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Mark Richt’s not so great week



Diaz’ defense was the only thing holding Miami up last season.  To lose the architect of that, and then take on Mr. “You’ve got to run the ball in the SEC” as his replacement would be sublime from a blogging perspective… which is why that probably won’t come to fruition.  Damn.



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Fergit, hayul.

Them folks at Ole Miss have long memories.


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He’s just here to help, Oxford.

Tommy Tuberville weighs in.

“Personally, I think they just need to go in and wipe out the entire administration, get everything cleaned out and start over — because obviously people knew what was going on — and just get back to being Ole Miss and clean the slate and get people in there that want to get the job done the right way,” Tuberville said on ESPN Radio. “It’s just a sad day for them because people in that state really want to win games and want to be competitive at Ole Miss. And they’ve done a great job to this point and now they’ve had a terrible setback.”

I bet he’s got just the guy in mind to help clean up, too.  Plus, he’ll be in the neighborhood real soon.

Ole Miss elevated offensive line coach Matt Luke, a former Ole Miss player, to interim head coach Thursday night. Tuberville said Thursday Luke was the first player he recruited when he jumped on board as Ole Miss’ coach in 1995.

Tuberville coached Ole Miss from 1995 through 1998 before beginning a 10-year stint at Auburn.

“Most schools are blood. You have to have people that believe in what you’re all about,” Tuberville said on the radio show. “… I talked him into walking on at Ole Miss.”

Tuberville, who was recently hired by ESPN as an on-air talent, said he plans to visit with Luke on Ole Miss’ campus to provide guidance.

Remembering the way he left Ole Miss, I’m sure his arrival will be greeted with open arms by the locals.

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He could’a been a contenduh.

This has potential.

I’m totally convinced that, for years, Tuberville was the anonymous coach who would take digs at his SEC peers in those annual pieces in Athlon.  He’s got nothing to lose now, so, boy, would I love to hear him dish it out on television.

Instead, all we’ll probably get is whining about Auburn’s 2004 season.


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It’s Tubby Time!

Between Tommy Tuberville returning to the state to weigh a run for governor and Malzahn hiring Al Borges as an analyst, it’s starting to feel like 2004 all over again.

All that’s left for Tubs to do is to name Bobby Lowder finance chairman and put Pat Dye in charge of media relations.


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“If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have Nick Saban.”

It sounds like if Tommy Tuberville has decided to run for governor of Alabama, he’s picked an interesting campaign platform for it.

And I thought he’d go for “vote for me if you thought Auburn was robbed in 2004”.


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“Two words — Donald Trump.”

According to Dennis Dodd, Tommy Tuberville is thinking about running for governor of Alabama.


Maybe he could urge passage of a law requiring the state to recognize Auburn’s 2004 national championship.


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