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Yeah, this is gonna work.

They went out and hired a guy who hasn’t been a coach in years and hasn’t been in college football for decades.  And that’s not even the strangest part of Arizona State hiring Herm Edwards.   The official announcement is.  You read it and tell me what that means; I don’t have the first clue.

If I had to guess, it’s an attempt to run a college football program like an NFL franchise, which is the kind of thing you can see being dreamed up by a guy who’s a former NFL executive and agent who previously represented Edwards.

I’d fervently hope this whole stupid exercise goes down in flames, but I really don’t think I need to make the effort for that to happen.



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Loss of institutional control

This is too fucking rich.

Nick Saban cannot contain himself. Such is the case when an issue impacts his ability to coach football at the highest level.

It’s been seven months since Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey skipped their bowl games, but their actions have created one of the hottest topics of the offseason.

What if, Saban wonders, ducking out for the pros before a bowl game becomes a college trend? Or worse …

“Same thing will happen in high school if they make the signing day before the season,” Saban told CBS Sports. “It will take a few years, then some kid will say, ‘Hey, I’m going to Notre Dame. I’m not playing my senior year.’

“Then the high school coach will go nuts.”

That Nick Saban.  So selfless.  Never thinking of himself.

The apple, it seems, doesn’t fall that far from the tree, either.

“It’s a major negative to me because it takes away from the team aspect of the sport,” Georgia coach Kirby Smart said. “… Are we going to get to a point where someone commits to a college and says, ‘I don’t want to play my [high school] senior year for fear of injury?'”

Coaches like Saban and Smart can jump ship any time they’d like, without repercussion (other than a pesky buyout clause, maybe).  Indeed, Saban is on his fifth head coaching gig and nobody’s playing the “taking away from the team aspect of the sport” card on his ass.  But a player daring to take his career considerations into his own hands?  That’s death.

Even Smart detects a whiff of hypocrisy there.

“I definitely sympathize and see both sides of it,” Smart said. “I don’t want to sound like the selfish coach that only thinks of himself. Also, think of the purity of the game. You’re playing for more than the coach. You’re playing for a team, a university.”

Okay, only a faint whiff.

There aren’t many times when a player has control over his career.  A stud finishing his third college season with a likely NFL check staring him in the face has just that.  And it’s killing coaches like Saban and Smart.

There’s not a damned thing they can do about it, either, other than trying to convince the NFL to penalize kids for making a decision to skip a bowl game.  Good luck with that.  Of course, they could always advocate for student-athletes to be paid enough where it becomes worth their while to stay in school… eh, who am I kidding with that?


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”Traditions are an important part of college football.”

Which explains why the College Football Playoff is planning to import the rich tradition of the Super Bowl-style halftime show to the national championship game.  Why, you may ask?

Reader, please.

Hancock said ESPN approached CFP officials with the idea of a concert in Centennial Olympic Park at halftime as part of the national championship game broadcast and live watch party. Fans without tickets to the game will be able to watch the game and attend the concert in Centennial Park for free.

”This will be a win-win, enhancing the viewing experience for a broad section of fans at home and in the park, while maintaining the culture of the game inside the stadium,” Hancock said.

I really hate these people.


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“If you are not a top pick, your ass better play in the [bowl] game.”

For the studs, though,

NFL officials speak with a bluntness about this issues that offers a sharp contrast to the idealism and wistfulness of college coaches. When discussing Fournette for a feature a few weeks ago, NFL officials consistently chuckled at the notion of skipping a bowl game hurting his or McCaffrey’s draft stock. “He’s got a billion-dollar set of knees,” one personnel director said of Fournette. “What are you doing playing in a nothing bowl game?”

Added another personnel director after the draft: “I think you will see more top players do it due to the minimal effect it had on their draft stock. If a player’s team isn’t playing for a national title, why risk your future earnings? The NCAA isn’t paying them.”

Somebody needs to ask Bob Bowlsby about that.  I mean, Greg Sankey’s “Clearly, this makes one attentive in a brand new way,” is hardly catchy.


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“If you want to be a football player, I play football.”

David Shaw tries to thread the needle between “When I was an NFL coach, the first film I grabbed for every player was their bowl game, because I wanted to see what they were like when they were fresh. It wasn’t the middle of the season,” and his blessing on his star player Christian McCaffrey’s early departure — bowl game, that is — for his pro career with this observation:

“Saying, ‘This game is not important for me, and I don’t need it,’ is different than saying, ‘I don’t need it to further my career,’” Shaw said. “The McCaffrey situation is that, I’ve put so much great film out there, I’ve broken so many records, playing in this bowl game won’t change my draft status.

That is certainly a valid distinction and I get where Shaw is coming from.  I’m not a college junior weighing my choices, though, and the problem there, it seems to me, is that those kids don’t have enough information to make the best decision for themselves.  Couple that with the fact that declaring early for the NFL draft is a no-look back decision, unlike other collegiate sports where you can announce your interest, but as long as you don’t sign with an agent, your declaration is revocable, allowing a return to school, and that’s how you get to a situation where almost a third of this year’s early departees went undrafted.

If the NCAA is sincere about its turning pro finger wagging, maybe it ought to take a look at this.  Who knows?  Maybe it would keep a few extra kids playing in bowl games.


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Today, in just shoot me now

The next big thing, according to Ohio State director of player personnel Mark Pantoni?

I think the next wave is you’re going to see it become more — have more personnel specific departments like the NFL. I think you’re going to start seeing — there’s already two or three schools that have titles of general manager, and then you’re going to see just 20 people in the personnel office just cutting up film and doing film evals. I think that’s going to be the next step and it’s just going to keep growing from there.

Stadium naming rights.  General managers.  Giant personnel offices.  “… and it’s just going to keep growing from there.”

I’d call it NFL-lite, but it sounds like the only lite part is the general managers not having to worry about salary caps.



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Not a damned bit.

With Fournette and McCaffrey going in the top eight picks last night, there’s your answer to the question I raised the other day.

Meaningless is as meaningless does, boys.


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