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If the early departures haven’t freaked you out yet…

… maybe this will add sufficiently to your angst.

I can hear the recruiting trail chatter now… along with Jimmy Sexton’s chuckles.



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Randy Shannon’s knickers are in a wad.

There is something highly amusing about UCF defensive coordinator Randy Shannon’s argument that college players who are deciding to skip bowl games to prepare for the NFL draft will one day decide to not suit up for certain games in the professional ranks.

“If a team is 6-9, no chance of them making the playoffs, are they going to play or are they going to tank it?” Shannon said. “Especially if you’re on the last year of your contract, option year.”

Tanking?  Seriously?  Has this guy not paid attention to the number of pro franchises that use tanking as a deliberate strategy to improve their drafting positions?  Has he missed the NFL teams that, having clinched a playoff spot with nothing more to play for in the regular season, sit their starters?


“The fact that [Shannon] thinks that [spit] matters to people at this level shows just how out of touch he really is,” a longtime NFL scout told CFT in an email that alerted us to the coordinator’s quotes, adding, “It’s embarrassing.”

This is a league that hired Bobby Petrino, after all.  Skipping out isn’t considered a character flaw.  Making an irrelevantly big deal about it, though…

By making his private thoughts public, about the only thing that the old-school Shannon has accomplished is to make his — and his football program’s — job on the recruiting trail that much harder. There’s little doubt his words will be used against him by those competing for the very same recruits who could be in a position to make that very same business decision X number of years from now — and know they won’t have Shannon’s support if he maintains his archaic stance.


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Hutson Mason’s advice to Justin Fields

Go west, young man.

Former Georgia quarterback Hutson Mason offered his thoughts on what could be another potential destination – Colorado.

With the Buffaloes hiring former Georgia defensive coordinator Mel Tucker as head coach, and then Tucker hiring Georgia quarterbacks coach Jay Johnson as his offensive coordinator, Mason said Boulder would be a good fit for Fields, as there would be instant familiarity.

Mason has been talking about a potential Fields transfer for a few weeks on his radio show on the SportsX, and the former Lassiter signal-caller knows something about getting pigeonholed into a backup situation.

Mason went to Georgia and was unsuccessful in beating out Aaron Murray as the starter. There were times when he considered transferring, but he ultimately decided spending one year as a starter for the Bulldogs would give him better opportunities than two years at an FCS school.

At the time, Mason had thoughts of playing in the NFL. In hindsight, he said he made the wrong decision. It’s a big reason why he feels like Fields, who has potential first-round talent, should find a different place to play.

“I go back to my experience in trying to play pro ball,” Mason said. “When I got cut by the Redskins, general manager (Scot McCloughan) told my agent that, when looking at quarterbacks in the draft, they don’t look at anybody with less than 24 starts. That’s two years worth of playing time.

“If your goal is to play at the next level, then it’s all about getting the tape. Look at (Carolina quarterback) Taylor Heinicke. He played at Old Dominion. If you have the tape, they will find you.”

Yes, everyone knows the Redskins are a model for personnel evaluation in today’s NFL.  Sound wisdom, Hutson.


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Math that matters

This may be the ultimate bidness decision pitch to use on the recruiting trail.


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Today, in “stick to sports” sticking to sports

I’m sure I’ll get some grief for linking to this, but it’s a perfect story as to why I’m so cynical about the whole uproar over players taking knees during the playing of the national anthem.

In the years following 9/11, professional sports took a healing gesture and transformed it into a way to make money. In 2015, Republican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake released the report “Tackling Paid Patriotism,” which criticized the deceptive, taxpayer-funded contracts between the Pentagon and virtually every pro sports league. In 2012, the New York Army National Guard paid the Buffalo Bills $250,000 to conduct on-field re-enlistment ceremonies. In 2014, the Georgia National Guard paid the Atlanta Falcons $114,000 to sing the national anthem. In 2015, the Air Force paid NASCAR $1.5 million in part for veterans to shake hands with racing legend Richard Petty. Your tax dollars. At work.

“Yeah I hate to say it, but I wasn’t completely surprised,” Astore says. “But I was disgusted by it. Patriotic displays, they mean a lot more to me when they’re spontaneous. But to learn that these had been paid for — that corporate teams, teams owned by billionaires, basically, were collecting money from the military. Paid for, obviously, by you and me, by the American taxpayer. Well, it was sad.”

American flags are the ultimate Good Housekeeping seal. And thanking veterans for their service disconnects the public from what has been nearly two decades of war. The ballpark ceremony obscures the realities of war and, by focusing on soldiers, inoculates the government from antiwar criticism.

I have no sympathy for the NFL’s current dilemma.  It’s a problem those greedheads happily brought on themselves because the money was good, and now that they’ve reaped the whirlwind, they’re frozen on how to escape.

At least nobody’s tried to bribe their way into making college football players appear on the field for the anthem.  Hopefully, that’s one “be more like the NFL” tack even the morons running college football are able to resist.


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Keeping an open mind

How about this as the opening paragraph on a story about why the writer prefers the NFL over college football?

For the past six years I have watched almost every NFL game and, aside from a few pre-draft projects, zero college football games. This is partly because covering the NFL is my job, but mostly because I enjoy pro football infinitely more than college.

It only gets better.

I realize many fans watch football mainly for that glitzy presentation. They love the pageantry of football. The tradition. The sense of community. Most people say that in this regard, college beats pro. To those people, I say: you’re right. In fact, it’s really not that close. But there are those of us who like football’s pageantry but love its strategy. We see the game as a chess match, only where everyone’s pieces are not the same, those pieces are not confined to individual squares, they move not one at a time but all at once, and that movement usually doesn’t stop until someone scores or gets hit.

I guess that explains why the pros keep stealing all kinds of college offensive strategies.

Look, it’s fine not to like the college game.  I don’t watch the NFL because its soulless uniformity tends to bore me.  However, I’m not going to wear my attitude proudly like a badge.  Instead, I’ll simply settle for quietly cringing every time I hear someone suggest how college football would be better if it would only follow the NFL in some way.

At least I follow the sport that hasn’t tied itself in knots over the national anthem.


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Thursday morning buffet

Grab a plate, campers!


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