowlsby said Wednesday. “We are at the point where there’s full acknowledgement that this isn’t about teaching football, it’s about meeting players and meeting families and meeting middlemen. It’s all about the recruiting environment; it’s not about camps anymore. So we need to deal with it on that basis.”

Of course it’s about recruiting, you silly twit.  You think anyone would care if it were about teaching football alone?

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Just when you think things couldn’t get any creepier…

I mean, what could possibly go wrong here?


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