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Tales from the combine

As far as I’m concerned, this will never not be funny.


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Mr. Bad Example

Bruce Feldman ($$) has a story to share about Jalen Carter.

Scott pointed out who he thought might be the ideal person to comment on Carter’s character. Weston Wallace is a player perhaps only the most diehard of Bulldogs fans know. A sophomore, the 6-foot-4, 320-pounder used to go up against Carter every day at practice when he was a scout team offensive lineman his first two seasons at Georgia ( the walk-on switched to the defensive line this year).

Before this season Carter found out that Wallace, as a walk-on, couldn’t eat all the meals the scholarship defensive linemen were getting. Walk-ons weren’t able to eat lunch, but this year the players were given the choice to buy it.

“Jalen heard about that. I’m the only walk-on in the defensive line room and he goes, ‘I’m not gonna let that happen.’ So he used his scholarship money to pay for me to get lunch every single day,” Wallace said…

“The blessings I have from being on a full ride, I just wanted to help, and that was taking care of a brother,” Carter said.

“And that started a wildfire with some of our good players (who benefit from name, image and likeness) picking different guys in their position group to make sure they’re good, so they can eat every time we eat just like you’re a scholarship player,” Scott said. “No one told him to do that. The nutritionist informed me about it. Had she not told me, I wouldn’t have known about it. And that’s what I like about it.

There has been a lot of pushback from Georgia’s quarters about those bullshit “character issues”, which, if you think about it, is about as good an indicator of what his coaches and teammates think of him as one might come up with.  It’s a pretty good indicator about the team’s overall character, as well.  McShay (or whichever NFL asshole put that in McShay’s ear) can go suck it.



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Anxiety level rising

Tired:  Monken won’t go to Tampa Bay.  It’s too unstable.



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Bucs talk

The next shoe drops.

Can’t say I’m surprised by the news, which is not the same thing as saying I think he’s out the door.  But it would be dumb not to take the invite and interview, because you never know what may come down the road.  I have no doubt Smart will do whatever he can to retain Monken’s services, but if the offer’s attractive enough and Monken simply prefers the NFL life to that in college, there ain’t much Kirby can do about that.

On the bright side, if Monken does elect to go back to Tampa Bay, it’s not like Georgia won’t have plenty of options for a replacement.  But let’s hope it never gets to that stage.


UPDATE:  Evidently Tampa Bay wasn’t his first rodeo this time.


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Today, in when monkeys fly out of my ass

Never thought I’d see this analysis…

Then again, Kiper sees Will Levis as a top-five pick, so maybe this makes sense.

I will say this:  if Stetson does indeed get drafted in the third round, any five-star quarterback recruit would be nuts not to consider Georgia as a destination program.


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“You see that maybe some of them turn out to not be as tough as you thought.”

This ($$) is interesting, although I freely confess I don’t know how much to read into it.

On this year’s NFLPA All-Pro Team, none of the 11 offensive players selected had been a five-star recruit; only one of them, guard Zack Martin, was even ranked as a four-star prospect. The average star ranking of the 11 players was 2.0. It’s on the opposite side of the ball where stars apparently really matter. Of the 11 defensive players on the All-Pro team, seven had been five-star recruits and two more were four-stars prospects. The other two were three-star players, making the average 4.5.

The rest of the article is an exploration of reasons for that, and I’m not certain the quotes reveal any more certainty about that than I have.  For example,

“My theory: You can disguise a good player on offense and also uplift and over-evaluate a player with an unbelievable supporting cast,” said former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah, a draft analyst with NFL Network. “With defensive guys, it’s more, ‘Did you beat the guy in front of you?’ And when it comes to D-linemen, there’s only so many of those guys. It’s like with cornerbacks: There are physical requirements for those positions. You can play with a 4.6 wide receiver. You can’t play with a 4.6 cornerback.”

And this:

“Your best athletes end up on defense,” he said. “It’s always been, if you’re not good enough on D-line, you’re gonna end up on the offensive line. With offense, it’s more mental and how they think and process.”

Okay.  I think I’ll settle for being grateful at how good Georgia’s staff is at evaluation and development.  The rest is the NFL’s problem.


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TFW you’re all in

Get you somebody to love you as much as Mel Kiper loves Will Levis.

The Will Levis Experience was one of the weirder things I saw last season.  He finished fifth in the conference in passer rating (sixth the season before), which wasn’t bad, but it’s hard to see where all the drooling stems from.  Maybe the SEC is just tougher for quarterbacks than the NFL is.


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Todd, in demand

As we like to say around the joint, “could” is doing a shit ton of heavy lifting here:

The franchise is a mess and by most accounts, Brady will be gone by the end of next season at the latest.  Not exactly a formula for stability.  So why would Monken want to walk into that?  To me, if he does, it’s certainly a tell that he prefers life in the NFL to college.

Then again, if he went and got canned after a year, it wouldn’t be the first time he was let go by Tampa Bay.


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How do you know the NFL draft is approaching?

Easy.  It’s when tools who like to call themselves “draft experts” start passing on whispers from NFL teams who want a player’s stock to drop so they can get a shot at him.  You know, like this:

Ironically, Carter had advisors whispering in his ears earlier this year when he was injured to rehab and then skip out for the draft.  I must have missed when he bailed on his teammates.  So, I guess, did his teammates.



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Today, in point to the scoreboard

I know it’s not exactly on point, but I still find it highly amusing that over his last 14 games, Stetson Bennett has beaten five of the top seven names on that list.


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