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You don’t ask and they don’t tell.

I thought Kirby Smart said one interesting thing at yesterday’s Pro Day presser.  Evidently there are some things Georgia’s staff doesn’t share about players with the NFL.  Or at least prefers not to.

On whether data and metrics such as GPS numbers are useful and whether those numbers are shared with NFL teams…

“They’re useful for us. We don’t typically share that information out, so unless they’re squeezing it out or something is leaking it, we don’t give that information out. We tend to share information that will only help our players. In some cases, it would help. In some cases, they may be consecutive practices in a row, so we don’t share all that out. It certainly helps us, because it tells us when we need to pick it up and when we need to cut back volume wise.”

I’m not really sure why that’s so hush hush, as Smart makes clear there’s context for how the numbers are generated.  (Not to mention it sounds like sometimes they do release information, albeit reluctantly.)  Anyone know why?


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Literally, a money quote

Seth Emerson ($$) asked Eric Stokes about his decision to skip the bowl game in order to prepare for the draft.  His answer, in part:

Just making that decision, I was pretty much listening to my teammates: ‘Hey man, you don’t really need to play this, you’ve already done everything that you did. I don’t want you to risk anything, just go ahead and do you, you’ve already made your money here.’ Hearing that stuff from my teammates assured me that we would be good regardless. It made me feel way better.

Wait, his teammates didn’t think he was a traitorous quitter?  Inconceivable!


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Observations from the Senior Bowl

Perhaps one day Jamie Newman will let us know what he was thinking when he bailed on Georgia’s 2020 season, because based on this ($$), if he followed an agent’s advice, that dude must have one smooth sales pitch.

… Newman is a sturdy, mobile passer, but his 2019 film showed shaky pocket presence and undeveloped passing reads. With improvements as a senior in SEC play, some around the league thought he could turn himself into a top-100 draft pick.

Now he’s hoping for a hot week at the Senior Bowl to get the attention of NFL teams.  Good luck with that, Jamie.

Meanwhile, here’s an observation that will blow you away (at least it did me):

Seeing Jones removed from the Alabama offense will be helpful for evaluators. The fact that an NFL prospect all-star game is a slight step down in talent compared to what he had in Tuscaloosa says a lot about that Crimson Tide offense.

I’m not sure when I’ll get over my double take every time I reflect upon the fact that Georgia led Alabama late in the third quarter at Tuscaloosa last season.  With Stetson Bennett at quarterback…


UPDATE:  Stay classy, my brothers and sisters.

Newman will be wearing a Demon Deacons’ helmet as he looks to take the next step with an impressive week in front of NFL general managers and head coaches this week, Senior Bowl officials confirmed.

“We had to put him in Wake Forest stuff,” Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy said. “If we put him in Georgia stuff ….  the vitriol among DawgNation on Twitter has been unbelievable.”

Haven’t y’all got bigger things to fret about?


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TFW you thought you had your staff settled


Rodney Garner now gets to play UT and Auburn against each other?  Never one to miss an opportunity, I bet that man be smiling today.


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This isn’t rocket science.

In his Mailbag today in response to a question about how Kirby can keep the underclassmen who aren’t first or second round draft pick quality from leaving the farm early, Seth Emerson takes a couple of swings at a horse I’ve beaten to death ($$):

… Still, in (almost) every case you also have to consider whether that player was going to improve his draft stock by staying that extra year in college, a year they weren’t going to be paid.

That’s why allowing players to receive name-image-likeness money will be another win-win for players and colleges.

I mean, it really isn’t that hard.  If you care about these players staying home for the betterment of the program, I don’t see why you would not favor giving them an obvious incentive to do so.


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TFW you’re already mailing it in on the recruiting trail

Sorry, Gators, the Portal Master™ has no more fucks to give.

Either you do this because you really want out of Gainesville and recruiting, or you’ve seen how successful Todd Grantham’s agent is every year whipping up pseudo-hiring rumors and are taking a page out of his book, but in any event, it is hard not to imagine how much hay is going to be made about this on the recruiting trail by competing programs.

Not that Mullen cares, apparently.


UPDATE:  Interesting note from Matt Hayes here

Understand this: For the second straight year, Mullen hasn’t yet received a contract extension despite a 29-9 record and 3 straight New Year’s 6 Bowl appearances.


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Going out with a bang

Three sacks yesterday, including the strip sack that changed the momentum of the game for good.  Helluva finish, Azeez.  Best of luck to you going forward.


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TFW you know this year’s draft class is absolutely loaded

Hopefully, this is a message not lost on JT Daniels.


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It’s business decision time, Dawg fans.

Three key members of the Georgia football team have decided to opt-out of the Bulldogs’ upcoming bowl game to focus on their impending appearance in the Reeses’ Senior Bowl and upcoming NFL Draft, UGASports has learned.

Tight end Tre McKitty, linebacker Monty Rice and cornerback D.J. Daniel have all decided that they will not take part in the UGA bowl game, which will be announced Sunday afternoon.


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Which way?

I know on one level, this is coachspeak.  I also know that Kirby Smart has a certain vested interest in players staying in Athens.  Still, I do think there’s an interesting point to be made that this isn’t a normal year to decide to leave early for the NFL draft.

On the conversations with underclassmen regarding the NFL Draft…

“We gather information on these guys based on how they play, what’s going on, how big the pool is at their position. We try to be very honest with them, don’t get emotional about it. We’re not recruiting them like people say. That’s a decision that they have to make. What we want is to arm them with information, and I say the same thing every year, ‘We’re going to give you the information to make the best decision possible.’ Ultimately, you have to make the best decision possible. What value do you put on a degree? What value do you put on preparation, because 100 percent, the higher you get drafted, the longer you’re able to stay. So, ultimately, we want these kids to get drafted as high as possible. There’s value in coming back because they cannot develop in that league. There are no practice reps, there is possibly no Combine, there is no coming to OTAs and getting you better. You’re there, and you’re going to be good enough or you’re not. We can still develop players, and every general manager, scout you talk to says, ‘If you’re going to have someone grow and get better, they’re much better doing it in your organization than ours’ because they don’t have the freedom to get them better. We don’t have a lot of those conversations right now. We’ve had a few, but we don’t have those conversations because we want the kids to focus on being student-athletes and finishing out the season.”  [Emphasis added.]

Evaluations are going to be a challenge, that’s for sure.  Add to that every college player gets a mulligan for this season (hell, Demetris Robertson hasn’t ruled out coming back for another year), along with the possibility that it becomes possible in 2021 for college athletes to monetize their NIL rights and you hope these kids choose wisely, whichever way they go.


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