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Thursday random bits

Oh, the things you’ll see when you wander around the internets:

  • Spurrier wants all of his quarterbacks to come off the bench.  And he sounds thrilled with Garcia’s work ethic this week:  “He acted like he didn’t want to play today, so we held him out…”
  • Tony Franklin thinks something reeks at Auburn.  And it’s not the men’s bathrooms at Jordan-Hare.
  • Virginia’s Al Groh thinks that Georgia Tech is the hottest team in the ACC right now.  Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson thinks Groh’s team is the hottest in the ACC right now.  Sadly, they could both be right.
  • You’ve gotta love Blair Walsh’s mindset.  Unless you write for College Football News.
  • It looks like Oklahoma State’s gonna need some more old people to insure.
  • Potentially, this is a pretty cool scenario.
  • I’ve found my Halloween costume.


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Wednesday random bits

You know the drill.

  • Here’s one of those obscure stats that gives you pause for thought when you see it:  of the nation’s top 10 punt returners, Georgia has or will face seven of them.  So far, Georgia has held up pretty well in that department, as the longest punt return it’s allowed this season is 17 yards to ‘Bama’s Arenas.
  • How do you think Tony Franklin would be doing right now at Auburn with this guy at quarterback?
  • David Hale has a good piece up about Georgia’s leadership search.
  • If you’re looking for a rundown of the computer rankings used for the BCS, then this post at The National Championship Issue is a must read.
  • Just snap the damned ball.
  • There’s another cool post up at, about which teams in the country have spent the least amount of time trailing in games this season.  One of those teams is not like the others.
  • Travis isn’t into this whole audacity of hope thing, I guess.


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Just throwing it up against the wall and seeing what sticks.

Tommy Tuberville clues us in on what he’ll be looking for in his next offensive genius coordinator (h/t Chip Towers).

During the speech, he said he was committed to the spread. Afterward, he said the next coordinator he hires doesn’t have to be “a spread guy” like the ousted Tony Franklin.

“He’s gonna have to know some spread,” Tuberville said. “Everybody runs spread, but we’re still gonna be committed to running fast-paced and throwing the ball down the field. It’s no different.”

Don’t you have to be a spread guy to run the spread?

“You have to know the spread,” he said. “You don’t have to be a guy that’s just every-down spread. You gotta know other offenses, too.

“Like me. I know the five-man (defensive) front, four-man front, three-man front. I base out of the four-man front, but I run them all. You gotta know them all. You gotta be a football coach.”

That should certainly narrow the search down.  The man is clearly flailing about, hoping he’ll somehow catch lightning in a bottle on the next go around.  While that ain’t coaching, it is kinda sad.


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The tao of spread

It sure didn’t take long for this shoe to drop.

The firing of Tony Franklin on Wednesday provided the exclamation point to two dramatically different approaches that Auburn and Alabama applied to their first-year offensive coordinators.

Nick Saban went with the pro-style, power-running game he often uses and has Alabama 6-0 and ranked No. 2 in the country. Tommy Tuberville changed his conservative style to adopt the popular spread offense, and now is out a coordinator before the leaves turn colors.

Even as the spread has evolved during the past decade from a gimmicky, pass-happy offense to a sophisticated scheme with running capabilities, it is unclear if the spread as we know it today is here to stay.


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SEC roundup

Just a few things that caught my eye:

  • Former Gator quarterback Shane Matthews thinks the Florida passing game sucks.  Gainesville Sun beat writer Robbie Andreu thinks Shane Matthews sucks.  Who knows?  Maybe they’re both right.
  • So, SEC defensive coordinators, you think you know what you’re doing?  Ha!  UT offensive coordinator Dave Clawson, architect of the 97th ranked offense in the nation, sees your silly schemes for what they are:  “Those are probably schematically as basic and simple as I’ve seen in eight years…” Please quit wasting his time and provide him with a challenge, stat.
  • On the other hand, this computer projection doesn’t seem too impressed with Clawson.
  • As you might surmise, the firing of Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin is drawing a fair amount of comment.  Finebaum – big surprise! – actually got in on the action early with this timely pre mortem.  Franklin gave a succinct summary of what happened:  “They told me to get lost.” Stewart Mandel senses the smell of panic.  And Chris Low says of Tuberville’s decision to stick with the spread, even though there isn’t a coach currently on the Auburn staff with any experience coaching the spread, “It doesn’t make a lot of sense. But given the way things have gone for Auburn’s offense this season, it’s probably par for the course.” Think anybody in orange and blue will be looking at the coach on the other sideline this weekend?  Think that coach will be looking back?


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Easy come, easy go.

The Opelika Auburn News is reporting that Auburn offensive coordinator/DVD salesman Tony Franklin has been fired.

That keening sound you think you hear in the background is actually Al Borges laughing maniacally.

UPDATE/PASSING THOUGHT:  Does that make Franklin the first coach who’s been johnsoned?  If so, dibs on the verb, peeps.


UPDATE:  It’s always scary when great minds think alike.


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They bought the DVD, but they didn’t buy the “System”.

Over at Smart Football, Chris Brown takes a look at the mess that is the Auburn offense.  His conclusion is that Tony Franklin hasn’t done a good job of selling his offensive strategies to his fellow coaches on the Auburn staff and that Tuberville was never buying the entire package of what Franklin was offering in the first place.

… Every coach I speak to says the same thing: I don’t know what they are doing at Auburn, but it ain’t the Airraid. So what’s going on? I’m not an insider, but my best sense is that the other coaches on the staff (including Tuberville) never bought into the system – maybe because Franklin did a poor job selling it internally, or maybe he thought he didn’t have to – and now their offense is simpl (sic) a muddle, a grab-bag of pseudo-spread garbage. This seems to be general sentiment among the smart money in football. For example, as one high school coach, who is also a client of the Tony Franklin system, said:

I live in Alabama and I attended the game between [Auburn] and Tennessee. I also am an offensive coordinator for a high school football team that runs the [Tony Franklin System]. From what I have seen this year from AU, this is not the system.

It seems to me that Franklin is getting told what to run on offense. Tubs wants to run the ball to set up the pass and Franklin likes to set up the run with the pass. I never saw any hurry up offense from AU at this weeks game . . . . Franklin has said that to be sucessful in this offense you must be good at the screens, and get a lot of snaps (maybe like 80) on offense. I dont think I have seen but maybe four screens all year and I don’t think they are close to getting 80 snaps.

I’m not ready to blame Tommy Tuberville; he’s an extremely smart guy and coach. But I do wonder: why in the world would you bring a guy in who knows one system extremely well but one system only, and then not run what he knows? And even if the pressure was on from the AD or the boosters to go spread, why not pick a twig off the Rich Rodriguez or “running-spread” tree? Instead, they picked a guy whose background was in a pass-first spread, and then they shelve the passing concepts. It really boggles my mind.

Last night sure didn’t help.


UPDATE: This can’t be good.

… When Tuberville apologized to his players for not giving them a chance to win in the second half, that was almost certainly pointed at Franklin. Tuberville doesn’t call offensive plays.


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