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Cade May(s)


The Cade Mays saga of 2020 has cleared a huge hurdle toward reaching a successful conclusion for the Tennessee Volunteers.

Mays, the former five-star offensive tackle from Knoxville Catholic who started his career at the University of Georgia before transferring back to Knoxville in January, had his appeal for immediate eligibility approved by the NCAA. Tennessee football coach Jeremy Pruitt revealed the news Thursday night during a Zoom meeting that followed practice.

“This has always been a two-step process, and the next thing is the SEC,” Pruitt said. “It’s good that our governing body decided to allow him to play. Now we go to the SEC, and I’ve not really had a chance to talk to (SEC commissioner) Greg (Sankey) much about it.

“The SEC in the past has not allowed this, so this would obviously be a waiver through the SEC.”

As someone who thinks all players should have a one-time transfer waiver, daddy’s antics notwithstanding, I’m not offended Mays got clearance from the NCAA to play this season.  On the other hand, I’m not gonna deny something along these lines didn’t cross my mind upon hearing the news:

Also, this.

Expecting logic from the NCAA is your first mistake, friend.


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We’re all sensitive people.

Jimmy Hyams clues us in on what has Master Mays’ lawyer’s panties in a wad.

But I also know some of the circumstances surrounding Mays’ decision to leave.

For one, Georgia coaches told Cade Mays if he signed with the Bulldogs, Georgia would recruit his younger brother, Cooper, so they could play together in college.

But a source said Georgia quit recruiting Cooper. who eventually signed with Tennessee.

Secondly, Georgia bounced Mays around from one spot to the other on the offensive line, which was apparently unsettling to Mays.

A Georgia assistant later apologized to Mays for the way he was treated, a source said.

Assuming for the sake of argument this is all true (yeah, I know), if all it takes for a transfer waiver to be granted is for a coach to change his mind about routine stuff like that, every player in the country would be free to transfer every year.

That’s some toxic environment ‘ya got there, Jimmy.


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Slow and furious

And a good morning to you, Cade Mays’ lawyer…

It’s going to serve you right if his prior institution slow plays cooperation during the appeals process long enough for your client to miss most or all of the 2020 season.


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Butthurt in Urnge

I gotta say as a full-throated supporter of a one-time free transfer waiver for college football players, this is fucking hilarious.

The Cade Mays’ NCAA appeals case is fascinating on several fronts, and it has certainly captivated the Georgia and Tennessee fan bases.

It’s not often a two-year starter in the prime of his career on the brink of multi-million dollar draft status asks to transfer out of a national championship contending program.

But that’s what happened with Mays, who is seeking immediate eligibility at a rival school in the SEC despite having his first appeal denied…

There’s nothing fascinating about a social media pissing match between rival fan bases, but I digress.

My mirth stems from this whole #FreeCadeMays garbage take by the UT fan base, like he’s some sort of political prisoner being held somewhere against his will.

I can’t wait for Bob Dylan to cover this.

And Griffith himself, who’s worked both side of this beat, deserves a nod of his own for adding just a dash of flavor to the pot stirring.

Tell us more about that sumbitch Kirby Smart, Mike.

There’s a tweet in the middle of what Griffith shared that says the irony here is that Mays is being denied eligibility in a year when there is no eligibility.  The real irony is all the angst Vol fans are generating for a kid who probably won’t play during a season that probably won’t be completed.

Wake me when it’s over.


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Hell hath no fury like a former lineman scorned.

Greg McGarity, showing surprising backbone…

Didn’t know he had it in him.


UPDATE:  A quote from the blog post

“Georgia was not supportive of Cade’s transfer waiver,’’ Greg Isaacs, May’s attorney, told the Sports Animal on Thursday morning.

Schools can not block a player from transferring, but they can state reasons why they think a waiver should be denied.

It is not known how many NCAA waivers are granted when a school supports the players’ transfer.

The NCAA denied Mays’ waiver request last week. Mays and his attorney have 30 days from that date to respond. They could appeal earlier in hopes of expediting a decision from the NCAA.

It’s entirely possible the NCAA will not make a ruling on the appeal until after Tennessee’s season starts Sept. 26.

“The appeal will have a different look,’’ Isaacs said. “We will repackage some things and add some things.

“The focus will be on Mays and the toxic environment he was put in.

“He didn’t transfer to Alabama or Oklahoma, but because of his emotional well being, he decided to come home where he feels safe.’’

He didn’t feel safe in Athens?  Was his life in danger?  In grave danger?  Did Kirby order the Code Red or something?


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Junior wants college football to do it for the kids.

The man is selfless.

Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin says players whose conferences have decided to postpone fall sports should be free to transfer without penalty.

During an appearance on the SEC Network on Tuesday, Kiffin said it’s a “shame” that players are unable to do so.

“Kids are having their schools or their conferences deciding to shut down, so they can’t play, and a lot of them have a lot of money on the line with the next level, or they just want to play their last year,” Kiffin said. “So it’s really unfortunate that the NCAA is not allowing them to transfer and be eligible immediately. We’re being told that won’t even go into a waiver process, so I feel really bad for those kids. It’s not their fault. Why can’t they come play somewhere? That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

He just wants to help.  And if there’s a little side benefit in there for him, who would begrudge that?  Because he just wants to help.


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Cade Mays doubles down.

I detect the smell of burning bridges.

What environment?  The environment that had him start in the Sugar Bowl?


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Good luck with that appeal.

This is one helluva quote.

Isaacs did not represent Mays during his initial waiver bid. He is representing him during his appeal.

“Because of a variety of factors, it was a toxic environment that did not support Cade Mays’ well-being as a student-athlete,” Isaacs said of Mays’ experience at Georgia and his bid for a waiver.

A “variety of factors” would indicate that there was something more than just daddy’s pinky finger.

I’m beginning to think Mays and Georgia did not part on good terms.  Which might explain why his waiver didn’t go through.


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Miss you.

Gee, I wonder who he’s referring to.


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Urnge crushed.

Bad news, bad news.  The Mars magic didn’t work.

I wonder if that means Georgia didn’t offer its enthusiastic support.


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